Hell House

Hell House

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Hell House

By Randy MacAnus

As I sat checking my monitor wall, I said to myself, "It's good to be rich." You can afford the most delightful hobbies!

I have lots of hobbies, but my favorite is breaking straight college boys and turning them into whores for men. There are easy "thug" ways to do that, of course. But I like being creative and elegant in my perversions.

Now mind you, there are a lot of really good and decent young men out there, that don't deserve to be fucked over like that. I leave those guys alone. But you would be amazed at the number of misogynistic young butt-holes out there. The date rapers, the girlfriend beaters, the gay bashers, and on and on.

So how do I get them, at literally no risk to myself? I've built off-campus housing in the home town of a large university. During construction, every apartment was equipped with spy cameras and microphones. Top quality stuff. The cameras are automated. They will follow movement, and turn on when there is noise in the room. I can rotate and zoom the cameras from anywhere in the world manually, if I wish. Normally, mike levels are automatically set. I rarely need to change them. In addition, each apartment has its own built-in network router.

It has NSA level spy hardware built-in, so I can tap into every boy's computer, see what sites they go to, read their email, and any file on their computer.

And the apartment includes a desktop computer for each student. Most importantly, the set up includes a camera I control. You would be amazed how many college boys get naked and jack off in front of their computer, as they watch internet porn.

In addition to the obvious blackmail potential, this lets me see their bodies in detail, and their dicks when they are hard. Always good to be able to assess the potential of your merchandise.

I have no trouble getting renters. The building is new, the boys have separate private sleeping and homework rooms, with a common room in between. Two boys to an apartment.

We have a free campus shuttle that runs whenever there are classes, and free underground parking for those who can afford a car. Needless to say, I have the cars bugged.

Our application process is extensive. Due to my wealth, I can even find out if a boy was a juvenile offender. Don't ask me how. If I told you, I'd have to sell you overseas. We accept all races and orientations, but I only make use of straight white guys. People of color suffer enough abuse, without having to deal with me.

However, I have found that the gay boys, and those of color can be useful in breaking and training my bitches. So everyone serves a purpose. And everyone (who isn't one of my targets) enjoys living in my building.

I usually focus on young guys who have lived a life of privilege. Not necessarily super rich, but well-off financially. They may maintain a hard gym body, but inside they are soft. They have never had to struggle, or even work for what they have. It's amazing how easy most of them are to break.

Take James, for example. 18. A brand new freshman. Shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, smooth chest. Has only just started to shave. 5 inch dick, when hard. Nice definition, but no bulk. 5 feet 9 inches tall, and 145 pounds.

Went to several prep schools. Got kicked out of all but the last one. Couldn't get into an Ivy league school, because his grades sucked, and his daddy, while rich, isn't THAT rich!

He has a half dozen juvenile arrests, but no convictions. Daddy is rich enough to see to THAT. Four of his arrests were for violence against women, two for violence against gays. A bully and therefore, a coward. This one was going to be fun!

I don't make direct contact with any of my bitches, until they are completely under my control. No one knows I own the building. I have a building manager, who is in on the scheme, but he has never met me. We communicate by encrypted email. He gives applicants the tour, etc.

James's first comment to him, when walking through our lobby was, "You've got niggers and faggots living here."

The manager replied, "Yes, of course. The University won't certify a building for housing that discriminates by anything but gender. This is the Bible Belt. They don't want co-ed housing. If you have a problem with that, this is probably the wrong school, and definitely the wrong apartment building."

Said James, "I didn't get into any other schools. I don't really want to go to college anyway, but my father will cut me off, if I don't get a degree. He's really harsh. Well, I guess, as long as I don't have to room with one."

The manager looked at him for a moment. The boy couldn't maintain eye contact. So the manager decided now was a good time to begin putting this bastard in his place.

"You clearly won't fit in here. Stay in the dorms on campus."

"NO! Have you seen those dumps?! There's no privacy at all. And the Freshman dorms are like, 50 years old, and the bathrooms are down the hall. I do NOT roll that way! I could slip you a couple of hundred to let me in."

"I don't need your money. I would need you to get along. And that starts with NOT using words like Nigger and Faggot. You'd wind up in the hospital, and that would make us look bad to the school. I tell you what. I'm going to give you a choice. You can have a Black roommate, a Gay roommate, or one who's both. Your choice. You will either get along, or get out."

