Part 5) Eragon - The Little Things in Life

Part 5) Eragon - The Little Things in Life

****Let me say this now. THIS IS NOT MY STORY THIS BELONGS TO GryphonWings if you want to read more of his stories go here this is a five part series**** *tags include
Human, Oral, Non-anthro, Vaginal, Deep Penetration, Impregnation, Dragoness, Ejaculation, Soulmates, M/F ps. i hope you love this like i did

"It's time," Arya said quietly as she emerged from her house, carrying a small rock in her hand. She stood directly in front of Eragon and Saphira, holding it out in her palm.
"If the stone turns red, Saphira is not pregnant. If it turns blue, Eragon will be the father. If it goes black..." her voice trailed off, and Eragon knew why she didn't want to say that outcome.

She shook her head, raising her hand above the stone in her other palm and began to weave a spell in the ancient language. Eragon didn't grasp some of the words, so it must have been extremely complex magic. Tendrils of light flowed from her fingers into the stone, which turned transparent, looking like glass in her hand.

Saphira shifted next to him, her gaze fixed intently on the glowing object in Arya's hand. Her tension was peaking, the huge dragon was close to snapping with anxiety. It seemed like an age, waiting for the elf to complete her spell. Eragon grew impatient, but he knew that sometimes you had to wait for the things you wanted.

Or didn't want. It would all depend on the color the stone would change in the next few seconds. It flashed, and began to glow brighter. Arya grimaced and Eragon knew the magic must be taking a toll on her energy reserves. Still, she pressed on and a few seconds later, Eragon's world changed forever. Suddenly, it stopped glowing, and they all looked anxiously at the stone.

Blue. The stone had turned blue! Eragon almost collapsed with relief and Saphira smiled proudly as she realized she would soon give birth an egg with him as the rightful father. Once the rider had recovered his senses he wrapped his arms around his sapphire dragon, reveling in the good news.

Arya was happy too, but for a different reason. The riders would live once more, and now they had another weapon to use against the evil king Galbatorix. It would be great news for the elves, but she still had to protect the pairs' privacy. Eragon had thought of this as well, and he turned his attention to her.

"Arya, what shall we say? I see no way to explain this," Eragon said, his mind almost bursting with happiness. Still, he remained calm, even if he just wanted to shout with joy. The elf frowned for a moment, deep in thought.
"We could say that Saphira's egg is the one that Galbatorix had in his castle, and that we stole it back. No-one would be any the wiser, and if you said it in your old language, no-one would argue either.

Eragon considered it for a moment, but it was Saphira who spoke.
"It is a good plan, but I see a few problems. For one, what if he is requested to say the same thin in the ancient language? Also, what about that actual egg that Galbatorix has? What if we get that one back, then what would we say?

She nodded, acknowledging that it could be difficult. Still, they all knew there was no other way. Saphira, in the mood to celebrate now that she knew she wasn't pregnant to a monster, swept Eragon up and took off into the skies. Eragon waved farewell apologetically to Arya, who Saphira had forgotten was even there.

"Where are we going?" he asked as the wind rushed past his face. Saphira didn't respond, but plunged into a terrifying dive, leveling off above the lake they so often visited. Eragon wiped his forehead, he should have known. He jumped off and Saphira lept on top of him, knocking him to the ground.

"A little excited are we?" Eragon asked her playfully.
"You have no idea," she replied, tearing his clothes off with one swift movement. His cock had already hardened considerably, and she was wet from her arousal as she contemplated mounting Eragon for hours, riding him until she collapsed from exhaustion.

"That wouldn't be good for the egg, I wouldn't think," Eragon teased.
"It most certainly would not," came a heavy voice from the shadows. Saphira growled and Eragon looked up, realizing in a flash who had appeared. He scrambled to his feet and ran to grab Brisingr, but it was too late.

Galbatorix emerged into the clearing, flicking the rider's sword away with a click of his fingers. Shurikan slipped in behind him and Saphira cursed herself for not having seen them earlier.
"You didn't think we would let you off that easy?" he said mockingly. Eragon clenched his fist.

