Memorial Daze Part two

Memorial Daze Part two

Under different circumstance having Joe between my legs would have been heaven. But with Keith and Rob holding an arm and leg each and the reek of beer and weed in the air and coming off them it was like a nightmare come true. I try to squirm away from Joe’s lips as he moves to kiss my pussy, only for him to grab me around the waist and pull me onto his lips.

As his lips touch my outer labia I shiver from his warm breath touching my cold skin. His tongue traces my lips then “Oh she kind of sweet and metalic at the same time, either that or I’m really wasted guys!”

Rob speaks up “Quiet isn’t she, mustn’t be turned on being with the three of us he-men!”

Keith laughs “Look at the look on her face!” leaning in closer “Ah what’s the matter, Tell your next boyfriend all about it!” Closing my eyes so I don’t have to see his face, screaming inside loud ‘ Sherry come find me!” Then I feel the slap of a palm across my cheek!

“Why the hell did you do that Keith?” Joe’s looks up from my Venus mound. “She a mute you moron! Crossed “Why do you think she moves her hands so much?”

“Well I just thought she was a typical Italian, that’s what!” then proving his ignorance “So what a mute anyway?”

“Well moron she can’t talk. Open her mouth and nothing comes out just like your when you try to think!” Ouch that must have hurt Keith cause he let goes on my right arm and leg. Not that it help any for Joe was pulling me hard onto his face, his tongue pushing inside my pussy lips finding my clit making my body rebel against my wishes. In side “Please leave me alone!”

“Damn guys she wet down here. In fact she wet enough to fuck!” hearing his words i try harder to pull free, thrashing with all my strength. Opening my mouth and a whispered ‘No!’ leaves my throat but none of the three pay attention to it. Joe moves up my body until he’s in position to press the tip of his cock to my pussy.

“Well then fuck her Joe so I can have my time with her!’ Rob slurs only for Joe to reply

“Hey she can’t talk but that doesn’t mean she can’t suck cock Robbie!’ No I won’t suck anyone’s cock I want to say but my disability prevents it. Rob makes his move and lowers his cock to my lips, shaking my head I block it until i’m struck once more by Keith across the face.

“Listen asshole once more and I’ll kick you in the nuts, I have fucked that face yet!” here I thought Joe was saying that it help me instead it was just to prevent Keith damaging my ability to suck cock!. Then I’m in pain as Joe thrust completely inside me. The only thing I can do is burst into tears as he rapes me,opening my mouth to instinctively cry out only get Rob’s thick six inch cock in my mouth.

Grabbing my head Rob forces his cock in and out of my mouth, blocking my breathing, making Joe comment “Through your nose Teri, god is this your first time having sex?” my eyes glaze over with tears and shame. Joe begins to thrust faster into me, going deeper into my burning sex passage. Then the warmth of some hot liquid begins to flow in me. ‘ No he didn’t just cum in me, I’m not on the pill!” he pulls out and I hear “Oh Christ I think this is her first time guys! Look at the pink twinged cum leaking from her pussy and the smear of blood on my cock!”

“And don’t forget on the pillow Joe!” Keith seems turned on “Mine if I fuck the little mutie princess now?” not waiting for a reply


Okay that’s strike two in your story!’ Sherry stops me as I was going to tell her of my second rape. “My brother considers himself to good to smoke cigarettes let alone weed!”

Getting a bit pissed at her I signed “Oh and what about drinking beer? Is he to good to do that?” She just motion for me to continue!

With Rob still in my mouth, Joe rolling off me, grabbing my left arm and leg, I was once more penetrated by a cock, this one not a long or thick as Joe’s but just as unwanted! Keith didn’t wait until before he started thrusting hard in and out of my just fucked pussy. Grunting as he moved my body up and down the pillows of the couch.

In my mouth a salty taste of something thick, as Rob finally unloaded his cum into my mouth and throat. When he pulled out i turned my head away from him and Joe, cum dribbling out the corner of my mouth.

“Damn good little cocksucker there, you should give her a try Joe!”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Coming up to my head. Grabbing the back of my neck and twisting my head until I open my mouth to take him in. once in I notice a different taste in my mouth, realizing it was his and my cum covering his cock. I wanted to puke right there but Joe pushed his seven inch cock deep into the back of my mouth.

