Blackmail & Cucumbers

Blackmail & Cucumbers

This is a work of fiction. First time writing, constructive criticism always allowed, Not that much sex in it forgive me I wanted to introduce the characters.
“We should get some cucumbers,” I heard a girl say. I, Justin Hunter was sitting alone in one of the four cafeterias of Forrester University. This particular one was the third biggest and the girl who said it was sitting at a table across mine. I’d just about finished eating when these two girls came to sit at a table beside mine. They sat side by side on a four-seater with two empty seats opposite them. I was on the opposite side of a two-seater and I could see them both clearly, well their upper-halves anyway. The one closest to me was a light-skinned African-American, slim with perky C-cup boobs, I could see that through her red camisole and the other looked Asian skinny and shorter than the afro-american but I couldn’t determine their height because they were both sitting down but she also had boobs C-cups if I guessed right though they were a bit smaller than the other girls but I wouldn’t call them B-cups. The Asian girl had black fingernails but I wouldn’t call her goth though because her lipstick was red while the black girl had red fingernails with no lipstick on. They were both mighty fine. The Asian girl had curved lips while the black girl had like these little blowjob lips. They both had long hair that was relaxed and fell below their shoulders.
I dropped my burger because I get self-conscious when I’m eating messy junk food around hot chicks. They were eating apples, both had two each. I was just sipping my soda. They’d gone through their apples pretty fast I guess they were pretty hungry but probably on one of those fruit only vegetarian diets. That’s when I heard the Asian girl say they should get some cucumbers, “on the way out yeah?” asked the black girl. “Yeah” replied the Asian. They were hot but I had things to do so I got up to dump my tray. They got up too but went to the food line. I saw them look at me and I smiled at them but only the black girl smiled black while the Asian girl kinda smirked. Since they were both standing I could see their bodies better and I saw that they were both slim with the Asian girl a bit skinnier and she was shorter than the black girl but only by an inch or two. They both had pert asses with the Asian girl’s a tiny bit bigger in her sundress but the black girl’s ass looked soft in her bum-shorts. The Asian girl wore boots while the black girl wore flats.
I dumped my tray and was on my out when my phone rang. The caller ID read ‘Fiona’. Fiona was my best friend. I heard that males and females can’t be best friends but we’d already tried to go out with each other and I was sure then that she was my sister because from the first kiss it just felt awkward and we never got past that and we’ve just been friends ever since granted it’s only been about a year since we met in college and we’re both in our sophomore year. I picked up the call outside the cafeteria and I started walking to my dorm room. “Hello?” I asked, “Justin!” Did I mention that she was the excitable type? “Yes Fi? What’s up?” I asked, “Oh nothing, just wondering when you were coming over with the goods, the little something something party favors?” she asked laughing - I also forgot to mention I was a dealer but only of soft drugs I don’t mess with cocaine, heroin, meth or anything that can get me thrown in a maximum security prison, just marijuana(different strains as I liked to experiment), LSD and sometimes X but I was mainly a marijuana dealer – I sighed loudly for her to hear because she always felt she was funny with jokes like that since she heard I had started dealing. “I’ll be over in a while I’m just gonna stop by my room to get my bag”, “okay just bring enough for two, Trevy’s coming over”. “Trevy” or “Trevor” to his male friends was Fi’s boyfriend. “Sure, sure” I said.
I had reached my dorm room and I went in my roommates bed still neat as the day he left it at the beginning of the semester to crash in his best friend’s room in a frat house. I was happy though more space for me and nobody would touch my shit. I guess I’m a loner of sorts. I got my bag and put enough party favors I had already gotten from my supplier to push at the party I was going to tonight. I had a quick shower. Looked at myself in the mirror, I wasn’t ugly I wouldn’t call myself extremely handsome although I’ve been told by the few girls I’ve been with that I am “handsome”. I’m a negro male, I stand at 6'1" and I’m ripped from playing sports and spending time at the gym though not so much that I look like a wrestler but enough that I get looks if I take off my shirt in public and I’m very cool with that. I got dressed in jeans, a black t-shirt, black zipper hoodie and converses. I left for Fi’s dorm room.
On my way to her room I spotted the girls from the cafeteria at the reception of the dorm. They were sitting down on a sofa. They looked like freshmen but I’m usually wrong about these things and were waiting for someone. I walked past them and saw the black girl glance at me I smiled at her because hey you never know it could be the start of something.
