New future, New Romance, where will it lead?

New future, New Romance, where will it lead?

Names, ranks of service and other vital info have been changed to protect people involved.

November 9, 2010.
She logged into a website to check messages and found an email from someone that caught her eye. She took his yahoo information and entered it into her messenger, expecting to maybe hear from him the next day. Sure enough, she woke up the next morning and turned on her laptop and saw him online. They started a conversation and started discussing little things in an attempt to get to know each other.
"Please be here in 4 hours? I have to go look into something for work. Please be here sweety. We can continue to talk then."
"Sure. I am supposed to be doing something today, but I'm not feeling well, so I am staying home."
The 4 hours passed, and, as promised, he signed back in to talk to her. They chatted for a few hours, getting acquainted. She had no idea that less than 24 hours later she would be madly in love with him and looking at a future with him.
"So tell me about you?"
"Well, my name is J. I'm in the Army, and have been almost 24 years now. Your profile on the site really intrigued me. I would love to get to know you better."
"Why thank you. What unit are you with in the army? What rank are you?"
"I'm a major, and I'm with the 25th ID. We are in afghanistan right now, but should be home by July. Do you have other photos you can show me other than what I saw on the site?" She opened photoshare and showed him several of her favorite photos. He, in turn, sent her 5 of his photos. She was speechless. He must stand 6'1", close to 300 pounds and solid muscle. The gun he was holding in the photo looked tiny in his muscular hands.
They continued to chat and she found out that he was well educated, literate, well-spoken, and didn't seem to be the type she had come across when talking to everyone else. There was just something about J that she found very unusual.
At one point in the conversation, he completely surprised her and caught her off guard by asking: "Lexi, would you care to take a step with me towards a beautiful lasting relationship that'll eventiually lead to marriage?"
She was stunned. & didn't know what to say. "I would love to, J."
The next 2 weeks they continued to talk almost daily, getting closer and closer to each other. She went through her own personal hell without him, but tried to keep a brave front, knowing he was deployed and unable to do anything about it.
"Lexi, I have good news for you. I have to go on a special assignment, but as soon as the assignment ends, I am coming back to the states, doing my debriefing, and retiring. I will be on the first flight to you as soon as my debriefing is over, baby. I'm all yours."
She was ecstatic and couldn't speak. "How long will the assignment take?"
"Roughly 2 weeks. Then I will be coming to take care of you. It's my duty, love. I should be there by christmas."
They continued to talk whenever he could. He contacted her November 29th & said---"Baby, I will be back in the states Sunday, Dec 5th. I'm on my way home to you. I'm all yours, from now until eternity. We have the rest of our lives to be together. The sex is going to be the stuff that fairy tales are written about. I promise to love, cherish, defend, protect you and take care of you the rest of our lives."
"Baby, I am going to wear you out sexually. You know that, don't you?"
"Don't be too sure of that, my love. Big J is 10" and loves you already, and can't wait to meet you. Can you match my pace, baby?"
"J, I haven't met a man yet who can keep up with me sexually. I may be a BBW, but I am EXTREMELY sexual and can go all day, all night, and the following day without a break."
"I think I've finally met my match, my love."
They continued to talk about the future, including where they were going to go on vacation, where they would get married, who they would invite to the wedding, decorating the house for christmas, where they would live. They left no details out. She tried to keep herself busy during the hours when he couldn't be on to talk to her by writing stories, reading stories, working on blankets, watching tv, and sleeping.No matter what she did though, she couldn't get him out of her mind. He was ALWAYS first in her thoughts, no matter what she was doing. She knew she had finally met the one man she could not live without, and hoped and prayed he felt the same about her. She took new photos of herself almost daily to send to him so that he had constant mementos of her. She left him countless emails and offline messages reminding him how much she loved him, hoping that this would be the day she heard back from him.
She got so excited that her sexual frustration increased to the point of no return. Showers, getting dressed---everything led to masurbation. She cannot wait for him to come to where she lives, so she can wake up in his arms every morning, have sex with him 24/7 and spend the rest of her life with her gentle warrior who she loves more than life itself.
More to follow as soon as my baby comes home.

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