The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 5) - The First Mayim Sessions

The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 5) - The First Mayim Sessions

Chapter 5

Laura went to the toilet near the end of the work day and took the pills she'd been given by Dr Windred. They reminded her of how horny she'd been this morning, a horniness that she'd never satisfied, and for a moment she thought about locking herself in a toilet stall and jilling off. But she didn't trust herself to masturbate at work without being caught, and anyway Amy had told her not to play with herself before turning up at the clinic.

So she just left work, her pussy already wettening.

Erica still had the car, so Laura travelled from work to the clinic by working. It wasn't far - Laura's work was in town, so the clinic was only five blocks away. She'd walked much farther around the city when going shopping. But somehow this felt different. She spent every step of the way thinking about her cunt - about how wet it had been that morning, about how wet it was getting now from the pills, and about whether that sexy Amy was going to put a plastic cock into it again tonight. Laura tried to think about other things, but it was no good. The chemicals pulsing in her body were stimulating and reinforcing her arousal, making it hard to think about anything other than her vagina.

By the time Laura had reached the clinic, her labia were massively engorged, her panties were sopping wet with cunt juices, and even just the feeling of her thighs rubbing together as she walked was so erotic that Laura was making little slutty moans with every fourth or fifth step. She stopped outside the clinic, feeling dizzy, and thought about the state she was in. She couldn't just go in there with wet panties, could she? But she couldn't very well take them off, and besides, without her panties her cunt juices would just run down her legs. Maybe she should stop here and take off her panties anyway. Maybe she should try and wipe away some of her slut nectar from her cunt. Maybe she should just stand her and rub her pussy a bit - it would feel so good....

She snapped back into control to find her hand already fidgeting with the hem of her skirt. She couldn't believe herself - she had almost just started masturbating on a public street. These pills were incredibly strong. She'd have to be careful of this in the future. She decided to just hurry inside - as embarassing as her aroused twat was, it had to be what Dr Windred and her assistants were expecting from the pills, so they probably wouldn't mind.

She didn't have to wait in reception this time - Amy was already there, and looked please to see her. The pretty strawberry-blonde girl was smiling in a way that did interesting things to Laura's already pulsing beaver.

"Oh, I'm so glad you came back," she said, taking Laura's hand. It felt good - Amy's skin was smooth and soft.

"Of course I came back," said Laura, the heavy breathing she'd been doing making her voice sound funny.

Amy grinned mischievously. "I can see you took your pills," she said. Laura, humiliated, looked away. God, Amy could even see how wet Laura was while Laura still had her clothes on.

She let Amy lead her from reception into the hallway beyond, and to the same room Laura had changed in last time.

"Same as before," Amy said. "Clothes off. At least you won't get an injection in your tit this time, hey?"

"That's a plus," admitted Laura. She shuffled behind the screen this time without objection. She was still hoping that tonight would be a repeat of last night. She could almost feel that plastic vibrator buzzing in her twat already. She was so aroused she couldn't resist squeezing her melons a couple of times as she removed her bra, tweaking her diamond-hard nipples, and then giving her soaking-wet snatch a quick few rubs as she took of her panties. She wasn't sure what to do about the panties - they were wet and sticky from her fuck nectar - but she really couldn't think of anything other than to just bundle them with her other clothes. Holding her clothes in a bundle that covered her boobs, she stepped out from the screen to give them to Amy.

Only Amy wasn't there. While Laura had been getting changed, Amy had vanished, and been placed by Dr Windred's other assistance, Royce. Who was male.

Laura froze. A boy was looking at her, and she was naked. As best as Laura knew, no boy had ever done that in her life. At least not face to face - (the webcam didn't count, right?).

He was obviously interested in what he saw. He was smiling, and visibly looking up and down her body, from her blushing face, to her exposed and aroused cunny, to her tits, mostly covered by her bundle of clothes.

Laura squealed, and jumped back behind the screen.

"Amy's getting the room ready," Royce called to her. "You need to hand over your clothes to me."

"Can I have a gown?" asked Laura.

