Vacation classes

Vacation classes

Hi. I'm AJ from Satara, India. I am 19 yrs. old and I am studying a degree course. I live with my parents. I have a brother studying out of town. I want to tell you all about one experience that will make you very hot.

It happened in the Diwali vacations in November. My mother takes tuitions of some school children. She is 44 years old and has a very good, shapely body. There are about nine students, seven boys and two girls, all in standard nine. My mother was conducting their classes in the vacations also to prepare them for the second term. All the students said they couldn't come because of plans at home, except two boys, who said that they could make it. I too had to go off to work. I had taken a part time job at a library assistant and would go there everyday from 10am to 7pm. In the house my mother conducted the tuitions from 4pm till 6pm.

Eight days before Diwali, the librarian told me that I could go home early for the next week before Diwali. I was happy and went home. My mother had told me not to come home early as I disturb the peace and no one could concentrate. I still went home, but quietly, because I did not want her to know that I was there otherwise she would send me out again. I sat quietly in my room. I could hear them reading their text books and lay down to sleep. I heard my mother tell them to keep reading and that she was going down to have some tea. I heard her foot steps while she went down. (We live in a bungalow as my father works out of town in Mumbai and comes home just for few days a month. He put us up in some great accomodation. My mother takes the classes in a quiet room on the top floor.)

After she left, I heard them giggling and strained to hear what they were talking about. The windows of the rooms were adjacent and so I stuck my head out the window and climbed onto the parapet that connected the rooms from outside. I heard them say that they would read fast until the chapter on "sexual reproduction" and then tell "miss" that they didn't understand the topic. I didn't know what to make of it and just waited there.

When my Mom returned, the boys asked her, "What is reproduction and how does it take place?" My Mom was surprised and said they had gone far into the book. The boys said that they wanted to be fully prepared before school started. My Mom said that the book has explained everything clearly, but the boys insisted that she explain. Then one of them opened the textbook to a particular and showed Mom. I think the page was of the diagram of the penis and vagina as I saw them grin and my Mom look surprised. Then one boy, I think his name was Akash, slid a grin to his friend Sunil and started to question my Mom. As she turned to get her textbook, he took off his pants slowly while asking questions, pulled down his underwear and took a hold of his now excited and fully erect dick and walked towards my mother. When she turned around, she saw him almost falling on her with his dick gripped firmly in his hands. She was taken by surprise and shouted at him to put his pants on. He said "Yes Miss, but only if you show us your vagina!" She was shocked and opened her mouth to say something, undoubtedly to shout at him and question his reasons, but then it was my turn to be shocked more because she stood still for a few seconds and looked back and forth as if searching for something or just looking around. She then replied by saying "There are only two of you and so...ok!" The boys were just as shocked as I was. She smiled naughtily at both of them and turning around so that her back was facing them, she started removing her salwar-kameez. She first slowly slipped out of her salwar, bending forward while doing so, so that the shape of her ass and the outline of her panties were clearly visible through the kameez. She then slipped out of her kameez slowly, so that they could see her body inch by inch, calmly lifting it over her head and taking it off completely, turned around and stood in front of them in her bra and panties. Sunil was just sitting there and staring, while Akash was wildly pumping his erection. Then she put one finger under the elastic band of her panties and started sliding them down. She took them off and was now only in her bra. She sat down on the table and spread her legs apart slowly. The boys closed in on her and stared at her pussy which had a little tuft of black hair. She then spread the pussylips open slowly and they looked on very interested. I too moved closer, further down the parapet to get a better view. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Sunil put a finger in her pussy and started spreading the lips. Akash also put his hand on it and rubbed her clit. Sunil started slowly moving his finger in and out of her hole. She started moaning softly. Sunil got very excited and asked "Do you like that, Miss?" Then he slowly inserted another finger inside. Akash too joined in, slipping in two of his fingers along with Sunil. They were then finger fucking her! She too was moaning, what with four fingers pumping her mound. Then Akash asked her, "Miss, will you show us your breasts?" Sunil also said, "Yes Miss, we want to see you fully naked, please take off your bra!" And my Mom said, "If you want to see Miss naked, you will get to!" She slid her hands behind, unfastening her bra and then slowly took it off and cupped her breasts seductively, pinching on the nipples time and again. Though I never thought much about it, I now realised that Mom had a very nice and sexy body - big, round breasts with dark-brown tits, a narrow waist with curved hips and an ass that was just right and tight. Now Sunil went forward and touched her right boob and then started squeezing it gently. Then Akash grabbed her left boob and started squeezing it slowly but firmly. All the while, Mom was moaning and holding and gliding their young hands over her boobs. They squeezed and rubbed her boobs and pinched her tits. Then Akash got inches from her tit and instinctively, his mouth opened a little. She saw him and slowly held his face and guided his eager mouth to her nipple. Soon Sunil was sucking on the other nipple. Now they were sucking her tits like the little horny desperates they were. They were all enjoying themselves. Sunil then started to take off his pants, but then Mom stopped him, seeing it was 6:15pm and said, "It's getting late and you should leave". She then said, "I hope you will keep everything what happened to yourselves. Tomorrow we will go further down the road, and if time is still available, we will go all the way!" I stared up in disbelief. After a while I realised that Mom wasn't having much of a sex life because my dad worked out of town, so it had to be desperation more than anything else.

