Sexy Southern Lawyer

Sexy Southern Lawyer

Anna went to bed and is busy making plans as she hears me return home. I'm in South Carolina assisting Anne with a court case.
One of the features of the house she is renting is that it didn't have any en-suite bathrooms. The following morning Anne waited until she hears me moving around and then she heads for the bathroom between our rooms. She wore a thong and half covered her firm breasts with a towel. As she'd predicted she runs into me in the hallway and she just happens to drop her towel. I stare at her as she made a big deal out of picking it up and eventually covering herself again before heading into the bathroom.

Later that day I'm working out in the gym that was set up in one of the spare bedrooms. Anne uses the treadmill, generally wore a big t-shirt and a firm training bra. This time she put on a C-cup bra top that she'd used when she was in college. Now that her tits are B-cups it acted like a push-up bra and gives her an impressive cleavage. She wore minimal bike shorts and put on a t-shirt for good measure. I'm on the rowing machine, opposite the treadmill when she walks in. She switches to a hard workout program and it isn't long before she is sweating hard. She pulls her t-shirt off tossing it to the side and continues running, aware of my eyes that are glued to her bouncing breasts.

After her shower she decides to wear a camisole with her miniskirt that she usually only wore under shirts. She decides that any bra straps would be far too ugly so she didn't wear a bra. She walks into the kitchen as I'm cooking leaning against the work surface, knowing full well that her posture brought out the fullness of her breasts. She feels the tightening of her nipples.
" What's for dinner, John?" she asks casually. " Pasta Alfredo with garlic bread," I replied, struggling to keep my eyes off her.
" What brought on that workout session?" I ask. " You normally take it easy?" " Oh, I saw myself naked in the mirror," Anne is teasing me now. " I saw how fat I've become. I need to work some of it off." " Don't be silly, you're not fat!" " Am I not? Just look at this ass!!!" Anne lifted her skirt showing off a perfectly rounded backside, with a thin pink strip of lace running down the crack."
" There's nothing wrong with your ass," I protested. " Women are supposed to have curves."

" But not like these," Anne protested and cupped her breasts. " They're huge!" " They're perfectly normal. Now sit down and I'll serve your dinner." Anne smiles with satisfaction as she sat down at the kitchen table. I'm obviously struggling with her display. Inside her head she made more plans. She is going to tease me mercilessly for the next couple of weeks and then she is going to get some sexy lingerie and give herself to me. It is going to be a surprise. Things didn't quite go to plan... For the next week Anne made a habit of running around braless at home. She took every opportunity to bend over in front of me, and she is wearing tight miniskirts, I always have a full view of her ass, and her silk or lace covered pussy. Anne's confidence is at a high when she came home from court the following Friday. The rain is pouring down outside and she is soaking wet. There is another note on the fridge and she jealously thought that I'm out on a date again. But the note read " You're grounded."

She didn't understand it. She is an adult, she hadn't broken any house rules, why the hell am I grounding her? She went to her bedroom to get changed finding that the door has been locked. She tries some of the other rooms and they are also locked. Only the kitchen and my bedroom are unlocked. She enters my bedroom and sees an outfit on the bed. There is a note pinned to it and she took it off and read " Young women who try to play grown up games with older men end up in all kinds of trouble. Change into these clothes and wait for me." Anne is confused, but she is shivering and wet so she changes into the clothes on the bed. She sat on the bed and she lay there for a while until she got bored. She decided to go and make herself a snack, but to her surprise the door is locked. She is trapped in here. Now she is starting to panic. This isn't funny. What the hell was I up to?
It is well after dark when she finally hears my car in the driveway. She jumps out of the bed and starts knocking on the door, yelling for me to let her out. She hears my firm steps in the hallway.

" Step away from the door," I barked, in a voice she'd never heard. She did as she is told and soon the door opens. " What the hell do you think you're doing?" she yells at me. " I'm an adult. You can't treat me like this?" She starts running out of the bedroom but I caught her arm pulling her back. My face is hard and my look menacing as our eyes met. " Oh, but it's OK for you to prance around the house like the cock tease in town?" Anne gulps. This is not how it is supposed to happen. " I meant what my note said. If you try to play with the big boys you have to accept the consequences. It's time for your punishment." I sat down on the side of my bed looking at her. My eyes told her that I meant business. " Come over here now," I said, my voice dark and menacing.