Meanwhile Keith was pounding my once virginal pussy with long hard strokes, making me feel like my pussy was swelling around his invading member. His hands grip my pert little 34b breasts and mashes then against my ribcage, making them throb like my pussy was. Then only sound from him being grunts in time with his inwards thrusts.

Joe established a rhythm so he pushed in as Keith was pulling out making me seem full at all time. Without a verbal warning Keith dumps his load into me, rolling off me when he softened enough and onto the floor “Not bad, may be her ass will give me more pleasure than her dead fuck pussy did.
Rob comes for his turn, surprising me by asking if he could fuck me “If no just shake your head and I won’t!” The bastard, knowing that Joe had my head immobilized with his cock down pinned deep in my throat. “So I take it that you don’t mind?” Climbing on and pushing in completely lasting longer in me than either Joe or Keith.

When Joe has been stimulated enough he added his seed to the cum already in my stomach. Then Keith at my face, I’ don’t try to stop him, just open and let him use me like a sink drain. With him in my throat and Rob in my pussy I’m no longer being held and put up no resistance. Rob finally spills into my pussy as Rob places his next load into my stomach.
When both are soft and off me I just lay there on the soiled couch staring at the ceiling as they gather and have another beer. Bringing me a bottle.
Opening it and putting it by my lips, but i’m too dazed to sip so they leave it on the floor beside me. They finish their beer then come back for more sex with me.

Rolling me onto my stomach once again my legs are grabbed and split apart , keith has my right, Joe my left meaning i was about to be fucked once more by Rob. Next thing I’m aware of is a pressure against my asshole as something big is trying to go in. I want to struggle but they prior fucks has taken my resistance from me. In I feel it go, crying out in pain in my mind as he didn’t use any lubricant before going in.

“Oh fuck her ass is so tight guys!” Cause it’s never had anything bigger than my fingertip and toilet paper in it before. For fifteen minutes he assails my ass with his thrusting before finally using tem to collect his latest load of cum. Keith goes next and twenty minutes later Joe uses my ass!” Then once more they break for a beer and to smoke another joint.

As I lay there throbbing from my ass, pussy and throat, praying that they were through with me I hear “Well I want her throat(Keith), me her pussy(Ro and Joe well I get her ass then!” The come back pulling me off the couch and onto a prone Rob. His cock standing erect even though he’s cummed twice tonight. Joe and Keith grab me and lift me onto it, my pussy once more sheathing it. Then Rob pulls me onto his chest and I feel a pressure once more at my ass. Then Joe is back in my ass as Rob is in my pussy,once again I instinctively I open my mouth only for Keith to stuff his cock into it.
All three use my at once. Grunting as they fuck my like animals, enduring more cum being spewed into my orifices. My head rolling sees a clock- two thirty am, twice more they use me all together until they have finally sated their sexual urges with my now limp body. Leaving me on the floor they go up as I black out.

Coming too the clock showing ten am, I stumble my way up to Sherry’s room only to have her say I wasn’t raped.


Sherry in a bikini, string looking at me torn gown, grabs me by the elbow leaving me towards Joe room. “Only one way to get the truth!’ opening the door to Joe, Rob and Keith getting up from sleep, Without waiting until they’re covered “Guys!, Teri claims you raped her in the rec room.”

“No way!”Rob and Keith both exclaim at the same time, Joe stays quiet for some reason. The two make their way over to Sherry, Keith saying “It was purely consensual as he leans in and kisses sherry on the lips, shocking her, Rob cupping her left asscheek while undoing the string on her hip.

Suddenly Keith has Sherry in an arm lock , forcing her onto Joe’s bed on her stomach, Joe is up and off it going beside Teri as Rob strips Sherry’s bikini bottoms “Damn nice ass Sherry, ever been fucked in it!” Laying down on her back aligning his cock to her asshole.

“Let me up you fuckers or I swear I’ll stab you both!”

As she struggles then screams as her asshole is penetrated “Stop it asshole!” then a high pitched scream of Noooo! And tears greet the morning.

“Well Teri seems Sherry going to be busy for a bit, so why don’t you and I go to her room!’ Joe leads me out, shaking knowing what he plans to do to me again!

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