Become My Slut or Else

Become My Slut or Else

I last left you with just having been caught having sex with Adam by John. The voices I heard were those of John and Angelo, they had entered the apartment just as my orgasm had finished. I managed to slip off Adam’s lap. As I stood up my pussy belched and cum started to run down my thighs. Adam in the mean time just sank deeper into the sofa.

“JANET, What the fuck,” John screamed out as he approached the sofa.

“Let me explain, John,” I replied with fear in my tone.

John made his way to the sofa and he saw that it was Adam who I had been riding, he yelled, “I told you to be with her Adam, to watch over her and be her friend,” “NOT TO FUCK HER.”

Adam did not say anything back he just coward on the sofa. John started to make a move toward the sofa toward Adam. I could see the anger in his eyes as he did. Luckily, Angelo grabbed him from behind and he halted his advance toward Adam.

“Calm down John before you do something you will regret,” Angelo said as he pulled him away from the sofa.

“WHY Janet,” “Why fuck behind my back like this?” John asked as Angelo held him.

“WHY because you were out having fun with GINA that is why,” I yelled at him.

Angelo moved to the front of John pushing against his chest as he looked at me as he replied, “No, your wrong Miss Janet, Gina is missing she did show up at the airport like she was suppose too today,” “John been with me all day trying to track her down.”

“Gina is missing,” I replied sadly.

I just stood there staring at John; I had been such a fool. Once again, I had jumped to conclusions, thinking that he was doing something other than what he really was. My heart sank in my chest for I knew I was in big trouble.

“You don’t care Janet your fucking jealousy won’t let you care about no one but yourself,” “Your fucking jealousy will destroy us one day,” John, replied as he shook his head.

John took his foot and he kicked at the back of the sofa as he asked, “So what is your fucking excuse, Adam?”

Adam sheepishly looked from the sofa to John as he replied, “I was only doing as you asked John I was only keeping her happy.”

My pussy belched again as Adam’s cum ran out of me. John looked at my pussy as he said, “Dam dude it looks like you filled her full of fucking happiness.”

“So whose idea was sex anyways?” John asked angrily.

“I was just showing him the ropes as he was a virgin, John,” I sobbed out.

“A VIRGIN,” John scoffed. “Tell her Adam,” John added.

“AH that was a lie Janet,” Adam sheepishly said with his head hanging.

Adam confessed that he was no virgin he just went along with it to get me to fuck him. John stepped toward us as he told Adam to get dressed. John turned to me and he told me to get my fucking ass into the bedroom. John told me that he would be joining me in a minute or two. I ran crying into the bedroom, I knew I was in trouble. I sat down on the edge of the bed, I used the bed sheet to wipe some of Adam‘s cum from my pussy. I heard John talking to Angelo.

“Take Adam here home and make sure you give him what he has coming to him,” John said to Angelo.

“SI,” Angelo replied.

I heard our front door closing as John walked into the bedroom, “Janet did you enjoy yourself with Adam?” John asked as he towered over me as I sat on the bed.

“NO John,” I replied as I looked up at him.

“Well we will soon see if you are lying again,” John replied as he turned on the TV in our bedroom.

John walked to the closet and he reached inside behind the door. I heard mechanical whirring coming from the closet. The sounds were like what a tape machine makes as it is rewinding. John turned to me with a remote in his hand.

“So do you care to tell me the truth or do I have to show you,” John asked as he got onto the bed.

“John I am sorry and yes I did enjoy my fun with Adam,” I replied as I stood up from the bed.

I walked over to get my robe as I slipped it on. John told me to take it back off he liked the fucking slut outfit I had on. John told me that it was almost as good as the outfit, I had on in the parking lot of the mall. I turned toward him with the look of horror on my face. He knew about my fun with the three men at the mall. John seemed to be calm and collective as he told me he knew just what I had been doing.

“John I am sorry I just thought…,” I started to say as John stopped me.

“I know you were controlling your jealousy,” John said.

I looked at him strangely, as I thought to myself just how he knew that. I was standing there scared to death, as I had no idea he knew anything about what I had been up too. I once again told him that I was sorry for everything that I had done. I climbed up onto the bed slowly crawling over to him.

“It’s OK Janet I am not mad at you, just hurt because you could have told me what you were doing,” John said as he opened his arm for me to cuddle against him.

“John, how could you not be angry with me,” I asked as I cuddled up to him.

“Janet I love you because you are you,” “Plus I know I have not been here for you recently what with football,” “I just had not figured on you having sex with Adam,” John replied as he slipped his arm around me on the bed.