Anne walks up to me and I grab hold of her forcing her down across my lap. I pull the skirt up admiring the thongs that disappears between her soft buttocks. " Such a sweet ass," I said caressing it. " Too bad I need to punish it." I slip a finger inside the thong and just as Anne thought I'm going to pull it down I grab it hard ripping it off her. Then she feels the hard impact of the palm of my hand against her ass. She screams out in pain and surprise." That's for walking around naked!" I slap her again. " That's for not wearing a bra at home." I slap her once more. " That's for working out in those skimpy outfits." Once again my hand slaps her ass hard. " That's for prancing around the house wearing next to nothing." Anne's ass starts getting pink now and she is whimpering with each slap and each accusation. But something is happening to her. Apart from the pain she is experiencing, she is also finding the situation strangely erotic. Each time she feels my hand on her naked ass she feels hornier and hornier for me. I'm obviously not interested and she is begging for more.

" I'm sorry, John," Anne sobbed. " Saying you're sorry doesn't do it," I laugh cruelly. " You have to show it. Get off my lap and on your knees." Anne did as she is told. " Good Anne, I like it when you don't question my orders. Keep that in mind. Now unzip me and get my cock out." Anne stares at me with her eyes wide open. Had I really said what she thought I'd said? " Did you not hear me? I said, I like it when you don't question my orders. Now get my fucking cock out or I'll give your ass another dose of my hand." This time she is quick to act. She unzips my trousers reaching inside my briefs for my cock. It is fairly soft, but the size is nevertheless impressive. " That's better. Well, what are you waiting for? A little cock tease like you shouldn't need instructions for the next part." " But..." Anne's voice died off. " I've never done this before." " You've never sucked a cock before? Yeah right, and the Pope isn't catholic." " I promise. I dated in college and only made out with guys." " You serious?" " Yes!"

" Well, well, well... That's going to make this so much sweeter for me, isn't it? I didn't think I'd get the chance to take another virginity. Well, let's start with your virgin mouth. You suck and use your tongue to tease me until I cum. It's not rocket science. Any slut can do it! What are you waiting for? Open your mouth and get busy!" She parted her lips and started licking my cock. There is a small drop of pre-cum for her to taste and she finds that she likes the taste. She opens wide sucking me in. I didn't go very far as her lips are dry. She let me go and starts licking my shaft. She runs her tongue across her lips sucking me in again teasing me with her tongue as I slid inside. I still didn't go very far. My cock is now big and hard and her mouth feels so big. " Take me in your throat, my slutty friend," I instruct her, but she didn't know how to do it. I'm already hitting the back of her mouth. She feels my hands on the back of her head and then she realized what I meant by her throat. She keeps swallowing as my cock obstructs her airway. She is close to panic and I'm moaning. Tears are streaming down her face and just as she thought she'd pass out I let go of her head and let her breathe.

" Don't stop," I said in a coarse voice and she keeps sucking me. With her hand around the base of my rock hard shaft and her lips wrapped around the top she works my cock good and hard. Then she feels my hands on her head again and just as she thought that I'm going to force myself deep into her throat once more I let a loud moan and my cock jerks in her mouth. All of a sudden she feels stream after stream of my cum hit her mouth and she starts swallowing it. When I'm done cumming I pull out of her mouth and some of my cum runs down her chin. " You look like a real slut like that," I muse as I step out of my clothes. " Get undressed." Anna took her clothes off and caught sight of her pink butt in the mirror. The thought of the smacking brought a tingle to her pussy and she realized how wet she is. This is nothing like the romantic encounter she'd had in mind, but she knew that she'd loved the smacking and sucking my cock. She wonders what I'd do to her next. I walk around her, inspecting her body. I cup her tits and bite her nipples, making her squeal with delight.

" Still acting like a slut," I muse. " Are you sure you're a virgin? I will find out and if you've lied you're going to be punished."
" I am a virgin," she said. " I promise." " All virgins have very tight cunts. Part your legs a little and let me feel yours."
She parts her legs and bites her lower lip as my hand reaches between her thighs and my finger slides inside her dripping slit. I pull my finger back licking it. " Damn you're wet," I said with a smile. " And you're tight too. But most young women are. OK, lie down on the bed and I'm going to examine your pussy a little closer." Anna climbs on the bed and is closely followed by me. I grab hold of her ankles spreading her legs wide open. " OK, my little tease," I said with my eyes firmly lodged on the wet pink folds I'd just opened. " I want you to hold your ankles now and not under any circumstance let go of them until I tell you. Understood?" Anna nodded.