"No," said Royce. "Come on, we're on a tight timetable. If you don't want to participate we can't make you, but if you're going to do it, you need to do it to our schedule."

Laura groaned inwardly. She couldn't not participate - her blackmailer would kill her.

Reluctantly, she stepped out into Royce's view again. She tried to position the bundle of clothes so as to cover both her boobs and her vagnia, but then realised she had to give them to Royce anyway, and so reluctantly handed them over, leaving her completely exposed to his gaze.

Royce grinned. He reached into the pile of clothes and extracted the wet panties, holding them with one hooked finger.

"DId you have an accident?" he mocked.

Laura tried to ignore him. "Dr Windred's room, or the... room with the chair?"

"Are you in a hurry for the chair, are you? Want a cock in that little lesbo cunt of yours?"

Laura flushed with fury. The worst bit was that she was still aroused. Surely this kind of ass-hattery would get in the way of her sexual buzz? But it wasn't, and it turned out that Laura could be incredibly angry and incredibly horny at the same time. She DID want the plastic cock in her cunt. So she just stayed silent and waited for Royce to answer.

"The chair," he said finally, laughing. "Go on, hop along, little bunny."

Laura gratefully ran from the room, almost sprinting down the corridor to reach the testing room and get out of his sight.

The room was just as before - the custom-built chair, the screen, and the video camera. Laura noted the camera was already recording. To her relief Amy was here, and Royce didn't appear to have followed. Amy smiled at Laura and motioned to the seat. "Sorry about leaving you to Royce, but we're all professionals here."

Laura thought about complaining about Royce, but she couldn't put her finger on exactly what Royce had done that was unprofessional, so she just sat in the chair. As before, Amy buckled Laura's wrists and ankles in place, and then put a strap across Laura's waist. Laura's pussy, which had been wet before, was now drooling in anticipation of the dildo.

"So today we're measuring your response to lesbian stimuli," said Amy. "We're going to show you some lesbian porn on the screen and just gauge your reactions relative to yesterday." The cute girl crouched beside the chair, and Laura gasped as she felt Amy's gloved hand lubricate her anus, before sliding the small nub into place against her sphincter. Then Amy moved around to between Laura's legs.

"Are you still okay with all of this?" she asked Laura.

Laura nodded, desperate for her to just get on with inserting the dildo.

Instead, Amy reached down and ran her finger along Laura's labia. Laura was unable to stop herself from moaning with lust.

"You know, not all of our subjects are so nice to look at," said Amy. "I think we're lucky to have you." And then she knelt and pushed the dildo, finally, into Laura's twat. Laura made a long, slutty sigh of delight, and then again as the vibrators began to work on her fuckhole and her clitoris.

Amy stepped back, and the big projection screen that Laura was facing came to life. Sure enough, it was showing lesbian porn. It started with beautiful women undressing, and then moved to them kissing, then fingering and licking each other.

Laura orgasmed quickly and often. Her conscious thought vanished almost immediately, and soon she was lost in a sea of lust, bucking against the delightful dildo as hard as she could while watching the beautiful sluts on screen tongue-fuck each other. She found she was enjoying the sensation of the second dildo poking at her butt, and the feeling of it almost but not quite penetrating her anus stopped being uncomfortable and became a frustrating tease. No matter how hard she pushed back, she couldn't get it to go that extra few millimetres and into her ass.

On screen the images changed to show women dominating and hurting each other. She watched a rape fantasy, of one woman assaulting and then using an unwilling partner. She watched a woman use a whip on the breasts of another big-titted girl. The final images showed a woman urinating into the mouth of an unwilling captive slut. These scenarios were uncomfortable for Laura; she didn't usually watch porn like this, and she wasn't comfortable about being turned on by them. But the pills and the stimulation had done something strange to her mind by that point, and she found herself continuing to orgasm watching girls hurt and degrade each other.

As before, the process eventually stopped without warning, leaving Laura infuriatingly between orgasms. She looked up at Amy with blurry eyes. "Please let me cum again Amy," she said, though her throat was so dry that Amy might not have been able to understand her. She tried again. "I need to cum. Please, Amy."

