Blowjob in the back seat

Blowjob in the back seat

It has been about 6 months since our last event with Tyler and Jessica. We have gone on a few fun adventures with barely a mention of our drunken night encounter: a boating trip, an apple picking adventure, and a Halloween corn maze. Basically, we acted like nothing really happened. Tyler and I had a little tension on our first encounter after he fucked my wife; but the second and third we were back to being friends, talking about life and making plans for future fun together.

That all changed the night we received a phone call from Jessica.

“Hello,” answered Amy.

“Hi Amy, it’s Jessica. I noticed on Facebook you and John were in town.”

“Yes, we are on a date night, what’s up?”

“Oh, I didn’t know it was a date night. I was going to ask a favor, but I don’t want to intrude.”

“It is okay, what do you need?”

“Tyler went out, says the car got towed from where he parked. I was hoping you could give him a ride home. He is within a block of your restaurant.”

“Sure, we can go get him; we have to head that way anyways. Can you tell him to meet us outside in about five minutes?”

“I will, thank you. I will see you when you drop him off.”

Amy gets the address and tells me what she just agreed to do. And I say “okay” not really expecting to get anything from this night anyway. As we make the turn to where Jessica said Tyler would be waiting, we see him leaning against a tree.

I stopped the car and rolled down the window, shouting out “how much?”

“If you have to ask you can’t afford it!” Tyler replies, laughing.

As Tyler climbed into the back seat I could smell the liquor on him.

“Have a few drinks tonight?” I asked him.

“Yeah; a couple of beers with friends. Then a few shots of whiskey after I found out the car was towed away. They really need to mark those spots better.” I could see the frustration on his face.

“Yeah, well, no reason to dwell on it tonight. Nothing you can do.”

“I know.”

We start to drive away; after about 10 minutes of riding in silence, Tyler starts talking.

“You know I haven’t drunk anything stronger than beer since that night you guys stayed over?”

“Oh yeah?” replied Amy “have you missed your whiskey?”

“……….”Tyler hesitates, leaning forward in his seat until his head is floating between mine and Amy’s shoulders. “Not as much as I have missed you” he whispers into Amy’s ear, but loud enough for me to hear it.

I nearly drive us off the road.

Amy is stunned by his comment and it is a minute until she replies to him.

“You remember what happened that night?” Amy asks nervously.

“Of course I do. I could never forget that.”

“…the touch of your skin, taste of your kiss; my hand tracing its way down from your neck all the way down to your thigh.”

At this point, I am getting hot from what he is saying.

“Dude, this is my wife you’re talking about. That was a drunken night for us and Amy and I have dealt with it, but I really don’t need the play by play!” I tell Tyler, almost yelling at him.

“Okay, Okay, I’m sorry…… but everything you said about her cock sucking skills was true.”


“Sorry, Sorry.”

Tyler leans back in his seat, while Amy is staring straight ahead in shock. I continue driving in irritation, although slightly turned on by the conversation.

After a while I hear Tyler talking quietly. “Still think about it, though. Her soft lips on mine, kissing her neck, sucking on her sweet soft nipples. ...Her resisting me from exploring all of her body, turning that beautiful red bush away from me, teasing me.” I look in the rear view mirror. I see him rubbing himself through his pants; his movements are clearly visible thanks to the street lights. “Her surprising me in the middle of the night, sucking me,” I hear a zipper and can see the struggle to free himself from his jeans. I look over at Amy, seeing her face turned to me but her eyes are on him. I reached up and adjusted the mirror so I could see what she was so fixated on. Tyler has his cock out, and is slow stroking it, reminiscing about the past.

He is thicker then Amy had told me.

I look over at Amy and she is completely fixated on what he is doing, not even trying to hide her fascination.

We come to a stop light. Amy looks over at me, and I look at her.

“You can join him if you want.” I tell her.

She remains in her seat for a minute, thinking it over. Seeing the temptation on her face, I mouth “go ahead,” tilting my back towards Tyler. Amy leans over and gives me a deep hot kiss on the lips, then climbs into the back seat.

Amy removes her cardigan, leaving her in a shear white tank top. In the light you can see her nipples through the fabric of the shirt. She sits down next to Tyler who throws his free arm around her. “Well, hello.” Tyler says giving Amy a squeeze, “come to give me a hand?”

The light changes and I start to drive again, trying hard not to give the action in my backseat all of my attention.

Amy nods and says “yeah” removing his hand and replacing it with her own, trying her best to match his previous speed. Her eyes are locked with Tyler but occasionally look down at the thick cock in her hand.

