Mom Caught Me and Dad

Mom Caught Me and Dad

I am an investigative reporter for a mid-sized newspaper in the state of California. I also write freelance stories for various magazines. So I am always looking for human interest stories. I knew about one story that fascinated me that happened several years ago. It had only been published in newspaper reports but I felt that I might be able to sell a feature story about it. But it would require an extremely carefully written account in order to be published.

A few years ago a man in my hometown was sentenced to several years in jail for unlawful intercourse with his underage daughter. Her name was never made public but I had sources in the police department who provided her contact info. By now she was 19 and I wanted to interview her about what happened. I contacted her and after a lot of discourse back and forth she agreed to be interviewed, mainly because she thought her dad had gotten a bum deal and wanted to set the record straight. Here is the unedited interview. Obviously most of what was said could not be published.

Reporter: Thank you for agreeing to this interview. I will attempt to avoid getting too clinical in details.

Girl: That’s ok. I want the truth to be known.

Reporter: I understand that your family was involved in nudism, particularly at home. Is that correct?

Girl: Yes, we never wore clothes at home. And my parents did attend nude beaches and nude resorts. I only accompanied them a very few times when I was 12 and 13.

Reporter: When you all were nude around your house, did you find it odd to see your dad’s penis.

Girl: When you’ve never known any other kind of lifestyle, something like that just seems normal. I never gave it any thought when I was younger. It was just this funny looking thing hanging down.

Reporter: That sounds like maybe you did give it some thought as you got older.

Girl: Yes, at one point I started to become fascinated with his penis.

Reporter: How old were you when that started?

Girl: I was 16.

Reporter: Can you estimate how big it was?

Girl: I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but at the time, I thought it was huge although I had nothing to compare it to. If I had to guess, I would say it was about 5” long and very thick.

Reporter: Wow, that is quite large. I assume you are talking about his penis in its flaccid state?

Girl: Yes, it was much bigger when it was fully erect.

Reporter: How did you come to see him with an erection? And was that common?

Girl: No, it was very uncommon. When I was about 15 I did happen to see my parents involved in intercourse. Totally by accident. I really couldn’t see much but I knew my dad’s penis had to be erect in order to do what they were doing.

Reporter: So what were the circumstances when you actually got a good look at your dad’s erect penis.

Girl: He was watching tv when he fell asleep. I was sitting next to him on the sofa and by now I was quite fascinated with his penis. I was staring at it when it started to twitch. I looked at my dad to see if he was awake but he was definitely sound asleep. As I stared at his cock….oops, sorry, I mean his penis…it appeared to be getting bigger. And bigger and bigger. Finally it was standing straight up out of his lap and it was huge. It had to be 8 or 9 inches long and very thick. The foreskin had rolled back fully exposing a very shiny engorged head. Now I was completely fascinated with what I was seeing. My dad began to make some moaning sounds and started to thrust his hips back and forth, almost like he was having sexual intercourse. His penis was bobbing up and down. I was totally entranced with what I was seeing. My dad let out this long extended groan and this white stuff started shooting out of his prick…I mean his penis. Spurt after spurt of this gooey stuff was splattering all over him as well as the sofa. A few drops even landed on me. Seeing this made my whole body flush with excitement, particularly between my legs.

Reporter: Did your dad wake up?

Girl: Yes, and he was terribly embarrassed. He started to apologize and kept saying how sorry he was. He tried to explain about how men sometimes have “wet dreams” where they are having a dream that they are having sex and it is so realistic that it causes them to have an orgasm and ejaculate semen from their penis. I had never heard of such a thing but I was only 16. Of course, I believed him because it was the only logical explanation for what had occurred. Dad asked me to run into the bathroom and bring a wet washcloth and a towel so he could clean up.

Reporter: And did you?

Girl: Yes, and when I came back, I handed him the towel and I took the washcloth and started to dab at some semen that was covering the head of his penis. But he stopped me and said that it would be inappropriate for me to touch his now semi-hard penis. But I insisted that I be allowed to help him clean up. I told him I loved him and I just wanted to help. I grasped the shaft of his penis and lifted it up and wiped the washcloth all over it. While I did that, he took the towel and wiped up the cum on the sofa, his legs, and stomach. I probably spent more time wiping his penis than was necessary but I definitely got it clean. It could have been my imagination but it felt like it was getting hard again. I realize how that when I pulled his foreskin back to get any semen that had collected there, it was probably very arousing to him and he was getting hard again. That’s when he stopped me for sure.