Amy looked amused. "What would you do for me if I let you cum?"

Laura was confused. She'd do anything. "You could fuck me," said Laura. "You could use me. Please let me cum."

Amy laughed. "Oh, that's sweet, honey. But I'm not allowed to do that with you yet. Let's just get you out of the chair. But first, what do you say to me for letting you have all those slutty orgasms?"

Laura remembered from last time. "Thank you, Amy."

"And thank Royce too."

Laura went pale. She looked around, and sure enough, there was Royce, standing near the door. Had he just watched Laura spend an hour naked and fucking a dildo? Had a boy watched her do that? She felt herself start to shake involuntarily, although that might have just been a reaction to the sex hormones flushing out of her system.

"Laura?" prompted Amy. She hadn't unbuckled Laura's legs yet, and Laura was still sitting with her twat splayed lewdly open. Laura suddenly wanted nothing more than to be clothed, so she said what she thought would get her out of the chair.

"Thank you, Royce," she said.

Amy paused, still not unbuckling Laura. "Thank you, Royce, for watching me cum," she prompted.

Laura agreed hurriedly. "Thank you, Royce, for watching me cum," she said, blushing.

Satisfied, Amy finished getting Laura out of the chair, and gave her her clothes back. Laura dressed as quickly as possible, with Royce watching impassively the whole time.

They let her go home, then, and once again Laura went home, and upon being greeted by Erica, pushed her down and fucked her right there in the front hallway. As she ground her cunt against her submissive lover's face, she thought about the films she had seen of girls hurting and abusing each other, and then she orgasmed again and stopped thinking about anything.


The next day - a Tuesday - was one of Laura's days off, for which Laura was grateful. She spent the day at home, took her pills in the afternoon, and headed into the Mayim Clinic in the evening, pussy dripping, anticipating another night of delicious pleasure in her pussy. She was aware of how strange it was to have an appointment to masturbate in front of people for science, and it made her uncomfortable when she thought about it like that, but on the other hand it had so far been the best sexual experience of her life. Even with Royce involved.

She'd found herself thinking more and more about Amy, too. Laura was incredibly happy with Erica, but that didn't magically turn off her sex drive, and during her work day she found herself fantasising about the gorgeous strawberry blonde at the Mayim Clinic. She pictured Amy kissing her, undressing, rubbing her tits against Laura's tits. She fantasised about Amy deciding not to use the dildo in the chair, and instead just fingering Laura or, better yet, licking her cunt for the hour. By the time Laura was due for her pills, she was already wet.

Amy was there at the clinic, leading Laura to the change room to get changed. Laura decided not to bother with the screen today, and just stripped in front of Amy, who would be seeing her nude in any event. Amy seemed delighted by this turn of events, and Laura hoped that she wasn't imagining a sparkle of attraction in Amy's eye as she looked at Laura's nude body.

She took Laura to the room with the chair and buckled her in. Laura sighed happily as Amy pushed the rear dildo against her butt, and then snugged the main dildo into her pussy.

"You seem to be enjoying this," teased Amy.

"A little," blushed Laura.

It was only when the dildos were inserted that Royce entered the room. Laura tensed up a little. "Does he have to be here?" she asked.

"Yes," replied Amy curtly, and said no more.

The images started on the screen - beautiful sluts, showing their tits - and Laura began to relax into the buzzing of the dildo in her twat. But then the images changed - men appeared, kissing the women, stroking their tits. The men were nude, with long, hard cocks, and soon the women were giving them blowjobs, kneeling and sucking on their dicks.

"What is this?" asked Laura. Her cunt was tensing up and she was instinctively trying to pull away from the dildo, but of course she couldn't.

"Yesterday we tested your responses to lesbian stimuli," said Amy. "Today we're doing the hetero stuff. Just watch it, and either cum or don't, it's fine either way."

Laura had no intention of cumming to pictures of men. She tried to disengage from the images, tried to make her pussy dry and unwilling. But the drugs were in her system and her cunt was still reacting to the stimulation it was receiving, even if Laura was turned off by what was on screen.