" Now let's have a look at your slutty cunt. See how wet you are. You really enjoyed being spanked, didn't you? I'll have to remember to use the whip next time I need to discipline you." Anna closes her eyes and imagined what the cane would feel like when she is brought back to reality by the feeling of my tongue on her wet pussy. I lick along her entire slit and she shudders from the erotic tension in her body. I flick my tongue across her sensitive clit and she cries from the sensation. Next my tongue circles her tight slit and I lap up the free flowing juices. Slowly, slowly I penetrate her with my tongue flicking it around inside her, making her moan louder and louder with pleasure. " Oh, John," she moans. " Your tongue feels so good in my cunt."
She feels me laughing softly against her hot skin as I continue my exploration of her pussy. I use my fingers to tease her clit as I tongue fuck her, making wet smacking noises. Just as she thought she is going to cum I withdraw my tongue from her cunt and close my lips around her clit. Soon one finger is inside her, followed by a second and a third. I keep teasing her clit with my tongue as my fingers fuck her hard and furiously. She wants to knead her tits. She wants to pinch her nipples. She wants to do anything to help her cope with the intense feelings in her cunt, but she didn't dare let go of her ankles. Then her body gives in to the temptation and with a cry she came. Her cunt squeezes my fingers hard and she showers my hand with slippery juices.

I slowly pull my hand out and got up on my knees, looking down at the swollen pussy lips I'd just been teasing mercilessly. My cock is rock hard again. I place it against her slit and then I lean forward sucking on Anna's tits. I bite her nipples teasing the sensitive underside of her firm breasts. Then I move further and start kissing her. My tongue invades her mouth taking possession of it. We are both breathing hard when I broke our lip lock. " You can let go of your ankles now, my hungry slut, and rest your legs on my shoulders" I said. " Now I'm going to fuck my virgin tease." Anna moans as she feels me rocking against her, covering my shaft with her juices. Then I pull back until my mushroom head nestles tight against her slit. I grin and push forward, parting her pussy lips with my shaft watching the amazed look on her face when she first experiences my size. I stop briefly to give her a chance to adjust and then I push on until I reach a thin barrier. I move a little inside her, making her raise her hips to receive more of me. Then I ram through the barrier, she screams as I broke through her virginity. " Oh God....Your to big...STOP...Take it out of me....Your tearing me....Your splitting me in half....You Bastard." Buried deep inside her cunt I came to a rest as she recovers from the sharp pain of her first cock penetrating her.

" So," I muse against her mouth as she is panting from the pain of my cock tearing through her virginity and stretching her tight walls, " you were telling the truth. My slutty friend is a virgin after all." I start withdrawing my cock chuckling at Anna's protests at having my thick meat removed from her tight cunt. I waited until I'm almost out and then slam back inside her, deeper this time. I repeated the action several times, each time fucking her harder and deeper, my thrusts rewarded with squeals of pleasure from her. Soon I'm slamming her furiously. Anna feels her cunt and cervix getting battered from my vicious fucking and she loves it. Soon she can't do anything but cum. " I'm cuuuuummmmmmmmming!!!!!" she cries out as her body convulses underneath me, gripping my shaft tight like a vise and squirting her juices all around my engorged meat.

As soon as Anna's orgasm subsides, I pull out of her smacking her ass a couple of times until it is shining wet with her cum juices and drops of her blood. " Get on your hands and knees, my little tease," I commanded her and she quickly obeys. This time I didn't enter her gently. I impaled her on my cock in one fast and hard stroke, going all the way inside her. I pull her up against me by her tits squeezing them hard as I fucked her. My balls keep slamming into a pool of her horny juices and all her senses are focused on the way I'm using her cunt and tits. Being fucked by a older experienced man is a million times better than she'd imagined. " How do you like this, my slut?" I whisper in her ear. " Do you like being fucked by your friend? Do you like being my fuck toy?" " Oooooh yes," she pants back. " Fuck me, John. Use my cunt!" "Are you my little whore? Who does your cunt belong to?"

" I am your whore, John! My cunt belongs to you." " Then show it! Rub your clit until you cum!" Anna reaches down rubbing her clit furiously as I keep fucking her. It didn't take long for her whole body to start shaking in my arms as her cunt contracts around my cock I groan out loud and start shooting my cum deep into her womb. Her cumming cunt milks me dry, load after load, until we collapse on the bed. I took her in my arms. " Babe, you're moving into my bedroom tonight." " Really?" " Yes, how am I going to enjoy my little whore if I don't have her cunt with me every night while I'm here." " What about when you go out on dates?"
" I don't need to go out on dates as long as your available to satisfy my needs. You're all the cunt I'll be needing five or six times a day now." Anna can't believe her luck. I wanted to fuck only her. Then, as I relaxed after dinner, I zipped my pants open pulling my cock out. " Be a good girl and suck my cock," I said.