James swallowed hard. His blues eyes went wide with fear. Clearly, the boy would never make it without Daddy's money and influence.

I was watching through one of the lobby cameras, and made a bet with myself. He had beat up a couple of gay guys, but never a black guy. He figured gays couldn't or wouldn't fight back. He had a lot to learn! He would choose a gay guy. And I knew he'd get the totally dominant muscle stud of my choice. The manager did his job well.

"A gay guy, then," said James, nervously.

"Fine. You can move in. But if you cause any trouble, it's straight to the dorms. And I will see to it they give you a big, Black, Gay linebacker type as a roommate."

I laughed my ass off, as I watched pretty boy's eyes widen with panic! Being an asshole was going to cost him big time! School started in two weeks. He would move in then.

When James arrived two weeks later, Mark was already moved in, but wasn't in the apartment. James would have gone into his room and checked out his stuff, but each room required a key card to enter, just as the apartment did. A student's card opened the apartment door, giving access to the common room and used a custom code to open his own room door.

His computer and desk were in his private room. This gave him the needed privacy to get naked in his room and yank his crank to the internet porn he immediately called up on the desktop's 32 inch monitor.

He was clearly very satisfied with the arrangement. Not as satisfied as I was, of course. The kid was being recorded from six different cameras in his room, but the one that counted was the computer camera, which focused directly on the naked youth sitting in a high-backed reclining desk chair, stroking his slightly below normal (for a white guy) 5 inch pecker.

I didn't watch him live. I'm a busy man. I checked him out that evening. His definition was even better than had been reported. Slender waist, hard flat stomach.

He had hairy legs and a light dusting of hair on his arms. Other than that, and the usual pubes and pit hair, his body was completely smooth. Not as smooth as it was going to be, of course. As part of his humiliation, and to make him more rent-able to dirty old men, I always had his type remove all body hair.

I found his choice of porn kind of predictable, given his history of violence against women. He was watching Russian rape porn. Men violating women, of course. He shot his load all over his chest. Twice.

Then he took a shower. There are cameras in there too, of course. Watching him soap himself up then jack himself off for a third time was delightful. That video alone, would be very popular, if I decided to post it online.

I decided to let him interact with Mark before dropping the hammer. Mark was a 19 year old Junior, 6 feet 4 inches and 210 pounds of solid muscle. Not quite up to linebacker standards, but more than enough to intimidate his straight twink roommate.

Mark was a BDSM total top. And he was in on the plan. James was just his type, too. I sent him a text, letting him know he could return to the room any time he wanted.

James took a nap, sprawled naked, on his bed, his hot bubble butt a joy to behold. He just lay across the bed. He didn't even bother to get under the covers. I used the overhead camera to get some nice still photos. The best part was that, when he rolled over, his pretty face and semi-hard dick could be clearly seen. No one would believe these weren't posed photos.

When he woke up, James put on a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt, and went out into the common room. Mark was sitting on the sofa, reading when he came out. He was wearing tight fitting cargo shorts and a muscle shirt.

I had the camera in the overhead light fixture focused on my victim's door, as he entered. The look on his face, when he saw the massive gay muscle stud he would be living with, was priceless!

Mark looked up, and slowly and obviously, checked him out before saying, "I take it you're James."

The pretty teen was now thoroughly confused and more than a little scared. The combination of Mark's massive physique, and deep bass baritone voice caught him completely off guard. His pecker had been semi-erect, and showing against the fabric of his sweats, until Mark spoke. It now disappeared completely from view.

"You're Mark?!" the slender teen squeaked out. His face turned bright crimson in humiliation at the sound his voice had made. Mark grinned, and went back to his reading.

James couldn't stop staring. The idea that a homo could look and sound like this had never occurred to him.

Mark's legs were spread enough for James to see the outline of his huge cock through his cargo shorts. Mark was 6 inches soft. The thought of that beast being hard and inside him, scared the crap out of James.

After about a minute, Mark looked up again, right into the boy's eyes and smirked, as he said, "Like what you see?"

"NO!!" James, practically screamed.

Mark cracked up laughing. "It's alright, boy. I've been told you're straight. But if you ever get curious, just let me know."

