Only Natural

Only Natural

Sunday morning, that blissful day and time where there is no work or school to go to, the phone is usually quiet, and you can take some extra time in bed before you get up, which was exactly what Laura was doing. The bedsheets had twisted during the warm night, but she didn't care that they lay uncomfortable under her. She breathed in deeply as her vibrator buzzed around her clit, making her pussy wetter by the second. She lifted her head a little, and in the mirror across from her, she saw her pussy with the tuft of black hair above the slit. She loved watching herself, it was a huge turn-on for her.

The vibrator slipped inside, and she spread her legs at the same time, moaning softly as the toy brought her closer to an orgasm. Her nails dug into the sheets, and she moved her head from side to side as her back arched in the final moments of pleasure. With a long sigh, she pulled out the toy and licked her juices from it before placing it on the nightstand. She lay back, staring at the ceiling, enjoying the moment.

"Laura, get your butt down here and help me with breakfast," her stepmother yelled, breaking the silence.

"For fuck's sake, Mom, I'm coming." she smiled at her own pun and got out of bed. She grabbed a pair of shorts, and a top from the floor and dressed on her way to the door leading to the hallway. She kicked the second door on her right, hard.

"Hey, dickhead, wake up!"

"Fuck off, bitch," her brother Silas screamed from inside.

"Mom is calling."

"Fuck her too."

Silas had serious issues with their stepmother, that was for sure. Ever since she had moved in seven years earlier, Silas had never clicked with Mary. Their father, Tom was a different story, he and Silas were thick as thieves and would be working in the shed out back late into the night. RC cars were their thing, and they competed on the local circuit. Laura was not into it, she preferred the mall with her friends and shopping clothes or checking out the guys.

Mary stood by the sink when Laura walked in. Her arms crossed over her boobs, and she had an angry look on her face.

"What?" asked Laura.

"You didn't do the dishes last night like I asked you to."

"Sorry, I forgot."

"Right, well, now you do them today and tomorrow."

"That's not fair, it's Silas' turn."

"Maybe this will help you remember."

Laura sat down at the table with a sigh and rested her head in her hands. Mary served her breakfast and then went to get Tom from the shed.

"Yo, bitch, why the glum look?" asked Silas when he walked in.

"Mary is making me do the dishes again."

He laughed. "Well, you had it coming. I know you didn't just forget, but preferred to be chatting with one of your slutty friends."

She stuck her tongue out and gave him the finger. He was right, though. Some of her friends were a bit slutty, but what did you expect. They were all between 16 and 18, loads of hormones and in the cradle of womanhood. Only Vera was still a virgin, and that might be because she had a severe case of acne. Apart from that, she was a pretty girl with a good body. Karla and Lena were the queen sluts in her hive. They boasted several cocks under their belt and Karla was the master of it. She had even bedded one of their neighbors while his wife was at a meeting for handicapped children. What a slut, thought Laura when she had heard about it.

"Hey, honey, how are you?" asked Tom when his wife walked in. He was taking apart one of the little cars and had all the parts lined up neatly on his workbench. His glasses were perched on the tip of his nose, and a few strands of hair hung over his face. He needed a haircut decided Mary.

She kissed him on the cheek. "C' mon, breakfast is ready."

"I'll be there in a minute."

She left him, and he turned on the radio for the morning news.

"This is a report from Wormington," said the newscaster and continued. "We are hearing about two teens who were arrested for having sex with each other. What makes this story so fantastic is that they were brother and sister. According to the police, this has been going on for years under their parent's noses without them knowing."

Tom turned it off. He was glad he didn't have to deal with anything like that. What a horrible thing to have your children having sex with each other. He wasn't a prude and knew that at least Laura wasn't a virgin anymore. Maybe Silas was boys that age were slower than girls. He didn't care and trusted his daughter's choices. Some fathers would be horrified, knowing a man had stuck their cock in their daughter, not Tom. He was a realist, and as long as Laura didn't become pregnant or catch an STD, he was okay with it.

When he walked into the kitchen, Laura and Silas were about to leave.

