Ashley's Tiny Holes 2

Ashley's Tiny Holes 2

Ashley’s Holes 2 by Will Buster

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Buck tore off Ashley’s crimson thong. The smell of moist, seeping, pussy hit him like a whiff of hundred dollar perfume. He had to eat her pretty, pink cunny and he had to do it now. Ashley spread her slender, perfectly shaved legs apart. The young cunt had recently shaved her pussy bush also. She hadn’t had a lot of hair there to begin with but now it was as smooth as a newborn’s ass cheek.

Ashley coaxed, “Come on baby! Eat my little girl hole! Suck out my juice. I’ve been hot for you all day in school. Oh yes! Lick my cunt you naughty stud! Suck it! Eat it! Fuck me with your tongue! Oooooo! Yes! Oh God Buck! You’re such a slut!”

Buck ground his face into that wet, aromatic paradise. He jabbed his tasting tongue in and out of her, relishing the flavor of fresh, young teen cunt. He grabbed her exposed tits while Ashley whimpered and squealed from a modest climax. “Yes Buck, yes! Finger fuck me! Oooooo! You dirty boy! Eeeeeaaaaa! More! Oh God! You’re so fucking good Buck!”

Her small hands gripped his head, forcing his face and mouth harder into her urgently lunging groin. Her lovely honey blonde hair was already a mess but she didn’t care. Her new boy friend was eating the living shit out of her and then he would fuck her cunt and ass hole just like the previous afternoons and evenings that week. “Eat my snatch fuck boy! Gggggooooddd! You’re making me ccccuuummmm! I can’t stop! Jesus fucking Christ! Oh Buck! Buck! Ssssshhhhiiiittttt!”

Ashley’s young body convulsed wildly once more. Then big Buck mounted the young teen whore and slammed his man meat into her pussy with one vicious thrust. She screamed in sheer ecstasy. “Ahuh! Ahuh! Ahuh! Fuck my hole! Come on Buck! Fuck me hard! I want it hard! Bang my fucking box like a husband! Eeeeeaaaahhhhh! Eeeeaaaahhhh! You fucking baby banging stud!”

Buck was getting into the swing of things. His voice was full of emotion from the passion building in his balls. “Get your legs back slut! Further! Yeah! Now fuck me, whore! Squeeze me tighter! Tighter! Jerk me you little tramp! Yeah! Just like that slut! Get those fucking legs back bitch! You little vixen! I’m gonna bang your fucking brains out so fuck my cock! Come on whore! Fuck me!”

Ashley grabbed her ankles and somehow forced her legs back to the max. He was blasting straight down into her writhing pussy now. She felt his bulging bone head bang into her cervix and she rapidly lost count of orgasm. She kept quivering and shuddering with bliss as his cock did her and redid her for minute after thrilling minute. Her tits were getting sore from his tight grip but it was a pleasant soreness. Sensations of searing delight kept moving from cunt to tits and back again as her lusty young body responded in every possible carnal way. Ashley screamed and her ejaculation poured out of her pussy and still his pounding went on and on.

He growled, “I need your cunt you little bitch so keep fucking! God what a sleazy little piece you are slut!”

Ashley whimpered her plea for more climax. “Oh please Buck! Don’t stop! I love it when you’re hard and deep inside my fucking pussy! Ooooooo! More! More! Bang my baby pussy! Screw my hot little under aged cunt! Oh Buck! Do me! Keep doing me!”

When is orgasm came it was like an electric shock lanced through his entire groin. The little fox shoved a finger up his ass and that had triggered his balls into action. Spunk poured into Ashley’s young cunt like a water cannon, dousing a crowd of demonstrators. Again and again his seed shot through her cervix and into her tiny womb. God it felt so great to fill the little bitch up to the fucking brim!


The next day, Ashley ran into Heather at school. It was during lunch at the cafeteria and Heather was sitting across from Ashley while they both munched on sandwiches. Ashley was grinning at slender little Heather who was a full year younger than Ashley. The petite brunette asked, “So tell me more about your new boy friend? What’s he like?”

“He’s a dream, Het. I go over there every day after supper. He’s my dessert.”

