The Hypnotist_(0)

The Hypnotist_(0)

The Hypnotist

She was in New York for a 3 day sales seminar. Living in a smaller Midwestern town, the city seemed so different, exciting, and frightening as well. It was early evening of the second day. The seminars were done and the rest of the evening was open to do what she wished. Taking a shower and dressing something a bit more comfortable, she set out to explore the theatre district. Turning a corner she notices a smaller theatre club, the words, “Greatest Hypnotist” displayed and with her curiosity peaked walks in.

The club is small and dark, and the hostess leads her to an open table in front of the stage.. A few drinks later, more relaxed, the show begins and the main performer asks for a volunteer from the audience. Looking at the audience his gaze lingers on her and he asks her to come onstage and join him. A bit embarrassed, she complies and he leads her to a chair located at the rear of the stage and tells her to relax and within a few minutes has put her into a deep state of hypnosis.

For the next 30 minutes he does his act, getting lots of laughs from the audience. He then leads her back to the chair and with an evil smile gives her some post hypnotic suggestions that she will respond to only by his voice, and then he awakens her.. Refreshed and alert, she only remembers having a good time as she sits back down to finish her drink before leaving to go back to the hotel.

In her room a little while later the phone rings and answering it she hears a phrase in the voice that triggers the response of immediately putting her back in the deep hypnotic state. The voice tells her to unlock the door and to remain standing 3 steps from it. She does as the voice instructs, and 10 minutes later the stage hypnotist opens it and enters the room, closing and locking the door behind him. He turns into the room and smiles as she stands there waiting. Walking to her he tells her to remove her clothing and sits in the chair watching as she complies. When nude, he tells her to come and stand before him, and reaching out, he lets his fingers caress her skin as he slides them up between her legs and strokes her bare pussy.

He has her move to the bed and lie on her back, telling her she is alone and to begin to play with herself describing her most secret and intimate fantasy as she does. She spreads her legs and pulling her knee’s up , takes her fingers and begin to stroke and probe her slightly open pussy making it become wet. She describes how she fantasizes about being dominated, and treated like a dirty little pain slut. Something she would never admit to in real life. She strokes her pussy harder and deeper telling how she in her mind is being used. How she is tied to the bench bent forward with her legs spread and ankles secured. Her wrists are cuffed and secured in front and below her. Watching as her non-existent lover removes a riding crop from the tray and moves behind her.

Sitting on the bed at her feet to get a better view, the hypnotist listens and watches as she continues. She tells how wet her pussy is getting anticipating the strokes of the crop on her bare exposed ass. How vulnerable and exposed she feels, and how excited it makes her.

Then in her mind, the first blow lands on her bare exposed ass. Her ass jumps off the bed as in her fantasy she jerks forward. She tells how wet the stinging blow made her pussy, and describes the fluid leaking down her inner thighs. As he watches, slowly stroking his cock, he can see her fingers busy in and on her pussy.

How it swells and flushes with color, and yes ,the fluid from it is drenching the covers below her. She continues to describe the multiple blows on her ass from the crop as her fingers move even more quickly, telling how her orgasm is starting to build from them. Her breathing becomes faster, her skin flushes with color and suddenly, with a low forceful moan, her pussy spasms as her fingers stroke and probe it deeper, and harder. In the hypnotic state, to her, it is all happening in real time. Her pussy erupts with a huge amount of fluid as she lies there gasping, moaning, and quivering from it. All this and the power he has over her, makes him cum as well. Leaning forward to coat her pussy with it.

He tells her others have been watching her in the room and they are moving forward to use her as well. He tells her, standing in front of her are two men. One twisting his fingers in her hair, and forcing her head back. Ordering her to open her mouth, as she does, lying there on the bed, he tells her the other is going to fuck her mouth and use her like the slut she is. Moving to her head, he fills her mouth with his still hard, cum dripping cock, and groans at the pleasure she is creating, sucking and licking it. He drives it deeper into her, forcing her to deep throat it. Her pussy contracts and spasms again, forcefully, and with load moan, he cums once more. Filling her mouth, she is forced to swallow, in her mind, being used as the slut she hides inside.

Pulling his cum drained cock from her mouth, he utters another phrase and she once again lies quietly, waiting. He smiles, and begins to think about how he will use her next.