"Don't you want to keep me company?" he asked.

"Sorry, Dad, I'm meeting some friends at the mall," said Laura.

"I got soccer practice," Silas said while chewing on a banana.

"Okay, see you later and have fun."


Laura heard her friends before she saw them sitting around the fountain close to the food court. They were laughing and giggling at something.

"What's so funny?" she asked Karla.

"Hanna was with Jonas last night, and apparently he came as soon as she put her hand on his dick.

Hanna nodded. "I swear to god, I hardly touched him when he shot his load. I didn't know what to say or do. So, I just asked him if it felt good."

"Where was this?"

"In his car. My thought was to stroke him and then give him a blowjob before he drove me home, but that never happened. After he came, he quickly drove me home and hasn't called me."

"Poor kid, he must feel so ashamed for what happened."

"This is a perfect case for why I prefer older guys," said Karla.

"I get that, but still, I expect guys my age to keep from coming so fast," said Laura.

"Why risk it?"

Hanna sighed and got up. "Let's go shopping, I need some new undies."

The three girls got up, and as they walked through the mall, men stopped at looked at them. Karla, tall, curvy with tight shorts and a T-shirt knotted above her belly button. Hanna, shorter, mini skirt, sandals and a sports bra. Laura, just a bit shorter than Karla but taller than Hanna, wore tight spandex pants and a matching sports bra. They knew that they looked good and soaked in the attention the men gave them.

While Hanna looked for underwear, Karla pulled Laura to the side. "How's the toy?"

"Oh my god, it's amazing. I used it this morning and it made me come so hard."

"Really? Is it better than the real thing?"

Laura laughed. "No, of course not, but it's nice in its own way. You should get one, you know."

"Maybe, but I still prefer a real cock."

"Sure, I get that, but the toy is a great way to relax in bed when you don't have a man with you."

"What's up with Silas, who is he dating these days?"

"No one as far as I know."

"If he weren't your brother, I'd date him. He is a fine sample of a young man."

"Silas? You got to be shitting me. He is a dork and a dickhead most of the time.

Karla tilted her head. "Maybe to you, but to me, well, let's just say I think he has potential."

Laura laughed and they went looking for Hanna.

Silas leaned against the doorframe and watched Mary vacuuming the living room. She wore shorts and a long thin T-shirt that was stuck to her back due to the sweat. The doors to the yard were open, but there was no breeze, just stifling heat.

He had just come back from practice, and he had grass on his knees and elbows from falling a few times. He wiped sweat from his brow and dropped his soccer shoes to the floor.

The thump was loud enough that Mary turned to him. When she did, a smile grew on her face, and she turned off the vacuum cleaner.

"You are early," she said, coming towards him.

"I know, I told coach I had church."

"You naughty boy."

When she reached him, they kissed deeply, and she fondled his erect cock. He loved the way she smelt and nuzzled her neck.

"I want you so bad, Mary."

"And I want you."

They didn't go upstairs, but undressed each other in the living room and then Mary bent over the sofa's armrest, offering her round ass to her step-son.

Silas grabbed his cock and slid the head up and down her slit a few times before thrusting inside her. Her pussy gripped his cock as always he was surprised how tight she was. His balls slammed into her pussy as he fucked her hard, making her rock back and forth. She slid a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit while pushing back at him, so he entered her another half an inch.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, Silas, you are so good to me!"

He slapped her right ass cheek, which made her moan louder. "Where do you want it," he demanded.

"On my back."

He pulled out and sent a cascade of hot cum along her spine, which then ran down her sides while he wiped the drops off his cock head against her ass.

She got up and held him tight against her. Silas felt her heartbeat against his chest, and when they came apart, he said, "You'd better clean up, Laura could be back any minute."

He watched Mary go upstairs and then pulled up his shorts. A smile grew on his lips as he thought back to when Mary had first come into their household. He had been a kid then, but as he entered puberty and became more aware of his sexuality, he had found that Mary was the best spank material he had. The girls at school, though cute never really got him hard enough. Mary was just under 40. She was a prime example of the MILF. Hot, tight and sexy. She had caught Silas jerking off while watching her tan by the pool. She had confronted him later that day when they had been alone and given him his first blowjob. As it turned out, it wasn't the first time she had given one of those to a young man.