"We've been watching you, ever since we had our little fun last time we met." Shurikan laughed as he spoke the words and it was Saphira's turn to knead her claws in pure anger.
"It seems," the evil king continued, "that we were unsuccessful last time. This is rather unfortunate, but there are compromises."

He took a few strides towards the pair, not taking his eyes off them as he approached. He stopped a safe distance away.
"If I can't have an egg then I'll just have to make do with knowing that two of my foes will no longer draw breath in this world." He laughed, a cruel, unforgiving laugh that echoed through the clearing hauntingly.

Saphira tensed and Eragon raised his fists, much to Galbatorix' amusement.
"Don't make me laugh," he chuckled, "Do you really think you could defeat me?" Eragon grimaced, he knew that they were very much outclassed. Still, that didn't stop him from wanting to take the king apart, piece by piece.

Galbatorix raised his hands, his hand glowing as he prepared the final, fatal spell that would send them into the void. Eragon prepared himself to block whatever it might be, his mind buzzing with the adrenal dump that came before a fight. Swinging his hands down, he went to hurl his ball of evil energy at the targeted rider.

Suddenly, he stopped. Eragon looked on, stunned, as he saw the tip of a blade protrude from the kings' chest. Behind him was Arya, a look of cold fury etched across her face as she wrenched the blade out of his chest. She swung he sword in a circle, flicking the blood off before returning it to it's sheath.

Unfortunately, she underestimated the evil Rider. With a quick motion he completed the spell, hurling the magical energy towards Saphira.
It all happened in a flash. Eragon, moving with astounding agility, dived in front of his dragon. The magic struck him full-force, and he crumpled in a heap.

Arya went to run to his side but was slammed into a tree by Shurikan, who had recovered from the pain of Galbatorix's wound mentally. Saphira growled and lunged at Shurikan, knocking him into the trees. Seeing his opportunity, Galbatorix pulled himself upright and staggered off into the forest.

Shurikan rolled out from Saphira and followed his rider into the forest. Saphira made to pursue them, but stopped, realizing Eragon was in grave danger. Their mental link had ceased, so he was either unconscious or...
"I don't think he's dead," Arya said, "but we have to get him back to my house."

Saphira nodded, knowing seconds could separate her lover from life and the void. Arya placed him on her back and climbed on, knowing Saphira wouldn't mind. It was the best way to travel quickly on a dragon's back. Without a word, they took off and sped back towards Ellesmera at a breakneck speed.


Dropping to the ground, Arya swiftly dismounted Saphira and pulled Eragon's limp body from her scaly back. Laying him on the grass, she quickly rushed into her house, returning with an armful of scrolls. Laying them out on the ground, she began to browse through. She knew the spell Galbatorix had used would be no-doubt fatal if left unhealed. The king had a way of making sure his enemies perished.

After a few minutes she located a scroll with a possible counter for the evil magic. She began immediately as Saphira watched on intently, her earlier jubilation completely gone. She sat like a stone a few meters away, hoping silently that it was not the end. Arya raised her hands over him, words forming on her mouth, but Saphira wasn't even listening.

She desperately sought out his consciousness with her mind, trying to find any signs of life or mental activity, but she couldn't. Arya brought her hands down on Eragon's chest, magic flowing through her beautiful body into his. Saphira had no idea what spell she was using but she didn't care, knowing if anyone could help her rider it was the elf in front of her.

Slowly, the light from Arya's palm trailed off and she slumped over Eragon, exhausted. Saphira looked at her with concern, but she knew the elf would be alright. Eragon, however, didn't stir. Arya carefully stood back up, looking down at Eragon with pity and sorrow worming their way onto her facial features. Saphira noticed immediately. She turned to the large dragon, shaking her head sadly.
"Saphira, I..."

"He's not dead," Saphira said, cutting her off.
"How can you tell?" Arya replied coolly, all signs of life from the rider completely non-existent.
"Because if he was dead, I would be too. Remember, dragon's follow their riders into the void." Saphira snorted, still very distressed.