The hypnotist part 2

It has been a few months since she came back from the sales conference, and there was something about her that felt different. She has the same dream over and over, that of being used sexually. Doing things that she had only fantasies about when she was in bed and alone. That is when her eyes closed and her fingers took on a life of their own. As her mind created these intense situations and feelings that felt more real than imagined. Her fingers pinched and teased her nipples, they stroked and spanked her bare pussy as she lay there with her legs spread wide..

My God, she thought, if anyone was to see me now like this I would absolutely die of embarrassment.. Miss priss to the outside world while behind her closed doors she became someone else. Someone who had these intense sexual fantasies of being used and degraded in ways that would shock someone in the normal sense of the word. Letting her imagination run along with her fingers brought her to a strong powerful climax from which she drifted into a deep peaceful sleep.

It was still dark and the ringing of the telephone had awakened her somewhat enough to barely reach it , pick it up and say hello. A deep voice on the other end spoke a single word. It was the voice of the hypnotist from the trip to sales conference. During his session with her, he wrote her address, and telephone number in his little book, along with the special words he gave her as a post hypnotic suggestion. This one word immediately took her into a deep hypnotic trance placing her once again in his control.

As per his instructions on the phone she immediately got up from the bed and went into the bathroom where she showered and shaved her pussy. Using the spray nozzle she placed it against her moist cunt and cleansed herself deeply before getting out, and drying herself. She acted as if she were aware of everything but in reality would remember nothing. Dressed in a skirt with nylons, no panties, a blouse with no bra, her nipples rubbing against the fabric making them hard and aroused, she left the house and drove to the location the voice instructed her.

It was a modest hotel on the edge of the small Midwest town she lived in. Once there, she went to the number of the room given to her and knocked as instructed and then waited.

He had been watching the parking lot waiting for her arrival. After she had knocked he waited a moment before opening it and instructing her to enter. It was as if she had no will of her own, and had to obey the voice without hesitation. In obeying the voice she knew that she would experience sexual feelings like never before, and it was almost like a drug to her. None of her friends, etc, had any idea of her deepest darkest sexual desires. The ones in which she was treated and humiliated in the most degrading ways. Forced to satisfy perverse sexual appetites of strangers, and in doing so experienced the release of the most intense orgasms she ever new.

The hypnotist knew and delighted in controlling her during the times he was with her. Outwardly she looked like a shy school teacher, but inside was a hidden pain slut. One who ached to be degraded and humiliated. He told her to come in and to stand 4 paces inside from the door and wait. Closing the door, he moved in front of her and said another of the words given to her. Her skin flushed pink with arousal as she removed her clothing leaving only the nylons. After folding and placing them on the dresser she got on her hands and knee’s waiting in anticipation as he placed a leather collar on her neck with a leash attached. He led her into the next room where he had prepared everything the day before when he arrived. There was a wooden bench, rings were attached to the wall and ceiling. Floggers, canes, riding crop, paddles, clamps, vibrators, plugs of different length and diameter were all laid out neatly.

He led her first to the bench where he firmly secured her in a kneeling position, securing her wrists and ankles, along with straps around her upper thighs. With a few adjustments he had a stiff brush secured just under her exposed clit and pussy. Then with the saying of yet another word, she was still in a trance like state but was aware normally of everything around and happening to her. Without warning the riding crop struck her ass cheeks creating a fiery red welt. The intensity caused her to flinch forward without thinking. Her clit came into contact with the stiff bristles of the brush, causing even more discomfort to her body. Again the crop struck, causing the same reactions. Her mind wanted to cry out in shame but her body was awakening something from deep within her. A warm velvet feeling began slowly like a small spark, bringing a long dormant arousal with it.. Again, the crop struck her exposed ass, over and over, leaving vivid red streaks. Her cunt was dripping wet, her nipples hardened like never before, aching with pleasure. Her breathing was coming in gasps, how was this happening to her she thought.

From behind her she sensed movement and then a blindfold was placed over her eyes and secured tightly. Next she felt fingers pulling firs one nipple downward before a clamp was attached to it. And then the same to her other nipple.. the clamps had sharp teeth that bit into her nipples and even though the pain was sharp, she found her cunt getting wetter and wetter. Trying to hear anything at all was pointless. As before without warning the flogger caressed her abused ass and hips. The tips reaching under her to flick at her clamped nipples. Unable to stop herself she thrust forward and impaled her clit and cunt lips on the stiff bristles once again.. She had the most intense orgasms ever, almost passing out from them.