"I won't!"

"Don't be too sure," Mark said, with a charming grin on his face. "Have you ever fucked a girl?"

"Yeah, loads of times."

"Did any of them ever ask you to?"

"Well, not in so many words. You know how girls are. They like to pretend the don't want it, when they really do."

"Then how do you know they want it?"

"If they dress like a slut, or sway their hips at you, then they want it. But they want you to take it."

"Even if they struggle and say no?"

"When they say no, they mean yes. Besides, you can't expect a real man to take no for an answer, once a girl gets him turned on!"

"Well, Gay or not, I'm a real man. So, I tell you what. As long you don't dress like a slut or give me any come-on signals, you will be safe with me. But if you ever come out here in tight shorts, or underwear, and especially if you're not wearing a shirt, your ass is going to be mine. That way, you won't have to ask for it, when you decide you want it. And feel free to struggle. I really like that."

Mark winked at the poor kid, and laughed. Then he stared the kid down, as he continued to check him out.

"In fact I wouldn't suggest you wear those sweats either. Especially without underwear. The way it shows off your pretty little ass is a major turn-on. And, as you said, a guy can't be expected to stop once he's been turned on."

James bolted back into his room and locked the door. He stripped off the sweatpants and put on a pair of boxers. He was going to have to buy more. He was used to wearing tight jockey shorts, and only had two pair of boxers.

He found a baggy pair of cargo pants and put those on, then put a polo shirt on over his tee shirt. After that, he put on socks and shoes, grabbed his fake I.D. and wallet, and headed out for a couple of beers.

As he entered the common room, Mark began laughing again. He rubbed his cock through his shorts, causing James to blush and instantly look away.

As James ran for the apartment door, Mark said, "I guess I won't be having you tonight."

James scampered out the door as Mark chuckled, and went back to his reading.

James didn't return until 9:00pm. When he entered he didn't see Mark. He quietly went to his own room, and was thankful the door to his room locked. He felt the need to prove his manhood to himself, and went back to his favorite Russian porn site.

There was a new rape video posted. Yes! He immediately stripped and sat down to rub one out. As he watched and stroked, a message appeared. He had never activated the chat feature on these porn sites, but then realized this wasn't his computer, and he didn't know what the settings were.

James opened the message, and read it with increasing horror.

Text: "Hello James. Such a naughty boy. Does your father know you're turned on by rape? In case you're wondering how I know your name, (and a whole lot more about you) it's because I had this computer last year, when I was a senior, and installed a whole bunch of hacker software. Trojans and the like."

Text: "I won't bother you with the details, but among other things, I completely control your computer, including its camera. I recorded you jacking off to the two rape videos you watched this afternoon. All that screaming!"

Most of that was a lie, of course. I wasn't about to tell him I owned the building. Or anything else that could be used to identify me, or track me down. And this was a plausible story.

I would have him eventually, of course. But he would think I was a customer, not his owner. And he would never see my face.

Text: "If you shut the computer down, I will send those videos to your father. And the Dean of Students at the school. You will make no effort to cover the camera."


He practically jumped out of the chair at that!

Text: "Put your hands on top of your head, and put your elbows straight out to the side. Spread your legs as wide as the chair will allow. That's better. When you are in front of the camera, I will always want you naked and on display."

James sat there weeping from utter humiliation. He knew computers could be hijacked. He had a friend in prep school that specialized in that stuff. But he hadn't even thought about it, when he started using this computer. It had never happened to HIM, so who cared?

James thought to himself, “What did this guy want? Was it even a guy? Wait, it had to be a guy! This building was men only. Maybe he just wanted blackmail money? That James could certainly handle, as long as the guy didn't get ridiculous about it. If he heard the screaming this afternoon, the microphone in the camera must be working.”

He couldn't type with his hands on his head, and he was too terrified to move, so he spoke.

"What do you want from me? I'm just a student."

Text: "Yes, but you are also the son of a rich man. I could just blackmail you, but what fun would that be? So, instead of just giving me money every month, I'm going to rent out that pretty body of yours to dirty old men. And anyone else who is willing to pay for it. Who knows? You might even get to service some Cougars. On their terms, of course."