Her previous marriage had ended when her husband caught her sucking off her son. Luckily for her, he had decided not to report her if she signed the divorce papers and didn't ask for any money. She didn't complain, signed, and left town. Her son had tried to contact her over the years, but she had not responded to him. Tom knew nothing of this, he thought Mary was just a normal woman who had left her husband and married him.

Silas stood under the cold water stroking his cock, he wondered what had made Mary give her son a blowjob, she had never told him the details about it, and he was so curious. Maybe one day she would tell him. Meanwhile, they would continue to fuck and be very careful about it. Both Tom and Laura thought he hated Mary, which was just what they wanted them to think.

Mary shaved her pussy slowly, making sure it was nice and smooth. Both Tom and Silas loved to eat her out, so she wanted to be pretty for them. Father and son were so different in bed. Where Silas was the young buck, Tom was a gentle lover who slowly drew the orgasm from her. She loved them both so much and was always worried Tom would find out about Silas.

After drying herself, she put on some makeup and dressed in a thin dress. She wanted to look good for her husband when he got home. Her pussy had been well fucked, and she was relaxed. She went to Silas' room and picked up his laundry basket and then to Laura's to do the same. She stopped in her tracks and stared at the thing on the nightstand. It was a cock shaped vibrator. She picked it up and turned it on. It hummed in her hand, and when she turned it off, she smiled. After putting it back where she had found it, she closed the door to Laura's room and wondered how she looked like when she was fucking herself, hot she bet.

When Laura walked into her room, she noted two things and swore under her breath. Her toy still lay on the nightstand, and the laundry basket was empty. There was no way Mary could have emptied it without seeing the vibrator. She put it back in the drawer and sat down on the bed. She knew having one was nothing to be ashamed of, many women did. At 17, she was learning about her sexuality and playing with herself had taught her what she liked and didn't like. She bet Silas, who was one year older jerked off on a steady basis, anything else would be strange. She hadn't met one guy yet who didn't do it at least ones a day.

Thinking about it, Mary might own a toy. She knew that her father and Mary fucked, she had heard them late at night, but Mary might also pleasure herself or even use it with her dad. Eww, she thought, as the image of a naked Tom floated by briefly in her mind. She had seen her father naked a few times over the years. As she and Silas grew up, they had taken more care in not being naked around each other.

Silas did have a nice body thanks to soccer and Laura kind of understood how and why Karla would be attracted to him. She tried to picture her friend and brother fucking, but it was hard. Karla was a couple of inches taller than Silas with long legs. If they tried doggy style, Silas wouldn't reach up, she thought. It made her laugh thinking about her brother being frustrated.

They would just have to do missionary or Karla riding him. She had never seen Karla fuck but considering what she knew about her friend she bet she was a wild one in the sack. Laura was still a bit shy and mostly lay still while the guy drove his cock in and out of her like a jackhammer.

She had ridden a few times and liked it. The feeling of being in control was exciting. Doggy was cool too, a bit porno maybe but nice. The only problem was that some guys thought that having her anus within reach it was fine to try to nudge their dicks in there, which she didn't like.

Well, she didn't really know if she liked it since she had never done it. Hanna had been fucked up the ass, and she said it was okay, even though some hard clit rubbing was necessary if you wanted to come at the same time. She preferred being on her back with a pillow under her hips. That way, she had easy reach to her pussy.

All this thinking about sex had made Laura horny, and she thought about locking the door and pleasure herself. But with both Mary and Silas at home, she changed her mind. Any of them could come knocking, and that would fuck up the moment. She hung up a few tops she had bought and then went down to the living room where she found Silas lying on the sofa, chatting on his phone.

"Who are you talking to?" she said and slumped down by his feet. He put them in her lap. This was something they had always done as kids. She would massage his feet.

"Chad, he is asking if I want to go to the movies."

"Are you?"