Heather raised her brows a little. Her brown eyes looked questioningly back into Ashley’s gleaming gaze. “I’m curious, do you two fuck?”

Ashley giggled, “All the time. He’s such a naughty stud! I can’t stop cumming on that huge dick of his! He’s so hot and he’s almost 18. Buck is an auto mechanic. But he’s good at a lot more than just fixing cars. He knows how to fix my pussy so it feels so good. He fucks me to completion to. I have to take the pill because he squirts his baby milk into me all the time. He’s such a handsome stud.”

Heather licked her lips, thinking about this sex machine of Ashley’s. “So why are you telling me all this Ash?”

Ashley leaned closer to her friend so she wouldn’t be overheard. “I just thought you’d like to try him out. He likes young stuff and you haven’t been done yet. I thought you’d enjoy letting him make a real woman out of you.”

“You must be joking Ash. I don’t even know him.”

Ashley smirked, “Don’t worry Het, I’ll be there with you and he’s really well mannered considering he’s a well hung stud. Come on Heather, you’ll just love it. Besides, you’re my friend. He’s really sweet and he fucks great!”

Heather’s pussy was starting to flow and she clenched her legs together tighter. Her face began to turn crimson. She whispered, “All right Ash, I’ll give him a try.”


This time when Buck answered the knock at the door he saw two little chicks instead of one. They walked in as if they owned the place. With raised eyebrows, Buck closed the door and asked the million dollar question. “What’s this Ashley?”

Ashley chortled, “This is Heather. She wants to get better acquainted with you. She’s only twelve and she hasn’t been fucked yet. I thought you might like to do the honors.”

Buck raised his eyebrows further. Ashley was pretty nubile looking but Heather was even shorter and definitely appeared more girlish. She had her hair tricked out in cute little bangs and curls and her face looked like a prissy ten year old. Heather’s lips were modesty coated in some glossy pink lip stick and her outfit was fucking hot. At least Buck thought it was hot. The brunette’s skirt was at least two inches above her nylon covered knees and two small mounds showed from underneath a thin, white blouse. The chick had already taken off her blue sweater.

Ashley decided to break the ice. “Buck why don’t you start on me first and let Heather watch for awhile. When she’s ready I’ll show her what to do. Okay Het?”

Heather swallowed nervously when she nodded. Then the two school chicks and Buck went back to his bedroom.


“Quicker! Quicker! Hurry baby! Fuck my cunt hard! Yes Buck! Bang me! Eeeeeeeeeaaaa! You nasty fucker! Again!” Ashley was squealing on almost every powerful plunge of Buck’s driving prick. The little teen tart was under her boy toy, straining on his meat and loving every spine tingling second of it.

Heather slowly undressed while she watched her friend getting royally porked. Her own cunt was wet now as she watched Buck’s manhood appear and disappear with quick thrusts into Ashley’s pretty pussy. The pre teen virgin marveled at how that big bone stretched her friend's vagina allowing slick juices to escape as Ashley screamed with yet another climax.

“Fuck me Buck! Fuck my grade 8 pussy. Squirt it into my cunt and then you can fuck Heather’s virgin cunt! She’s tighter than me! Now put it to me you mother fucker! Show me how it’s done! Aaaaaahhhhh! Aaaaahhhhh! Oh Jesus! Fucking! Christ! Eeeeeaaahahhhh!”

Ashley still had her stockings on along with her 32 B bra. She’d been in such a hurry she hadn’t had time to take it off. Once Buck had ripped her thong off, he’d lunged his bone into her baby pit and ravished the little blonde bimbo to a fair thee well. “Again Buck! Drill me! Do me! Aaaaahhhhhh! You pussy screwing stud! Fuck!”

Buck was really humping the little blonde slut hard now. His cock tip was mashing into her little cervix, driving the young doxy wild. Climax kept spasming inside her as regularly as clock work, or in this case, cock work. Soon, Buck’s dick itched and tingled as his balls swelled to the bursting point.

Buck yelled as his sticky lust jetted into Ashley, filling her cunt and womb. “Take it whore! Milk my cock you horny slut! Yes! Sssshhhiiitttt!”