James got a vicious look on his face, as he said, "I'm not a fa-- a homo! I don't do that shit!"

Text: "I know. That's what will make this so much fun! I am going to humiliate and degrade you in every way I can think of. My online research into you and your father, indicates that you deserve to be taken down. And I am just the one to do it. And by the way, check out how I've edited your first jack-off video."

The screen went briefly dark, then the video appeared. On the right side, was the video of a naked James, furiously pounding his little dick. On the left was a rape video. But it wasn't the Russian girl getting raped. It was a blue-eyed blonde boy! He even slightly resembled James!

If his father saw this, he would think that not only was James a fag, but that he identified with and wanted to be, the boy, not the rapist! He'd be cut off and disinherited in two seconds flat!

It was all James could do to keep from throwing up. James had no skills, and for all the money that had passed through his hands over the years, he hadn't saved a dime. He had no idea how he would survive, if his father cut him off. Without the money, he had no friends. There was nowhere for him to turn!

The tears were flowing freely now; there was a lump in his throat. And yet, he realized, for all the emotional turmoil, he still maintained the display position, that had been demanded of him! James did not want to think about what that said of him.

"Wh.. What do you want of me?"

Text: "Here are my terms. You will obey my every command. You will never go out of the building, unless it's for class, or I order it. If a man comes on to you, you will submit, with a very obedient 'yes, sir.' You are going to become a whore."

Text: "But more than that, you are going to become a submissive slut. A total sex slave. And when I get bored with you, I will sell you. And you will allow yourself to be sold. And you will obey your new owner, just as you will have obeyed me. Do you agree to all of this? You have ten seconds to make up your mind. At the end of that time, I will send out your little jack-off video."

James was no genius, but he wasn't stupid. His father wouldn't bother to check to see if the video had been tampered with. Hell just the fact he was naked and jacking off on camera, would be enough to get him disinherited. Maybe, when this guy was done with him, he could buy himself, and get his life back!

With at least a tiny bit of hope, James said, "I'll do whatever you want."

Text: "Say, 'I want to be your sex slave, master. Please use me any way you like."

James repeated the phrase, knowing full well that he was being recorded, while completely naked and on display, as he said it. Even though it would carry no legal weight, he knew he would never want anyone to see it. So no way he would try to back out. He was literally and figuratively fucked. And he didn't even know who owned him!

Text: "You need to get trained. Most of your training will be arranged by me. Some of it will be random. From now on, unless you are leaving the building for class or at my order, the ONLY thing you will wear will be running shorts. The tighter the better. And with my control of building security cameras and computers, I will know if you disobey."

Text: If anyone in the building touches you, you will let them. If they grope you, you will let them. If they grab your crotch, or slide their hand between your legs, you will spread your legs to give them better access. If they take your shorts off, you will let them."

Text: "If they keep your shorts, you have permission to ask them politely not to take them. You will offer to do whatever they want, for the return of your shorts. If they keep them anyway, whether or not you have served them in some way, you will simply have to return to your room naked. I suggest you learn where all the stairwells are."

Text: "There are at least two times each day when you will leave your room in running shorts. At 4:00pm you will take the elevator to the lobby, then go to the mail room to check your mail. At 10:00pm each evening you will take all the clothes you have worn that day down to the laundry room and wash them. You will put your running shorts in with the rest of the load, and do the wash naked."

"If anyone comes into the laundry room, and asks you about your nudity, just explain that you had to wash everything. If they want to use you, you will of course, submit. The only time you are allowed to skip these trips, is if I already have you out of the building on assignment, at the times you are due at the mail or laundry room."

James groaned, as he realized what that would mean. The first time he left the room in those shorts, if Mark saw him, the man would take him.

"My roommate is gay. If he sees me dressed like that he said he would just assume I wanted to be fucked, even if I said I didn't and his dick is really big, and even if I struggle he'll just overpower me. He's fucking huge!"

Text: "Perfect! Fight him the first time he takes you. That should be fun for him. I remember your roommate. He was a Sophomore last year. Yeah, if anyone deserves to go through a rape, it's you!"

James leaned back in the chair, as he groaned, then whimpered. Stark naked, with his hands behind his head and his legs spread wide, it made a beautiful picture! Which I took, with the still camera feature of the computer's video camera. Interestingly, during his entire interaction with me, he never got hard. So, only interested in humiliating, not being humiliated. Good. He would suffer more.