"I apologize, it was a poor oversight," Arya said, surprised she had forgotten that fact. Still, she was not convinced Eragon would be coming back to them. Elves were realists, after all. Saphira moved over to her rider, nudging him with her head.
"Oh, little one," she said to him quietly, "why did you do this? You should have let me take the blast, I had more of a chance of being able to stop it."

Tears began to form in Saphira's eyes, large droplets that fell to the ground heavily.
"It's not your fault," Arya told her consolingly, "he was just trying to be noble." She too hung her head before lifting his lifeless body and carrying it inside her hut.

"I think he should... stay here," she said as she lay him down on the same bed that they had both had intimate moments not long ago. Saphira watched through the window for a moment before she turned and went to take off.
"Where are you going?" Arya asked.

"I have somebody I need to speak to. I haven't given up yet," Saphira said before launching her muscular body into the skies. Arya watched her dissapear before returning to Eragon, collapsing on the bed with him due to exhaustion from the magic she had just performed to save him. All of the emotion came surging through her and she cried, burying her head in his tunic.

She had loved him, and now that he was gone she would never get to tell him. She knew that he loved Saphira, but she had hoped that she could at least share him with the mighty dragon. It was odd, she knew, but Eragon was capable of enough love for the both of them. Her tears flowed freely as she fell into a deep slumber, weariness overtaking her body.

"I love you," she said, letting out her thoughts even if he couldn't hear her.


Saphira flared her wings sharply, landing meters outside of the elven house. She waited patiently until a pair of bright eyes emerged from the darkness.
"Solembum," she said, bowing her head in respect to the intelligent were-cat. Solembum leapt up onto her scaly shoulder, looking right into her eyes.

"It's Eragon, isn't it?" the were-cat said quietly.
"How did you..." Saphira began but Solembum cut her off with a dismissive flick of his tail.
"I've know about your relationship for some time, and now his magical energy is gone from the forest. He must be in serious trouble."

The were-cat licked one of it's claws carefully as Saphira stared at him incredulously. He was much more in-the-know than she had given him credit for. And how could he sense that Eragon's energy was gone? That would require great power indeed.
"Yes," Saphira acknowledged, "and I wondered if you could assist me? The elf Arya has been unsuccessful in her attempts to revive him."

Solembum nodded, taking a moment to think before he sat down on Saphira's shoulder.
"It seems as though Galbatorix used some pretty heavy black magic. There is a chance that, although he may appear dead, he is merely in a sort of coma, perhaps under the control of the king."

A little surprised, Saphira looked at the were-cat to continue. She hadn't considered that possibility.
"So," Solembum continued, "I would advise that until he shows any signs of life, keep him under close guard. You just never know. Think, if the king wanted him dead, you would be too."

With a quick leap the mysterious were-cat lept from her shoulder and dissapeared back into the night.
"Farewell, Brightscales," he said as his form vanished from sight. Saphira inclined her head and then took off to return back to Eragon and Arya, making haste with her newfound information.

She made it back in good time, landing directly in front of the hut. Almost immediately she sensed something amiss. Looking in through the window she was shocked to see the inside of the house mostly demolished.
"Arya," Saphira yelled mentally, hoping for a response. She got one, but it was very weak.

"S-Saphira," came a weak voice from under an upturned bed. With a mighty roar Saphira lodged her two front legs in the window and pulled the house almost in half with great effort, allowing her massive body access to the elf. Removing the bed with her teeth, she saw Arya lying one the floor with blood covering her body.

"What happened?" she asked, already guessing the answer.
"It was Eragon," she replied quietly, "I was making breakfast and he just got right up and began to just let loose with magic. He was out of control, just blasting anything in his way, including me."

Saphira grimaced, the were-cat had been right. He usually was, however.
"Do you need any help?" she inquired. Arya shook her head.
"I will be fine, I am fairly resilient. Do not worry about me, just go find Eragon. Stop him."

Saphira nodded, but how could she stop him? If he was under the king's control, then she would have to kill him. Still, she knew she could never do that because it would kill her as well, mentally and physically. Focusing for a second she located him, his power radiating once again through the forest, only this time it was much stronger.