"Nah, can't be bothered. There is a good movie on TV later tonight."

"Where is Mary?"

"She went over to the Johnsons for a coffee."

They were silent, and Silas continued chatting with his friend while Laura massaged his feet. She was about to say something when she stopped with her mouth half-open. Silas had shorts on, and he wasn't wearing any underwear. She could clearly see his cock from where she sat.

Then something weird happened. While she was looking at it, it slowly grew in size and length. The foreskin stretched and his cock head popped out like a cherry. She stopped massaging him and just stared. He was now fully erect and the cock tried to stand up, but the fabric stopped it. He wasn't chatting with Chad at all, she realized. With a quick swoop of her hand, she swiped the phone from him and looked at the screen.

"What the fuck!" she shouted and got up.

"Give it back to me, bitch!"

"No, no, no fucking way. This, this is just crazy."

Silas got up and ran after her. Laura went out to the yard and ran to the other end of the pool, so the water was between them. Silas feinted left, but ran right, she countered, and again they were on either side of the pool.

"You are one fucked-up puppy, Silas," she said and wiggled the phone above her head.

"Shut up and give it back to me."

"Since when is Mary sending you these kinds of photos?"

"That's none of your business."

She scoffed. "So, it was all a scam, you pretending to hate her while getting off on her?"

Silas sat down in one of the chairs at the table. "Please, Laura. Give it back and I will tell you."

She waited a moment to make sure he wasn't planning running after her again, and then went over to where he sat. She gave the phone back to him and sat on the edge of the table. "Spill it."

Silas sighed and then told her about how Mary had caught him and what had happened. When he was done, Laura said, "So, this has been going on for what, two years or so?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"No wonder I never see you date anyone. You get laid right here in the house. What a fucking set up. What if Dad finds out?"

Silas sighed. "I hope he never will, we try to be careful."

"I just found out. By the way, you need to use underwear."


"Keeps your dick in place."

"Oh, fuck, you saw it?"

"Mm," she said and nodded.


"It's okay, I have seen dicks before." In her head, she thought, but not one as thick and long as yours.

"Please don't tell Dad. I will let Mary know what happened."

"Okay, I promise. But please, be careful. Daddy really loves Mary, and he would be heartbroken if he found out."

She left him and went back inside. Silas fucking their step-mom, who would have thought? Karla would have to work really hard to get Silas to be with her. Laura didn't think her friend had the experience to out fuck Mary, that would be almost impossible for a girl her age.

"Laura, there is something I want to talk to you about," said Mary later that afternoon.

The two women were sharing a jar of lemonade by the pool while the men were in the shed working on their cars.


"This morning I saw your toy, and I just wanted to let you know I think it's wonderful that you are exploring your sexuality. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me."

Laura was quiet for a moment and then said, "I know about you and Silas."

She heard how Mary gasped but didn't look at her. After a few seconds, Mary said, "Oh, so the truth is coming out."

"Don't worry, I won't tell Dad."

"Thank you, it would break his heart."

"Why do it? I mean, if you like younger guys, there are plenty around. Why my brother?"

"Honestly, I don't know. I just feel attracted to younger men. There is something about their hard bodies, youthfulness. Maybe I am getting old and being with Silas makes me feel young again."

"I can get that, sure. But again, why him and not someone else?"

"Easy access, I guess," she smiled. "It's practical to have a lover who lives under the same roof. No need to sneak out and go to hotels."

"Have you done this before? I know you were married before you met Dad."

Mary drank from her glass. "Yes, and Silas knows partly what happened. I had sex with my son, and my husband found out."

"What the fuck?" Why did you do that?"

"It just happened. I can't tell you what I thought at the time. He was just 17, your age and it was after his birthday party. David, which is his name, didn't have many friends and no girlfriend. He didn't quite fit in with his peers. That night I found him crying in bed because no one had come to his party. I held him close, and as I did, he kissed my neck, and it felt good. His father and I didn't have sex, he was a bit of an asshole and a drinker."

"So, you thought fucking your son, was okay?"