Text: "Do you have running shorts?"

"No!" James said, on impulse.

Text: "Then you will have to go to the laundry room naked, tonight."

James hadn't thought of that. "Wait! I just remembered, I have an old pair from track at prep school."

Text: "Nice try. If you ever lie to me again, you will suffer in ways you cannot imagine."

"They're probably too small. I didn't run track this year."

Text: "Get them."

James went to his bags, which were still packed, and rummaged around until he found the running shorts. His old school's colors. Purple.

Text: "Put them on."

James got them on, but they were a serious threat to rip at the seams.

Text: "Remove them, and cut the seams along the sides of the legs, all the way up to the waistband. I advise against cutting the waistband itself."

James whimpered and complied. He put the shorts back on. They were still tight, and showed his ass crack, junk, the side of his butt, and if he wasn't careful with sides flipping open they would display his balls and his little pecker. Crap!

Text: "This pleases me. For the time being, this will be the only pair of shorts you wear. If you're a very good boy, and learn your duties quickly, perhaps I'll let you buy a pair that fits properly."

I had texted Mark to let him know what was up, during the whole shorts adventure. So he was now in his room, listening for James, and ready to have at our teen slave-in-training.

Text: "Get the hamper out of your bathroom and put your clothes from today in it."

James, looked at the clock. 9:45. Shit. He did as instructed. He could only hope that Mark wasn't around tonight. Maybe someone with a smaller dick would get him first, so he could get used to being fucked, before he had to take Mark. He opened the door to his room and peeked out. Good. No Mark in sight. James moved quietly toward the apartment entrance.

"Well, check THIS out! Talk about someone desperate to get fucked!" Mark said, as he stepped out of of his room.

Out of pure terror, James ran for the door, hugging the hamper, the sides of his shorts flapping back and forth, showing off his tight ass and little balls. It was a delightful view, both for Mark and for me on my HD 4K monitor.

Mark caught the nearly naked teen easily, and tackled him hard, knocking the wind out of him, as the hamper went flying. James struggled to free himself from the 210 pound muscle stud, who lay on top of him, but it was hopeless.

Mark rolled him over, and straddled his prey, pinning the teen's arms above his head. He leaned over and forced his tongue into the boy's mouth, giving him a big sloppy kiss. James pulled away from the kiss. For his trouble, he was slapped hard.

"Remember what I told you, just this afternoon. Maybe you didn't believe me. Maybe you decided to test me. This WILL happen. The only question is, how much pain will you suffer."

Mark got up and began to pull the kid's shorts off. James, still in a panic, tried to get up with one leg, and kicked out with the other. He missed. Wouldn't have mattered. Mark was wearing a jock and cup.

Mark punched the boy in the balls. The hot little blonde curled up, as his running shorts were quickly removed. James tried to crawl back toward his room, still in a state of total panic. Mark picked up the kid, threw him over his shoulder, and carried him into his own room, instead.

Mark tossed his prey onto his bed. James again tried to get up, and started to yell. Mark punched him in the stomach to knock the wind out of him, then punched him in the balls again.

The helpless, naked teen just lay there, trying to get his breath back. Mark opened the drawer in his night stand and removed a leather slave collar, which he then padlocked it around the kid's neck.

He followed this with leather wrist and ankle restraints, each padlocked in place. Mark then padlocked the wrists of the disoriented teen to the D ring on the back of the slave collar, and locked a spreader bar between the ankle restraints.

As James regained his breath and the pain in his balls subsided a little, he tried to get up. It was instantly clear to him that he was now helpless. There was simply no way to prevent his rape. Pleading sure as heck wasn't going to help. He did it anyway.

"Please don't do this!" I HAD to wear the shorts!"


In what he suspected was a futile effort, James let the entire story pour out. Even the fact he was watching rape videos, and had agreed to be the stranger's sex slave and whore.

Mark picked up the boy and put him over his shoulder again. James's door was still open, so Mark just walked in, tossed the bound and naked teen onto his own bed, and went to the boy's computer. He scrolled back to the beginning and read all of the text. It included James' side of the conversation, as the computer's voice-to-text capability was active. As James had been able to speak, Mark did the same.