Baby cream gushed in hot streams into Ashley’s gripping fuck hole. How this bitch loved to fuck! The fact that he would soon be doing a pre teen treat made the orgasm even more satisfying for both of them. He drained what felt like a quart of gizz into his young whore while she moaned and writhed in utter heat.

Ashley looked over at Heather. “Come on Het! Let him eat your pussy first and I’ll suck him hard so he can fuck your cunt nice. That’s it, move on over here. He won’t bite, at least not very hard.” Ashley chuckled as her younger friend lay back, putting her angelic looking head on the pillow. Ashley moved over and grabbed heather’s thin legs and pulled them way back. “Now Buck, eat her fuck hole! Tongue fuck that pre teen snatch! Oh yeah! Do it Buck! Eat her and drink her totally!”

He slithered his tongue over Heather’s exposed clit, making it swell quickly. Then he slipped it inside they youngster, eating that fresh little twat. Unlike Ashley, this little chick had never been fucked before. He was going to slice a wild young cherry and the little slut was already moaning. In seconds, his mouth was filled with a pungent, salty juice. It was amazing. He’d only sucked her out for a minute and the hot little fox had already cum on his face. He sucked on her perineum and flicked his tongue on her anus. With a sudden jolt, Heather lunged up, her fire lit by now. She gasped, “Oh Buck! It’s so nice! Eat my cunt! Eat it! Eat it! More!”

Ashley snuck down behind Buck and engulfed his cock with her soft, moist mouth. In seconds she was sucking and gagging on his meat, anxious to get him hard and prepared to do her young friend. Buck moved his legs apart and rolled on his side so that Ashley could provide his cock better oral service. It was such a sizzling turn on to feel her talented tongue slurping all over his head and shaft while he drank Heather’s rich pussy nectar. Before long he had fingers inside Heather’s cunt and ass hole and the little bitch was squealing loudly now, begging him to fuck her. He couldn’t believe it. These young sluts were so horny and wild. Even some of the late teen tricks he’d been with hadn’t been aggressive and wanton like these two. He could have sworn that Ashley could have sucked a golf ball through a fucking garden hose and the noises she made rivaled any hot porn flick that could be downloaded from the net. Ashley made sounds like she was choking from a cock lodged deep down her throat which indeed it was. He raised his head. “I’m gonna take Heather now Ashley! Hold her legs way back!”

Ashley moved into position once more and grabbed Heather by the ankles. In moments, Heather’s legs were so far back she looked almost like half a girl and her pink holes were ripe for the plucking.

Ashley hollered, “Break her fucking cherry Buck! Fuck that virgin sore! Oh yeah! Stick it in and bang her!”
Buck was hot and eager. He nudged his cock head just beyond Heather’s tender, sopping wet labia and then he blasted home!

Heather screamed! Before she could say anything more he was pounding into her, reveling in her exceptionally tight pussy! To Heather, the sting of first entrance ripped through her like she was being pierced by a fucking switch blade. Again she screamed and then her pussy convulsed cum, soothing her channel. His oral preparation had helped her immensely and now she was lunging forward to meet his vicious thrusts.

Buck groaned, “You little pre teen bitch! Fuck me! Work my meat with your fucking tiny cunt! Oh yeah! I can tell you want it whore! Hold her legs way back Ashley! I’m gonna fill her tight twat up with my fucking seed! God Ashley! She’s so fucking tight!”

Heather wasn’t saying much. Her whimpers and moans let both him and Ashley know that she was enjoying the fuck now. The little twelve year old didn’t have much in the way of tits so for the most part, Buck ignored them, just pinching them once and awhile to insure that Heather kept hot and definitely bothered.

Ashley giggled like a young girl herself. “Buck, when you squirt her, I’ll show her how to suck you hard and then you can fuck my little ass hole so she can see how it’s done. She’ll have to go home pretty soon though. She can’t stay out nearly as late as I do. She has to be back by six at the latest. After all Heather’s just a grade seven fox and little girls have to get home for supper on time. Isn’t that right Heather?”