"Of course not, but I had been drinking too, and I guess my head wasn't right. Dave began to kiss me more, and suddenly, we were making out. He pushed my head down and said, "Please, Mom, give me a birthday present I won't forget."

"I felt so sorry for him, so I did what he asked, thinking that making my son come on his birthday was okay. What I hadn't counted on, was my husband walking in on us while I was swallowing David's cum. There was no way of talking myself out of it, so I just did what he asked and left."

Laura was quiet, taking it all in. A sad story and Mary was obviously ashamed for what she had done. How much she must have loved her son to give him a blowjob was beyond Laura. If Silas asked her for one, she would tell him to fuck off.

"Now you know, and I hope it stays between us."

"Sure, you can trust me. Can I ask you something?"


"How would you feel if Silas dated another woman, let's say someone our age?"

"Nothing, it's up to him. He decides what he want's to do. Wait a minute, you are not thinking..."

"Never! What's wrong with you, Mary? I am nothing like you."

"Sorry, but I just thought that you know, learning together..."

"No way, that's just sick."

Laura got up and went inside while Mary finished her lemonade. She smiled as she thought back to the fake protest of the teenager. She knew full well that Laura had seen Silas cock, he had texted her what had happened. The little slut probably had her pussy all wet by now and was heading to her room to play with her toy.

Silas sat at his desk doing research on the internet. He was looking at incest forums and what he read made him feel a bit better about himself. He wasn't the only one thinking about his sister.

Many of the posts were about feelings similar to his. The difference was that Laura had actually seen his hard-on while the guys on the forum just hoped they would. He had spoken to Mary after dinner, and she had told him about her conversation with Laura.

Silas had never before until this day thought about having sex with her. It just hadn't entered his mind. Sure, Laura was hot, and he knew she was popular in school. She had the right body with perky tits and an apple ass that his friends would ogle over in the cafeteria.

But now, suddenly he was in the shoes of his friends. He realized that deep down he had always been attracted to her and the more he thought, his cock grew harder. He needed to fuck, but Mary was with Tom, so all he could do was to jerk off.

He clicked out of the forum and went onto Facebook. He found his sister's page and went through her photos until he found one that looked hot. She wore a small bikini and sat on a chair with one leg over the armrest. The fabric of the bikini was tight against her pussy, and he could make out the line of her slit. Pulling out his cock, he began to stroke it slowly, not wanting to rush things.

In his mind, he was between her legs, pulling the bikini aside, and licking her pussy. He was pretty sure Laura shaved. His cock grew even harder, and he moaned a little as his mind fucked her hard.

There was a chirp, and his eyes flew open. The message box was open.

"What are you doing, pervert?" It was from Laura.

She was across the hall from him, and she had chatted, instead of knocking on his door.

"Nothing," he typed and lied.

"Sure? Not jerking off to Mary's photos?"

"Fuck you!"


"Stop bothering me."

A video screen opened, and there was Laura, in bed with her laptop on her legs. "Can you hear me?"

"Yeah, I told you to stop bothering me."

She leaned forward and disconnected the mic.

"There we go, now no one can hear us," she typed.

She slowly pulled up her top, exposing her boobs.

"Do you like?"

Silas sat with his mouth open, staring at the two beautiful breasts in front of him.

"I bet you are really hard right now."


She cupped her tits and licked one nipple before turning off the video feed.

"That's all. Goodnight."

Silas stared at the empty screen, not entirely understanding what had just happened. He looked down at his cock, and to his surprise, it was covered in cum. He had shot his load without realizing he had. He reached for the box of tissues he kept on his desk and wiped his cock clean. Then he turned off the computer and went to bed. He didn't know what to say to Laura in the morning.

Laura giggled and put the laptop on the floor and uncrossed her legs. The vibrator slid out an inch, and she pushed it back in again. She wasn't sure why she had flashed her brother, maybe it was because she was really horny at the moment. She scooted down a bit and pulled her legs up and apart so she could slide the toy in and out. She had been watching a porn clip when she saw Silas come online. It had been of three girls fucking. Laura had fantasized about doing it with Hanna and Karla, but she would never dare to tell them. If they weren't into it, she might lose her friends.