“John I have to ask what you meant when you told Angelo to give him what he had coming to him,” I asked with worry on my face.

John gave a little laugh as he replied, “Don’t worry about your little virgin he is in good hands, Angelo is introducing him to my Aunt that is all.” John looked at me as he added, “You thought it was something else didn’t you.”

I shook my head yes as John said, “That is your whole problem Janet you think too much.” “You think I am screwing ever woman I meet,” “Janet if I do ever screw another woman it will always be with your blessing.”

“I am sorry John, I know when I get jealous it upsets you, but why did you have Adam watch over me,” I asked looking into his face.

“I just figured he gave you someone to talk too when I was not around.” “I just never thought you would try anything with him.” “Plus the fact that Kim was giving him sex as a favor to me so I was not worried about him,” John replied as he stroked my long blonde hair with his hand.

“I only fucked him because I was mad at you,” I replied giving him a sad look.

“Yeah, I kind of figured that you may have been doing someone after giving me your ass and saying how bad of a girl you were,” John said. “Plus I knew someone had fucked you before I got home as that pussy had been used, I could tell,” he added giving me a smile.

“I wondered if you knew,” I replied as I stroked my hand across his face.

“I was not for sure whether it was Adam so that was why I rigged up my own video surveillance of you,” John said as he clicked the remote in his hand.

The TV came to life showing Adam taking his clothes off in the living room. You could hear glass breaking as Adam turned toward the bedroom with a concerned look. I walked into frame then out of frame going to turn some music on. With music playing in the background, I started dancing on the tape that was playing on the TV.

I will have to admit seeing myself on tape made me realize a few things. One was I looked hot in that outfit. Two, I needed to work on my dance moves. Three, god I did look like a slut as I danced and played in front of Adam. I ran my hand down to the front of John’s jogging pants. I would say that he was enjoying what he was watching. His cock was hard and throbbing as I rubbed my hand over it.

I toyed with his cock as I returned to watching myself on the TV. I could feel my pussy starting to warm up as I watched Adam pulling on his cock as I danced in front of him. I was bouncing my ass against Adam’s cock on the video.

“You sure were teasing that boy with your ass,” “Such a fucking slut you are,” John said. Then John pushed my head down toward his cock as he said, “Suck it you little slut.”

I moved down to his cock getting onto my hands and knees beside him, I released his cock from his jogging pants. His cock popped from his jogging pants standing up hard and throbbing. I wrapped my fingers around it as I began to pump my hand up and down on his cock. I placed my lips on his cock as I stuck out my tongue licking at the head of his cock. I ran my tongue around the base of his dickhead as I pumped at his remaining cock with my hand.

“I SAID TO SUCK IT SLUT,” John yelled harshly as he grabbed a handful of my long blonde hair in his hand and yanked on it.

I immediately took his cock into my mouth. I started to bob my head up and down on it. I was only working about half of his cock into my mouth. I was sucking on it hard each time I raised my mouth up his cock. I felt John running his hand up to the top of my head.

John pushed my head down his cock as he said, “Suck it all slut,” as he pushed my head down all the way to the base of his cock.

John held my head down with my mouth full of his cock. I had to breathe through my nose as he just held my head down. John started to pull at my hair bringing my mouth up from the base of his cock. He pulled my head up his cock using my long blonde hair. When he had my mouth just barely still wrapped around his cock, he pushed my head back down forcing all his cock into my mouth.

“Look at you slut shoving your tits into that boys face,” John said as he worked my head back down his cock.

I looked out of the corner of my eye to see that I was using my tits on Adam’s face in the video. I just sucked harder at John’s cock as I watched the video. John started to pull my head up and down on his cock with his hand wrapped in my hair. Between him being forceful with me and watching myself on video my pussy was dripping.

“Dam slut that boy was leaking some pre-cum,” John said. “I just bet you loved licking that stuff up,” He added.

He was right about that, Adam did in deed leak huge amounts of pre-cum from his cock. I have always loved the taste of pre-cum since the first time I ever tasted it with my brother years ago. John started to work his hips upward as he pushed my head down on his cock. I saw in the video that I was now taking Adam’s cock between my tits.

“Ouch, I see you gave him the dick pinch to slow him down a bit,” John said as he left my hair go.

I just kept bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I was taking all of his cock deeply into my mouth. I heard John telling me that I was dancing like a true slut in front of Adam. I was to busy sucking his hard cock and rubbing my pussy to look toward the TV. As I was sucking I left my hand wander down between my legs. My pussy was dripping wet as I rubbed my fingers against my pussy lips.