Reporter: So how did you feel after seeing his involuntary ejaculation?

Girl: I was very excited. My fascination with his penis had just increased by a factor of ten. For the rest of the day I relived that moment when the semen started shooting from his penis. I remember in vivid detail how the head of his penis was very shiny and a deep purple color. How the veins stood out on the rigid shaft. I never knew that a cock could look so appealing. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Reporter: Don’t you think it was odd for a girl of only 16 to have those thoughts.

Girl: I didn’t think anything of it, but after my dad was convicted the court had me see a therapist because the court was afraid I had been traumatized by the experience. I wasn’t. But the therapist explained to me that women are programmed to react favorably to an erect penis but not at such a young age. So I was definitely more advanced sexually than many girls my age.

Reporter: So what happened next?

Girl: I was so excited seeing my dad’s raging hard-on and copious ejaculation that I was eager to see it again. I shyly approached him, again on the living room sofa a couple of days later, and asked if I could see him “shoot his stuff” again. He said that it’s not proper for a father to ejaculate in his daughter’s presence, especially in front of one so young. He said that first time was purely by accident and can’t ever happen again. I said “But dad, seeing your penis get really big and hard and then shoot out that white gooey stuff was very exciting for me. Please, please let me see it again.”

Reporter: And what did he do.

Girl: He started to explain in detail about sex stuff. He told me that the “gooey stuff” was called semen and that the more common term for it was “cum.” I asked him what it felt like when the “cum” started shooting out. He said it was the best feeling in the world. While explaining this I noticed that his penis was starting to twitch and enlarge. I asked him if he was getting an erection. He said maybe.

Reporter: So what did you do then?

Girl: Frankly, I was overcome with emotion. Looking at his big prick and realizing it was getting hard, I couldn’t stop myself so I reached over and took hold of it. A jolt of electricity seemed to shoot through my body when I wrapped my hand around it. I could feel it swelling up in my hand. I started to stroke my hand up and down the length of it. It got even harder. Dad tried to scoot away from me but I wouldn’t let go. When the purple head of his penis popped out something really strange came over me and I quickly leaned over and planted a wet sloppy kiss on the head. It just looked so damn appealing that I wanted to kiss it.

Reporter: Did your dad try to stop you?

Girl: Yes, he pushed me away and yelled at me. “You can’t do that!”

Reporter: What did you do then?

Girl: I managed to maintain my grip on his hard cock and slipped the entire head into my mouth. I don’t know why but I started sucking on it as hard as I could. I knew nothing about blowjobs back then but I know that fresh born babies are programmed to suck their mommy’s titties and I guess that inborn desire to suck applied to me wanting to suck dad’s cock.

Reporter: What did your dad do then? Did he still try to get you to stop?

Girl: Yes, he tried, but I could tell his resistance was starting to weaken. I guess I knew that sucking up and down on his cock felt great to him. From seeing him having intercourse with my mom, I knew that the in and out action was part of the sex thing. And I also knew that my greedy mouth going up and down on his rigid penis had to feel great to him.

Reporter: You never mentioned your dad’s testicles, or as more commonly called, his balls or nuts. Were they equally appealing.

Girl: Yes, he had very large balls. When his penis was flaccid, his balls hung down almost as far as his cock.

Reporrter: So did you give his balls any attention while you were sucking him? I know men love that.

Girl: I didn’t know anything about stuff like that. I was only 16 and had never had any kind of sexual experience. But his balls were right there and I did grasp them with my other hand. One hand gripping the shaft of his penis, the other hand cupping his nuts, and my lips sliding up and down his rigid dick. I couldn’t get much more than the head in my mouth without choking. But my lips were sliding back and forth over the bunched up foreskin right behind the head. And I have since learned that’s the most sensitive part of a man’s penis.

Reporter: Did you make him cum?

