The Prisoner (Part 3)

The Prisoner (Part 3)

Stephen’s alarm went off at 6:30 in the morning. ‘That was strange; his alarm usually went off at 7.’ He turned over to try to go back to sleep, then jumped upright, remembering what was waiting for him downstairs, and why he had set his alarm to go off so early. He got up showered and got ready for work, and then made his way downstairs into the kitchen; he put a slice of bread in the toaster and then made his way down the steps to the basement. He then pushed open the basement door and looked in.
And there she was, Jennie Connelly, still tied up with her legs spread apart totally naked. She was gorgeous, stunning legs, long and smooth, and a fantastic round arse. She had a gorgeous skinny back and as Stephen’s eyes roamed up to her strong neck, bent forward. Her head was hung in front of her, and the long golden hair was forming a veil in front of her face. Then as Stephen stared at her back, he saw her body convulse from the waist.
The sinister vibrator was still inside her and the battery had not yet gone flat. However it had not caused the screams of pain that Stephen had expected and experienced the night before. This was slightly unexpected, so Stephen walked up to the sexy damsel, he ran his finger up her bum cheek, then along the line of her hip. He was then stood facing her, her head still hung in the same position, her face obscured from view by the curtain of blonde hair trailing down in front of it. Stephen parted the hair with his hands and understood why, Jennie was no longer screaming, because during the night the pain from her pussy had got so intense that she had passed out.
Stephen stared at the beautiful specimen of a woman in front of him. He ran his fingers along the bare skin on her stomach, He then started to rub his hands over her, gorgeous breasts, they were large and round. He gently rubbed them for a few minutes. Then he moved his hands up her neck and round the back of her head and undid the ball gag that was still in place from the night before. Stephen then decided to remove the vibrator, so he turned it off, undid the strap around her waist and then began to gently slide the hideous machine out. However as he slid the thing out; the spikes scraped along the inner wall of her vagina, rupturing the old wounds made the night before. This new pain caused Jennie to wake up suddenly, with a loud gasp. Stephen put his hand over Jennie’s mouth, as she looked at him in fear.
“Shhh, be quiet it has to come out.” Stephen said in his most soothing voice. Then keeping a firm grip over Jennie’s mouth he gently pulled the vibrator out of her pussy, amidst muffled screams and protests from Jennie. Fresh tears were forming on Jennie’s face.
“Sorry, Jennie but it had to come out.” Stephen said brushing Jennie’s cheek with his hand.
“It wouldn’t, if you hadn’t put it in there in the first place.” Jennie sobbed.
“Well I’m sorry, but I had to teach you a lesson. You are stunningly beautiful, but you can’t use those looks to draw guys in and then stab them in the back.” Stephen then started to stroke his hands through Jennie’s long blond hair, and brush her cheek with his thumb. Jennie jerked her head away; her pussy still throbbed with pain and was bleeding heavily. Stephen then grabbed both sides of her face and pulled her head towards him.
“Come on slut; give your master a nice big kiss.” He then pushed his lips onto hers, however she didn’t kiss back. “Come on, you can do better than that. Kiss me properly. Kiss me like you did in prison!” Jennie had no strength to resist, she had had no sleep, she was hungry and desperately needed to pee; plus the sexiness of that time in the prison still turned her on, this was helped by the fact that he was in his prison uniform. So this time when Stephen drew her in for the kiss she began to kiss back in order to try and stop the punishment, for a while. They kissed for a couple of minutes, and then Stephen pulled away,
“That’s better; you’re learning you must do what your master says always. Good girl.”
Stephen then began to rub his hands gently all over her body. Down her neck and her chest, over her beautiful breasts, down her stomach and then finally down her legs. He did it, gently and lovingly. And 24 hours before, this would have excited Jennie so much, that she would have jumped on his cock in a heartbeat, but now those hands repulsed her,. But there was nothing she could do, she was tied tight and her sadistic captor could touch any part of her body he wished and she would be totally helpless.
Stephen felt the soft feel of Jennie’s beautiful skin, it was heaven. He continued to rub his hands up and down her stunning body and he could feel his cock getting harder and harder. He started to rub the outside of her leg and then moved up the inside, gently rising from the knee up the inside of her thigh. Jennie knew what was happening, but was helpless to stop it. Stephen continued to move up her leg, until his hand was pressed up against her pubic regions. Stephen rubbed his hand gently across the outside, stimulating the clit underneath. While he was doing this he unbuttoned his trousers and let them and his boxers fall to the floor.