I got to room 205, Fi’s room, knocked on the door and said “Fi”, Trevor opened it. We bumped fists, I stepped in and asked “where’s Fi?”, “she is taking a shower”, he said as he sat on a futon. “Aight, you want to smoke one before she comes?” I asked while settling on Fi’s bed, I dropped my bag on it, “you know if you keep on asking that, I’ll eventually punch you” he said with a straight face, and I just stared to check his seriousness and then he burst out laughing. He does that a lot and it’s very annoying. Trevor has a thing that he only does drugs with his girlfriends which at the moment was Fi, said it’s because he’s on the basketball team and he doesn’t want to accidentally get fucked up when the coach calls them at random for check-ups which apparently is the way his coach works. So he only gets buzzed when Fi is getting buzzed although personally I think it’s because of the sex that usually comes with doing drugs with girls. Now Fi isn’t a druggy because she made me promise to only let her get buzzed or fucked up on the weekends so she wouldn’t stray from school work. We have the same major. She’s very smart and rich too not to mention beautiful. But then she’s cool even though she’s an excitable fool most of the time although I’ll never tell her that.
Fi entered the room wearing only her towel and shower bag. She closed the door behind her, said nothing but had a huge smile on her face, dropped the towel and threw the bag on the bed and climbed on Trevor’s lap and just started making out with him, some straight-up sloppy French-kissing making out like I wasn’t even there. I had to tear my eyes away so I wouldn’t look like a pervert. I stared at the wall for about a minute and it didn’t sound like they were getting done anytime soon. I looked at them once more, Trevor had his face buried in her breasts, Fiona’s hips were gyrating, had her head lolled back and her eyes met mine and she smiled and then she moaned “ooh”, I smiled back and I stepped out the room. I wasn’t hard, I mean I’d seen Fi naked before and I’d seen her naked with Trevor before and seriously Fiona was my best friend and I couldn’t get hard for her even if I tried and I guess Trevor had a kinky streak in him because he seemed so comfortable with Fi’s exhibitionism although he wasn’t one for it. Fi’s body is amazing, that I can’t deny. I thought about it as I walked down the hallway of her dorm trying to get a glimpse of some half-naked bods. She had tan skin but not golden brown because she stayed outdoors a lot and she traveled a lot as well I mean for spring break she went to Cancun and Brazil like I said she’s rich. Anyway she had perky C-cup boobs, a flat stomach, and a nice ass for a white girl though a bit small for my taste but they were nice nonetheless looked real nice in some of her jeans.
I got distracted as I saw the two girls from the cafeteria. I decided to make my move on the black girl and no time’s better than the present. They were about to enter a room and they were playing grab ass with each other and laughing. I was too far to shout without being weird. So I just walked up to their door as they had already gone in. I saw the room number, 234 and memorized it. I’ll be back.
I’d spent about 10 minutes wandering so I decided to walk back to Fi’s room hoping Trevor and Fi would be done by now. I walked in the room and wrong I was. It looked like they were just getting started. They had moved to Fi’s roommate’s bed or should I say Fi’s bed because Fi had given her roommate the apartment her dad got for her with the condition being that she could come crash up there anytime she felt like. Like I said she was rich and she wanted the “full college experience” so she got a room on campus without her dad’s knowledge.
They were in the sixty-nine position with Trevor on the bottom and Fi on top. He was fervently eating her out and she seemed to be returning the favor with gusto I could hear the sounds of sloppy eating till she sat up on his face and started pulling on her nipples. I saw Trevor’s 9-inch penis. That wasn’t the first time I was seeing that either I said to myself dryly. She had her eyes closed whispering in a very sultry voice “suck my clit, yes, suck it Trevy”. I smelled sex in the air. I shook my head as I realized they didn’t even bother locking the door. Fi opened her eyes and looked directly at me she smiled at me. Well she’d been smiling already then she moaned out loud while maintaining eye contact. Sometimes I wondered about our relationship because I don’t think this is healthy for a friendship. But I shrugged it off wasn’t the first time I had seen her in a sexual act. She’d seen me as well. The funniest time was when I was in my room fucking this blonde girl I met at a party that night and I was taking her doggystyle, I’d realized I’d left the door unlocked – wasn’t my fault I was pretty buzzed and so was the girl we’d smoked two blunts together and we’d drank our asses off– when Fi burst in my room yelling my name it was clear she was fucked up. She just smiled at me, giggling and said “sorry, don’t mind me I’m just gonna lie down now.” The girls looked back “what the fuck!!” she exclaimed. I just kept quiet, smiled back and continued ploughing and I could feel the blonde’s hips responding a moment later. At least Fi had the decency to close the door. She said “you’ve got a nice butt” with that she smacked my butt and made her way to my roommate’s bed and she just flopped on it and a moment later I heard snoring. I hadn’t stopped moving in the girl. Once I was sure Fi was out I started fucking the girl with gusto laughing silently at the situation.