Girl: I guess I should have expected it but it was still a huge shock when his cock started pumping a huge load of semen in my mouth. I would have stopped sucking as soon as I felt the cum shoot down my throat but he had a hold of my head by now and kept moving my head up and down on his cock while the semen continued to spurt. A large amount of cum squirted out the sides of my mouth while a bunch more ran down his shaft and coated my hands and his balls. It seemed like a lot more semen than he shot out when he had the wet dream.

Reporter: Then what happened?

Girl: I am sure it was only a few seconds but it seemed like forever that his semen continued to shoot. And even after it stopped spurting out he wanted me to keep sucking him for quite a while. I have since learned that the feeling of orgasm can continue on for some time after the cum stops. Then it gets to the point where the man’s penis is so sensitive that he can’t stand any more stroking or sucking.

Reporter: What was your feeling about the whole experience at that point? Was it a pleasurable experience for you. Did you really enjoy sucking his prick and taking his cum load in your mouth?

Girl: I was in heaven. I was just sorry that it hadn’t lasted longer. I felt very powerful that I could make my daddy cum.

Reporter: What did he say about it?

Girl: I know he felt guilty about it. He knew he should have stopped me from sucking him off. He told me we could never do it again. I asked him, “But didn’t it feel good, daddy?” He said it was one of the best feelings of his life but that it was wrong for a daughter to have sex with her dad. I asked him, “But how can something that feels so good be wrong?” He had no answer.

Reporter: So was that the end of it?

Girl: I suppose he wanted it to be the last time because he knew it was wrong. But as they say, a stiff prick has no conscience. I wasn’t about to let it be the last time.

Reporter: How did you manage to continue having sex with your dad.

Girl: Mom had to go to work very early. Dad’s job started later so he had a couple of hours to lay in bed after mom left for work. So one morning after mom left, I slipped into bed with him. He had gone back to sleep or maybe he never woke up. He only slept in a t-shirt so I was able to immediately have access to his penis. I very carefully slid down under the covers and slipped the soft head of his penis in my mouth and started sucking. Maybe he pretended but he didn’t wake up right away. As I sucked on his cockhead I felt it began to get bigger. By the time he was fully erect he woke up. He half-heartedly tried to push me away but by that time I know the feeling must have been so good for him that he really didn’t want me to stop.

Reporter: So did you suck him off again? Until he came?

Girl: Yes. Knowing what to expect this time made it easier for me to take his load in my mouth. As the semen started shooting I just kept swallowing it as fast as I could and managed to drink it all down without any shooting out of my mouth and making a mess. The whole time he was cumming I stroked and fondled his balls.

Reporter: What did he say after he finished cumming in your mouth? Was he remorseful?

Girl: No, I don’t think he felt any remorse. I think the orgasm was just too pleasurable for him to feel any sorrow. And even after the last drop of cum was out, I continued to lazily suck his big penis. I actually took it out of my mouth at one point and squeezed the base all the way up to the head and coaxed a big drop of cum out and licked it off with my tongue. At first I wasn’t too crazy about the way cum tasted but I was getting more used to it. I know he was somewhat shocked at how quickly I had become adept at making him cum.

Reporter: So what happened next?

Girl: I wanted to make him cum again. I didn’t know that usually men need some downtime between ejaculations but I guess if they are horny enough it can happen pretty quickly. I started stroking his penis while I licked and kissed the head. He got hard pretty quickly. Actually, after he had just cum, his penis never got totally soft so it didn’t take much to get him hard. I didn’t want to suck him again because I was very fixated on admiring his erect cock. I couldn’t see it with it in my mouth. Dad was laying on his back and I was kneeling between his legs stroking his huge cock while I stared at it. I wanted to see how many different ways I could rub it and stroke it and admire it all at the same time.

Reporter: What were some of the ways you massaged his penis?

Girl: Of course I had never seen all the things a woman can do to a man’s cock but I knew that any kind of friction would feel good to him. I took my thumb and fingers and massaged the head, alternating between rubbing the head and squeezing it. From time to time I would lean over and plant a kiss or a tongue lick on the shiny head. Then I would slide my fingers down to the area just below the head and massage his penis there. I knew that felt great to him as he would squirm and moan. Then I would take his foreskin and slide it back and forth. Dad explained to me later that he had been partially circumcised. He said it was called a “German cut.” What happens is only the part of the foreskin that goes past the end of the head is removed. When flaccid, with the foreskin all the way forward, just the tip of the penis is exposed. When his cock got hard, the foreskin would automatically roll back on it’s own and bunch up below the head. The cockhead would sort of look like it popped out on its own.

