Steam Bath

Steam Bath

I often have to go to Germany on business, and sometimes I take my wife of twenty years, Donna, with me. Europe is old, but they have more accepting attitudes on things like sex, which makes for great nightlife. We like to go in the fall, when the tourists aren’t jamming everything, but the weather can be chilly. Last fall, we happened to hit an especially cold and damp period, so after a day of shopping in Berlin, we went straight to the hotel’s sauna.

The cold had seeped all the way to our bones, it seemed. We stepped into the steam room naked, as Europeans do. It was empty, and we laid our towels side by side on a wooden bench. Donna is almost my height, blonde, with breasts like firm cantaloupes, a flat stomach from daily workouts, and a carefully cropped pussy. She sat on the bench next to me, and we both inhaled the mentholated steam and welcomed the penetrating heat.

After a few minutes, the door opened and a young woman with red hair stepped into the steam room. We greeted one another in the way Europeans do in that situation and she picked a place on the bench across from us and unwrapped her towel. I let myself catch just a glimpse of a willowy and curvaceous young figure. Out of respect, I closed my eyes, lay my head back, and felt the heat of the steam reaching my bones. I lost track of time, then felt Donna shift on the bench next to me. I thought I heard a whimper from the girl across the way, and opened my eyes.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Donna, my demure wife, mother of my kids, had her legs spread and was petting her cunt with one hand while she fondled her tits with the other. She was looking the other girl right in the eye. She also had her legs spread and was probing her pussy with two fingers. She had a taut, boyish body with slim hips, firm young tits the size of nice Florida oranges and a completely shaven pussy. She fucked herself with her fingers, cupping and rubbing her pussy as she did so. Donna matched her movement for movement, now probing her own hole with two fingers and gently rubbing her clit with the other hand.

Despite the steam, my dick began to swell and climb up my belly. As the redhead began to play with her clit her legs tensed and her body went taut. Her tits were squeezed up between her arms as she pleasured herself. Next to me, Donna was also tense as her orgasm approached, her legs stretched and her large tits pressed together. I wanted desperately to stroke my throbbing dick, but didn’t want to distract the girls from their circle jerk.

Donna’s breathing grew deep and rhythmic and she moaned as she began to climax. Across the way, the beautiful redhead was also about to climax, panting and whimpering under her own ministrations. Simultaneously, they both went tense, coming convulsively around their own fingers. I could see the girl’s swollen pussy lips grip her hand, and knew that Donna’s were doing the same thing. My dick oozed a little pre-come and throbbed in yearning.

After a few seconds catching her breath, Donna turned toward me. Her firm tits pressed against my chest.

“Aww,” she said throatily in my ear, “did you get left out?” She ran her gooey fingers under my nose. I smelled her musky brew. She ran them over my lips and let me lick them. She tasted briny and warm. She took her lubricated hand and stroked my dick lightly. She leaned her large firm tits against my chest and kissed me full on the mouth, giving me her tongue to suck.

Suddenly, I realized that the redhead was sitting on the other side. Her tits were very firm and high, and I felt her nipples graze my arm. She reached down and cupped my balls as Donna stroked me. She pressed her young firm tits against me, too, and leaned across me. The girls met in the middle and kissed deeply, eagerly swapping tongues as they stroked my dick and caressed my aching balls together.

Just then the door handle moved, and the girls sat upright, leaving my big boy bobbing in the steaming air. I covered myself with a towel just as an older couple entered the steam room. They greeted us and sat at the end of the room.

After a decent interval, the three of us got up and left. Without speaking, we knew what we were going to do next, but there’s not room for that story here. But don’t let anybody tell you that Europe is just old.

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