My best friend’s father

My best friend’s father

My best friend’s father

It was a warm summer’s day when I was home alone, wearing a light transparent nightie, no panties or bra, just a comfortable thing to wear when home alone, the nightie was super short barely reaching the bottom line of my ass, topless, only an upper rubber band seem that was hanging on top of my large pair of perky tits. I usually keep my body clean, my pussy fully waxed and silky soft all the times.

Bing in mid-twenties, a young, active woman, I had a fairly curvy body that attracted the eyesight of each and every man who saw me walking down the street, especially with the slutty way I dress now and then.

The phone rang, it was my neighbor and best friend Teresa, she is a very close friend of mine, living in the apartment next door to mines, and we usually exchanged home keys, just in case of emergencies, she said her father was visiting her and she could not leave work now. She asked me if I would be kind enough to let him in her house using my key, prepare a drink for him and have him wait for her at her house, she had already called him and he knew she would not be home till late that evening.

I met Steve, her father a couple of times; he is a nice person, an older man of fifties, big and tall man with a strong personality, sharp. At that moment, I did not think much of it; I have always treated him as my father, I just grabbed the first rope hanged in my closet and put it on, just to cover up my semi-nude body.

I did not realize it was so short till I walked by my large mirror on my way out, but I guess it was ok and would do the job, all I had on mind was to receive Steve, unlock Teresa’s apartment door for him, prepare him a drink or so, and come back so fast, I went to her apartment, welcomed Steve and opened the door for him where he followed me to the living room.

For the first time, I noticed his eyes were all over my body, it must have been my outfit, it did not bother me much as I said I thought of him as my father, so I sat there talked to him after I asked him what to drink, he got a scotch, I got one as well. The older man was talking to me but I noticed him getting a bet nervous and sweating, words not so clear from him, I asked him “have you been drinking before you got here uncle?”

“Just a couple of drinks” he said, then somehow, I felt he was hiding something from me, finally, I realized the older man was getting a hard on, that he had a problem hiding from me. I realized I was setting too comfortable forgetting I did not have any panties on, so I guess my bare pussy was flashed to him unintentionally of course.

As soon as I realized that, I blushed all read, I was fully ashamed of myself, I glued my legs together, hiding my assets, but I will be honest, the looks on his face, his eyes following any move of my body and legs turned me on as of a sudden, believe it or not. I was trying to find any excuse to get up or leave just get away from that seat I was in, I was facing him on the opposite couch, no matter what I did, it would not be enough to hide my showing assets.

Finally I was brave enough to tell him, I wanted to wash something I left in his daughter’s sink, I knew it wasn’t a good time to do the dishes or anything else, but I just had to leave that seat without being embarrassed or embarrassing him, a few minutes passed while I was in the kitchen leaving him alone, when he came in the kitchen with his drink in hand.

I said “I am sorry, I did not mean to leave you alone as of a sudden, but this had to be done” he did not say anything, I wasn’t looking his direction and I felt I lost track of him, thinking he went back to the living room, as of a sudden, he was right behind me, I almost felt his breath with his head very close to mines, he held me close from the back, gluing his body to mine, I tried to get lose and get away from him, but he was much taller and stronger than me of course.

He surprised me by holding me so tight and close to his body and drew a kiss on my cheek, I kept trying to get lose from his hands but hopeless case, I could not move at all, his strong hands, huge body held me where I was. He was kissing his way to my lips while I was trying to get lose, I felt his hand touching my tits, moving the rope a way and slipping his hand under my nightie I felt his fingers twisting my nipples which I guess they were hard by then.

While doing this and that, his other hand found its way down to my pussy so easy, as I had nothing covering it, I tried harder to push a way but he started rubbing all over my body softly and passionately, no force was used and no pain was caused whatsoever, my struggling strength was going less and less till it had completely vanished, a sudden, uncontrollable moan, escaped from my mouth with my eyes closed.

He realized he got me there! and yes he did, I felt my pussy was so wet, my nipples hard with his hand cubing my tit and the other one already having a finger in my slit and another on my clit. Suddenly he turned me around, got rid of my rope and picked me up easily between his hands and took me to the bedroom, laid me on bed, no more struggles from my side, I felt it was too late as he got me so wet and horny by then, and from that moment on, there was no need for any force, he was getting all his needs willingly.

He took off my nightie and went on his knees in front of me lowering his face to my pussy, when I felt the tip of his tongue touching my pussy lips; I shivered all over, as if an electrical current went through my whole body. I guess I wanted this more than he did by then, he started licking my pussy in a nice experienced way; the old guy was treating my pussy with so much respect knowing its needs by all means.

