Real Friendship is Found

Real Friendship is Found

This is going to be a follow up essay to my prior post, "A Trip to a Crowded Bar" The thing you need to know is that I am a submissive to a male master and I will be talking about Diane who is a female submissive to a female mistress. Prior to a recent event that both of us attended we had only seen each other and never spoken.

The recent event is where we both had our asses totally worked over and finally said hi and introduced ourselves to each other. Our masters brought us to a drop off place and left us there to find our own way home. I said to Diane that I when I get home I am going to fill the tub, have a glass of wine and relax. I took a chance and said if she wanted to join me she was more than welcome - she said sure.

This next paragraph is how my prior post ended:

We got to my place and while the tub was filling I poured us a glass of wine. I put some fragrant bubble bath which created nice soft water with a great fragrance. We both climbed in and were totally relaxed enjoying our wine with no conversation. We relaxed about half an hour, got out and as we were drying Diane asked if she could spend the night? I told her, sure. We climbed into bed and her warm naked body snuggled up to me and we fell asleep.

The morning arrived and I woke before Diane and I was just looking at her beautiful chestnut brown hair while she slept. I can't tell you how long I was looking at her but she finally opened her eyes, looked at me, smiled and said good morning.

She turned and we were laying there just staring into each other's eyes. I moved and reached around her pulling her closer to me and felt her breasts press against my chest. She put her arm around me and we began to kiss.

I moved so I was up on my elbow then I started to massage her breasts. Our kissing became more and more passionate. Her arm that was under me started pushing so I got on top of her as she opened her legs.

My cock finally found her warm, wet and waiting pussy then entered gently and slowly. I was slowly moving my cock in and our of her pussy as our kissing got more and more passionate. Our hands were all over each other's body, she rubbed my ass and I was rubbing her breasts. I finally started to cum so the speed of the loving got faster and her hips began to rock. I finally came but her hips were still rocking so I continued to pump in and out as best as I could then she moaned with great pleasure.

I laid along side of her and she positioned her head on my shoulder with my are around her. She had her hand on my chest and was gently playing with my nipple but mostly just relaxing her hand on my chest.

She asked if she could ask me a question and I said sure and that I would answer truthfully. She asked how I was attracted to bondage, submissive and exhibition style. I went wow, but I would truthfully answer her.

When I was very young and played cops and robbers I always wanted to be the robber so I would be handcuffed, tied up or put in prison. This kind of tells me that it was something built inside me. Anyway, a number of years ago I was seeing this girl who was very expressive and experimental in bed.

One day she said we were going to play a game so I could only imagine what was coming. She had me undress and lay on my back on the bed. She then got two silk scarves, wrapped them around my wrist, places my arms out to each side then tucked them under the pillow. She said you are now tied and cannot move.

She was the best cock sucker I have ever met and always finished by giving me a big kiss. On this day she got between my legs and began her very sexy cock sucking. I finally came and up she came with my kiss. As we kissed I felt her tongue on my lips so I opened to allow her tongue in my mouth and to my surprise not only did her tongue enter my mouth to but also my cum. Our tongues flicked back and forth swishing the cum around our mouths finally ending up with me swallowing.

It was from that point on that I was hooked and I began to find what I really needed. Diane gave me a hug and said thanks for sharing. I then asked if there was anything she wanted to talk about or share? She said yes.

She began and said that she used to really love to suck cocks and swallow all the cum that she could suck out. But it has been several years since she has enjoyed sucking a cock and that actually only sucked while she was under the command of her mistress and did not enjoy it.

I was very interested in hearing more as she continued to tell her story. One day when I was with my ex-boyfriend he said let's have some fun today. We were outgoing and when we were in public it was not uncommon for him to start rubbing my breasts or for me to shove my hand in his pant for a feel. This bar we enjoyed going to had an alcove where couples would go for a "fling" then come back for another drink etc.

When we arrived it was the usual crowd and we ordered a couple of drinks when he said you ready? I said yep and headed to the alcove with him close behind me. I am expecting to enjoy myself and suck him dry. When we got there he said let's try something different and I said OK.

He pulled out a pair of fur handcuffs and cuffed my hands behind me. As I was getting on my knees he popped out his already hard cock. Instantly I had it in my mouth and was doing what I enjoy - sucking a cock. He placed his hands on my head as usual and guided me back and forth.

As he began to cum he held my head tighter while he pumped every drop of cum into my mouth. When he was completely empty he pulled out and I started to get up and he said that he knew I loved sucking so he has a surprise for me. Just then one of his friends stepped in front of me with his cock out and waiting for me. I looked up at him and he said this is for your pleasure.

This cock felt a little different but was about the same size and very enjoyable. He came and his cum tasted slightly different than my ex-boyfriends' cum but was still good.

He stepped away and there was another of our friends cock in front of my face waiting to be sucked. To be honest I was having a really good time with these tasty and cum filled cocks. This guy came in about two minutes and did not have a lot of cum but it still was tasty.

I looked up and he said I have saved the best for last. Again it was another of our friends but his cock was the biggest I have seen. I have always wondered what it would be like to suck a huge cock and the time finally arrived.

It was big, I had to really open my mouth just to get the head in my mouth. I slowly started to take it in when hands were put on my head and shoved me driving the cock in my mouth and gagging me. I pulled back to catch my breath and again went back because I was not going to let this cock beat me. I was doing fairly good when someone shoved me again gagging me. This time when I caught my breath I said I can't do it again.

Then to my surprise I heard multiple voices say yes you can. I did now know that a crowd gathered and was watching me. Some one said - you did a great job on the small ones now you can't let us down and not finish this one. I started to get up but was held down by multiple hands and my head was held so this cock could be shoved back into my mouth. While I was being held he pumped his cock in and out constantly gagging me almost to the point that I was going to throw up. He finally came but instead of in my mouth he pulled out and shot all over my face - the crowd clapped and cheered.

I stood up and when the cuffs were removed I wiped the cum off my face and said I was going home to clean up. My ex said great so you'll be back in a little while, I nodded my head and left.

As I went back to his place I felt so dirty and used. I put everything I had at his place in a bag and left. On the table I simply left his key with a note saying, Don't Call Me.

I was speechless and simply reached out and hugged her. I could feel her body trembling and tears were now rolling on my shoulder.

I finally said I am so sorry for what you went through and then Diane held me even tighter.

She said thank you for listening to me and now I bet you want this awful, dirty girl to leave. I said quite the opposite I want you to stay with me and let me take care of you.

We spent all day naked in bed just talking. Diane then thanked me again for listening to her story and not judging her for what happened.

We have been friends for several years and still are submissive to our masters. In case you are wondering it took about a year when one night while we were making love she went down and sucked my cock. After she swallowed every drop of cum she said thank you again for being a great friend. I smiled and gave her a kiss.

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