“Please, Stephen don’t do this.” Jennie begged.
Stephen was having none of this, so he placed his middle finger up inside her pussy and began to rotate it inside. This didn’t have the usual pleasuring effect it had on a woman, for all it did was cause Jennie severe pain, especially when Stephen’s nail caught on the partially healed cuts made by the vibrator. This had the effect of rupturing them right open.
“Please, stop.” Jennie sobbed, tears pouring down her face.
Stephen pulled out.
“Thank you, master.” Jennie said gratefully.
Stephen then laughed maliciously, and gave Jennie’s arse a hard slap. She jumped at this unexpected case of violence. That laugh terrified, Jennie.
“You think that’s it? No, that’s just the start; I’m going to fuck you so hard. I want you to feel my warm cum inside you.”
“No, please master. I beg you.”
“Quiet!” Stephen shouted in a tone that brooked no argument, “Only I know what is best for you, you will do what I want, when I want it. If I want to fuck you, I will do it, and no amount of begging from you is going to change that. Got it? You are my slave now and you will do what I say!”
He then grabbed her by the arse and pulled her naked body towards him, so that she was pressed up against him with his rock-hard cock, pinned between the two of them. Stephen then bent his knees allowing his dick to slide down over her belly button, and swing free, in the gap between her legs, that were still spread in the uncomfortable position Jennie had been left with overnight. Stephen then brought his rod up so that it was just nestled in between the lips of her vagina, but not pressed in at all. He just left it there for a while. Jennie was shaking with fear. This was clearly going to hurt. The cuts on her inside were still seeping blood, and this thick member was probably going to rupture half of them wide open again. She was shaking almost uncontrollably.
Stephen then began to push gently guiding his dick in. Jennie gasped as her pussy was stretched by this monster; it was a mixture of pain but a little bit of pleasure too. Stephen kept gently guiding it in until the lips were wrapped around his bellend. The feel of her warm moist cunt moulding around his cock was amazing. He loved being this close to a woman, so intimate with her, yet also the fact that he had total control over her and there was nothing she could do. Then he gave Jennie an evil smile, held her arse and thrust forward hard, deepening out his thick rod inside her pussy. Jennie screamed so loud at this. The cuts on her inside opened up again as the dick scraped past them.
Jennie began to cry and whimper, whilst Stephen kept thrusting backwards and forwards, savouring the feeling of her warm inside. His shaft was sliding easily along her inside, because the blood pouring out of her wounds was acting as a lubricant easing his passage in and out of her.
Jennie was in agony, she was so tired, she had had no sleep the night before, her wrists and ankles hurt from having ropes dig into them all day. Her toes hurt from being forced to stand on tiptoes the whole time, and her pussy had just been abused to inconceivable amounts. Tears were pouring down her face and she was whimpering and begging Stephen to stop.
However these obvious signs of pain just turned Stephen on more and more and he started to thrust harder and harder, abusing the helpless hottie even more. He pumped and pumped, pounding her pussy, pulling himself closer and closer to orgasm. Then suddenly the feelings exploded out of him, he got a sensational rush as he came into her. He grunted, and moaned as he forced more and more cum into her bare cunt. Jennie moaned as she felt her pussy being filled with his hot sticky cum.
Now there was the added fear of getting pregnant with this monster’s baby.
As if he’d read her mind. “Don’t worry Jennie, you won’t be getting pregnant, I’ve got the pill for you to take. I’m not fathering a child with some filthy slave slut like you.” In a way Jennie was relieved, however the pain and humiliation of being raped and abused was much worse.
Once Stephen had finished unloading his cum into Jennie he pulled out with a loud squelch. As he pulled out a mixture of spunk and blood started to drip out of Jennie’s pussy onto the floor; forming a red and white mixture on the floor. Stephen looked down to discover more of this mixture covering his cock.
“Well this has got to be cleaned up.”
Stephen walked over to the rope that was attached to her arms and let some of it through the pulley.
“Kneel on the floor bitch!” Jennie obeyed without question.
“Now you are gonna lick this mess off of my cock.” He then moved his hips towards her face and wiped the sticky mixture along her cheek and then over her lips, Jennie then opened her mouth and let Stephen slide his cock inside. By now Stephen had recovered from his first release and his cock started to expand inside Jennie’s mouth. Jennie started to lick the shaft inside her mouth. But the blood, cum mixture was truly disgusting and she nearly threw up when her tastebuds came into contact with it. This lead her to gag and she jerked her head back coughing and spluttering.