And, she had to admit, she wasn't turned ALL the way off. There were still pretty girls. There were tits, and there were cunts. And there were small hints of lesbian content. A black man jizzed all over the big, fake tits of a whore, and then another pretty girl came over and licked the sperm off the first girl's tits. Pretty girls licking each other's tits was hot, even if semen was involved. And maybe Laura could picture all these cocks were just dildos. That girl, bent over a table and getting fucked from behind - that could be Laura, being fucked by Erica with a strap on. Or better yet, Amy with a strap on. Her pussy twitched at the thought, and then suddenly Laura was cumming.

After that, the idea of resisting the man-on-woman sex images was gone. She still wasn't excited by men, but it became a game to transform what she was seeing into something that would make her cum. Women sucking on dildos, not cocks. Women rubbing a strap on between their tits, not a cock. Women bouncing up and down on their lover's vibrator, not on a man's penis.

Laura discovered something strange about herself as she watched. She liked the cumshots. She liked it when the men spurted spunk all over a woman's face and tits. She liked it when they pulled out of a girl's twat and revealed oozing white sperm trickling from the girl's hole. She didn't know why it appealed to her so much but she thought maybe it was to do with how much she enjoyed licking cunt. There was something about having sex juices all over your face.... and this was better than just a woman's cunt nectar, because it was different. You could TELL. If she scooped up some of Erica's love juices and pushed them into her own cunt, it would just be the same as what was already there. But sperm was white and sticky and when a girl had sperm in her pussy it was obvious that she'd just been fucked. And something about that made Laura incrediby wet.

Laura orgasmed again as she pondered this discovery about herself. Of course, she didn't want to fuck a man, but could she use this in her normal sexual routine? What it would feel like to have a dildo pumping something hot and sticky into you as you orgasmed? Maybe she could pour hot chocolate on her tits and have Erica lick it off, and in her mind pretend it was sperm?

By the time the images stopped, Laura was not in the slutty, spaced-out state she had been the last two nights, but she had still cum three times. She had achieved sexual bliss three times, while looking at men. She blushed as Amy unbuckled her, ashamed to meet her eyes. What kind of lesbian was she? What kind of a traitor to lesbians everywhere? It had to be the drugs, right? She wasn't normally like this.

Amy once again paused at unbuckling Laura's legs, and Laura remembered what she had to say. "Thank you, Amy. Thank you Royce for watching me cum."

"Thank you Amy for letting me cum like a slut," Amy corrected.

Like a slut? Laura blushed. That was an awful thing to say. But it was true. And as she came down from her sexual high, Laura once again wanted to cover herself from Royce's gaze as quickly as possible.

"Thank you, Amy, for letting me cum like a slut," said Laura in a quiet voice, and Amy immediately smiled and unbuckled her.


On Wednesday after work it seemed much the same. Amy greeted Laura as usual, and took her to the changing room. Laura was made to strip off in front of Royce this time; it was awful, but she was grateful that this time he said nothing, and refrained from commenting on her dripping pussy. Then she was led to the chair and buckled in place.

Laura could feel her cunt already twitching even before the dildo went in. It knew what was coming. It spasmed particularly happiily as each of the buckles were fastened. Laura was a little alarmed; was she coming to associate being restrained with sexual pleasure? Or was it just anticipation of the stimulation to come? She stopped caring much when the dildo slid inside her fuckhole and switched on, though.

Today the images were neither the lesbian images from the Monday nor the hetero porn from Tuesday. Instead they followed a theme, repeated over about twenty short films: two girls would get naked, start to kiss, and then begin to fuck each other. And then a male would enter the frame and join in. Sometimes he'd fuck one of the women while the girls continued to 69. Sometimes he'd just watch and masturbate until he ejaculated spunk over them. Sometimes both women would get up and begin pleasuring his dick. As the films went on, they became more extreme, and more violent. The male would spank the girls, or whip them with a belt. He'd pull them apart and then rape one of them. He'd drag one by the tits to a bed and then fuck her. Always, the women seemed delighted by this treatment, and always they seemed to gain more sexual pleasure from the man than from each other.

