My Sex Life Episode 6 Best Friend's Sister

My Sex Life Episode 6 Best Friend's Sister

So lets wind the clocks back to my school days where I was on and of with my friend/sex buddy Amy im pretty sure we weren’t exactly friends at this time because I was in a committed relationship but ended up just recently getting out of it im not gonna lie this relationship hit me hard normally I get out of one and in some way be happy because now I can fuck other girls again but this time it took me a while to bounce back.

Its been about 2 weeks since my bad breakup and at the time my best friend Jeff’s sister Paige who I’ve played with in the past was just going through her breakup for the last few months she was dating this 18 year old guy having unprotected sex and being filled with cum trying all these new sorts of things threesomes and drugs and stuff and she was only 15 at the time to but she is now 16 and properly legal to have sex and was a whole new sexual person and not that same obsessive girl she was a year back.

Me and Paige got to talking about how we are both single and need sex and progressed to a point whenever she messages me she would be sending nudes and I told her we need to meetup and it would be easy for her because she doesn’t go to school anymore but on the other hand it wasn’t because she lived at least half an hour out of my town.

A few weeks later she dated this other guy who was 18 but she still continued to send me nudes now and then she even sent me videos of her boyfriend fingering her or jerking him of, she then went on to admit she’s been fucking other guys behind her boyfriends back as well she just loved sex but wanted a boyfriend all in one but couldn’t maintain fucking the same person over and over again witch I deeply understand Ive never had a girlfriend that ive fucked apart from one of my exes but she dumped me straight after but I could never see myself fucking the same person for years and years I don’t know how married people survive when I think about it.

Every night after Paige’s boyfriend went home Paige would still continue to message me naked and tell me about what her and her boyfriend done sexually.

I later found out that I wasn’t the only guy she was cheating on her boyfriend with she was telling me stories of how guys older than her boyfriend would drive through her farm town and she would sneak out and go have sex with them in her barn another one where she went to a hotel room with 2 men and got fucked in the pussy and mouth at the same time or sucking guys of while they drive around I could literally make a book series of her whole sex life with the amount of stuff she told me it was unreal.

The next day Paige was telling me how her and her boyfriend had sex in a horse transport trailer while her mum was towing it around in her car her mum had no idea what she was getting up to in there but this time Paige wasn’t very kinky with her words she talked like she was worried about something I could sense it in her texts I asked Paige if everything was ok and at the time I was like a big brother to her she explained to me that she wanted real cock inside her this time and didn’t make her boyfriend wear a condom and made sure that he promises to pull out but he didn’t she told me that her boyfriend came inside her and was worried that she might be pregnant and at the time I didn’t know as much about sex and contraception as I will know in the future so the best I could do is tell her to wait 2 weeks and take a pregnancy test Paige went to ask me to buy her one on her behalf, I was definitely not shy when it came to buying condoms so I mean how hard could it be to buy a tester.

An idea struck my mind Paige and I have been wanting to properly have sex for a while now and seeing as tho she had an important reason to come into town might be able to kill 2 birds with one stone and finally have that proper sex we didn’t have the first time we were intimate with each other.

I pitched my idea to Paige and definitely agreed and told me she could use a good root to take the stress away.

Paige told me the date she was coming into town and told me to meet up with her at the reserve near the toilet block where we first done stuff together I couldn’t think of a better place to do it that public toilet was becoming a very popular fuck spot for me.

The day came I packed up and walked down to the reserve luckily for me my mum sucked at trying to catch me ditching school so it was easily manageable I walked into the reserve and waited I guess its in a girls nature to be fashionably late.

After waiting for ten minutes I saw Paige emerge from the bushes coming over to me she was wearing tight short shorts and one of them button up shirts country bumpkins wear she was a real cow girl country girl I didn’t know if I mentioned that or not, Paige was really shy at first shes never been alone with me since the first time we did something and we’ve never really had big conversations on our own but she was very talkative through text I was sitting right next to her and she continued texting me I guess this was a better way of taking things further she was sending me texts saying she was horny and stuff like that the way she normally does I asked her if I could touch her between her legs she opened her legs and replied back saying yes.

I reached my hand out to rub Paige’s clit through her pants but we weren’t getting anywhere with them denim jean shorts on , once we realised that we weren’t getting anywhere we both shared a giggle and I went out and said and asked if she is ready to have sex, she never said a word she walked towards the disabled toilet block and walked inside I went to look around to see if anyone was watching but she pulled me in straight away and locked the door behind us.

