It Started Out as Just a Joke (revised)

It Started Out as Just a Joke (revised)

I’m from Madera California, just your average family. Mother, Father, Brother, and Myself. My Family is very close and open with one another but we’ve never been nude in front of each other or thought about each other in sexual ways. However, when we go out to the store or somewhere we ask “is there anything anyone wants from ‘blank’ ” and when we got old enough and we would go to the local porn shop we would ask if anyone wanted anything. Usually, we all just got some lube or movies and we would all go to our own rooms and watch them. This time, however, I was getting a pocket pussy. My brother had seen a picture of the one I wanted online and asked me to pick one up for him as well. It had been a while for both of us since we had had girlfriends.
So off I went down town to the porn shop. As I went in they checked my ID and I asked them which way there pocket pussies were. I walked up to the shelf and started to sort through them visually, occasionally touching one to feel the texture. I soon realized after talking to the cashier that they didn’t have the pocket pussy I wanted and all the others were 4 times the price. That’s when I saw a different kind of toy that cost just less than two of my toys for my brother and I. The name read “Cock Fight Double Power Stroker”. It was about 12 inches long and see through, it had grips on the outside and it was ribbed heavily on the inside tube which opened up at both ends. I laughed out loud and thought wow the look on my brother’s face if I brought this home. So I decided I would!
I got home and my parents and my brother were still gone. I just sat and waited for a few minutes with my black plastic bag for my brother to get home from college classes. He finally opened the door and walked in and saw me. We locked eyes and smiled at each other, but for different reasons, he wanted his toy and I wanted to prank him. I could already see him start to get hard as he reached for the bag. I started to say something like haw haw, just joking as he reached in the bag but I was cut off as he said, “AW WOW I DIDN’T THINK U’D GET ONE OF THESE FOR US.” My smile was now gone, replaced with a shocked look. Then I smiled and laughed as I thought he was joking with me now, “okay very funny”, I said. He replied with, “Let’s try it now!” He dropped his pants and removed the rest of his clothes and as he opened the box to the toy he said, “Hurry up I’m horny.” That was already apparent as I noticed his cock was hard and throbbing. It was 7 inches, the same length as mine and just as thick, and it was even curved to the left like mine was so that when we are facing each other they curved in the opposite directions. I decided the hell with it I’m horny too and we probably won’t have to touch each other. I stripped down and started to harden as we applied lube to our cocks. I decided to enter my side first then he could push in from the other side.
I began to ease my cock in. It was cold at first but as I bottomed out it started to warm up. The ridges felt amazing gliding along my shaft. Then my brother approached his side and grabbed his side of the toy. He began to enter then we both looked at each other shocked as he bottomed out and his cockhead pushed just past my cockhead as the ridges of our helmets caught on one another. He pulled back a few inches and said, “Let’s save that until we get closer to cumming.” I nodded in approval. We were new at this so when we started to fuck the toy we tried to do it independently of one another. We quickly realized this was twice the work and half the pay off, so we decided to stand still while one of us moves the toy back and forth between us jerking both off at the same time. First my brother started, he gripped the toy in thirds towards the middle with both fists where our cock heads were and began moving it back and forth. I closed my eyes and pretended a chick in doggy style in front of me was doing the work. At first, when I opened my eyes, it was weird seeing my brother in front of me naked rocking in and out of the same sex toy I was using but soon I got in the rhythm. After about 5 minutes or so I took over and did the same thing my brother did, only as jerked us both off I twisted my fists increasing the pleasure exponentially. My brother moaned loud and put his hands on my shoulders for support and balance. He really started to get into it actually we both were. I even noticed I was panting heavily with him. After another few minutes my brother said, “I’m starting to get close lets push our cocks all the way in and ‘cock fight’ like it said on the box.” I nodded as we both went balls deep. The toy was see through so we both looked down at our cocks sliding towards each other and crossing inside the toy. I leaned in more and put my hands on his shoulders as we looked each other in the eyes. “It feels like a pussy with a cock at the bottom”, I said. Our cockheads wrestled furiously in the toy and the cockhead to cockhead pleasure was unbelievable. For nearly 10 minutes we looked into each other’s grimacing faces saying things like, “I’m going to make you come first.” When I sensed that we were getting closer to cumming I moved my hands over my brother’s ass. He responded in doing the same to me. He was seriously determined to cum and the way his ass was clenching in my hands proved that point. Finally my brother yelled, “I’M CUMMMMMIIIIIIING!” as I felt his warm cum spurt alongside mine in the toy, because it was see through I could see his cum around my cock. I looked at his face as he came that sent me over the edge as I came yelling, “OHH FUCK YEA”, as he felt the same thing I had felt as he watched my face. We both just held ourselves balls deep in the toy. I started to massage his balls and he did mine as we recovered.
Just then my parents walked in the door and saw us in the living room. My Dad yelled, “AW WOW I DIDN’T THINK U’D GET ONE OF THESE FOR US!”
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