“I can’t, it tastes disgusting. Don’t make me do it.” She whimpered.
SMACK! Stephen’s hand made contact with the side of Jennie’s face.
“You’ll do as I tell you to slave. Only I, your master knows what you can and can’t do, and if I tell you to suck my cock, you bloody well do it!” he shouted.
Tears were forming in Jennie’s eyes as she placed her lips around the foul sticky member, but she forced herself to endure the pain, humiliation and foul taste, there was nothing else for her to do.
She began to suck on his member and as the cock got bigger and bigger it started to fill her whole throat and breathing got more and more difficult. She was trying to breathe as much through her nose as possible, but even this was proving difficult. The only way this was going to stop was if she made him come as quickly as possible, otherwise she might pass out through a lack of oxygen, and she dreaded to think of what punishment he’d think up if she passed out halfway through the act.
So Jennie started to lick his tongue firmly doing full strokes of the shaft within her mouth licking form the base to the tip. She then started to move her head forwards and backwards, so that his cock made contact with the back of her throat. Stephen then started thrusting back and forwards in time so that he was now pounding the back of Jennie’s throat. He started to pant. Her warm mouth felt so good. Her tongue was playing with his shaft and he could feel the pressure building up and his dick get harder and longer, as she milked it with her tongue.
“Oh! You really are an experienced little slut aren’t you? You’re sucking like a pro.” Stephen panted.
Jennie looked up into her captors face, the signs of stress showed that he was close and that he couldn’t hold on much longer.
30 seconds later and Stephen’s cock exploded into Jennie’s mouth.
“Swallow it, swallow it all. I don’t want to see a drop escape your mouth.” Stephen ordered. Jennie obeyed allowing every last drop of the foul cream onto her tongue before gulping it all down. She could feel it slowly trickling down into her stomach, the thought just made her want to throw up. She began to cough and splutter but she kept it all down.
“Good girl.” Stephen said kissing her gently on the forehead as, her head drooped through exhaustion. Stephen then pulled up his trousers and left her to recover whilst he went off to have his breakfast.

He ate his toast and cereal, reliving every moment since his alarm went off.
Once he’d finished, he got up and made his way back into the basement. Jennie looked up as he entered.
“Please, Stephen, sir. I can’t take any more, please; I’m begging you don’t make me do any more.”
Stephen knelt down next to her so that there eyes were level.
“Don’t worry, Jennie, that’s it for now.” He produced a glass of water and put it to her lips, she gulped it down. She hadn’t realised how thirsty she was. She didn’t know that Stephen had mixed a pregnancy pill in with the water, but she wouldn’t have minded. She definitely didn’t want to get pregnant. “There you go, drink up.”
Once the glass was empty, Stephen pulled it away.
“Thanks.” Jennie said. Stephen raised his eyebrows at this. “Thanks, master.” Jennie hastily added.
“Good, that’s better.” Stephen said. He then got up and went over to his table. This filled Jennie with fear. But when he came back all he was holding was what appeared to be a larger leather dog collar with a chain attached to it. He placed it round her neck pulling her hair out of the way and then fixed it together behind her head with a padlock, making sure that it could not be removed. He then removed the ropes around her ankles and wrists. Jennie fell forward, onto her hands and knees. She made to get up but Stephen placed his hand on top of her head stopping her from doing so.
“No. no, stay on all fours, like you should, my little dog bitch.” Stephen then took hold of the other end of the lead and led her towards the stairs.
He paused at the bottom of the stairs. “Up you go.” He said. Jennie started to climb, and Stephen followed. Her ass was wiggling enticingly as the clambered up a few steps above him on all fours. He couldn’t help giving it a hard slap.
“OWW,” Jennie moaned and collapsed. She was clearly exhausted.
“Keep going.” Stephen urged and Jennie began to climb again, a few slaps later and she was at the top, back in the kitchen, where she had first been drugged and the ordeal had begun. She paused in the doorway unsure of where Stephen wanted her to go.
“Keep going,” he said, pointing over into the far corner. Jennie crawled over to it and as she got closer she saw there was a large water bowl and also a second bowl which looked like it had been filled with dog food. Her stomach turned at the sight of it.
