Penetrating My Mother

Penetrating My Mother

As i start to grow as an adolescent, into my teens, i hunger for new frontiers on violating my mom. it's not satisfying anymore just jerking off while just have peeped on her, or reminiscing over sleeping with her in my younger days. what i needed was a plan, a plan to violate her in the worst of betrayals. betrayed by her own son, the most heinous of any crime, but i needed to incentive to move forward and the seeds were planted on one disasterous night...

my mom just returned home from work, she was dog tired and a little more careless than usual. she left her bedroom door wide open while getting undressed and that bitch teased me again as i could see in full view from my bed from across the hall. she was sultry, a sheer black bra that outlined her brown nipples, matching bikini brief panties that showed that she had shaved her pubes and ultra sheer naked stockings. i was getting a hard-on from her beauty, she slowly rolled off the stockings and made her way to the bathroom. per usual, no robe, i've wrote before that she is a fucking tease, but i always felt that she flaunted her body for my enjoyment.

she entered the bathroom and shut the door. i always wondered how i could peep on her from the basement washroom; there's no windows, can't use the vent, no logical way for a peep hole, so i tried something new; i used a mirror to view from under the door. it would give me a decent angle to see her completely nude and i've used it on MANY occasions. i could see that she was in front of the mirror, i admired her ass; the little folds at the bottom making way for a curve of her ample bottom, and her legs, so thin and smooth, to have them draped over my shoulders....

something happened, laying on the floor to view from the mirror made me vulnerable to be caught adn my mom opened the door!!! she caught me on the ground looking into the bathroom, violating her privacy. she had apparently forgot to grab a towel adn was going upstairs to get one. i was scared shitless, i ran to the couch and lay down quickly. she followed me to the couch sreaming "what are you doing?" adn sat down beside my face...IN HER UNDERWEAR AND BRA (sheer remember). i was so nervous from being caught, but i could see everything! her pussy, nipples, cleavage, ass, legs....everything! i didnt know whether to be horny or ashamed. she scolded me for a good 10mins saying how wrong i was and literally shaming me for doing something so perverted and stupid. the irony is that she's sitting like a little slut on the couch, strutting her body around the house, undressing in front of me...what the fuck am i supposed to do? she's the reason for my perversions, tits,cleavage,ass,legs,pussy...i've seen it all flaunted in front of me, but now that im SEEKING this out, im in the wrong? she didn't realize it then, but she got the ball rolling, "fuck you for creating this"...yes, fuck you!

the next couple of weeks were awkward, my mom would not let me "see" her anymore and took great care in making sure she was covered. i felt bad, but at the same time was scathing that i couldn't get my fix, i was hooked on seeing her magnificent body. i can't live on memories forever and this shame bullshit was enough; i was going to fuck my mom!

she takes certain medications for some ailments she has and usually takes them before going to bed. the one side effect is that if you mix other drugs (asprin/alcohol) with her meds, it would knock her out. one night, i mashed some asprin together and dropped it into her tea, she drank it with her pills and later, passed out on the sofa. i quickly got out of my bed to claim my prize.

there she lay, she was in her fucking baby doll nightie that barely covered her underwear and peekabooed her tits. i was salivating, she was going to be absolutely ravaged! i deeply tongued her mouth, simultaneously ripping off her panties and babydoll. she was at my mercy, brown nipples, which i loved, on top of her Bcup breasts, a little tummy that flowed into her wide hips and lean legs. my eyes went to her clean shaven pussy and i flicked the outer lips with my tongue adn inserted it wildly into her folds. licking and sucking in my mom's aroma was intoxicating, the juices flowed into my mouth, everything that i ever fantasized could not prepare me for her secretions. i made a mess slopping all over her genitals, rimming her anus, digging in each orifice to claim all that is her body. i moved to her face adn stuck my freshly scented tongue into her mouth again, tickling her throat with her own musk.

my cock was raging, i was ready to cum, but where first? i went for her ass. i put a glob of spit on my cock and shoved it into her ass. no priming or warning, i was letting my sexual rage out, mom's ass would take my virginity! i pumped with a fury, it was incredibly tight as i don't think she's had anal before. i could feel it stretch to accomadate my manhood. into her bowels i moved, reaming all the authority out through her asshole. did she understand how horny she made me? you aren't "here" but can you feel my cock up your ass!? the thickness of my engorged cock must have expanded her anus 4x's it's size, i was welling up adn exploded a huge cum shot into her ass. it wasn't subtle, i was deep stroking every shot into her cavity. the violence shook her whole body, her tits were bouncing as i pumped every last drop. i removed my cock and it looked like 10 loads dripped from her ass to the floor. what next?

i got my barings adn started to eat out her pussy while fondling her tits. i got another erection and decided to rape her pussy. i inserted a finger to feel for her gspot adn then forced in my penis on top of that. i filled her tight hole, i don't think she's fucked in quite a while; her lips enveloped my shaft as i moved in and out in a rhythm. her juices were shimmering, making my cock wetter...i propped her legs over my shoulders, grasping both her tits, i looked deep into her face and pounded her pussy. slap, slap, slap were my balls against her freshly banged bunghole. i could feel myself hit her cervix, i was so deep with my strokes. i felt more control than wehn i was in her ass, i banged even harder knowing i was not as sensitive. letting go of her tits and nipples, i grabbed her by the throat adn released more jism into her vagina. it was too much, i almost buckled by the intensity. i could feel the pulses of my cock pressing against her inner walls. i drooped over and kissed my way down her leg towards the entrance of her pussy. i could see that i had some postcum on my tip and re-inserted my cock to make sure that her pussy eat all my cum, ensure that i leave a little of me inside of her. i was wasted, but i had one more idea, one more fantasy to live out.

i propped her so her head was over the handrest and i positioned myself above her head. i played with her tits while i inserted my cock into her mouth. it was painful, her mouth would kinda clamp shut on my cock, but i used my off hand to pry open her jaw. my dick was weak, but it was firm enough to bang her throat. my cock eased into her windpipe as i pumped her mouth and sucked her titties. i filled her throat, her neck was bulging, it looked like i was penetrating into her chest almost. her saliva was drooling all over my cock and out of the edge of her lips. i made one last gasp and shot my load into her mouth. it was a small load that dribbled out which i cleaned up. i wish it could have been into her throat, but she wouldn't be able to swallow it while unconscious.

i cleaned her up and put her clothes back on, but i knew that my semen would be the gift that i leave behind. i carried her to her room and lay her on the bed, she look so peaceful, unwittingly of her sons betrayal. the idignity of her rape was saved since i drugged her, with no idea of my violations, i hid my guilt well. i went back downstairs adn retrieved the tape i made of us. i know that from now on my mom will deprive me of her body, so i needed to make a little memento of our little tryst. i've lived in memories, fantasy, peeping and now video of my mother. will it ever be enough? can the hunger for my mom ever be satisfied? the choice will be hers, but the decision will always be mine, whether she wants to or not! ......

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