Moms Club the First Saturday

Moms Club the First Saturday

Moms Club the First Saturday

Joann Russell sat at here kitchen table wondering how she was going to get away from her husband and kids for an entire afternoon. After ted and brian had fucked her they told her to be at Ted house before noon, but later Silvia, ted mom had called and said the earlier the better.
Friday night she had told her husband about her two new girlfriends and there sons. She left out the part about the boys fucking her senseless or the fact that she had enjoyed it so much she was going to fuck them and there friends again Saturday.

At 11 AM Silvia called and Frank Joann husband answered, hello, hi, is joann there this is Silvia, yeah sure hold on.

Jo it’s for you, joann picked up the phone, hi sil what up? Really I’d love to but how far is it. I’ll call you back in about fifteen minutes.

Frank sil and cathy are going to the new mall which just opened, you mean the one in Jackson county? Yes. Jo that’s an hour and a half away, why go so far you have the Whampat Mall fifteen minutes away? It’s new frank and it will be fun for me, You’ll be gone all day. I’ll call when were leaving for home, but yes I’ll be gone most of the day. Ok go but call your mother so I can drop the kids off at her house, ok.

Joann made the arrangement with her mother and then went up stairs to change.
In her bag she placed two bras two panties and a pair of six inch heels. Take a deep breath jo this is going to be a fun day, be cool.

Frank had the kids loaded in the car and he yelled to her as he got in, make sure you let one of them drive. OK.

Frank drove off and she was free for the afternoon.

Joann got to Silvia’s at 11:50 am, with her bag on her arm she walked up and rang the bell. Ted opened the door, Hi Mrs. R, hi ted and she stepped in. Mom Mrs R is here, follow me and they went to the kitchen. Hi I’m Silvia, I’m Joann nice to meet you. Ted walked over and started rubbing joanns tit. Cathy came in and said hi I’m cathy, joann good to meet you. Ted gave joann a tongue kiss and then said I’ll be back and walked out.

The three woman sat at the table, cathy was the first to speak well I understand you are a member of the milf cum buckets? Is that what they call us? Actually I didn’t have much choice. I understand they gangbanged you yesterday. Yup! I could get use to being fucked like that and especially by those two cocks. I know there your sons but they do give a good fucking, I’m not sure about the cum drinking that’s another story. Do you guys drink it? Almost every day. Really? Yup!

Just an FYI joann, I’ve heard the phone calls between the guys and without hesitation were talking about some very horny men here. They are on a no jerkoff stance until this afternoon with you. My god, there will certainly be a lot of cum to go around, right? Yes and we will get fucked as well, but your getting a lot of the first shots, oh? Yup! That’s were the biggest loads are. Cathy looked at Silvia and said and they haven’t told George or Perry. Who are they? The owners of the biggest cocks you’ve ever seen. Oh? Yes Really? How big? George has got to be 12 inches and I guess Perry is about the same. They’ve fucked you? Yup! And believe me it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Really!

Well it’s about 12:20 so I think we should go upstairs and get sexed up. Silvia smiled lets go girls.

By 12:45 all three had done there hair and makeup, they had very sexy bras with matching panties, cathy had mesh stockings and a garter belt. Sil looked at them in the mirror, well we look ready for a fucking now. Jo if the boys want I’ll give you stockings and a garter belt but I don’t think it will be necessary you look hot, thanks.

Ted and brian walked in the room, nice look said brian thanks they said in unison.

Mrs. R would like a slow fuck, oh brian I would love it. While ted stood talking to the two women brian and silvia started kissing and groping each other. Joann watched as brains hand was in silvia’s panties, working on the clit while she worked at freeing his cock from his shorts. Silvia’s hips were pushing into brains hand and she was moaning fuck me baby, fuck me baby. Brian pushed back and said why not take off those panties, she removed her panties, laid down on the bed spread her legs and said fuck me baby, now please. Brian got between her legs and pushed his ample cock in all the way. Silvia moaned and started moving her ass up to meet his downward thrusts.

Joann stood there watching, Silvia was laying there spread eagle, legs up moaning with pleasure. She realized someone was rubbing her clit, my god where did you guys come from? We just got here, your joann right, right! Jerome was rubbing her clit and Tyrell was messaging her tits. Your black! And we have black cocks which will be in you soon.
Oh! Cathy was on her knees sucking a dick, her bra was gone. She and a good size pair of tits which were swaying as she sucked a cock and rubbed a nut sack.

Joann realized the two boys massaging her were doing a wonderful job as she was moist, he bra was removed and a mouth went on one of her large nipples, you have great tits tyrell slurped out Thanks! Joann was breathing hard and she new a climax was coming. Ugh was all she grunted as a climax sent shivers from her pussy. From the bed she heard a scream of delight, brian had his cock balls deep in silvia and they both were cuming hard.

Joann was led to the bed where Jerome made her get on his dick, it was as big as ted’s and felt wonderful as it slid in and out. She started pushing her hips up to meet his thrusts. She saw a cock in her face and opened her mouth, she started sucking she didn’t know his name but his cock tasted good. Jerome was building a slow rhythm and joann was loving it. The next thing she knew she felt pressure at her ass and plop in went a cock, it was well lubed cock but until today her ass had been virgin and now it was being fucked. As she tried to speak the cock in her mouth exploded and warm sticky cum shot down her throat. Whoever owned this cock held it down her throat so spew after spew went straight into her belly. After five spurts he pulled back and the remaining cum splashed on there tongue.