His tongue tip was traveling up and down from my clit to my slit, pushing it in between my pussy lips, moving in circles then using the help of his fingers to run between my pussy lips pushing a finger deeper in me. His other hand was rubbing my tits, pinching my, already hard nipples all same time, with his finger and tongue movements on my cunt, all of this was making me moan louder and louder until I was shaking all over, having my first orgasm.

At that moment, I started enjoying being between the arms of a real experienced older man, I guess any young girl like myself, would have been so happy in that situation, as older men are usually patient, cool, wise and caring when dealing with a fresh feminine flesh. True he had to fight his way to my body, but it just had to be that way, I could not give up easily to the father of my neighbor and best female friend, even if I wanted to, or was tempted.

I felt my body was so tensed, I was asking him to keep it going till I fully cum, and he sure knew what he was doing, he knew how to make a woman scream so loud, spraying out all of her hot pussy juices. He left me laying there for a moment, relaxing and loosening up while he took off his clothes, I saw his cock for the first time, waw, no wonder it was so obvious under his pants, when he got a hard on, it seemed like a huge dick so long and so thick.

He smiled looking at me saying “are you going to suck it for uncle Steve?” there was no hesitation, or thinking twice about it from my end, I got up, got on my knees in front of him, held his dick in my hand, wrapping my fingers around it, my hand barely closed on it, I rubbed and massaged its length softly, I guess all shame acts had disappeared by then, I was looking him straight in the eyes with the biggest smile ever.

I knew that kind of an act would only be done by an experienced whore or hooker, straight eying her man while massaging or sucking his dick, but I guess I wasn’t thinking about it by then, besides, he must have known it was some kind of a childish behavior from me, that is why he lowered his head, kissed my cheek, then he placed a few quick kisses on my lips.

I lowered my head towards his dick and licked its shiny head, passing the tip of my tongue over its head and its length, then I wrapped my lips around it softly, barely touching it, and started sliding the head inside my mouth, it was big, I had to stretch my lips to the fullest they could, to get it in my mouth, but I managed easily. I started sucking on it, slowly and passionately, up and down, each stroke I took more of its length between my lips till I felt the cockhead touching my throat.

I am a good cock sucker by the way, but that cock was huge, and looked so good to me, I couldn’t even wait till I feel it in me, I wanted it so bad, he was moaning louder while I was sucking it and he was rubbing my tits same time, I felt I was getting wet again. I knew he was going to fuck me, he had to, I wanted it as bad as he did, but before we fuck, I wanted to make him feel good enough to enjoy the head I was giving him, utilizing all of my experiences in that department, I tried taking more of it, it was sliding deep in my mouth right into my throat, till I was close to choking, but I pulled it out so quick, took some breath then back in, but deeper this time.

True I could not take it all in, as it was huge, long and thick too, but I could not believe I took that much of it in my mouth till he stopped me. He got up, laid me on my back, spread my legs and lifted them up on his shoulders, bringing his cockhead to my pussy lips, rubbing slowly and softly, till I almost begged him to fuck me.

In one slow and continuous push, it bulged into me, oh god that felt great, the first push he had about three inches in my pussy, he stopped, looked me in the eyes asking if I was comfortable with it, I nodded with a naughty face, as if saying “yes I want some more”

He pulled out of me slowly till only the tip was still in my pussy, and then pushed again further this time, kept in and out each time going deeper till I felt his balls were resting on my body, the whole cock length was in me.

He froze and relaxed for a moment, pulled it all out again and back in and started fucking me faster and harder, I was enjoying every inch of it in me, screaming louder and louder till he was breathing hard, screaming he was ready, and pulled it out of me right into my mouth where I continued the milking process, buy sucking harder on its head, milking it, his first cum load came so fast and so large into my mouth, I could not keep up, as it was followed by another, then a third, his huge load of cum was filling my mouth, not giving me enough time to swallow, it was leaking through both sides of my mouth.

His thick, white cream pumped out of his dick faster than I could take, dripped all over my lips and chin, I was looking him deep in the eyes with a very naughty smile, while I was using both of my hands as shuffles, shuffling the cock cream, which was seeping out and returning it into my mouth again, I started swallowing it slowly and passionately while looking him straight and deep in the eyes, the childish, naughty smile did not depart my face till I was done, and started sucking the lift overs from his dick, drying it out again.

We both laid there in bed as I asked him “what did you do to me uncle Steve?”

He laughed loud saying “nothing, I fucked you, I know you loved it, can you deny that?”

I kissed him saying “no I can’t, it was beautiful, but I am your daughter’s close friend?”

He said” I won’t tell her, will you?”