Paige and I stood there for a few seconds not knowing what to do I reached my hand out and firmly grabbed her boobs while she reached her hand into my pants and pulled my cock out and slowly jerked it of I proceeded to unbuckle her shorts and pull them down and rubbed her pussy through her panties I felt her grip my cock tighter and her breathing hardened as my finger rubbed her clit through her panties making her drip then I went in and tucked a finger inside her and caused Paige to grab onto me and hump at my fingers tickling her insides I asked her if shes ready to be fucked she nodded her head and I led her to the toilet.

I waited on the toilet with my pants down and a condom covering my cock and waited as Paige straddled my cock and sat her plump body down on my shaft them same harsh breathing returned as she rode my cock I pulled her boobs out of her bra and sucked on them as she rode my cock she definitely had d size boobs they were so big I can crush my face with them.

I felt my urge to cumming draw to a start I warned her and this must of spooked her she dismounted my cock and stood there while I jerked of and came on the floor I wasn’t exactly happy with where I came but at least I got to fuck her and put her on my fuck list.

As we agreed me and Paige fucked now we must wait for the main event walking to the shop to get her a pregnancy tester.

Once we got the tester from the nearby shop we went back to the reserve and I waited outside while she took the test.

A few minutes later Paige called me in showing me the pee stick thing seeing that it has 2 lines saying she was pregnant I felt so bad for her being 16 and pregnant I asked her what she is going to do all she could keep saying is shit over and over again.

Even tho I wasn’t the one that got Paige pregnant I tried to be supportive every way I can scouting the internet for her looking for the nearest abortion clinic luckily I found her one but that downside of it was she had to come clean to her mum about her being pregnant but her mum took her to a sex health clinic out of town and paid for it without the whole world knowing about it.

Now that Paige has been taken care of I thought to myself I could have had sex with her without a condom and came inside her and not worry about impregnating her but if I did she could easily makeout that im the father because I blew in her I know the science would prove that im not but it would also have to mean coming clean to my best mate that I fucked his sister.

Paige was never the same after she had the abortion she stopped having sex for a while and told me that ever since she had the abortion she just felt like she killed somebody so she told me she wasn’t that same sexual person anymore.

1 Year Later

I have officially quit school and out doing my own thing now I barely saw my mates anymore I was more or less exploring no people to hang with and have sex with here and there but not many.

Paige and I managed to get back to chatting together normally after she went of the grid a bit and went out of town doing her country bumpkin horse roping barrel racing stuff whateva country people do, we were talking about how our lives have been since the last time we met because literally the last time saw eachother was when we last had sex.

Paige was giving me a rundown of how her life is now she has a job with horses and moved out of home and moved in with her boss but that’s when things got plain right bizarre Paige continued to tell me that her boss was a 62 year old man and that she has sex with him on a daily basis.

She went in more detail saying she doesn’t have to pay rent as long as she has sex with him every day she went on to say sometimes she will wake up with cock in her pussy or ass or sometimes she would be fucked while shes asleep and wake up to find cum inside her and would have to fuck him every night before he goes to bed I was always amazed by her sex life but she hated the fact that she had no choice even if she wasn’t feeling well she would still have to do something sexual and adding to the fact that she was on and off with this guy from a few towns over and if she wants to date him she will have to move out of her bosses house if she was gonna commit to this guy.

She asked me how my sex life was and I mean being a guy its hard to find girls that will have sex so pretty boring like maybe one or two on of sex meetups but that’s about it.

One night stuff got serious when Paige messaged me saying she was on the phone to this so called guy she wants to date in the future but he was giving her the shits and she was a bit tipsy on wine so she made me a deal she will have sex with me this week if I stay silent in a group chat call with this guy and herself she wanted me to be a witness to an argument but being on the call all it looked like was a drunk girl annoying the shit out of some guy trying to do his own thing I knew she was in the wrong here for sure but I didn’t wanna judge and miss out on having sex with Paige again.

The next day I got a message from Paige thanking me for keeping an ear on her phone call then asking me when I want to root I wanted it as soon as possible we arranged for me to come to her bosses house while he was out I was little worried about going to fuck Paige in somebody elses house as ive never actually had sex in another persons house before and he lived out in the country part of my town and ive never really been this way before so this was new territory for me I arranged for Paige to meet me on the bridge that leads into her suburb so I can follow her home.