She went straight to work. My cock appears longer then before, it sure is a thick monster. She hungrily wraps her lips around it and her tongue laps up the generous pre-cum that is gathered on my mushroom head. She licks the length of my shaft and then takes my balls in her mouth, teasing them with her tongue, and then she lets her tongue follow the veins up to the thick head once more wrapping her lips around it again. I moan as she sucks me into her mouth. I place my hands on her head forcing myself into her throat and she feels me moving my hips up and down, fucking her mouth. All of a sudden I pull out of her mouth, I stand up walking behind her, she feels my foot parting her legs and then my hands cupping her tits. She feels my cock hard against her ass as I pinch and pull her tits. Anna feels her pussy leaking so much now that she fears dripping on the carpet. She squeals in surprise and delight when my finger, lubricated in her wet cunt, made its way inside her virgin asshole, recently exposed by my hands that are pulling her ass cheeks apart. I pick up a tube off the table, she feels a cold gel on her asshole. This is followed by my finger, slowly massaging her tight hole, spreading the gel evenly. Then she feels a squirt into her tight passage, followed again by my finger. It is deep inside her now, massaging her and relaxing her muscles. There is the sound of a final squirt, which she guesses some has gone on my cock.

My preparations of her hole has worked well as my mushroom head pops inside her without much difficulty. I slowly, slowly fit more of my shaft in her asshole. Anna thought she is going to explode. The pain I'm inflicting in her ass is immense, but it isn't a bad pain. It is a sexy pain. It is a horny pain. Then I pull out again, almost completely, and the next time I inched myself inside her I went faster and the pain is much less. I can't stop the pleasure of her tight asshole from sending me over the edge again. Anna has virtually no strength left in her body as my cock slowly slides out of her, leaving her ass dripping cum onto the floor.
" Mmmmmmmmmmmm," I said smiling at her as I stood up. " You're a cum bucket. It is great fucking you." I take Anna in my arms kissing her.

" You did well tonight baby," I said between kisses. " I'm going to have a shower now and then I have to pack to leave. You can have a shower and go to bed. I probably won't see you until the early hours so you don't have to wait for me, but make sure your cunt is nice and moist when I come back." It is after midnight when Anna finally got to bed and she starts dreaming about being fucked by me. She got hornier and hornier in her dreams and she didn't want to wake up from the sweet feeling, but something is pulling her out of her dream. As she finally realized that she was awake she could tell that her ankles had been strapped to the bed and I'm licking her wet cunt. "Oh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss," is all she can say as the friction of my stubble brought her immeasurable pleasure. When I knew she was awake I move up her body, kissing her tummy, then sucking her tits before I rested my lips against hers, letting her taste her pussy. " Did you like being fucked last night?" I asked her as I bite her lips.

" Oh yes, John," she sighs happily at the memory. " Did you enjoy having my cock in your ass?" " Oh yes, it was wonderful."
" You're such a dirty little whore," I muse. " The dirtier I get with you the more you love it, isn't that true?" " Yes, John."
" I love it, Anna," I smile. " I love how you're my southern whore. I meant what I said earlier. I'll come back to see you again. Now, let's fuck before I pass out." Anna's legs are parted wide with her ankles being tied and I slip quickly inside her dripping cunt. I didn't take time to tease her, I slammed hard into her waiting pussy, driving deep into her. I fucked her fast and furiously. Her cunt is hot and wet and I'm horny. I had a release several hours ago, but I needed another one before being able to fall asleep. My body weight resting on my arms on either side of Anna's chest and I look down at her tits, made to bounce with my hard thrusts in her tight cunt.

Her cunt is battered and sore after the night's exercises, but Anna loves the feeling of that hard shaft impaling her with each thrust. I'm going fast now. She didn't think I'd fucked her this fast before. My sweat dripping onto her and I had a determined look on my face. She looks down at how my cock kept disappearing into her hairless snatch. Then I made a final hard thrust, grinding myself into her clit. She starts cumming as she feels my cock jerking in her cunt and then I grunted as I shot my big load deep inside her. When we were done cumming I collapse on top of her and she can hardly breathe. She feels my cock slowly shrinking inside her when I turned over and started snoring. She manages to reach down and untie her ankles and soon she settles in my arms and fell asleep again.

The next morning I fucked Anna slowly in the shower. I then toweled her off before getting dressed. I made phone calls conducting business, but can hardly concentrate as Anna did the housework in the nude. I pull my cock out, start stroking it and soon I got Anna to suck me off, drinking my hot cum. I went out to meetings and when I came back, I made her lie down on the kitchen table and ate her for dinner before standing up, bending her forward across the table and fucking her again. On Friday morning I pull out of Anna's ass after a long fuck that had started with my cock in her mouth in the hallway, continuing with her riding me in the kitchen and ended with me taking first her cunt and then her ass from behind in the bedroom. Two hours later
I'm on my private jet heading to Chicago. I opened a law office in South Carolina with Anna as partner so I would have to return to see her.

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