He never spoke a word during this. When her naked body was marked well enough for him, he was hard and ready. The activity of using her arousing him to new heights. He removed his clothing freeing his hard cock and moved to stand behind her red and marked ass. He could see the cunt wetness dripping from her in large amounts and reaching his hand under her caught some and lubricated her asshole. He then grabbed her waist in his hand and placing his cock against her rosebud asshole pushed in one continuous stroke stretching her and filling her completely.

It was almost to much for her, she cried out but was unable to stop the assault on her asshole. She was being taken and used like a common slut, not having any say, but yet the feelings that were awakened only grew stronger with each new assault and degradation. She climaxed again and again during this time. Feeling his cock harden even more inside her, he pulled her hard against him and began to cum deep within her bowels. She could feel the pumping action of his cock as her asshole clenched it tightly, forcing even more hot cum deep in her, and she climaxed yet once again, falling forward on the bench, not caring that her abused cunt , and clit were against the stiff brush.

She was aware of the entire session, but was powerless to stop it. Her mind let her experience it in normal mode, but would not let her override the stronger mental grip that he had upon it with the hypnosis.

Pulling his now drained cock from her ass, he moved to stand in front of her. Gripping her hair in one hand, lifting her head from the bench, he used the other to grab his cock and wiped it free of all cum, etc on her face, cheeks, lips before releasing his hold on her. Unable to even lift her head from the complete exhaustion and intense orgasms that had racked and drained her body of energy, she lay there limp on the bench.

Releasing her wrists, ankles, and thighs, the Hypnotist, using the leash, helped lead her back to the first room where in the corner was a chain in the floor attached to a ring. Locking the ring to her collar he moved the bedding closer so that she could crawl up on it. He once again said something to her and she fell into a deep sleep, wondering if it was real or if she were dreaming.

Chapter 3

The ringing of the phone brought her slowly from the depths of deep sleep as if she were walking in thick syrup. She finally opened her eyes to a nice sunny morning while her hand reached for the phone.

Hello, she said. Good morning, said the voice over the phone. It seemed somewhat familiar to her though she couldn’t fully recognize it. Softly, almost a whisper, the voice talked to her, and as it did she became very relaxed and warm feeling filled her completely. The voice mentioned a phrase, and although she was fully awake and aware of her surroundings, she was unable to stop herself from going to the door and unlocking it before going back to the bedroom. There she stripped off her nightgown and panties before lying down on the bed. Once she was lying down, she was unable to move, almost as if she were bound. All she could do was wait.

He opened the door and entered her apartment locking the door behind him. Then walking into the bedroom he stopped to look at her nude body, and with a smile walked over to stand at the side of the bed. He saw her eyes follow his hand as he reached down and with the tip of his fingers, stroked first one nipple, then the other. His touch was electrifying. Her nipples hardened immediately and a ripple of pleasure coursed through her to explode between her open thighs, causing her pussy to become wet. His fingers trailed slowly downward, the pleasure increasing in its intensity the closer they came to her wet pussy.
It became almost, but not quite unbearable. Shivers raced over her skin, and then as his fingers brushed across the top of her pussy, she exploded with a mind numbing orgasm.

He talked softly to her, telling her when he first saw her in the audience, that he knew her secret desires almost as if she had written them down. He told her how with the power of suggestion how he began to unlock the barriers she had built for herself to hide them. The times she was being used in all those ways were real, and not a dream as she had believed. The video’s taken by him of her were real. The feelings she experienced during the times were real as well, and not caused by hypnosis. He told her how she was now his, and belonged to him alone, to use her and continue her training even more. He told her how he loved putting marks on her with the riding crop, the cane, paddles, etc. and how he loved the way she reacted to them.

In that instant, she finally understood, and the look in her eyes and the smile on her face were proof enough for him. Moving to the bag he brought with him, he removed first the nipple clamps. Pinching one first he then attached the clamp. He then did the same to the other. When they were attached she bit her lip with the initial pain, but shortly the pain was replaced by the beginnings of pleasure. Taking more clamps from the bag, he moved between her spread legs, and pulling on her pussy lips attached the first one. An audible groan escaped her lips at the clamps first bite. Pulling the other, he secured the clamp to it also. She groaned once again. A slight far away look was in her eyes, Yes she thought, silently saying, this is what I have been searching for. To be used in the most kinky, rough, perverse sexual way. To be owned, and used whenever he wished.