I naughtily told him, I may tell her, he laughed and said “if you tell my daughter about it, then I would have to tell her, you seduced me by coming into her house panty less and braless, flashing your bare, lovely, tempting and gorgeous assets to my pussy hungry eyes”

My mouth dropped open of a shock, I looked him deep in the eyes saying a little loud “but I swear I did not mean it, I did not do it purposely, it was just a coincidence, I had to run here quick, I did not want you to wait at the door, so I just wore the closest garment I had”, I continued saying “besides, I have never thought of you personally other than my father, as you are my best friend’s father”

He placed a finger softly over my lips, as if he hushed me up to be quiet, then he wrapped both of his arms around me, pulling me closer till we hugged so close, he whispered in my ear “sweetheart, I believe every single word you have said, you have acted innocently, but I haven’t”

I said “what? What do you mean by that Uncle Steve?”

He smiled saying “I have to be honest with you darling, your being pantie less and braless or flashing your assets, wasn’t the only reason for what I did, I could have mentioned it to you, and over looked, it if I was innocent enough, but in fact, I have been thinking about you for so long, ever since the first time I saw you with my daughter”

I interrupted him saying “you mean, you have been thinking of having sex with me, it wasn’t an instantaneous act?”

He shook his head smiling and saying “No it wasn’t baby, I would say it was planned by myself, as soon as Teresa told me, she would not be able to come till later, and you would open her door for me, I started thinking how to get you, from that moment on, I had a continuous hard on”

He was silent for a couple of seconds with his eyes mesmerized on mines with full passion, then he continued saying “I have had dreams of making love to you, I was imaging how would your naked body look or feel, I know you are so young compared to my age, but you are very beautiful and you have a lovely, curvy body, any man would die to get”

I cannot deny how good I felt being flattered by an older man, maybe he was old enough to be my father, but I happen to have some special feeling towards older people, men or women in fact, as I am bisexual, I just feel attracted and turned on so fast when around one of them, as I have mentioned earlier, I felt lucky to have been between an older man’s arms, by making love to me, he made me closer to heaven in fact.

He noticed I was spaced for a couple of minutes, speechless and so quiet, he looked me in the eyes, asking in a very low, soft voice “do you regret it?”

I screamed “hell no, I loved it in fact, I loved each and every minute of what we have done, I cannot lie about it or deny it, haven’t you felt that?”

He nodded smiling and saying “I sure did baby, I have enjoyed it so much, it has been so long since I have enjoyed sex the way I did with you, and I have clearly felt, each part of your lovely body responding to what I was doing, enjoying it as much as I did, am I right on that?”

I said “yes sir, you sure are”

He hugged me again saying “you are my mistress now, will you do it again with me?”

Without thinking twice about it, I answered “Of course I would, I would love to be, and would be honored to be your mistress and lover, I know there is an age difference between us, but honestly, I did not expect such an action from you” I was silent for a moment, then I continued saying “I meant physical action if you know what I mean?”

He laughed loud saying “I sure do, you have to know I am one hell of a sex loving man, who never gets enough of it” as we were still naked between each other’s arms, he held my hand, taking it down towards his crotch till he placed it over his cock, which surprisingly, was rock hard again, I was totally shocked because of his age, I crept down till I was facing his dick, looking it closely, it was so hard, with its veins showing, as if it was trying to get out of its skin.

I held it and shoved it in my mouth again, sucked on it for a couple of minutes, then I got up, saddled his body, smiling and saying “it is time to ride it and fuck you this time daddy” when my pussy coincided with his cock, I started lowering my body over his’ slowly, till his cock head touched my pussy lips, I was holding and guiding his dick in my hand, rubbed it to my pussy lips slowly and softly, till his cock head was pushing itself between my pussy lips, right into my wet slit.

I applied some force over it, till it started gliding into my cunt again, I kept at it slowly till he was balls deep inside my pussy, then I started dancing on it up and down, riding it and fucking myself over it like there was no tomorrow, he held my ass cheeks, helping me fuck his cock so fast and so deep nonstop, till we both were breathing hard, screaming hard and ready to cum same time.

I jumped off his cock so fast, but I could not take it in my mouth as I needed to finish my orgasm as well as he did, I started rubbing my pussy over the length of his cock, forward and backward, milking his cock and milking my pussy exact same time, till we both almost fainted.

We both realized it was almost time for his daughter to show up, we did not want her to find us in that situation, or suspect anything, I got up, got washed, dressed and kissed him on the lips when he said thanks, and I went back to my house again.


Writer’s note: I hope you all have enjoyed reading my actual true story with my friend’s father, as much as my other previous stories.

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

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