Anyway I stepped back out without saying a word, decided to check the vending machine to get some junk food while looking at babes to pass the time. I stayed for about five minutes and I got bored, I mean there were hot girls but what’s the point of looking without touching right. I decided to circle the dorm to pass more time before I went back in. That took about another 10 minutes figured at least they’ll be done by now. Got to Fi’s room and I was wrong again. Now they fucking with Fiona riding Trevor reverse cowgirl style. This time I said “really, you’re fucking now?” They stopped fucking each other well Fi was still grinding Trevor slowly and I saw him stifle a moan. Trevor just shrugged and Fi mouthed sorry. Admittedly, I was a bit frustrated I mean we had a party to go to in a few hours. I checked the time on my phone and it read 6:30. The party started at 8 that meant 9/9:30 for us. “When y’all are done call me I’m going to have a smoke” I said as I grabbed my bag off Fi’s bed and walked out, they just looked at me and laughed and went right back to fucking.
As I headed out I saw the Asian girl with only her towel on and her hair wet. She looked hotter semi-nude. I said “excuse me”, she looked back and with a look that said I must have some nerve to talk to her with only her towel on she replied, “yeah” she replied in a normal American accent, I pushed on, “I saw you in the cafeteria with clothes on if it makes any difference”, I paused on to see if that’ll elicit a smile, nope, I smiled that’s what I do when I get nervous, I pushed on “anyway I just wanted to know if I could get you to give your friend my number and have her call me?”, shock registered on her face for a moment then she said “so you stopped me in my towel to ask that I give my friend your number?”, I wasn’t sure if the question was rhetorical but I said “yeah” like that was perfectly normal. My smile grew wider as I knew what I’d done she probably thought I was hitting on her. She said “huh” I pulled a pen out my pocket, took her hand and wrote my number on it. She didn’t move it away and when I was done she looked at it. “What’s your name by the way?” “Jessica” “And her name is?”, “Yasmine”, “Alright Jessica thanks, I’m Justin and I’ll owe you one I specialize in party favors if you get my meaning” I said smiling and walked away not waiting for a reply thinking maybe that’ll give them some incentive to call me.
I turned the corner and went through the back door of the dorm this was my smoking spot as only the garbage trucks came here. I took a jay out and was about to light it up when I realized that Yasmine and Jessica’s room was most likely among the rooms whose windows were facing out. Behind the dorm are a wall, dumpsters and a gate for the trucks to collect it. The gates don’t have holes in it luckily. They collected my dorm’s trash on Tuesdays and I sincerely hoped it was the same for theirs though it was Wednesday and it was kinda late and trucks usually come in the morning. I estimated which window belonged to their room. I moved closer to it trying to make as little noise as I could because some windows were open. Theirs was closed but the blinds weren’t closed and I couldn’t see in as the evening sun was reflecting off the window. There was a very conveniently placed disposed chair so I climbed on to get a better look. I wasn’t a voyeur but there were two hot girls and one was bound to get nude and I was already here so I said fuck it I’m doing this.