“Take your hand away from your pussy,” John yelled followed by smacking my butt hard with his hand. “I said pull your hand away,” John yelled again.

I toyed with my hand at my pussy just to see what he would do. Boy I sure wished I had moved my hand when he told me to. I felt John’s full hand land squarely on my ass with force as the sound of a loud smack filled the room. My ass felt like someone had stuck a red-hot poker on it. My butt was stinging where his hand landed.

“OWW,” I screamed out as I popped my mouth from his cock.

John grabbed my head by my hair again and he pushed my head back down on his cock as he said, “No body told you to stop sucking slut did they?”

“No,” I managed to get out before he stuffed my mouth full of his cock again.

John ran his hand lightly over where he had smacked me on my ass. His hand made the spot feel warm as he rubbed at it. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock as he rubbed at my ass with his hand. John slipped a couple of his fingers across my pussy lips.

“You’re soaking wet, you fucking slut,” “You are fucking loving me being forceful with you,” John said as he rubbed at my pussy lips with his fingers. “Look at your fucking slut self rubbing at your pussy as you teased that boy with your body,” John added as he pulled my head off his cock.

John had a hold of my long blonde hair as he directed my attention to the TV. I was on the TV dancing in front of Adam as I played with my pussy. John’s fingers rubbing on my pussy lips were making my juices drip. I watched as I pushed Adam back onto the sofa as I got up into his lap. John shoved two of his fingers deep up into my pussy as I watched myself sitting down onto Adam’s cock.

“You wanted that cock in your fucking pussy didn’t you slut,” John said as I started to ride on Adam’s cock. John’s cock started to throb in my mouth as I heard him say, “Damn slut you were grinding that pussy onto his cock.”

I glanced up at the TV and he was right I was rocking back and forth hard on his cock. John dug his fingers into my pussy and he curled them downward until he found my special spot. He pressed his fingers against it and he started to rub the tips of his fingers over my spot. God this man’s fingers always knew just how to push my buttons up in my pussy.

John was pulling on my hair as he toyed with my special spot, I moaned out, “John you’re going to make me cum,” as I rocked back against his fingers in my pussy.

“Cum on my fingers you little slut,” John yelled as he pushed my head back down onto his cock.

I opened my mouth and John shoved my whole head down onto his cock. His cock was practically down in my throat. As my lips touched against his pubic hairs, my body started to twitch. I could only moan on his cock as my orgasm came over me. My pussy started to spray its juices out over his fingers and down onto the bed. John just kept digging his fingers into my pussy making my orgasm last forever.

I swear he had my pussy squirting juices for over a minute. The insides of my pussy started to feel raw as his fingers dug at my special spot. After a while, it became down right uncomfortable as he curled and uncurled his fingers against it.

I pulled my head from his cock as I said with a moan, “John, I don’t think I can cum anymore.”

“KEEP SUCKING,” John yelled as gave my long blonde hair a yank.

I felt John removing his fingers from my pussy as he once again forced me to take all of his cock into my mouth. Christ I had never seen John this forceful before. In addition, his being forceful with me was just making my pussy twitch more. I loved him making me suck his cock as he was. I went back to bobbing my head up and down the whole length of his cock with renewed vigor.

“That a good little fucking slut,” John moaned out as I sucked hard on his cock.

I felt John’s hand roaming on my butt as I sucked at his cock. I felt him run his fingers up under my wet dripping pussy smearing my juices up between my butt cheeks. I sucked even harder at his cock as I felt him toying with my asshole with just the tip of his finger. I pulled my mouth up off his cock on the next up stroke.

“AHhh that feels good,” I moaned out as he ran his fingertip around my asshole.

I felt John squeezing at my hair as he forced me back down onto his cock. As he used his hand to shove my head down onto his cock, I felt him jam one-finger deep into my ass. I jerked forward a bit as his big finger rammed up my ass.

“Don’t pull away from me slut that fucking asshole belongs to me now,” John said loudly.

I felt John slip another finger up into my asshole. He started to run them in and in time with my head bobbing on his cock. It felt almost like he was rubbing my pussy walls only through my asshole. Another orgasm was about to over take me when I felt his cock swelling in my mouth and then it started to throb.

“Take my cum, you fucking slut,” John screamed out as he pumped his fingers in and out of my ass.

I tried to pull my head a little bit up off his cock. However, John just pushed my head back down. His cock throbbed then twitched as his cum blew from his cock deep into my mouth. His cock fired off thick heavy cum shots deep into my mouth. The volume of cum coming from his cock was too much for me to handle. I tried the best I could to swallow all of his cum, however I ended up choking and gagging on his cum instead.