The Hypnotist #4

Leaning forward, his lips engulfed her exposed clit. Sucking on it hard, causing it to extend upward before lifting up and then placing the last clamp on it. As the grooved teeth bit into the flesh of her most sensitive spot on her nude body, her hips bucked upward with the pain and triggered once again a powerful orgasm.. Wetness flowed from her pussy to soak the linen beneath her. Sitting back, he smiled as he watched her. Reaching once again into the bag he removed a medium sized butt plug. Taking his finger and probing her wet pussy first, he then began to lubricate her ass by finger fucking it slowly. The insertion of his finger caused her to clench at first, but as he continued , her ass relaxed and opened slightly for him. Removing his fingers, placed the tip of the plug against the opening and began to slowly push it deep into her.

Oh, God, she thought. It is so big I feel as if I am being split in two. She felt a feeling of fullness not experienced before, and finally it was fully inserted. I feel so helpless and nasty she thought. But, she was also highly aroused as well and wanted more.

A word left his lips and she was able to speak. Yes!! She cried out.. Yesssssss. Please don’t stop, use me, hurt me as you wish. I belong to you and the feeling of arousal grew with each statement. She watched as he stood up and removed the riding crop from the bag. She lay there helpless as he came to her side, and with a swift movement struck first one breast, then the other, leaving stinging red marks. Her body convulsed upward, and her head was thrown back as a sharp gasp escaped from her lips. Once again, he repeated the same thing with the same results. Her tits on fire, and her cunt gushing, she settled back onto the bed. Trailing the crop over her breasts, he moved it downwards across her stomach to stop above her pussy and lightly moved it back and forth.

Once again, without warning he struck her inner thighs. She screamed once before he used it to whip her clamped clit, not once, but twice quickly. Her body convulsed again, the flow of liquid gushed once again from her open exposed cunt as a low moan came from her lips. Smiling, he put the crop down and reached between her legs and removed the butt plug, leaving behind a stretched asshole covered with cunt juice.

She watched as he removed his clothing, and taking an ankle in each hand, he pushed her legs up and back, before placing them on his shoulders. Then reaching downward and guiding his cock, he pushed into her waiting ass burying it deeply with one steady thrust. AHHHH, she cried out, her body engulfed in complete and intense feelings of pleasure as he began to fuck her ass with deep hard strokes. She had never felt so used and submissive before. Stroking hard and deep onto her open ass, it wasn’t long before with a final push and a low groan, he shot his cum deep inside her. She felt the hot cum splash deep in her ass, and that produced once again a powerful orgasm. Her asshole clenched uncontrollably around his hard, spurting cock as she did.

Sated, he pulled his cock from her ass and watched as the cum dripped from it. He reached across her and pulled first one, and then the other nipple clamp from her sore abused nipples. Then he repeated the movement with the clamps attached to her swollen, sore pussy lips and clit. Each one sending a bolt of pain / pleasure through her body as it was pulled roughly from her flesh.

No longer do I need to use hypnosis he tells you. It is true, you felt as if you had been re born, finally to be who and what you are, HIS PROPERTY. To please and do for him whatever is asked of you. A final word from him and your body is once again able to move. Your hands grasp your breasts and nipples, rubbing them gently. Your fingers then trail downward softly over your tender skin to stroke your still sensitive clit. AHHHHHH, you moan softly, as once again you start to become aroused.

Spread your legs, he tells you, as he sits at the foot of the bed. Play with your pussy and cum for me as I watch. Still a little embarrassed, you do as he said, and within minutes you cum for the final time. He then places a leather collar around your neck and with a leash attached, leads you from the bed to a ring he has placed in the floor near the corner. Taking a chain attached to the ring he secures it to the collar and locks it. Looking up at him, you smile as you watch him standing in front of you gently stroking his cock which is starting to harden. He reaches down and places his hand on your head and twists his fingers into your hair. He takes his other hand, and holding is hard cock, pulls your face to it as your mouth opens and you suck deeply on it. He then places both hands on your head and begins to fuck your mouth. You can smell and taste your cum along with his and to your surprise like it very much. He begins to stroke faster and deeper, choking you at times as his cock slides down your throat and back. You feel him harden even more and with a loud groan, he pulls your face against his pubic hair and shoots hot cum down your throat. Swallowing as fast as possible you still choke and he finally pulls back some and welcome air fills your lungs as you continue to lick and suck his cock until all traces of his and your cum are gone. He wipes his cock across your cheeks and steps back as you settle back, and lay down to sleep until he comes to use you again.

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