“O yeah, baby girl, that’s how I like it.” Tyler traces her arm up and down softly. Her rhythm starts to go faster; he pulls her closer to him, causing her to bend over. She can no longer see his face, her gaze is fixed on his member; and bending further, she leans in and licks around the head of his thickening cock. The sensation surprises Tyler a little, who lets out an “OOhhh.” The hand that was once on her shoulder is now sliding down her back and in between her pants and panties, taking a soft but firm hold of Amy’s ass.

With the added pleasure of Tyler playing with her ass, Amy stops playing with him and takes Tyler deep into her mouth. Tyler puts his free hand on her head, pushing her away from him so he can see what she is doing. Her mouth is open wide, lips closed around him. Taking his cock slow from the tip of his head, she goes down as deep as she can go, leaving half an inch.

“Take your pants off,” Tyler ordered.

Amy sits up and starts undoing her pants; lifting her butt, she slowly pulls her pants down revealing a beautiful pair of white and blue lacy panties.

“Nice” is all Tyler says as he watches Amy’s show, while also fully removing his own pants.

Once she was done with this, Amy quickly goes back to sucking his cock.

Tyler gathers up her loose hair and holds it with one hand. His other hand rubs around her body, softly tracing her back, her ribs, over her panty covered ass, down her thigh and back. After a few laps around her body Tyler switches to focus on Amy’s ass, rubbing over her pussy every time.

I can see how hot Amy is getting. With the pleasure he is getting and the hotness of Amy’s body, Tyler looks like he is getting to close to cumming. He pulls Amy off of him and pushes her back against the window. Tyler kisses Amy softly on the lips, his hands rubbing up her leg; then another kiss, deeper this time. Tyler’s hands wrap around Amy’s thighs, sliding under her panties.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a while” Tyler said. He kisses Amy’s lips, and traces across her cheek, reaching down to her chin. Her panties are being slid down her legs just as slowly as Tyler is kissing down Amy’s hot body. When her panties reach her knees Tyler quickly changes his focus, removing Amy’s top to reveal her beautiful breasts. He sucks on one of her nipples, to Amy’s delight; her hands run over his body and through his hair, her face showing obvious pleasure. One of Tyler’s hands run up to her free breast, softly but firmly rolling it under his palm. His free hand slides up and down her side, deftly removing her panties the rest of the way. His hand comes to a rest on her throat, slightly tightening around it. Tyler removes his mouth from her breast, tongue tired from rolling around her nipple, and continues kissing down her body, finally reaching between her legs.

He starts kissing her inner thigh first, switching sides closer and closer until finally kissing her clit.

Amy gasps. Tyler starts his assault on her, his hands touching and rubbing her, in what I can see is all the right places. I can hear her moaning, her face turning red, and her orgasm coming quick.

Amy starts to cum, but Tyler is not giving up. He continues circling her clit with his tongue.

This is the longest orgasm Amy has ever had, starting to become too much. Amy pulls on Tyler’s hair, forcing him to come up. She kisses him passionately.

“Holy fuck!” Amy says, catching her breath. “Are you going to let me finish the favor?”

Tyler only nods, leaning back into his seat. Amy quickly returns to her original position, taking his full cock into her mouth, sucking quickly, using her hands to pump him, his hands still roving around her body. He is about to come. I can see it in his face. I give him a quick nod when I notice him watching my reflection, letting him know it is okay to finish inside her mouth. Tyler grabs a hold of Amy's head, pushing himself as deep as he can, and starts to cum. Amy struggles to swallow it all, a little bit coming out of the corner of her mouth.

“You guys better get dressed; unless you want to come up with a reason why you are both half naked in the back seat” I tell both of them.” You have about thirty seconds.”

“Jesus, man, you could have given us a little more warning.” Tyler jokes.

“But I didn’t. You were, after all, fucking my wife.”

“Good point,” Tyler says replacing the final piece of his clothing. Amy moves back to the passenger seat, pulling her pants all the way up.

“Asshole.” is all she says to me, as we pull into Tyler’s driveway.

Jessica comes out as soon as she sees the lights of the car. “Thanks for helping Tyler out, I owe you one.” she says.

“It was my pleasure.” Amy replies. She smirks back at Tyler.

We all exchange hugs saying we should hang out more. Make some tentative plans. Amy goes and gets back in the van.

I say goodbye to Jessica, checking out her ass as she goes back in the house.

Turning to Tyler, “We need to talk about exploring this further” I say.

“Yes we do.”

I get back into the driver’s seat and turn to my wife,

“How was that?”

“Fucking amazing”

Hopefully there is more to come.

Comments welcome.

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