“AHHHhhh fuck drain my cock you fucking slut,” John moaned out.

When I started to choke, I felt John releasing his grip on my hair. I was able to pull my head off his cock. His cock was still shooting cum so I grabbed it with my hand. I milked the rest of his cum out from his cock; it was splashing all over my face. I squeezed at his cock making the last bit of his cum seep out over the head of his cock.

I looked back at John as I licked at the last drop of cum running down his dick head. John was smiling at me as I left go of his cock. I turned to get back up along side of him. I started to crawl back up toward him. John suddenly lifted his legs up and swung them over top of me. He was now sitting at the edge of the bed.

“You’re not done yet SLUT,” John said in a harsh tone as he looked at me.

John reached back toward me and he grabbed me right under my arms. He somewhat just threw me across his lap as he sat on the edge of the bed. He had done in so fast and smoothly I did not even have time to react. However, I sure reacted when I felt his big hand coming down across my butt.

“Janet this is going to hurt me more than it is you,” John said.

John slapped his hand hard and squarely down across my butt. I tried to get away from him but he was holding me down with his other arm. I squirmed in his lap as he spanked at my ass hard. God, I had never been spanked so hard in my life. It hurt like hell, I had tears running down my face, as I screamed and yelled each time his hand landed on my ass.

My butt was stinging with each blow from his hand. It was strange in a way. Because it hurt like hell as he spanked me, but on the other hand, my pussy was having convulsion against his thighs with each slap of my butt.

“YOU WILL NEVER FUCK BEHIND MY BACK AGAIN,” John yelled out as his hand spanked my ass.

I just laid there whimpering and sobbing in his lap. John finally stopped spanking my ass. I thought my spanking was over. My butt felt as if it was on fire. I also had pussy juices flowing from my pussy as I humped against his thighs. Suddenly I felt John slap my ass hard again with his hand.

“DID YOU FUCKING HEAR ME, JANET,” John yelled as he slapped my ass hard with each word that came out of his mouth.

“YES JOHN,” I yelled out. “PLEASE stop I will be good for now on,” “I am sorry for what I did,” I added.

I meant those words too for those last six slaps on my butt were not pleasant at all. In fact, they down right hurt as they brought real hard tears to my eyes. I lay there sobbing across his lap. John stood up with me stretched out in his arms. He swung my legs down to where I was standing in front of him as he wrapped those lovely big arms around me.

My head was hanging down buried against his chest. I sobbed into his chest as he held me. John held me for a long time without saying a word. He finally removed his arms from around me as he stepped away from me. I just left my head hanging down as he stepped away. John took two fingers and he placed them under my chin before he raised my head up. John looked down into my tearful face as I looked into his eyes.

“Now you go jump into the shower and we will talk when I get back, if I even come back,” John said with no emotions in his tone of voice.

“But where are you going?” I asked. John gave me a stern hard look and I hurriedly added, “Never mind, I will go shower.”

I turned and I walked out of our bedroom and down the hallway to our bathroom. Each step I took seemed to pull at my tight red burning butt. By the time I had gotten to the bathroom, I was glad I had not questioned him anymore. I sat down onto the toilet to pee but I jumped back up off the seat as my redden butt cheeks met it. I stood up peeing into the toilet.

I turned the shower on, I turned, and I saw my glowing red butt cheeks in the mirror. They were redder than I had ever seen John’s after a spanking from his aunt. I slowly got into the shower even the water cascading against my butt hurt. I turned so my ass was out of the water. I stood there just letting the water cascade down my face as I thought about what had just happened.

The warm water felt good splashing on my breasts as I closed my eyes. I thought about how I had enjoyed it when John was forceful with me as he made me suck his cock. I thought about how he had my pussy squirting intensely with his fingers.

My mind drifted to the spanking he had given me. I could feel my ass still burning as I remembered how much I had loved each slap of his hand against my butt. I was starting to get horny again thinking about what he had just done to me. My pussy started to twitch again as I stood there in the shower thinking about it. I grabbed the adjustable shower head wand and I turned it to pulsating. I adjusted the water to just a little warm.

I stood there spreading my legs as I directed the flow of the pulsating water toward my pussy. I moaned softly as I felt the water rolling over my pussy lips. I ran the shower wand back and forth against my pussy letting the water pound against my pussy lips. I started to pump my pussy toward the pulsating water as I stood there in the shower.

“AHHhhh Fuck that feels good,” I moaned out in the shower.