Reporter: I never heard of that. But it sounds like a foreskin that could be a lot of fun.

Girl: Yes, I think it is the best of both worlds. Enough foreskin to roll back and forth without the elephant trunk look that some uncut penises have. Of course I didn’t know that at the time but now that I have been with a couple of uncut guys, I can appreciate how nice my dad’s prick was.

Reporter: Anything else you want to add?

Girl: Yes, while I was massaging and squeezing the head, I noticed this clear liquid began to ooze out of his penis. A long string of it drooled down onto his belly. Some of it got on my fingers and it was super slippery. I asked Dad if he was cumming and he said that he wasn’t cumming but that slippery stuff was called pre-cum. He told me that when a man is very highly aroused, pre-cum starts oozing out of his penis. He said that the purpose is to make the man’s cock slippery so that in intercourse, the cock will slide more easily into a woman’s vagina. He told me that it actually tasted good compared to cum.

Reporter: So did you taste it?

Girl: Yes, I licked some of it off the head of his prick and it did have a pleasant taste.

Reporter: When your dad talked about the pre-cum making it easier for the man’s penis to enter the woman’s vagina, did that give you any ideas?

Girl: Yes, I had already had ideas about dad putting his cock in my vagina. But I was afraid it would really hurt because he was so big. But when I heard about pre-cum being a big help in sliding a big prick into a tight vagina that made me think it might be possible. I already had fantasized about what it might feel like to have a cock sliding in and out of my pussy. So I said “Dad, since your penis is now covered in pre-cum, do you think you could slip it into my pussy?” He looked at me in horror and said, “That’s never going to happen. It’s bad enough what we are doing now but there is no way we are going to have intercourse. Even with the pre-cum coating my penis, it would hurt you way too much.”

Reporter: So with intercourse off the table, did you make him cum again by masturbating him?

Girl: Yes, it didn’t take long. I didn’t know this at the time but looking back I am somewhat surprised how quickly he came a second time. Most guys I have been with since then take a long time to cum the second time. In retrospect, I assume the conversation about him fucking me got him jacked up enough that it didn’t take long to cum.

Reporter: What did you do when he started spurting?

Girl: Well by then I knew that white gooey stuff would fly all over the place and make a mess so I quickly bent over and took it in my mouth and sucked him dry.

Reporter: You were quite advanced sexually for a 16-year old child.

Girl: Well, I didn’t know anything. I had never had any sexual experiences at all. I hadn’t even seen any porn to give me any ideas on what to do. I just let my natural instincts allow me to do what felt good and pleased me. Plus I really wanted to please my daddy and I quickly realized that one of the best ways to do that was to get him to shoot his semen.

Reporter: Did your daddy do anything to provide you with sexual pleasure?

Girl: He told me that he felt guilty being the only one to have orgasms and that he wanted to give me some too but we couldn’t have intercourse. So he experimented with massaging my clit with both his finger and his tongue. It felt good and I actually had a few orgasms but to be honest, it was much more fun and satisfying for me to make him cum. So most of our time together, was me getting him off. I know he liked to suck my pussy because many times when we would start out playing, his cock would be soft and as soon as he started sucking my pussy, it would immediately spring to full hardness. So licking and sucking my pussy was very arousing for him. His cock would get hard faster than if I was stroking or sucking it. So most of our sessions together would start off with him sucking my pussy. He also introduced me to “69” which was fun but somewhat distracting.

Reporter: What do you mean by “distracting?”

Girl: When he was sucking my pussy it made it difficult for me to concentrate on sucking his dick. So sometimes we would start off in the “69” position but fairly quickly go to me just sucking him. I think he preferred that as well because I guess sucking me while I sucked him was distracting for him as well as me.

Reporter: But you did have orgasms from your dad sucking and licking your pussy?