The blow job had distracted her so Jerome and Tyrell were both balls ass deep . There cocks were together in her being held apart by her thin membrane, she could feel them moving in and out together. Coughing she yelled oh god as another cock was slipped in her mouth. She was building to a climax, and it was feeling great. Now another pair of hand was rubbing and twisting her nipples, she pushed her ass and hips down so the two cocks inside her could get deeper. She felt a shutter and ugh her I go, her pussy erupted she pushed down and at that moment both cocks inside her started to explode together, she shook and moaned for two minutes. The cock in her mouth twitched and cum started to flow out into her mouth, someone was still sucking one of her nipples and the other nipple was being twisted, she shook and climaxed again. She felt both cocks who had just given her the most intense orgasm of her life plop out, she had a mouth full of warm sticky cum. Need the vodka she heard, she shook her head yes. She took the bottle and swigged down a little, she swallowed all of it. Now smiling she showed the cock owner an empty mouth so he knew the cum was in here belly. They all stood up and she grabbed her panties and pulled them on, then she heard a female voice yell oh my fucken god and ugh. Cathy had been getting DP as well as her and had just had a violent orgasm, joann said you go girl.

Silvia had just given a blow job as she was swigging the vodka bottle. There were 10 guys and three women.

Ted said let go downstairs, the guys moved out. The girls stood there for a moment, they had the look that they had been fucked senseless.
How’s your pussy Jo? Great and my ass feels sore but overall I’m happy. Lets get downstairs. The three headed down making squishing noises as they walked. They were all leaking cum. Once in the basement Bill walked over to Joann hi I’m bill would you like a hard fuck? She looked around smiled at him and replied I sure would. He laid her down on the floor her legs went up in the air he fucked her for ten minutes slowly at first then his pace increased, a cock went in her mouth and again she was sucking and fucking. The feeling in her pussy was building and she was trying to hold it off as it felt so good she didn’t want it to end. He garbed her hips and pulled her even closer. Uhg and he started spewing cum the force of the first spray put her over the edge and she dug her fingers into his shoulder and exploded. He sprayed four more times before it seem to subside. Just as her breathing was calming the cock in her mouth twitched and cum flowed down on her tongue and down her throat, what a healthy mouthful. She swallowed without the vodka and smiled at both of them. Thank you. They stood her up panties on and sat down.

Well Joann asked Jerome what do you think? I’m definitely up for this. Great anything we can get you, well as a matter of fact yes! What? Well when you and Tyrell had me upstairs I got double stuffed, you sure did. I was wondering if any two of you would like to do it with me again? The room burst in cheers. Cathy and silvia gave her a thumbs up. Perhaps since you’ve got the biggest tits here you would strut around for us? My pleasure. As she rose all eyes were on her. She wiggled her ass and her tits started to swing to and frow. Wow joann you are really leaking, you guys did a real good job, he brian get some more pictures and the cell phone cameras started shuttering away As she walked around he asked where the vodka? Frank gave her a glass and the bottle and within a couple of moment she had enough for a cum cocktail. Um good as she finished the entire glass.

She looked over and realized cathy and silvia both had cocks in there mouths. Are there any takes to my request? Jerome and Tyrell both smiled and took her by the hand, this time tyrell laid down and Jerome got behind her. She removed her panties and got on tyrells hard black cock, ohhh was al she said as the large cock slipped inside the sloppy wet pussy. Oh my god as the second large black cock went deep into her ass. She was breathing heavy but managed to say go slow boys it feels so good. They got there cocks once again all the way in so both heads were side by side in her separated only by the membrane. She was pushing harder and faster and moaning loudly, the guys smiles and she came with a shutter they kept pumping and she felt the urge building again and then ugh she heard and Jerome started spewing cum in her bowels. As his cock spewed tyrell felt the sensation and ugh he started spewing cum in her sloppy cunt. The sensation was to much for her to hold back and she howled with delight as she came hard and long.
Her breathing slowed and the cocks plopped out, he Mrs. R could you handle two more? I sure could and Bill and Erick got into position. They got there dicks in her easily as cum makes great lubricant and she was full of cum. Again she told them slowly guys I really want to enjoy you. They work very slowly, she set the pace and it wasn’t to long as she was pushing hard oh god here I go again as she climaxed she felt bill who was in her ass let go, he spewed four long blasts of cum, Erick held out for a couple of minutes and then shot a good load, three blasts of cum. She giggled they must be getting tired.

Get the vodka boys was all she said and for the next five minutes she gulped down vodka and cum.

The guys were laying around and dozing off, cathy looked at joann, your covered with cum. So are you. I know. Where’s silvia, getting dp behind the couch lets watch ok oh god yes was what they heard, well I guess she’s finished sounds like it.

The three women walked away leaking cum, they were topless and cum was everywhere. They got to sil’s bedroom and looked at each other. Well ladies we have the look of some well fucked women, we sure do said cathy. Joann you really have got into this. Yeah there cocks feel great and they can cum for hours, ain’t it great. Sure is I love the dp so much that’s all I want them to do to me. Well from the looks of it there’s no more cum until Sunday. Joann looked at her watch, shit it’s 5 o’clock I’d better call. She sat on the edge of the bed hi hon , no I didn’t buy anything, hold on, a large glob of cum leaked out of her sloppy pussy and in front of her two new friends she scoped it up, put it on her tongue and swallowed. What was that? I just had an ice cream and the last of it was on my finger so I licked them clean, she smiled at the girls, yes I’ll be home by 6:30 and I’ll get the kids from my mothers.
She disconnected the call and smiled what time Sunday can we get laid? I’ll call you about noon. Great please tell the guys I need two cocks, silvia smiled the way your acting you may need four or six cocks, oh that would be great.

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