The orgasm was building, and she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes while it flowed over her. Relaxed, she lay still in bed, the toy next to her. She wondered what Silas was doing, maybe he was jerking off thinking about her boobs. Then it hit her, he might have been fantasizing over her for years, who knew what went on in his mind.

Thinking back, she couldn't remember anything that he had done that would constitute lewd behavior towards her. Maybe he was pissed instead of horny after seeing her boobs. Fuck, fuck, fuck, what had she done, she scolded herself?

Mary felt the tension in the kitchen while they all had breakfast together. Tom didn't seem to notice it, but he was always a bit lost in thought. She watched Silas and Laura, who sat with their heads down, eating mechanically. Something had happened, but what?

When Laura had gone to Karla's house, and Tom went to buy groceries, she cornered Silas in his room and closed the door. "What happened?"

He didn't say anything. "C' mon, I know something has happened, talk to me, Silas."

He sighed and told her about the previous night. "Now I'm all confused, you know. One part of me loved her tits, but another tells me it's wrong to do so."

She sat next to him on the bed. "It's alright. Even though she is your sister you can accept that she had cute breasts, I do too. That doesn't mean that you are doing something wrong."

"I know, but what if I want to touch them?"

"Oh, well, that would be something different altogether."

"Mm, I know, and the problem is, I want to."

"Silas, listen to me carefully. Do not do or say something that you might regret, trust me, it can really fuck up your life."

"I know, and I won't. I guess I have to stick with fantasizing."

She took his hand and put it under her top. He slid it in under her bra and gently massaged her boob, playing with the nipple between his fingers.

"There you go, play with mine."

He pulled her down and kissed her deeply. She tasted of coffee and something else. He wanted her, and his cock was hard against his pants.

"Wait, not now, we can't risk your dad coming home," she sighed as his fingers found her pussy.

"Please, just a little."

"Ah, okay, just a little, but no fucking."

She rolled over on her back, and he pushed up her skirt. Pulling her panty to the side, he began to lick and suck on her clit. Silas didn't care that she didn't touch him, all he wanted was to hear her come for him. She did, quickly and loudly.

"Fuck, Silas, you make me come so fast, I love it," she said when he lay with his head on her chest. She kissed his head. "Now, let's straighten up so we can help Tom with the bags."

Dinner that evening was similar to the breakfast. Only Tom did notice something. "What's going on, you guys?"

"Nothing dad, just having my period," said Laura.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."

"I think it's great news. That means she is not pregnant," said Silas.

"Fuck you," snarled Laura and Silas grinned.

"Be nice to your sister, okay."

Mary thought it was time she lightened the conversation a little. "There is apple pie for dessert."

"Great, I'll help you take care of the dishes," said Tom and got up.

After dessert Silas went to his room and Laura spent an hour watching TV with her parents. Then, with a sigh, she got up and went to confront her brother.

"Can I come in?" she asked and knocked.


Silas was at his desk, playing a video game. Laura sat down on the bed and said, "I'm sorry for last night, I don't know what came over me."

Silas didn't answer, so she continued. "I said I'm sorry, okay. Don't be a jerk about it."

Her brother turned off the computer and turned around. "There is no need to be sorry. Honestly, I think your boobs are cute. It was just the shock of seeing them."

Laura blushed and looked down at her feet. "Really?"

"Yeah, they are perfect, so full and those tiny nipples are sexy."

She looked up at him and in a whisper asked, "Do you want to touch them?"


She slowly pulled her top over her head and undid her bra and took it off. The light from the streetlight fell on her, and as her brother got up, a shiver of excitement went through her.

Silas looked down at her, and slowly, his hands moved towards her breasts. When they touched the soft taught skin, she closed her eyes and straightened up a bit. Her boobs pushed forward, and Silas went down on his knees between her legs. He leaned in and in turn, licked each nipple, which made Laura giggle.

"Oh, that feels good."


"Don't stop, please."