Girl: Oh for sure. And they were great. But my greatest thrills were getting him off. I loved to make him cum. I loved to look at his big hard prick and see the cum shooting out of it.

Reporter: So how long did this go on?

Girl: We had sex for about six months. During that time we were going at it every morning and any other time when mom was out of the house. Since we never had any clothes on, sometimes even when mom was home I would play with dad’s cock. We were very discreet and as far as I know, mom never suspected a thing. I am sure she must have seen that he had erections from time to time with no obvious explanations. I don’t know what he told her, if anything. I don’t know if he was telling me the truth but he said that a few months before I started having sex with him, mom had pretty much withdrawn from having sex. So according to him, they weren’t doing anything. He said she would jerk him off every once in a while. So I was getting by far the majority of his cum which suited me just fine.

Reporter: When you two were playing around while your mom was in the house, did you ever make him cum?

Girl: Oh yes, quite frequently. But we had to plan it. We had to have some clean-up cloths handy so we could mop up any cum residue as quickly as possible, or more likely, I would take his load down my throat so there was no mess at all. That also avoided any cum smell permeating the room. If I jacked him off and his cum shot all over the place, you could smell the damn cum in the room. We were really lucky that mom never came in the room while the cum smells were there. Sometimes when we were dressed, dad and I would make a run to the store in the car. On most of those trips, I would suck him off and again, swallow his cum to avoid the smell.

Reporter: So you don’t think your mom ever suspected anything?

Girl: I would like to think she didn’t but to be honest, I don’t know how she could avoid at least suspecting something. If she did, maybe she just elected to look the other way. As long as dad was getting off somehow, he wouldn’t be pestering her for sex.

Reporter: So how did it finally end?

Girl: Well, mom actually caught us. I guess if she had suspected something and was ignoring it, having it thrust right in her face was more than she could handle.

Reporter: What were the circumstances?

Girl: She left for work as usual. As soon as she was gone, dad and I got going. He went down on me just long enough to achieve a massive hard on. On this particular morning, I had a strong urge to suck him off and take his load down my throat. By now, it was taking a bit longer for me to make him cum by sucking his cock. Which was fine with me because I really loved to suck his prick. Anyway, I knew I had him just seconds away from cumming. Just as he started to blow his load, the bedroom door opened and there was mom. I immediately pulled my mouth off of his cock and the cum started spurting in the air. Dad usually had very impressive cum loads and this morning was no exception. While mom stood there like a deer in the headlights, spurt after spurt of semen shot out of dad’s cock. Much of it hitting my face. To make matters worse, I had one hand on the base of his cock and continued to jack him off while he spurted. I guess it was such an automatic thing that I didn’t even think about pulling my hand away.

Reporter: What did you mom do?

Girl: She started screaming that dad was a fucking pervert pedophile and I was a no-good slut. She spun around and went out the door. I guess she drove straight to the police station and reported us. The cops showed up shortly after. Expecting something like that, we were both dressed by the time they got there. The cops arrested him and took him away. I was released in the custody of my mother.

Reporter: We all know what happened after that. Your dad was convicted of having sex with a minor and sent to jail. And you continue to live with your mother. Or did until you recently moved out. How did living with your mom go?

Girl: It took a while for things between us to normalize but after a while she got over it. I guess she never blamed me at all although truth be told, I was far more the aggressor in the relationship than dad ever was. I have always felt very bad that dad went to jail and I got off scot-free. Even though I was the instigator right down the line, as far as the law is concerned, he should have had enough willpower to resist my advances.

Reporter: I guess you really miss your dad?

Girl: Definitely, not only as a dad, but as a sex partner. Now that I am older, I have had sex with several guys my own age but nothing even comes close to my sessions with my dad. Plus his big cock really spoiled me. None of these guys have a member as impressive as dad’s cock. Dad turned me into a big cock slut. Even though I never had his cock inside me, just holding it in my hand or sucking it was an experience I will never forget.

As you can see, very little of this interview can be used in a family newspaper or magazine. That’s why I am publishing it here where readers can enjoy it. I must say that conducting this interview really got me wound up. My pussy was sopping wet by the time the interview concluded. I immediately went home and masturbated to a glorious climax.


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