Death ALWAYS Wears Black - Chapter 1

Death ALWAYS Wears Black - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The man shaped shadow in the neighbor’s yard across the street had not moved in the last 20 minutes but it was entirely possible that Glenn’s eyes were playing tricks on him as his panicked mind worked overtime on his dilemma. It had been two weeks since the contract had been fulfilled by the assassin’s guild of Ar and he had yet to send them their payment, of course, they had not exactly sought him out either for their gold, but he was still extremely worried. Silas had seen what happens to people that do not pay on time; the Guild makes VERY harsh examples of them and takes their gold too. It is always wise to not hire the Guild unless one is completely desperate.

Radio static crackled in the man’s ear as he watched the house across the street. He knew the inhabitants were inside as he had watched them all enter earlier in the day, even though the house was completely dark. He radioed back to his Lord the situation and continued to wait in the shadows as the rest of his team closed in on the house to prevent any escape before Lord Krinn arrived.

A long metallic grey limo pulled up out in front of the house and Silas almost had a heart attack, Lord Krinn himself was here. His infraction of not paying for the contract must have been considered incredibly severe for the master of the Guild himself to come. Silas quietly told his wife to hide Cynthia, their 17 year old daughter, in the crawl space then rejoin him. Marla quickly grabbed Cynthia’s hand and dragged her upstairs to the master bedroom and opening the secret panel in her husband’s closet, pushed Cynthia into the crawl space/panic room that had been hidden there then quickly returned to the living room just as someone knocked on the front door. Silas sighed audibly then snapped on the lights in the room as he walked into the foyer, turning on the lights there as well. Last, he switched on the porch light before unlocking and opening the front door and allowing the men there to enter.

“Lord Krinn, good eve to you.” Marla heard her husband say as he bent low to the first of the three men that entered. The man apprised Silas as he took off his black leather duster, the second man in line taking it dutifully from his master and draping it protectively over his arm, not bothering to remove his own duster, nor the man behind him either.

“Silas, I missed you at council last week. I had expected to see you and receive payment for the work my guild did for you. It must have slipped your mind…perhaps you confused the date of the last council?” Lord Krinn replied in his deep, velvety voice after a full appraisal of the man he called Silas. Silas shivered at the sound of Lord Krinn’s voice, the fear visible in his eyes. Marla shivered too but for an entirely different reason as her panties began to get moist from arousal. This man dripped with masculinity and raw sexual power and from all the years she and Silas had spent in the Gorean lifestyle, her body reacted to it automatically. Lord Krinn turned his attention away from Silas and glided like a dangerous predator into the living room to her, “Ahh Marla, it is good to see you again. It has been what? Two years since you graced us at council at Silas’ feet?” he purred at her as he took her fingers in his strong hand and softly kissed the inside of her wrist, softly scenting her perfume with a light inhale as his lips made her heart hammer in her chest. She felt dizzy with lust as her juices gushed into her already moist panties, her brain screaming that this man was death incarnate and he was standing mere inches from her.

“Ye…Yes Lord Krinn…two years Sir. Please, would you care to make yourself comfortable? Can I get you a drink?” she stammered as she slowly but carefully slipped her fingers from his grasp so as not to offend him. Slowly she sank to her knees in front of him, looking at his highly polished black leather boots as she assumed the Nadu pose, the backs of her hands resting palm up on the tops of her lush thighs, knees wide apart and back straight as a rod. He chuckled appreciatively as he walked past her and sat in her master’s favorite chair, Silas unable to do anything about it as she had welcomed death into their home.

Lord Krinn pondered for a minute or two then said in that voice that made her want to throw herself at his feet and beg for him to use her as he pleased, “I will take three fingers of scotch girl. I know Silas has some Glen Livet stashed somewhere.”