It was getting dark I checked my watch and it read 6.53. The sun was setting so I bent real low and only let my head show. Through the window I saw Yasmine sitting up with her back on the bedpost of a bed reading a book. She was only wearing black panties with no top or bra, her lovely light-skinned breasts with round dark nipples exposed for all to see. I saw her bra discarded on the bed though. I could see Jessica by her bed nude while applying lotion onto her body. This seemed normal to Yasmine because she glanced at Jessica and just went back to reading and Jessica seemed unperturbed by Yasmine’s partial nudity. I pulled out my phone and started recording Jessica applying lotion on her breasts. Her very nice breasts which looked bigger nude, definitely C-cups with a dark areola and nipple, had the luxury of being rubbed on. Jessica dropped the lotion now done and she went over and stood by Yasmine’s bed, they were talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Jessica then sat on the bed next to Yasmine. I just stared with my phone in my hand as a nude Jessica snatched Yasmine’s book out her hand and threw it away. Yasmine tackled Jessica and Jessica made a very futile attempt of trying to look like she was fighting back. I watched as two nude nubile bodies tackled each other for a moment then Yasmine had Jessica under her and then Jessica suddenly flipped Yasmine onto her back and bent her head for a kiss. Yasmine fought with a very weak resolve for a moment before she gave in and started kissing back. I could see their breasts touching and Jessica had her legs in between Yasmine’s and she was rubbing her right knee slowly on Yasmine’s panty-clad crotch. They were locked in a deep kiss as they’re hands roamed each other’s bodies. Jessica hands found a resting place on Yasmine’s left breast. Jessica molded Yasmine’s breast like a sculptor with one hand and her other hand resting on Yasmine’s head as their lips remained locked with her knee still rubbing Yasmine’s crotch. Jessica removed her lips from Yasmine’s but Yasmine bit her lower lip like she didn’t want Jessica to go. I thought of myself tasting those lips as I felt my erection growing. Jessica licked her lips seductively as they stared intently at each other for a brief moment whilst panting. Jessica bent down for another kiss and placed kisses on Yasmine’s neck, at this point Yasmine placed a pillow under her head probably to get a better view of Jessica as she then moved lower while kissing down her body from the neck down she kissed her cleavage, moved to Yasmine’s right breast and kissed around it missing it’s nipple, moved to the left breast also missing it’s nipple, she went back to the right breast and kissed the nipple before sucking it in, Yasmine’s head jerked with her mouth open, Jessica stopped sucking the nipple in and blew on it. Not hearing anything was frustrating but I wasn’t desperate enough to open the window. Getting caught was definitely not an option I thought. Jessica moved to the other breast sucked in the nipple then blew on it. She moved on down Yasmine’s body bent in some seductive feline manner as she kissed down Yasmine’s body. I couldn’t see Yasmine’s genital area from my position and I wasn’t going to see any better. I decided to stay for about a minute more as Yasmine’s body was clearly reacting to Jessica’s ministrations; she was squirming on the bed with one hand twisting a breast’s nipple and the other hand clutching her bed sheet. It was becoming uncomfortable standing for so long and it had gotten dark. They only had a lamp on in their room and I was looking from a corner angle probably the reason why they hadn’t seen me yet. It was getting even more frustrating because I had a raging boner but I looked on.
I could see Yasmine’s mouth moving but I couldn’t hear a thing as Jessica was still working on her pussy. Yasmine writhed for a moment then Jessica moved her face away quickly. The exact moment I wondered why I got my answer when liquid splashed on Jessica’s face clearly out of Yasmine’s pussy. Yasmine just lay down afterwards, her chest heaving. Jessica went back down on Yasmine but Yasmine pulled her head up then Jessica climbed up on Yasmine’s body then they kissed swapping Yasmine’s love juices. Yasmine flipped Jessica onto her back; I’m guessing it was time for her to return the favour. They’re mouths were moving, then Yasmine got up and went to a mini-fridge placed neatly in the corner which I hadn’t noticed because, well because she was naked when I saw her and that kind of took my mind off the envirionment. She bent to open it and I got a nice view of her ass but I knew my phone wouldn’t get good quality due to the lighting situation, she got something out I couldn’t see what it was though. Yasmine seductively walked to the bed her hips swaying with whatever she had gotten behind her back while Jessica was on the bed facing her. Yasmine jumped on the bed and brought her hands out from behind her and she held what looked like a cucumber in her hands. She skipped any foreplay with the phallus-shaped fruit or Jessica and simply rammed it up Jessica’s cunt. I almost came right then. Yasmine thrust it in and out a few times then brought it back out before licking it tasting Jessica’s juices. She had a seductive smile on her face while Jessica had a hand furiously toying with her vagina and the other pulling on her nipples. I guessed Jessica liked it a bit rough. I looked on as Yasmine slapped Jessica’s hands away from her pussy then used the cucumber to toy with Jessica’s pussy she brought it back out then bent down as she made Jessica lick the cucumber like she would a lollipop then Jessica sucked it in like she would a penis. Yasmine shoved the cucumber gently down Jessica’s throat clearly not wanting to hurt her but still retain some level of roughness. Jessica coughed and Yasmine relented and removed the cucumber from Jessica’s mouth and a long spit line was drawn before it snapped; Yasmine slapped Jessica’s hand away from her pussy because Jessica had started playing with it again. Yasmine wagged her finger in the air the universal sign for no-no. Jessica’s mouth was moving probably begging my perverted mind thought. Yasmine straightened up on her knees again and toyed with Jessica’s pussy with the cucumber som e before shoving it in. Jessica squirmed some while Yasmine’s mouth was moving probably talking dirty. Jessica’s mouth was just open. Yasmine suddenly stopped and brought the cucumber to her lips and licked it before taking a bite out of it. As I saw the cucumber being eaten I thought to myself shit just got real.

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