The boys started to help her to get dressed, intervening every little while with a hug or a squeeze here and there while she was putting on her underwear. After she was dressed, she stood still and suddenly asked, "Do you boys want any last minute action?" Instantly, both of them held her tight, grabbing and squeezing her ass and boobs, getting their hands under her clothes and rubbing her body frantically. Akash even held her face and planted a deep kiss on her lips, and she too opened her mouth and allowed his swirling tongue inside which started exploring her mouth wildly. When he finally let go, she went down to see the boys out, with both of them walking beside her with their arms around her shoulders and body, still squeezing and caressing. I could see them from above. Sunil looked around and then kissed her goodbye, like Akash, on the lips, but made it a quick one before anyone could come by and see.

That evening, Mom was visibly very excited and I couldn't help smiling at the thought of what would happen tomorrow. She just thought I was smiling at her expression and smiled back at me. She didn't have a clue that I had seen everything and was also preparing myself for the next day. Later that night, I arranged for my hiding spots, dark clothes and the works so that I wouldn't miss anything!

The next day I left very early at around 3:45 so that I could reach home in time because I knew what was going to happen. I quietly entered my room and changed. I climbed onto the parapet just like yesterday. I was right. The boys were there on time and Rajesh, another student, had come as well. I heard them all whispering and laughing. My Mom then came in and saw the three of them and smiled. She asked Akash if they had told Rajesh what they had learned yesterday. He said yes and also said that Rajesh was also eager to learn the same thing. They all laughed. My Mom was wearing a very thin and nearly see-thru salwar-kameez. Then she told them all to get ready. She took off her salwar first, so her body was still covered till the knees. The boys stood in front all very eager for what was about to happen. Then she lifted off the top and wasn't wearing any underwear! She was naked in front of three 15 year old boys who were ready for a thrilling experience.