She turned toward the bar in the corner of the room and crawled across the floor in total subservience to Lord Krinn as her husband watched from the foyer, huddled in fear and incapable of any resistance as Lord Krinn’s eyes bored through him. Icy fingers clutched his entire chest and he thought it would be best if his heart exploded right now ending what he was sure would be hours or days of torture. Suddenly, Silas felt a strong hand on his shoulder that guided him to the couch across from Lord Krinn and forced him to sit.

Cynthia could not understand what was happening, her mother and father were both visibly terrified as she was rushed into the little hidey hole that was barely big enough for the three of them, their terror causing fear to boil in her stomach as she waited in the dark of the panic room.

Marla crawled across the floor on her knees; the rocks glass flat in the palm of one hand, the other holding it firmly to keep it from spilling as she approached. Lowering her eyes once again to his boots, she offered the glass up to him respectfully. He reached out, taking it from her hand, noticing she had stripped nude when she was at the bar out of respect for his station. He appraised her nude body slowly, impressed with her figure as she knelt in front of him, her legs opened wide offering her pussy to him. He could plainly see her arousal from the slick sheen of her juices on the insides of her thighs. Lord Krinn leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Where is your daughter, Cynthia, little one?” then sat back and sipped the incredibly old tasting scotch.

Fear flashed in Marla’s eyes as she looked quickly at the stairs then back to his boots, “She is not home Sir. Spending over at a friend’s house tonight Lord Krinn.”

He smiled slowly at her weak attempt at deception, “Really? On a school night?”

Fear flashed in her eyes again as he slowly nodded to one of his men and her husband howled in pain, a deep knife gash in his arm, blood quickly soaking his shirt. The man in the black suit in front of her slid his booted foot across the floor and between her thighs until the toe of the boot touched her quivering sex and he started slowly grinding the toe against her. She gasped audibly as she watched his boot begin to pleasure her, juices from her pussy beginning to coat the shiny leather, her mind spinning.

“Where is Cynthia, little one?” he whispered to her again with his silky voice and the petals of her womanly flower opened in response, the toe of his boot digging in deeper and finding her clit easily in a well practiced maneuver. She moaned in response as her pussy quivered, even more of her juices leaking onto the boot as she whimpered feebly, “Spending the night at a friend’s house Sir.”

Again, he nodded at his man and Silas howled again as another knife gash appeared on the same arm and he rubbed faster against her, her entire body beginning to quiver now as low moans and gasps passed her lips constantly, her mind becoming befuddled with the pleasure this man of death was building in her.

“Silas, where is your daughter? Tell me and this all ends right now with no further harm to you or your ‘wife’ and your debt satisfied.” Said Lord Krinn as he pressed his toe more firmly against Marla’s clit and rubbed faster and a third gash appearing in Silas’ arm to drive home the statement.

Whimpering for an entirely different reason than his wife, Silas stuttered, “She’s at a friend’s house M’lord, just like Marla said.” And another cut appeared on his arm in response to the obvious lie.

Upstairs in the panic room, Cynthia heard her father scream out in pain, her stomach doing flips from fear then repeatedly as her father cried out several more times. Her fingers began to search frantically for the door catch on the inside of the panic room so she could go to her parents.

Lord Gronn heard a slight scrabbling sound coming from somewhere as he stood in the upstairs hallway after coming up here in response to Marla glancing up the stairs. He smiled a tight smile as he realized this was going to be a bit of a hunt and his pulse began to react in response. He closed his eyes and mentally commanded his heart and breathing to calm as his sense of hearing became attenuated as he sought out the source of the sound.

Lord Krinn drank down his scotch in a single gulp, the smooth liquid warming him as he leaned forward slightly in his chair. Without stopping the motion of his boot on Marla’s sex, he gently reached out and cupped her cheek, then softly tilted her head up with a finger under her chin so she was looking into his eyes…his gorgeous steel grey eyes, “Tell me Marla, is your daughter really at a friend’s house?”