Laura didn't know what to think about all of this, but her pussy did. It drooled happily through orgasm after orgasm over the course of the treatment. Laura didn't mind the women in the films - they were all gorgeous, and Laura would have happily fucked any of them. She found it easy to picture herself in these scenarios, licking out a sexy porn star, but then of course the scenarios would include a man. Laura curiously imagined the sensation of being hauled off her lover by a man, and then raped while her lover kissed her rapist or licked his asshole. A part of her deep in her stomach felt sick; but at the same time her hips were happily bucking against the dildo, and she couldn't take her eyes off the tits on the screen, even as those tits were being ejaculated on.

Of course, all the girls on the screen had big tits, just like Laura. Porn star tits. It was what Laura expected girls this slutty to have. It made sense.

When it ended, Laura was still begging for more. She was so wet, and she wanted to keep cumming. "Please, please..." she started to beg Amy, but then remembered the last two days. "Thank you, Amy," she gasped. "Thank you for letting me cum like a slut. Thank you, Royce, for watching me cum."

Amy smiled down at her, pleased at Laura's thanks, but she neither released Laura nor let her cum. Instead, she stepped between Laura's legs, removed the dildo, and bent down towards Laura's cunt with some kind of a device in her hand.

At first Laura's sex-addled brain thought Amy was going to finger her pussy, and she pushed her pussy as far towards Amy as she could in anticipation. But instead, there was a sharp metallic SNAP sound, and suddenly blinding pain raced through Laura's twat. She jerked her groin away from Amy and screamed.

Amy put her hand over Laura's mouth. "Hush, hush, shut up," she said. Laura, unable to move her arms or legs, could do nothing to remove Amy's hand, and after a moment she had to quieten down in order to breath. She looked down at her cunt but couldn't see what Amy had done to make it hurt so much.

Amy held up the device she had used. It looked like a cross between a drill and a syringe.

"We've just injected a little device into her groin flesh," she said. "It's just like a tracking microchip for a dog. It's going to help us monitor you. It records vital statistics throughout the day - blood pressure, heart rate, arousal levels, cunt wetness - and stores them, and then we can scan it when you come in here and retrieve the data."

"It hurts," whimpered Laura.

"Oh, hush," said Amy. "Your body is full of endorphins right now from all the fucking you just did, so it didn't hurt anywhere near as much as it could have, and the pain will fade quickly." Amy smiled wickedly. "Here, let me help."

And then Laura felt the most wonderful sensation ever - Amy's finger sliding into her sluthole, and starting to gently pump in and out. All at once the pain was gone, and she was back in the world of sex and lust.

"Royce, are you gettting this?" asked Amy.

"Yep," said Royce, looking at a computer. "She's juicing up nicely. Looks like it workled."

"Excellent," said Amy. She pulled her finger out of Laura's twat, looked at it for a moment, and then wiped it clean on Laura's breast. "Thre's a proper name for these, Laura, but I just like to call them 'cunt tags'. Only the special girls get to have a 'cunt tag'. You should say thank you."

"Thank you," moaned Laura.

"Thank you what?" asked Amy.

"Thank you, Amy, for putting a cunt tag on me," said Laura.

"Okay, so tomorrow we're going to do something a bit different now you've got your cunt tag," said Amy. "Tomorrow, we want you to take two of your pills at 9 am in the morning, okay?"

"But I'm at work tomorrow," protested Laura weakly.

"We know. And we don't want you to stay home or anything. Go to work. We just want to get some readings of a normal day for you, okay? And then take two more before you come here."

"But I'll get so wet!" said Laura.

"I know. And whatever you do, don't play with yourself. Or at least don't let yourself orgasm. The data will show if you masturbate, and it will fuck things up for us, and we'll be very upset, okay?"

Laura nodded.

"Good girl," said Amy, and finally untied Laura.


When she got home, Laura didn't even bother to close the front door before pushing Erica to the ground and fucking her.

(To be continued...)

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