Akash was the first to go and feel her breasts again. Then Sunil grabbed her breasts. She told Rajesh, "Come on, it's okay! Feel free to do what you want!" However, he was very hesitant and also nervous. Then she moved Akash and Sunil away and walked towards Rajesh. Rajesh's eyes grew wide as her naked body reached closer to him. She took hold of his hands and reached forward and kissed him lightly on his lips, while slowly raising his hands up to her breasts and placing them righton her nipples. He then started squeezing her boobs slowly, enjoying every second immensely. She then said, "Akash, Sunil, what are you waiting for?" Now there were six wild hands all over her breasts. She saw their faces wild with excitement and smiled, almost laughed at what she was allowing to happen. Soon, she told them all to stop what they were doing and get in line. She told them, "I will show you how to have good sex and satisfy a girl completely". She started telling them about the different positions of sex and then knelt down in front of Akash, who was first in line, and put her hand on his pants and felt his dick. She reached up, unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. She opened the button and pulled down the zip and took off his pants. Akash's dick was already standing hard. She stroked it a little and it stood hard and fully erect. She then moved to Rajesh who was next in line and took off his clothes the same way, and then she undressed Sunil. She moved back to Akash not leaving Sunil's dick and then letting go and holding Rajesh's dick. Then she then said that she would demonstrate oral sex. She then grabbed Akash's dick with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. She started stroking it up and down, fondling his balls and squeezing them slowly. I was horrified but at the same time I was enjoying all of this. She stuck her tongue out and gently licked the tip. She then glided her tongue down all the way and nibbled at his fresh pubic hair. Slowly she opened her mouth and took his entire length inside and started moving her mouth up and down on his erection. She sucked softly on it first, letting him get used to it. Then she started sucking harder and harder. Akash was moaning and suddenly started quivering with ecstasy. She knew he was about to come and immediately stopped before he could explode. Then she said let Akash cool down and till then she would tell Sunil how to give head.

Sunil was watching impatiently and got moving. She told him to put his tongue inside her hole and move it in and out slowly. He came forward and put his face in front of her hole. He slowly put out his tongue and entered her pussy taking a deep whiff as he did and then she told him to leave it inside and move it around. He then did that and Mom started moaning and pinching her tits. Then Rajesh said he also wanted to do something and tried what Akash had done. He told her to take his dick in her mouth. She looked at him and smiled. Then she reached up and took a hold of his dick and slowly started to lick it before sucking on it like she did to Akash. Then when she felt an orgasm coming she told Sunil to stop. Then she told Akash whose dick was harder than before to come and fill her hole with it. She told everyone that this was how a girl is more than satisfied - with all her holes filled. She told Sunil to put his dick in her ass. Akash got down on his back into position while Mom slowly got on top of him, lowering her hungry pussy slowly onto his waiting erection. Sunil came from behind and guided his dick to her ass. It was very tight and so he put the tip on the opening of her ass and grabbed her and gave a push. He penetrated hard and she let out a quick moan. Slowly, he started moving his dick in and out of her ass. Akash started pushing from below. Rajesh then came on top of her face and she grabbed his dick and started sucking hard on it. Now all three were doing my Mom. Akash was up her pussy, Sunil was in her ass and Rajesh was getting head, all at the same time! My mother was there moaning wildly like a slut and completely occupied with all three young, hot, throbbing dicks inside her, fucking her from every hole!

Akash was absorbed in fucking her with all his might making her moan and gasp heavily. He then started shaking again and suddenly he let loose. He shot his load deep in Mom's pussy. Just then Sunil came inside her ass and let out a low, satisfied moan. Rajesh too, shouted out and shot his load deep into her throat. Mom collapsed on Akash and Sunil fell on top of her. Rajesh too fell flat on his back, his legs spread wide sideways. All three boys still had their dicks inside and their bodies were stuck together by the sweat. I hadn't seen so much skin in my life. Akash was flat on his back on the carpet, Mom was on top of him, her pussy still holding Akash's dick, with her face buried in Rajesh's crotch with his dick still inside her mouth. Sunil was on top of her, with his dick still in her tight ass. My Mom was looking exactly like the filling in a sandwich. I was harder than I ever remember seeing this and lay there as quietly as I could, as they lay there, enjoying the feel of each other's skin, with all three boys stuck to her, their hands roaming all over her body, touching, feeling, squeezing, rubbing and caressing every inch of her naked, sweaty body.