The young brunette gurgled, “Yes Ash! Cum in my cunt Buck! Make me a woman! It’s so much fun to fuck! Eeeeeeeee! Eeeeeee! Oooooo! Screw my baby fuck hole Buck! You’re so fucking hard in my pussy! Yes! Yes! Yyyyeeeessss!”

The brunette’s little cunt shuddered with a maelstrom of sensations and quakes. Her orgasm was violent and expressive as more juices streamed out of her box. Buck couldn’t hold back any more either. His sensitive cock head kept savagely banging into the little seventh grader’s vulnerable cervix. With an obscene oath and a cry of extreme pleasure, Buck unleashed his passion into Heather’s grinding little love canal.

“You wicked little piece! Fuck! God! Take it! Take it fucking all! God!”

His dick pulsed streams of warm semen into the little school chick as if he had gallons to share. He wasn’t sure if the ecstasy would ever stop.

Ashley smirked, “Look at that little slut go. Oh baby! She’s such a little whore! Oh yeah Het! Work that big studding cock, you foxy tramp! Fuck him till he’s dry you naughty little turbo slut! Oooooo Heather! You’re such a wicked little whore! Go girl go!!

Buck looked at Ashley who was still holding heather’s sexy legs back. He chuckled, “She takes to it like a duck to water.”

Ashley snickered, “Yeah, I know. Heather’s a naughty little piece. Now Het, get down on him and suck him hard so he can fuck my baby ass hole.”

Soon, Ashley was sitting on Buck’s face, getting her oozing pussy totally eaten while Heather learned how to suck cock. Heather was slow at first, getting used to the new tastes and smells of the male member. She found it delightful as she gently licked him with her velvety tongue. The bare pre teen slut quickly explored him with her gentle fingers, learning what his balls and man meat felt like. She was amazed at how her little licks and brief sucks hardened him and perhaps after ten minutes of reluctant sucking found Buck rock hard and ready for Ashley’s hot little bum hole.

As if on queue, Ashley moved back and gradually inserted Buck’s bone up her shit chute.

Heather watched with astonishment as she began to get her clothes back on. “God! I can’t believe it Ash! How can you take that up your ass? He’s gonna stretch you wide open!”

“Just watch me slut! Aaaaahh! Oh shit! Hurt me baby! Make that shit hole sore you fucking anal stud! Aaaaahh! Push it up my ass! Yeah! Further! Aaaaahhh! Further! All the way up! Ooooo! Jesus fucking Jesus! Eeeeeee!”

He was inside her to the balls and the little bitch was gripping him hard, giving him a super quality rim job with her young teen ass hole. Heather watched in utter shock as she saw Ashley’s little pucker stretched to the fucking max.

Heather crooned, “Oh Ashley you are such an anal whore! Oh yeah! Fuck that cock with your virgin ass! Do it Ash! Fuck the shit out of her Buck! I’ll be back for more of this, guys! I gotta go now or my parents will be pissed. See you tomorrow, maybe!”

Ashley wanted more cum shot up her little ass. The completely bare eighth grader teased Buck. “Did you like fucking heather’s little virgin cunt?”

“She was awesome! She’s so tight and foxy! God Ashley! Your ass is so fucking tight! Fuck me faster you slut! Yeah! Like that! Faster slut! Oh God Ashley! Rim me you fucking anal bitch! Fuck me! God! What a fucking sleazy whore!”

Ashley’s face was flushed with shame and passion. She was fucking this older boy with her tiny, virgin rectum. She felt like such a filthy little slut and yet her body kept responding and quivering with an inner rapture that she could not willingly escape from. “Jolt it up my ass fuck boy! Aaaaahhh! It’s so big up my little shit hole! Ffffuuuuccckkkk! Stretch me wide you slut fucking stud! Do my ass! Just keep doing it! Eeeeeeee!”

Ashley and Buck fucked a long time after Heather left his apartment. They were more concerned with making sure that they were getting a lot of climax. Before that night was over, Buck had cum in Ashley’s tight ass and later, made the hottie gulp his seed down that wanton throat of hers until she’d gotten a belly full. Buck was amazed how much of a sex pig Ashley turned out to be. What would she be like when she was twenty?

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