Marla moaned in reply as her entire body shook with her first orgasm, causing the Lord Assassin of Ar to smile wickedly. Imperceptibly she shook her head in response to his question and he smiled broadly, knowing he had broken this subs defenses and very easily at that, “That is a good girl. Where is your daughter Marla? Hiding somewhere upstairs?” his smooth voice thrilled her to her very soul as his hand slowly traced down to her full and ample left breast, the fingers teasing and plucking at her incredibly hard nipple.

Marla moaned again as she nodded slightly, another orgasm already building in her as his boot continued to work against her enflamed clit and pussy lips and his tugging on her nipple became more insistent, “That’s good Marla, tell me the secret of where she hides.” He whispered again as she heard her husband and master whimper in pain over on the couch.

Her mind swam in a pool of deep desire to please this man as he continued to torment her sexually in a way her own master had never been able to accomplish. In a space of what seemed hours to Marla had been only a few minutes since Lord Krinn had entered their home and he was playing her body like he was conducting a symphony, bringing her quickly to a crescendo.

“There’s a panic room, Master.” She stuttered as her body rocked in another powerful orgasm and she was rewarded with another of his approving smiles as his hand moved to her other breast, stroking it softly and playing with her nipple. He took note of his change of title in her mind, he now definitely owned this slave if he so desired so he pressed his advantage, “Where is this panic room Marla?” he asked as his hand slowly slid down her belly and replaced the toe of his boot between her thighs, his deft, powerful fingers sliding easily through her slit and pushing two fingers into her as his thumb found her clit.

Cynthia could hear light footsteps out in the hallway in front of her parents’ bedroom and she stopped trying to find the door release of the panic room, holding her breath in fear.

Lord Gronn lost track of the scrabbling sound as he slowly walked down the upstairs hallway, so he turned into the first doorway on his right, coming into a guest bedroom. He slowly, methodically began searching the room and found a hidden panel in the closet. Finding the release, he found a wall safe with a dial lock on it. Putting his ear lightly against the door, he began turning the dial listening for the clicks of the lock, taking note of their positions on the dial. Once he had the combination fixed in his mind, he quickly opened the safe. Inside he found several bags of Gorean Golden Marks, although not enough to pay their fee, it was a start and he took them, dropping the bags in the pockets of his leather duster.

Silas lay on the couch, whimpering in pain, the entire right sleeve of his shirt soaked in blood from the dozen deep but non-fatal cuts in his arm. He could not believe that Marla was telling Lord Krinn their daughter’s location and had even called him ‘Master.’ The betrayal he felt from her causing him even more pain than the cuts in his arm. Softly, the assassin that had been torturing him said in his ear, “This whole ordeal can end right now Silas if you just tell Lord Krinn what he wants to know.” Then the man, assuming the answer was ‘No’ once again, grabbed Silas by the hair and yanked him back to a sitting position and gashed his left arm with the extremely sharp dagger in his hand causing Silas to shriek in fresh pain.

Rapidly Lord Krinn thrust his fingers deeply into her hot, liquid sex as his thumb circled over her clit, building the feeling deep in her as he pushed his advantage over her. Distantly, Marla heard her husband shriek, the timbre of it heating her even more as moans and gasps continued to slip from between her lips, “Its…ahh…in Silas’…(moan)…closet Master.” Her voice pleaded as if asking for another orgasm.

The radio crackled in Gronn’s ear as his Lord’s voice came over the link informing him the panic room was in Silas’ closet in the master bedroom. Quickly Gronn finished what he was doing in the guest room and as he was turning to move away from the wall safe, he noticed a smallish box set far back in the corner of the safe. Picking it up he carefully opened it and gasped at what was inside. Quickly he closed the box and placed it reverently in the inner breast pocket of his duster then rapidly moved to the master bedroom and to Silas’ closet.

Cynthia heard her father shriek in pain from downstairs then heard footsteps rapidly approach her hiding place. She could not believe her father would have told where she was hiding but the fear of discovery was like bile in her throat as she began to panic.