But my Mom was still not done. She let Rajesh's dick out of her mouth and told Sunil to get off. She lifted herself off Akash and got down on her back and told Akash to come on top of her and put his dick between her boobs. She also told Rajesh and Sunil to come by either side of her. She took Sunil's dick in her right hand and Rajesh's dick in her left hand and startedslowly stroking them, giving them both hand jobs. She told Akash to act if the boobs were a pussy and fuck them. Akash was very excited and gripped her boobs firmly and stuck them together, pushing his dick in between. He slowly started moving his dick between her boobs. Very soon, the boys had a hard on again and were again ready to fuck. Mom saw the time and saw that it was 5:30. She said that there was still time and went on her hands and knees, doggy style. She told them all to line up and push their dicks in one at a time. First Rajesh came, slid under her and buried his dick inside her pussy fucking her hard. Akash was hardest and went and stood behind her ass and slowly stuck his dick down her asshole. Sunil came up in front of her and put his dick in front of her mouth and she reached forward and swallowed it fown, sucking hard on it. Now again she was full and all her holes had young, hard dicks going deep inside. She told all of them to stop and take out their dicks. She then began taking their dicks in her mouth one by one, for their hot cream. First she sucked Sunil till he came, then Rajesh, then Akash, taking their juices and swallowing them in one big gulp. Then she laid down on her back, spreading her legs wide and told them to rest awhile before they showered. Rajesh and Sunil laid down besides her, while Akash as always, was still horny and climbed on top of her, bent down and began fondling her boobs and sucking her nipples. He moved further down and buried his face in her pussy, sucking hard and nibbling on her clit. She started shaking and then had a shuddering orgasm. Akash greedily lapped up all her flowing pussy juices from her hole, crotch and thighs. Sunil and Rajesh too got closer and wrapped their arms around her body, holding her very tightly and rubbed her boobs.

They then went to shower. I went back in my room and sat down to recollect what I had seen. I heard them all leave about half an hour later, I can only imagine what went on in the shower! From that day on, that incident changed the way that I looked at her and everytime I look at her, all the hot fucking action is fresh in front of me.

She did them all again the next day and the day after that. The good thing was, the secret stayed safe even after four days of continuous sex, and no one else came to know of what was going on. The boys didn't breathe a word of it to even their closest friends or parents and continued coming over regularly.

One night, later that week, we had just finished our dinner when the doorbell rang. It was 8:30pm and I wondered who it could be. I opened the door and was surprised to see Akash there with his bag. He said that he had some problems he had to ask Miss. I asked him to come in and called for Mom. She had just finished doing the dishes and came out from the kitchen after washing up. When she saw Akash, involuntarily, she gave a wide smile and then asked, "Hello Akash, how come your here at this hour?" He said, "Miss, I have some problems I need you to clear for me". She said ok and told me to to go to my room and retire for the night if I wanted to. I immediately knew what was going to happen and so said that I was indeed very sleepy and went up to my room and slammed the door. I waited for about ten minutes until I heard them quiet down. I then went down the stairs quietly and headed straight for the bedroom. They were in there alright. Akash was lying down naked on the bed and Mom was also naked and sucking his dick. Then he told her to stop and opened his bag. There were no books in there! He took out something green, neatly folded. It was a very tiny bikini! He asked her, "Please Miss, put it on and let's see how you look in a thong!" I had an instant hardon simply thinking what it would be like. Mom laughedm, took the bikini and heading for the bathroom said, "Of course, I'll be out in a flash!" She came out in a robe, walked towards Akash and began swaying her hips. She slowly tucked at the knot and the robe opened and fell to the floor. There she was, in a tight, super-small two-piece that barely covered any part of her. The top had two clear protusions and had her breasts spilling out completely. The thong was like a transparent second skin, with her pussy lips clearly visible and the tiny g-string covered nothing from behind. Her fabulous ass was not covered in the least. Akash's erection was now rock solid as she headed for him, slowly scaling him from his feet upwards. She reached his thighs and slid her body along very slowly, allowing his thigh to fill the space between her boobs. She put out her tongue and gently licked the tip of his penis, then swallowing it entirely. She sucked on him till he started shivering and thundered to an orgasm, exploding in her mouth. She sucked every drop of cum, spat it all over his dick and balls and began licking it all up again. He was in seventh heaven and had a distant look in his eyes, barely aware of what was happening.