Taking off outside the hut, Saphira knew it was going to be a hard issue to deal with. Gritting her teeth she flew off to the Stone of Broken Eggs, where her senses told her Eragon was located. She flew at a great speed, wondering why he, or the king, would want to go there. Was there something hidden in the ancient rocks?

Within minutes she saw Eragon, standing with his back to her on the cliffs. She landed behind him, dropping her body to the ground a few dozen feet away. She waited patiently, a little confused now as to what he was doing. He remained motionless for a few seconds, and then he spoke in the deep, guttural voice of King Galbatorix.

"I've been waiting for you," Eragon said menacingly, slowly drawing Brisingr and gripping it in his hands. Saphira stepped back, utterly unable to decide what to do. It was obvious that he was no longer Eragon in the mind, but he was in body. If she killed him, Eragon himself would die as well. Her mind was bursting with thoughts.

Unfortunately, his was only focused on one. Wielding Brisingr like a war-hammer, Eragon ran at Saphira, lunging at her with no regard for his own safety. She stepped back and jumped into the sky, realizing the only reason Galbatorix had controlled Eragon was to have a little fun at her expense. If she killed him, that would be the end of both of them, and if Eragon killed her, he would be tormented for the rest of his life.

She stayed in the air, hoping she could avoid him but unluckily for her, the King could control Eragon's magic. She felt herself being slammed into the ground, struggling to get free. Eragon advanced on her, sword in hand but she lashed out and knocked him away with her thick legs. He fell to the ground, sword spinning away, and she took the opportunity to pin him between her talons.

He grinned evilly and reached out his hand, summoning his sword which flew back into into his hand. He sliced Saphira's leg and she let go in pain, a gash appearing across her foreleg. He took another swing and caught Saphira on the shoulder, which left another large cut. She roared in pain; Brisingr was white hot due to it's imbued magic.

Saphira tried to fly again, not wanting to injure her rider at all. Her attempts to avoid him were futile, however, due to his reinforced magical ability due to the King's control. Once again she found herself hitting the ground, slamming heavily into the stone. With a quick hand motion Eragon pushed her against a huge stone and tied her down with impenetrable magical rope.

She could do nothing as her rider approached, Galbatorix's retched smile destroying his handsome features. Stopping in front of her, he bright Brisingr up and ran the flat of the blade along her scales teasingly. She recoiled from the intense heat it was producing, enough to even pierce her scales. Sliding the blade along her back he suddenly thrust it into her, stabbing the sword in only a fraction of the way.

Even so, it was enough. Saphira cried out in agony as the flaming blade tore into her. Eragon laughed with a voice which belonged to a much more evil man. When Saphira had recovered enough from the sword she wondered if the real Eragon was still in there.
"Eragon," she pleaded quietly.

"He can hear you, you know," Eragon/Galbatorix said. Saphira snarled, with no doubt in her mind that her rider could hear her. Galbatorix would make sure that they both saw everything that was going to transpire on the Stone. Eragon ran the sword once again across her body, preparing for another round of playing pin-cushion with his captured dragon.

Smiling, he pulled the sword back and swung it at her wing. Saphira closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable pain that would come next. It didn't. Looking back out she saw, unbelievably, Arya spear tackling Eragon to the ground. The pair slammed into the stony earth, Brisingr sliding away once again.

Eragon grabbed her throat and began to squeeze it, trying to choke the stunning elf. Arya was having none of that. Breaking his hand free she picked him up with incredible strength and threw him against another rock. In their battle the holds on Saphira weakened and she broke free, dropping to the ground in pain from her wound.

Arya dash over to Eragon before he could recover, thinking he was stunned. She had fallen for his trick, however, as Brisingr was back in his hand. With a triumphant cry he swung the sword, but all he met was air. Arya was nowhere to be seen. It only occurred to him a few seconds later it had been a magical illusion.