Silas gently massaged her boobs while sucking and licking her nipples. She put her hands behind his neck and pulled him closer, wrapping her legs around his back. Then she began to lean further back while pulling Silas with her until she lay on her back with him on top.

She looked him in the eye and whispered. "Do you want to fuck me?"

Her blue eyes were so innocent, and Silas wondered what they would look like with his cock in her pussy. "Are you okay with this?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm willing to try."

He helped her off with her clothes and then took off his own while Laura moved, so she had her head on his pillow.

Silas knelt between her legs and looked down at his sister. Her hair like a halo around her head and she was breathing fast, making her chest rise and fall. Her mouth was slightly open, and he saw the edge of her white teeth as her pink tongue slipped out, and she licked her upper lip.

"C' mon," she said and reached for his cock. "I'm not a virgin anymore."

"I know, it's just that we are about to do something that will change our lives and I want to be sure about it."

Her thumb played around his cockhead, spreading out the pre-cum that was oozing out. "It seems to me that your body wants this." She brought her thumb to her mouth and sucked on it. "You taste good."

That was it, Silas couldn't hold back any longer, so he straddled her chest, so his cockhead touched her lips. She looked down at the swollen head and licked it. "Fuck, that tastes good," she whispered and took his cock in her mouth.

It was a perfect fit, Laura thought. She had sucked small dicks that felt like having a straw between her lips and big ones that made her jaws ache. Her brother's was just right, enough that her jaws came apart but didn't ache.

Long enough to reach far back in her throat and his cockhead was just delicious. Their eyes met and he smiled down at her. For a moment, Laura thought that this was proof that nature had intended for family members to engage in incest. There was no way a cock could fit so perfectly in her mouth.

Silas had never been sucked like this before. Laura knew what he liked without telling her, it must be the connection with a sibling, he thought. His balls were telling him he was close, but he didn't want to come in her mouth.

"You are on the pill, right?"

She nodded, and he pulled out and moved down so he could enter her.

"Please, lick me," she begged.

He lay down between her legs and tasted his sister's pussy. The small lips were swollen, and she was leaking pussy juice. Her clit was the size of a pea, and when he sucked on it, she squirmed, and he had to hold her in place.

"Now, fuck me, Silas, fuck me hard," she moaned.

Laura gasped as his cockhead slid inside and then when his shaft stretched her pussy to that perfect point between pleasure and pain, she moaned, "Oh, Silas, I want you so much."

He slowly moved back and forth holding her tight in his arms. Her boobs pressed against his chest and then they kissed, slowly and gently at first then harder and deeper. Laura thought her brother was the best kisser she had ever had. She pressed her hips against his and wrapped her legs around his waist and met every thrust.

Silas sighed as her pussy began to tighten around his cock. Her breathing increased, and her nails dug into his back at the same time, his balls hardened between his legs.

She tensed and held him tight as her orgasm went from heavy breathing to her saying, "Oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, Silas, fuck me hard," which he did.

He placed her legs over his shoulders and fucked her so her boobs bounced and her eyes glazed over, he fucked her like he had never fucked before, deeper and harder than he had thought possible.

Laura looked at her brother's face and loved him so much. He tilted his head back and with one last deep thrust came hard and long deep inside her. She felt his cock jerk and how his cum made her pussy even warmer.

She reached up, wanting him to be close and he did what she asked, laying down on top of her. They lay in silence, their bodies slowly relaxing, their breathing became normal, and as Silas' cock went limp he slid out of her followed but his cum dripping out, wetting his mattress.

"That, was something else," said Laura after a while.

They lay on their sides facing each other. Silas caressed her cheek, which was moist from sweat and then moved some hair that had fallen across her face. "Yeah, it was amazing and felt so right."

She smiled at him, leaned in and gave him a kiss on the mouth. "Yes, it did. I have never felt so complete as I do now. It's like we were one for a moment and I loved it."

He smiled. "We should have done this years ago."

She giggled. "Yeah, but I think now, was the right moment and we can do it again, if you want, that is?"

Silas held her tight against his chest and breathed in the smell of her shampoo. "Laura, I love you so much."

"Then make love to me again," she whispered.

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