I arrived at the location where Paige wanted me to meet her she doesn’t really talk much so she acknowledged me and walked away with me trailing behind her she was always very shy I tried making conversation along the way to ease the nervous vibe she has.

On the way to her bosses house we passed a toilet block I was going to suggest I go back to my old ways and get her to have sex with me in the toilets we wouldn’t have to worry about her boss coming home that way but on the other hand we would be pretty secluded so we continued on through the country town until we got to her bosses house.

As soon as we got through the door her future boyfriend or current fuck buddy im not to sure who this guy is to her called her and wanted her to stay on the phone while he was playing his xbox the funny thing was he didn’t know Paige muted him so he couldn’t hear us talking.

Paige and I sat in the loungeroom waiting for her friend to hang up because that is what he normally does apparently but we waited another 5 minutes and still nothing he wasn’t even talking so Paige suggested we keep her phone in the loungeroom and go root now in her bedroom that sounded like a great idea I thought to myself.

I followed Paige into her bedroom she immediately started stripping of until she was just in her bra and went under the covers encouraging me to get naked and get in bed with her as I did, we just laid there awkward as fuck not knowing where to start I asked her where shall we begin and rubbing my hand on her arm witch caused her to put her hands on her face and let out the biggest laugh I just suggested that I lead i grasped her boobs firmly the best I can over bra and climbed over her and started kissing her stomach all the way to her pussy I stared at Paige’s pussy looking how beautiful small and shaven it was it was a beautiful young pussy I admired it running my finger along the slit and over the clit till I replaced it with my tounge licking up and down her juicy wet slit she didn’t taste neither sweet or salty it was just a bland taste I could not compare to , it definitely tasted real good and couldn’t get enough of licking her I think I sat there licking and fingering her for half an hour.

Paige kept wanting me to change my rhythm rubbing her clit fingering her sucking on her clit tounge fucking her fuck hole the vibe this pussy was giving me was enough to make me cum straight away I parted Paige’s legs and slowly guided my cock inside her and fucked her missionary hearing my balls clap against her ass as I rammed in and out of her fast I was enjoying myself but Paige looked like she wasn’t impressed but don’t get me wrong she was enjoying it but I think she needed a change she was on her back the whole time I was licking her so I grabbed her waist and flipped her over so she was staring back at me in doggy position.

This new position really got Paige going her pussy was getting more juicer at each thrust I was in an amazing rally as I kept banging her from behind but we were cut short when we heard a noise from outside witch freaked me out a bit as we were in her bosses house I immediately pulled out of her and laid next to her until I was comfortable again but Paige seemed to lost her mojo and was beginning to give up I was moments away from blowing I wanted to cum so I got behind her and started massaging her ass cheeks begging her to keep going, after a little bit of convincing Paige layed her head back into her pillow and wiggled her ass at me to keep fucking her.

I slowly guided my cock back inside her Paige and started gently fucking her it was weird going gentle with a girl when these days all girls want is to be fucked hard but I continued my slow pace and heard the soft muffled moans coming from her small little mouth egging me on till I could feel my balls tingle and increased my pace a little more and lunged inside her deeper and sprayed the inside of her pussy with my cum it was a huge load bigger than what I normally shoot when im jerking of it seemed to go on forever.

After withdrawing my cock from Paige she shoved past me running for the bathroom I could hear her plonk her ass onto the toilet and hear my cum escape her body splashing inside the toilet I took this opportunity to get dressed the sooner I got out of the house the less of a chance I would have of her boss catching me.

After what was a great fuck we both forgot that her soon to be boyfriend was still on the phone and was still on mute and the funny thing was he didn’t even seem to have noticed we were gone or the phone was on mute we both found it quite funny to be honest.

Paige escorted me out of the house even introducing me to her horses on the way out and I made my way out of this country bumpkin town with a huge smile on my face in fact I was so happy I went to the nearest phone box and called my best female friend and told her I finally got laid she didn’t seem pleased but that’s just her she thinks she doesn’t like sex but I was happy and nobody could ruin that for me…


Paige and i dropped contact over the years since we last had sex seeing as she finally got with that guy and now are officialy dating and she claims she wanted to go legit and not cheat anymore that didint last long now as she is pushing 17 and a few weeks away from turning 18 and wants to feel the freedom of going to pubs and clubs and hooking up with random guys but on the other hand still

loves her boyfriend.