Mom then started moving upwards until her face was on top of his and her breasts were on his chest. She loosened and let herself stick to his body. She kissed him deep and soon they were smooching hard. His hand went for her back and untied the bikini top. He pulled it off and threw it aside. He wrapped his arms around her and started squeezing her breasts. She was still sucking his tongue and then began moaning. Then she turned herself around, still on top of him as they went into 69 position, with his dick in her face and her pussy buried in his face. He started licking and squeezing her butt, then moved back and peeled off the thong. He dug into her pussy and began madly nibbling at her clit. She started moaning louder and he then pinched her clit. She yelped and he said, "Sshh, not so loud!" She again swallowed his organ and began sucking hard. Akash's dick however, was getting used to it and having just cum, it didn't get any bigger or harder. But now, Mom started quivering and let loose into an orgasm, spraying his face with her girlcum. He licked it all up and continued kissing and sucking her pussy. They then laid still for a few minutes with each others' genitals in their mouths.

Akash then reached out and pulled out his dick from her mouth, slid out from under her and laid down on top of her, spread her legs, lifted her up a little and started pushing his dick in her ass. He got it in, grabbed her tight and began fucking her ass. She let out gentle moans of pleasure as he thrust his cock in and out of her ass with increasing pace and intensity. He was maintaining a constant pace and continued his fucking motion for quite some time. After a few minutes, he began pumping very fast and suddenly gasped as he shot his load down her ass. He didn't get off her and lay on top, stuck to every inch of her body. They then moved and she got up and laid him on his back and got on top of him. She grabbed his dick and began squeezing and fisting it. It didn't take long to get hard again and she lifted herself up and sat down on his cock, her pussy engulfing every inch of his erection. Now she started the up and down motion, slamming her cunt hard onto his cock everytime, trying to take it in to the hilt. Akash had his eyes closed, enjoying every second of the unending pleasure. She rested her hands on his chest and increased her pace, fucking harder and harder till both of them were moaning in sheer ecstacy. Then it happened, what I believe was what Mom wanted all along, for them to both cum together. Mom started moaning loudly and Akash started gasping. Mom pussy burst with cum and Akash too exploded at that very instant, ejaculating his semen deep into Mom's pussy. She collapsed on top of him, his penis still inside her, and he lay there, still giving sharp thrusts into her pussy. She laid very still on top of him, their bodies sticking together with the mixture of their fuck-juices oozing out of her cunt. They lay on each other for over fifteen minutes, completely exhausted from their long fuck session. It was almost midnight when she got up from Akash's body and helped him up and they went in to shower, leaving the door open as always. I watched him rub her body and drop to all fours and bury his tongue into her pussy, licking whatever was left of their sex-juice mixture. Then she soaped him up, concentrating on his cock and balls, and he too soaped her up, reaching for her ass and rubbing her asshole with soap and squeezing her butt as he embraced her tight and kissed her hard. They washed themselves, dried each other and came out. They dressed quickly and Akash got ready to leave, giving her one more kiss. As he closed his bag, he handed her the bikini and asked her to keep it. I went upstairs as they came out of the bedroom into the hall. She opened the door, looking around to see if anyone was around. Akash went out, gave her one last kiss, squeezed her boobs, smiled and left. She closed the door, resting for awhile on it, and then went in to sleep. I was wondering if I was dreaming but I knew I wasn't. I also knew that Mom and Akash would do it many more times as it was clear that Akash had gotten very close to her and felt free to say and do anything to her and her body that he wished to. She too, enjoyed his touch on her body and felt comfortable fulfilling all her sexual fantasies with him. I couldn't wait to see what happened next!

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