"Are you still there?"

Text: "Yes."

"Can you see the boy?"

Text: "Yes."

"He told me his situation, and I've read what you wrote. You probably know that."

Text: "Yes."

"I would love to be one of his trainers. I could take his oral and anal cherries on his own bed while you watch, if you would like."

Text: "This would please me."

James was, of course, clueless to the fact that Mark was in on the plan to turn him out, from the beginning. Mark was always going to be the boy's trainer. I felt that the less James knew, the better.

Mark had been reading the text to James, as it appeared, since James couldn't see the screen from his position on the bed. This explained the groan that came from the boy.

"Will you record video of his deflowering?"

Text: "Of course."

"In that case let me go put my mask on. I don't care how you use the video, as long as I can't be recognized."

Text: "Turn on text to voice, so the slave can hear me."


The standard evil computer voice could now be heard filling the room. The sound only increased the spread-eagled teen's terror.

Evil Computer Voice: "I have a camera in your common room and I turned on the computer camera in Mark's room, so you will be happy to know I saw and recorded the whole show, slave. Don't worry Mark. If I make any portion of that video public, I will blur out your face. But get your mask. That will make the video even better.

Evil Computer Voice: "Slave, your efforts and your pain have pleased me."

A miserable, and defeated James automatically said, "Thank you master." It was pure survival instinct, but it delighted me, that he was accepting and adapting to his new situation so quickly.

Mark returned, wearing his leather harness, chaps and mask. James took one look and nearly peed himself. He would have, if he had needed to pee. Then he saw the rock hard, 8 inch monster hanging between Mark's legs.

Now the boy wanted to crap his pants. But he wasn't wearing pants, and didn't need to crap. Thank heavens. James knew he would have had to clean up the mess himself, and he didn't want to speculate on how he would have been made to do that.

Still, he was visibly shaking and moaning.

Mark said, "I'm concerned if I rape him, I will tear him up to the point of making him useless to your customers. May I suggest a nice long, slow suck and fuck. I can rape him on another occasion, if you like. Once we know he can handle me."

Evil Computer Voice: "Yes. And listen carefully, slave. Mark is now your primary trainer. As no one else shares this apartment, you have no reason to wear clothes in the apartment without my permission. When you leave for class, or for your assignments, you will dress at the apartment door. You will strip naked the instant you get home, even if Mark has company in the room. If you anger me, I may make you dress and strip in the hall instead. Is that understood?"

"Yes, master."

"Good. Mark, he's all yours."

"On your knees, bitch."

James managed to struggle off the bed and onto his knees. He knew what was coming. What he didn't know, was how he was going to get that thing into his mouth!

But this wasn't Mark's first rodeo, breaking in a bitch. There are a number of different styles of gag that hold the mouth open. And Mark knew just the one he wanted to use.

He had the helpless teen open as wide as he could, then slid the gag in, adjusting it so that his thick 8 inch cock would be able to slide all the way down the twink's throat, without encountering teeth.

He then bent the moaning boy over the bed and began working lubed fingers into his tight little ass. James gasped in pain as each new finger was added, but didn't cry out. He didn't dare! This was going to happen no matter what. He didn't want any sort of punishment added to his suffering.

Mark was, of course, doing the little twink a huge favor. And once he was able to get three fingers in easily, he went to the next step.

The big muscle stud inserted a well-lubed medium size dildo. It was as long as Mark's 8 hard inches, but not as thick. Mark figured that beautiful bubble butt would be able to adjust the rest of the way, when the dildo was replaced with the real thing.

"Okay. Your ass has been prepped. While it's adjusting, let's get to work training that pretty mouth."

This was it! James was about to take his first cock. He had no doubt it would be the first of many. He could only hope that most would be smaller.

Mark grabbed the shaggy blonde hair, and adjusted the position of the naked teen's head, slowly penetrated the pretty lips, then the helpless mouth, and finally, the inviting throat.

James was actually grateful his mouth was being held wide open. He didn't want to piss Mark off, and he was sure he would have scraped teeth on the big man's cock, without the device. He never could have held his mouth open wide enough, or for a long enough time.

As his throat was penetrated, he remembered to swallow around the massive man meat, as Mark had instructed. He still gagged a bit, but gained some control of his gag reflex with practice.