“There you go, enjoy your meal.” Jennie crawled over to it and began to lap up the water with her tongue. She knew Stephen wouldn’t allow her to drink using her hands; she had to act like a dog. His pet, his bitch, his property. It was all thought out to make her feel inferior and under his control. While she lapped up the water. Stephen fixed the chain around the leg of a table and padlocked it there. This meant that while Stephen was away Jennie was bound to the kitchen, for the table was bolted to the floor, so there was no way for her to get it off.
“Right, I’m off to work. I’ll see you when I get back. Oh and I want you to clean this kitchen while I’m away. You have to look after this house, its part of your job. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in it, so look after it.” He then pulled a bucket full of water out from under the sink and placed it in front of Jennie with a cloth. He then closed the cupboard, locked it with a key attached to his waist and left.
Jennie heard the door slam and the car engine turn on and the crunch of gravel as it drove down the drive. She stayed there crouched on all fours. She needed a plan, she thought about it for a while and then her tummy gave an almighty rumble. She was so hungry; she crawled over towards the fridge freezer and pulled on the door. But it wouldn’t budge, she looked and realised that the door had been padlocked shut. She then moved her way around the kitchen trying all the cupboards and draws, but all of them had been locked by the one under the sink. Stephen had thought of everything. There was only one thing left for her. She stood up, (she wasn’t going to act like a dog now he was gone) and walked over to the dog food. She then bent down and picked it up and took it over to the table. It looked disgusting, a mixture of beef and jelly. She sat down at the table and as she had no spoon brought the bowl to her mouth and ate. It did not taste good, however it wasn’t as bad as she had expected and she was so hungry, it was as good as anything she had ever tasted. And besides it was no worse than the prison food she’d been used to. Once she’d finished she placed the bowl back in the corner, took another drink and then sat down and thought.
She tried to think of a plan to escape, but she couldn’t. She was confined to the kitchen by the chain round her neck and all the things she could use to remove it where locked in the cupboards around her. The other way was to wait for Stephen to get back and attack him, but he was much too strong for her, and so the only way was to use a weapon. All she had was a lowsy plastic bucket and that was going to be no good against a big, strong, muscly prison guard. She went over to the cutlery draw and pulled as hard as she could, she pulled and pulled but she couldn’t open it. Eventually she pulled so hard that she lost her grip and fell backwards in a heap.
That was when the hopelessness of the situation really got to her. She lay in a ball and cried and cried, she was a slave and she couldn’t do anything about it. She stayed there crying and before she knew it she was fast asleep.


Jennie woke with a start, she’d slept all day and Stephen had arrived home. She jumped and looked up just as she saw him walking towards her carrying the bucket still filled with water.
“Nooooooo.” She screamed putting her hands up to shield her face. But Stephen reached her and poured the freezing bucket of water over her head. Jennie squealed as the ice cold water flooded over her naked body. Stephen then grabbed her hair and yanked her head back.
“I told you to clean this kitchen and what have you done? You’ve slept all day.” Stephen spat, he then slapped her hard across the face. Jennie fell back with the force of the hit and lay on the floor sobbing clutching her face.
“Stay there!” Stephen rushed out and down into the basement. Terrified, Jennie didn’t dare move.
When Stephen came back, he grabbed her by the hair and threw her down on her front; he then sat on top of her and pulled her hands behind her back. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed her wrists together and then did the same with her ankles. He then stood up and dragged her across the room by her hair. Once he reached the side of the room he made her kneel in the corner. He then pulled out two nipple clamps and attached them firmly to her nipples. She sobbed at this. How could she have been so stupid, as to fall asleep? Stephen then got up and walked over to the counter. He then got a plate out of the cupboard and started preparing his dinner. He made sure his back was to Jennie so that she couldn’t see what he was doing.
“Now I had bought fish and chips tonight and planned to possibly give you a bit if you’d worked well, but as you haven’t worked at all, then you’ll have to go hungry.”
It was torture watching Stephen eat the lovely fish and chips in front of her. It looked so tasty and he kept waving it in her face. When he was nearly done he walked over with a piece of fish wrapped in juicy batter. It looked gorgeous. For a split second Jennie thought he was going to give it to her as he crouched down beside her. But instead he gave a sharp pull on the chain holding her nipple clamps. This caused her to scream and then sob as she watched him eat the last bit of fish right in front of her.
Stephen then picked her up and carried her downstairs back into the basement. He then dumped her still handcuffed onto the concrete floor and walked back upstairs, locking the door behind him.
Jennie lay there on the freezing concrete floor. She was totally naked and still soaking wet after having a bucket poured over her. She shivered as the water took all of the heat away from her body. It was going to be a long night.

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