Arya was really with Saphira, healing her swiftly with her magic. Eragon stormed over but he was too late, Saphira had recovered fully. Arya motioned for Saphira to stay out of the fight. She agreed reluctantly, but knew that she would step in if Arya looked as though she was going to lose. Still, she didn't see how Arya could solve the problem.

Oddly, Arya winked at her before turning to face Eragon. He looked terrible now, as though evil had consumed his entire body. Brisingr glowed a dark, flickering blue instead of the usual bright blue she had seen before. Hate was written all over his body, from his face to the way he stood. It was an intimidating sight, but Arya knew it was all just Galbatorix playing mind games with her.

She didn't draw her sword, instead opting to use her head. She knew the only way to finish this was to release Galbatorix from Eragon's body, but she didn't exactly know how. Still, an idea had formed in her mind and she wanted to try it out. Eragon was still inside somewhere, and maybe she could persuade him to break free.

Eragon ran at her, blazing blade in hand. He swung and she nimbly sidestepped the attack, dealing Eragon a swift blow to the ribs as he passed. Because he was under the control of the evil king, his reflexes weren't as sharp, but he felt no pain. The rib punch went unnoticed as he turned back to face the elf.

He went into a complex figure-eight attack which had no effect on Arya as she danced out of the way. When he stopped she gracefully lept at his and knocked the sword from his hand. Galbatorix wasn't a very good puppet master. Grabbing him around the waist she threw him to the ground, pinning his arms behind his head.

"I will not be defeated," he snarled, but Arya didn't let up.
"Eragon, I know you're in there, try to break free," Arya said, struggling to keep him down.
"It's no use, he is too weak to resist my might," Galbatorix/Eragon spat. Arya shook her head, continuing to keep him on the ground.

To Saphira's surprise, Arya lent forward and looked Eragon straight in the face.
"I love you," she said quietly before the gap closed between them and she kissed him firmly on the lips. Eragon tried to break her grip but she held firm, passionately kissing him until his body went limp.

Breaking the kiss she looked at Eragon, seeing no signs of life. She stepped off his body, and he quickly opened his eyes. Bracing herself, Arya looked down at him.
"Eragon?" she asked hopefully. He groaned and sat up, rubbing his lips where Arya had placed hers a minute ago.

"It's... over," he said shakily, still recovering from his body being invaded by the evil king. Arya laughed and Saphira sauntered over, licking Eragon's' face happily. He saw the mark on her back from where he had cut her.
"I'm so sorry Saphira," he said, but his dragon didn't care because it hadn't been him in control.

"It's not your fault," she said. Turning to Arya, Saphira looked down into her eyes.
"Did you mean what you said?" she asked the elf quietly.
"Yes," Arya replied, "I love him with all my heart. If it is alright with you and Eragon, could I share in your relationship?"

Eragon looked startled, he hadn't expected this.
"You want to be Eragon's mate... as well as me?" Saphira asked incredulously.
"Well... yes, if you have no objection. He can love both of us, for he is a kind, loving soul."

Saphira thought about it for a moment. She had always been protective of Eragon but didn't see any reason why he couldn't sleep with Arya. He would always love his dragon more, because they were intimately linked.
"Arya, you are welcome to lay with Eragon if you so wish," she said. Eragon smiled, now he had two of the most beautiful creatures in the land to sleep with.

"Thankyou," he said to Saphira, his love for the dragon only intensified by her generous act. Both of them hopped of Saphira's back and they flew off back to the lake where she and Eragon usually relaxed. The danger had passed, there was a child to be had, and it was time fore a celebration. It had been a long time coming.


Two weeks later


"Oh Eragon," Arya moaned as he penetrated her for the fourth time that week. Now that Arya was sleeping with him freely he had found that she was an absolute tiger in the bedroom. Except for one little detail. They weren't in the bedroom. Saphira moaned as her inside were cleaned out by the horny elf, who had her face buried deeply inside of the dragon's deep snatch.

Eragon was extremely aroused by the sexy princess of Ellesmera eating his own dragon out. It made him ache for a release, pumping his stiff cock deep into Arya's tight body. Her vagina drew him in invitingly, her slick walls already covered with his pre-cum making their coupling easier. It seemed that elves were very tight, and that humans were better endowed.