Mark slowly brought his cock back into the helpless teen's mouth, giving him a chance to breathe through his nose for a few seconds. Then, slowly the cock went back down the little blonde's throat.

Mark kept up the slow, steady and predictable throat fucking for several minutes, giving James the opportunity to gain full control over his gag reflex, and breathe, from time to time. As the timing was predictable, the boy was able to relax into his throat fucking.

Mark ordered James to begin using his tongue on the head, whenever it was in his mouth. James did as he was told, following Mark's instructions. He was rewarded with more time to breathe, as Mark kept the head of his cock in the naked teen's mouth longer, due to the pleasure he received from the boy's tongue.

James was amazed at how easily he was adapting to being a gay man's fuck toy! None of this excited him, but to his astonishment, it didn't particularly disgust him, either. Maybe he would be able to deal with this, after all!

"Alright bitch, you seem to be getting with the program here, so I'm going to pick up the pace. When I cum in your mouth, you are to swallow every drop. If even a drop leaks out, you will be punished. Once you've swallowed my load, I will expect that tongue to go right back to work, stimulating my cock."

James did NOT want to know what the punishment would entail. But he knew he would be hard-pressed not to lose any of the cum. The gag prevented him from closing his mouth. The little teen couldn't even close his lips around the shaft. He would do his best, but he didn't have high hopes of success.

He was right to be concerned. The big man unloaded a massive wad of cum into his mouth. He shot while his cock head was in the teen's mouth, instead of down his throat. Between the size of the load, and the size of the cock, there just wasn't enough room for it all.

He swallowed as quickly as he could, and went right back to sucking and using his tongue for the big man's pleasure, but a small amount bubbled over his lips, dripped off his chin and dropped toward the floor. It plopped right on his trainer's big toe.

"Lick that off my foot, bitch. Suck that toe nice and clean. Now get back on your knees and get back to sucking my cock, boy. We will get to your punishment later."

James did as he was told, and tried not to think about the punishment to come. Once he had his trainer fully aroused again, the gag was removed, and he was ordered back onto the bed, on his back.

By this time, James hoped, the dildo in his hairless ass had relaxed his butt hole enough to accommodate the big cock that would take his anal cherry. And there was no doubt in the boy's mind, that this is what was next on the agenda.

Mark said, "Boy, I want you to be looking into my eyes the entire time I am fucking you. Don't even blink. I want to see your reactions, as I turn your asshole into a boy pussy."

James let out a little groan of humiliation. This was going to happen to him. Repeatedly. For how long, he didn't know, but hopefully, at some point, his cyber master would release him. Or allow James to buy himself. He sure didn't want to be sold to someone else!

Lying on the bed, with his hands bound behind his head to the thick leather collar, and with his legs spread wide by the spreader, the little blonde was on display. It was for moments like this, that I had cameras installed in the ceiling light fixtures! And every moment was being recorded by every camera in the room.

Mark placed the handsome teen's legs on his shoulders then moved onto the bed. The big stud leaned forward and looked into the terrified blue eyes of his prey.

"Beg for it. Convince me how much you want it."

The demand caused James to feel both rage and humiliation, in addition to the terror that huge fuck tool was causing him. But the terror won, and he obeyed. And in doing so, something broke inside him. In that moment, he knew he would never be an alpha again.

"Please Sir, fuck me with your massive cock. Take my anal cherry, like you took my oral cherry. Make me your bitch!"

Mark had been looking into those stunning blue eyes the whole time. He had been looking to see what emotions he would cause in the boy. He had seen the terror, then the humiliation, and finally, the rage.

And then, he saw him break. It was all there in the eyes. He hadn't broken completely, of course. He would still cling to whatever illusions were sustaining him. But the process had begun. And Mark had little doubt, that the boy would eventually be theirs. Utterly.

"Since you asked so nice, here it comes!"

And with that, Mark made a slow, steady and total penetration of that beautiful ass. Despite the use of fingers and a dildo to relax that pretty pink pucker, the pain was electric. James' eyes bugged out, as he bit down to avoid screaming.

His newly defiled butt-hole had been relaxed enough to prevent damage, but not enough to prevent pain. And while he didn't scream out loud, he did release a very satisfying groan, as he was penetrated.