The Lord Assassin drove a third finger into Marla as he rubbed her clit faster, his other hand reaching out and tugging her nipples roughly, stretching them away from her body as her juices soaked his hand and her body thrummed like the strings of a plucked guitar as she came for a third time in as many minutes. He pulled his hand away from her sex and released her nipples as she whined in loss, wanting nothing more than for this deadly man to touch her again, explore her again and make her cum again.

“Good girl Marla.” He whispered as he brought his hand to her plush, gasping lips and eagerly taking his hand in hers, she began cleaning her juices off him with her tongue and lips, making sure to get every drop of her essence. Once his hand was completely clean, she dropped down to his boot, her shapely ass sticking up high as she began to clean her drying juices off his boot, shining the leather with her tongue.

Silas glared at her through a haze of pain as she told Lord Krinn of their daughters hiding spot then watched in shock as she cleaned herself off not only his hand but his boot as well. His entire world collapsed in upon itself as he realized everything he had worked for in the Gorean world was rapidly crumbling around him. Not only had he lost his slave but he would lose his daughter as well due to his own greedy desire to advance further than fates allowed in this world.

Gronn’s fingers searched for the catch on the secret panel, using his experience from the one on the safe in the guest bedroom helped him find it quickly. He pulled the catch and the panel slid open silently, revealing the panic room and the treasure inside.

Cynthia heard the footsteps approach the closet then stop right in front of the panel that concealed her in the panic room. She could hear the person on the other side actively trying to open the panel and then unexpectedly it slid open to reveal a strange man looking at her. She squealed in panic and tried to move deeper into the panic room as his hand shot out and grabbed a handful of her long raven colored hair, dragging her out of hiding and forcing her to stand, dragging her out into the room so he could inspect his prize.

As Marla cleaned his boot, Lord Krinn heard a squeal from upstairs indicating Gronn had found his payment and then footsteps on the stairs as Gronn dragged her downstairs. Krinn’s first sight of her was breathtaking, her long raven colored hair was a striking contrast against her milky skin, her body was lush, large breasts flaring then slimming down to a narrow waist then her body flaring again at the hip and her long muscular legs. This vision of loveliness caused a powerful stirring of his manhood…something her mother had not been able to accomplish even completely nude and subservient. His mind wandered while looking at her, imagining his powerful hand wrapped around her tiny waist as he hammered his cock into her. Slowly he began to smile at the struggling girl, causing her blood to run cold then he looked at Silas and said, “Payment in full Silas. Thank you very much.”

As Cynthia was dragged down the stairs, she took in the scene quickly…her father sitting on the couch, his white shirt soaked with what had to be his blood on both sleeves…her mother naked and bent over, licking the boot of the man sitting in father’s chair, her ass and pussy prominently displayed for anyone watching…The man standing behind father and slightly to the left, a wicked looking dagger in his hand, covered in her father’s blood…and finally the man in father’s chair, slowly rising to his feet dressed in a tailored black suit, white silk shirt, red silk tie and knee high, black leather riding boots. His power radiated through the room, and even she, as inexperienced as she was, could feel it and it unsettled her deeply. Then she heard the words that shattered her world…”Payment in full. Thank you very much.” to her father. Then he motioned for the man holding her to take her outside and he whisked her out the door.

Lord Krinn stood up and pulled away from Marla, causing her to look up in shame at her reaction to him, briefly seeing the look on her daughters face before she was pulled out of the house by Lord Gronn. She put her face in her hands and softly wept as she knelt on the floor then heard the Assassin King speak as he retrieved his duster and draped it over his arm, “Dalest, kill Silas as punishment for his failure to pay. You and the rest of the men outside can have your way with Marla…make it a lasting impression then return to the fortress when you are finished. Use and mark her as you wish but leave her alive.” Then he strode out of the house, going to his waiting limo. The last thing she clearly remembered was the gurgling from Silas as the assassin named Dalest cut his throat before feeling several pairs of hands on her body….

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