It made their sex very hot indeed, so hot that when Arya was reduced to gasping his name on the mattress each night, Saphira had finally decided to join in. Neither of them objected.
"Harder," Arya said between heavy breaths. Eragon obliged, ramming himself into her at an astounding rate.

Arya felt her tongue pushed deeper into Saphira's inviting folds, which provided her with the taste she had come to love. Saphira purred in pleasure as the elf lapped at her insides happily, taking a pause every now and then to speak. Saphira loved feeling the graceful elf's tongue probe her soft passage but she didn't have the skill Eragon did when.

He brought his arms around Arya's waist and pounded her pussy powerfully, creating amazing friction between the pair. Every time he pulled out there was a wet pop as his cock left her tight entrance.
"Cum in me, Dragon Rider," Arya demanded in a lustful tone. Eragon couldn't disagree with his steamy elf, happy to give her what she wanted.

Eragon thrust a few more times before burying himself to the hilt, causing Arya's tongue to brush Saphira's most sensitive spot. With a loud cry all three of them orgasmed at the same time. Eragon pumped Arya full of his hot, sticky seed, providing her with the full, warm feeling she desired. Her vagina squeezed his length as her own climax overtook her.

Saphira squirted copious amounts of her own fluids over Arya's face, who drank eagerly to satisfy her cravings. Eragon lent forward and licked some of it off as well. He kissed Arya awkwardly from the rear-entry position they were in and then he pulled out, cum leaking from her swollen lips as he removed her dripping organ.

Arya knelt down and licked his manhood clean, tasting their combined juices in her mouth. Eragon smiled, his penis was still rock-hard. After being with a dragon and an elf, he had built up some amazing endurance that meant he could sleep with them both in one night. He went over to Saphira, wasting no time in plunging his throbbing length into the dragon's now sloppy hole.

He slid in effortlessly, due to the lubricant that was already produced from her orgasm earlier. He immediately began to push in and out, lovingly fucking his dragon. Saphira loved it, no matter what Eragon did it was always perfect for her. Arya watched on for a minute before deciding to try something new.

Sliding onto Saphira's body she lay face-down on Arya's stomach. She brought her head down to where Eragon's slick meat was sliding in and out of the Saphira's vagina rapidly. She positioned her mouth so she was able to lick Saphira's clitoris and feel Eragon's shaft slide along her elven tongue as he penetrated Saphira.

Eragon groaned in pleasure at the new contact, now he had two sets of lips to pass as he made Saphira grunt in satisfaction. Arya could taste their fluids each time Eragon's long shaft ran along her tongue. Their hot lovemaking continued for many minutes of blissful pleasure until Eragon and Saphira could feel their impending releases.

"Breed me, Eragon," Saphira said with a smile. Eragon, who was so used to giving his dragon everything she wanted, obliged. He hilted himself in her, coating her large passage with spurt after spurt of his thick cum. Arya licked as much as she could off his length as Saphira's orgasm made her vaginal muscles massage Eragon's length sexily.

He stayed in Saphira for a while, her draconic warmth very relaxing and pleasurable on his cock. When he finally pulled out, Arya got a very good dose of Eragon and Saphira's juices as her mouth sucked his shaft. Eragon was finally spent, so he lay down on Saphira's belly with Arya joining him.

"These have been the best few days of my life," Arya stated happily. Eragon nodded in agreement, the only thing that could beat sex with Saphira was having the sexiest elf in Ellesmera help him with it.
"What do you suggest we do if you become pregnant?" Saphira asked her seriously.

"Nothing," Arya replied, "I would be honored to bear his child as would you with your egg." Saphira nodded curtly and Eragon hugged Arya fiercely, glad to have such great lovers with him.
"What do we do now?" Eragon asked.

"I have no idea," Arya told him, "but I would like to go again." At this she spread herself open with her fingers. Saphira chuckled, the elf was insatiable. Still, she was a little bit insatiable herself, so she didn't comment. Instead she rolled over until she was on top of the pair and allowed Arya to lick her again while Eragon used his mouth on the elf.