The pretty naked teen now had his knees up by his ears, his eyes locked on Mark's, a deer in the headlights expression showing through the pain.

Mark went balls deep in a slow, single shove. Then he remained buried in the boy's ass, and gave the kid time to adjust. Mark watched, as the look of pain on the defined little twink's face slowly faded into a dazed expression.

"Ready to get properly fucked, bitch?"

"Yes sir, I guess."

Mark grinned, and slowly pulled nearly all the way out, then began a slow, steady long fuck. He could see the boy's eyes glaze over, and heard his breathing become ragged.

The big gay muscle stud decided now was the time, and began to pick up the pace. Each stroke was a little faster than the one before. He made sure to hit the prostate nice and hard, each time.

James could not believe the sensations he was feeling. Was this what it was like for girls?! Not for the girls HE fucked of course. He never took the time, and in fact, enjoyed taking his pleasure, while giving only pain and humiliation in return. After a few strokes, James began to let out a little moan, every time Mark hit that one spot inside his ass. What the hell WAS that?

As the fucking continued, James realized he was pushing back against Mark, whenever the big man drove into him, to get that big 8 inch man rammer even deeper into his ass. He was not only responding to his fucking, he was desperate to get more!

The humiliation caused by that realization, was enough to send his emotions over the edge. And James began to sob. As the tears rolled down his cheeks, Mark licked them up and smiled. The boy had just broken a little bit more.

"You like this don't you?"

"(Moaning) Y-yes sir!"

"Want me to fuck you harder?"

"Oh, gosh... Oh geez... yes... YES!!!"

"Then beg for it!"

"Fuck me harder, PLEASE!!! (so I need it so bad!!"

Needless to say, this pleased me. It also surprised me a little, that he would get into his fucking so much. Especially the first time. Of course, Mark was an expert at giving pleasure, even when he was taking pleasure. That young man was always in control. It was really entertaining to watch him work.

The boy's eyes were now completely glazed over, as he moaned and begged for more. He had become a bitch in heat, something I had not expected on his first fucking. But Mark is a master at this, so while unexpected, it wasn't completely surprising.

Mark was now hammering my newest victim's gorgeous ass, and the boy had completely lost control. He was pounding his ass back into the big man's crotch on every stroke, and had gone from moaning to screaming for more. Mark managed to hold out until after our teen rapist had cum all over his own face and chest, in an explosive orgasm, that left him sobbing.

Mark then shot his load deep into the brutalized butt beneath him, scooped up a load of the kid's cum, shoved it in that beautiful face, and snarled,"Eat your cum, bitch!"

Without an instant of hesitation, the kid did exactly as he was told. Mark pulled out of the boy, ordering him to hold his legs up over his head. This gave the cameras a great shot of his distended hole, cum leaking out onto his bed.

Though obedient, the boy moaned and sobbed in humiliation, knowing full well, that every second of his degradation was being recorded, and would likely come back to haunt him. He had no Idea!

Evil Computer Voice: "You have pleased me, boy. Well done, Mark. Boy, now that you have completed your initial training, it's time for you to complete your duties for the evening. You will strip your bed of it's cum stained sheets, and add them to the laundry you will be doing. Then put your shorts back on, and head for the laundry room."

The teen twink let out a sob. Mark released his wrists from the collar, and removed the spreader bar, but left the slave collar padlocked to his neck.

Once free, James immediately stripped the sheets from the bed. He didn't dare ask to have the collar removed. He gathered up the spilled laundry in the living room and put everything in his laundry basket. Then he picked up his tiny running shorts and moved to the door before putting them on, as he had been ordered.

I was surprised, and a little disappointed he'd remembered. My sense of honor wouldn't allow me to punish him, if he didn't disobey. But then I remembered, he had a punishment coming from Mark. This made me feel better.

Evil Computer Voice: "As you are now a cock sucker and a pussy bitch, you will no longer be known as James. That is a name for a man. From now on, when anyone asks your name, you will tell them, it's Jimmy."

Our newly minted submissive, looked up in horror. He clearly had the impulse to object, but thought better of it. He just looked down, and nodded his head in defeat. I had all the security cameras in the building that covered the route to the laundry room, activated and recording. This was going to be fun!

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