Paige was telling me about their sex life as its getting old and predictable its getting to a point where she has bought herself a vibrator and started using it on herself when her boyfriend isn’t around and she has mastered the art of squirting.

Paige's lifestyle still never ceases to amaze me as soon as she mentioned she can squirt i was already at her sexual mercy i had to get back into her pants.

At the time the whole sex scene was slow for me wasn’t really getting anything from anyone so I was like a puppy dog on his hind legs when Paige hinted at the possibility of fucking again.

Paige wanted me to accompany her to the local sex shop to buy herself a new vibrator I saw this as my opportunity to fuck her I dropped hints like crazy all night long as we drove around even after we found out the sex shop was closed we decided to drive around more teasing eachother with sexual experiences from our pasts.

I thought this could be it this is happening tonight until she pulled into my street and proceeded to drop be of I began to panic in my head and did everything I could to convince her to hookup in her car somewhere my cock was screaming in my pants wanting to be inside her I admitted to her how hard I was and she wanted to see I pulled out my hard cock from my pants and watched her eyes fix on it I could tell she had a bit of an angel and devil on each shoulder situation one saying the opposite to the other but looks like the angel won Paige just starred and looked at me saying she wants to wait till next time before driving of leaving me with my cock in my hand.

A few days later I had the house to myself my mum was out shopping so I messaged Paige to see if she wanted to come over she replied back saying

“are we gonna root” obviously that’s what I wanted but the way she worded it she was so bogan.

It so happens that Paige worked with horses across the road from me so it would e easy for her to come over ive even offered her in the past to have sex in the toilet block there but she was always paranoid about getting caught.

Back to the main point Paige agreed to come over and she eventually turned up and came into my house she was still the same very shy type it was just like last time quiet in person but horny over text I went to poke her in the ass and she just got up and said to me “lets just root” in an excited tone.

I led Paige to my bedroom and as soon as the door closed she was already stripping completely naked for me and lying back waiting for me I dived straight into her pussy caressing her clit with my tounge and fingering her little fuck hole watching her role around my bed moaning like never before she seemed a little more vocal than last time.

Paige pulled my hands to her breasts and forced me to squeeze them as I gnawed at her dripping pussy I continued doing so while taking her nipples between my thumb and forefinger they were rock hard I decided to be daring and remove my hands cupping her ass cheeks and pulling her closer to me and poking my tounge in her ass while still rubbing on her clit her asshole was bland in flavour but the fact im finally eating her ass is such a turn on it was a huge battle to keep my hands of my cock.

My finger kept rubbing that little pussy of hers Paige was constantly moaning then I smelt a sudden smell of pee fill the air that’s when I knew what was coming I pushed my face into her pussy and felt a gush of liquid erupt from Paiges pussy she was squirting all over my lips and tounge it kept going forever the more I pushed on her clit the more she squirted it was like turning a sink tap on and of again it was amazing.

Paige had enough of squirting she pushed me and begged me to fuck her while bending over I grasped her ass and spanked her pudgy booty a few times before lunging all the way inside her sending a surprised moan coming out of her mouth I bucked at her hard drawing my cock in and out deeper with every thrust hearing her moans sync in rhythm to the plowing I was giving her

“You have such a big cock” Paige moaned

All this dirty talk and compliments was doing really good for my ego It caused me to get more into the sex spanking her harder fucking her harder even pulling her hair till my cock started to spasm inside her shooting a well earned load of cum deep inside her tight little pussy.

Paige and I collapsed into bed both catching our breaths Paige was all red in the face and panting harder than I was but a good thing about Paige she wasn’t much of a cuddler she caught her breath went to put her clothes back on and acted like nothing happened witch was pretty chill I did happen to mention to her I loved the way she complemented me and said I need to keep her around for a confidence boost I joked.

I done my usual thankyou for the sex and let her walk to her car sadly that was the last time I done anything with her she sent me a teasing video here and there but managed to put other guys before myself and never really made an effort to fuck me again so I eventually blocked her and yet to this very day her brother one of my best mates has no idea what me and his sister has gotten up to.

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