Between the sex, the egg and Galbatorix they were going to have an amazing, exciting year. The threesome continued their mating in bliss as the sun went down and darkness filled the sky.

It was going to be a long, happy time ahead.


Three months later


Arya came bursting into the room, leaping into Eragon's arms. She was crying, something Eragon didn't see often. Strangely, she didn't seem unhappy.
"What is it Arya?" he asked, quite confused at this stage.

"Eragon, I'm pregnant!"

Thankyou to everyone who has kept up with this series, for all the favorites, watchers, commenters, raters. You have made this series the most popular over the last few months and I am extremely grateful.
This was intended to be the last chapter, but I have probably left too many loose ends to finish now. Instead, I will probably take a break from this series to pursue some other stories I wanted to write before coming back to it.
I have some things such as a re-write of my Typhlosion story, plus I wanted to do some things with Red XIII (Nanaki) from Final Fantasy 7. I also had a story in mind about Shiron and Ranshiin (from the Japanese cartoon 'Legendz&#039
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This series will not end, but it may take some severe pauses until I have satisfied some of my other writing cravings.
Keep up the reading, keep up the writing and keep it real!

** a note from tdragon142 GryphonWings may start this series back up but as of now it is a five part series i hope he countinues and lets me post them here**

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Their World Part 3

I still don't know how many hours I spent inside that terrible aluminum storage shed, tied up like a pig...trying to deal with the insane heat pounding down through the metal roof...drowning in a pool of my own sweat. What had I done wrong? What had I done to deserve this inhuman torture? That was the worst part of it. I hadn't done anything wrong. All I did was help my wife Monica and her lover Randy get ready for a party they were going to. Then, when they were almost ready to leave, Randy began slapping me around like a...


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Trained to serve

I was in my bedroom upstairs while my parents were holding their annual New Years Eve party down stairs. The only bathrooms were upstairs and the guest bathroom was just down the hall from my room, so I heard people coming up and down the stairs. I had just put on my pajamas and was sitting on the side of my bed looking at ads in Popular Mechanics when the bedroom door opened. It was Mrs. Smythe who lived across the street. She was wearing a tafata blue dress that was tight, showing a rather voluptous body. I could smell alcohol...


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Huge tits

My first encounter with sex happen when i was 14 years old.well to start off my name is sara and i had very huge tits for my age.i was pretty much and all around teenager, i wasn't much into girly things.i loved and played all kinds of sports.let me describle myself back then, i was 5'4 115 brown hair and green eyes.had a very womanly shaped body with 36d tits.well any girl knows that playing any sports with huge tits can cause back then i hated them with a passion.the day that this all started, i just got home from...


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A Female Santa meets the guard dog..._(1)

It was tight. Very tight. She suddenly remembered the house from last year as her tight dress scratched against the soot caked walls of the chimney. Nice house, big living room... hot resident. She smiled as she shuffled further down the brick walls, suddenly feeling a breeze come up from the hearth, a door creek beneath her. Someone had just either left... or entered the room. The breeze blew up her skirt, and she shivered. Not the night to go without panties, she thought. Then again, she had to leave something for a present. She held her breath and slid down...


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Sister Caught Me Dressed

Having my own place was giving me the freedom to spend all my free time as Chloe, that changed when my sister asked if she could stay for a week as her place was having some building works done. My sister is a few years older than me average looking and single. Having her stay was limiting my dressing time and meeting people but it was my sister and she needed help. As we were having a meal, she cooked she told me that she would be going out with one of her friends and that she would be staying overnight...


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Richboy love 56

Continueing from the arugment answer me harvey do you think it is funny now? yes i do becuase your playing with peoples emmotions pack your shit up harvey and get out of MY apartment remember you dont have a leg to stand on this place is under my name fine but before i go did you ever really love me? of course i love you harvey i took a vow for you and only you. have i ever broken that vow? no you havent until now becuase your breaking my heart harvey listen to me I LOVE YOU and only you...


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