I leaned back against the wall as I redirected the pulsating water to the front of my pussy. As I did, my butt brushed against the wall. It hurt but it made my pussy shake as I felt the stinging on my ass as I pressed my butt against the wall. I placed the showerhead wand so that the pulsating water was jetting against my clit.

“AHHHHHh,” I moaned loudly as I pressed my burning ass firmly against the wall.

The water jetting against my clit caused me to shake as a powerful orgasm over took my body. I squirmed against the wall as the water cascaded over and against my clit. I started to rock my butt against the wall it hurt but at the same time it felt so damn good. I could barely stand up as my orgasm reached its pinnacle. I just shook against the wall dropping the shower wand as I rubbed my hands at my pussy.

In a few minutes, I regained my composure. I finished my shower and I stepped out from the shower. The mirrors and the whole bathroom had fogged over with steam from the shower. I dried myself off and I noticed that my butt stilled burnt a little but nothing like it had.

I walked to the bedroom where I slipped my robe on. I dried my hair before I went out into the living room. I turned some music on then I very gently sat down onto the sofa. My butt was still on fire but the sting was starting to go away.

I sat there wondering if John was going to come back. I started to cry again as I thought how foolish I had been. I had left my jealousy get to me. DeRonda had warned me and so had Kim. I cried even harder as I thought if only I had listened to them. I knew that John loved me with all of his heart. I never should have been doing the things I had been doing. In retrospect, it was John, who should have been jealous. As it was I doing all the fucking around. I cried for over an hour, I had driven them man I loved so much from my life. There was no one to blame except for myself.

I sat there running every little incident of where I had got jealous whether it was because of Kim, Gina, and Kathy the head cheerleader or even his own aunt DeRonda. Each out comes were the same; John was not doing anything that I should have gotten jealous over in the first place. I had been so wrong all I could hope for now was that I did not break his heart beyond repair.

I made up my mind that I was not ever going to be jealous again. All I could do was sit there and hoped that John did return home to me. I sure hope he did because I had something else to tell him other than I would never be jealous again. I wanted to tell him just how much I had enjoyed and loved him being forceful with me as he made me suck his cock.

I wanted to tell him how I love him being dominant and in charge of me. The hard spanking I could probably do without, however I had done something wrong so I did deserve it. I wanted to tell John I would become his slut for him to use as he saw fit. My body was his to command, if he told me to fuck someone I would ask him how.

My pussy even started to twitch again as I thought about John ordering me around. About six hours later John returned home. I turned toward the door as I watched it open slowly.

My eyes grew big as Gina walked through the door with a huge bouquet of roses in her arms. I jumped from the sofa and I ran to her. I threw my arms around her as I gave her a big hug and starting kissing her all over her face. I smashed the roses between us as I did.

“GINA, you’re safe thank god,” I said as I held onto her for dear life.

“Yes I am Janet, thanks to me cousin,” Gina replied as I left go of her.

I looked around her to see John entering the door as well. John looked at me but I could not bear to look into his eyes for fear of what I would see. I turned back to Gina as John closed the door. I asked her what she meant thanks to John.

Gina told me that John had drove three hours each way to the airport to come pick her up. She told me that she would have had to spend the night there, as there were no planes flying to here till the next day.

Gina smiled at me as she said, “Your John was my day in shining armor.”

“That’s knight in shining armor Gina,” John said with a little laugh.

“Janet, look John brought us both flowers,” Gina said as she held up the roses.

“I think those belong all to you as I do not deserve flowers after what I did,” I replied as I hung my head down.

“I now you were such a bad girl, me cousin told me all about what you been up too,” Gina said as she looked toward John.

John walked over to me and he raised my chin from my chest as he said, “Yes, she has been a bad little girl, however she is still my bad little girl,” as he took me into his arms and he kissed me passionately.

I knew from the passion and feelings in that kiss that he still loved me. I wrapped my arms up around him as I returned his kiss with more passion of my own. I broke our kiss as he hugged me tightly. I stood on my tiptoes as I whispered into his ear, “I am sorry John for give me, I will never do that to you again, I promise with all my heart and soul.”

I felt John move his lips down to my ear and then he whispered back, “Only if I tell you too, because for now on your ass belongs to me, my little slut” as I felt his hands rubbing against my still burning butt.

I jerked a little as his hands touched my butt, I heard Gina say, “HA Ha you got your butt spanked you little slut.”

John and I both busted up laughing as she had said it in such a little child like voice. Gina laid the roses on the kitchen table and as she walked back toward us; with one arm still around me he scooped Gina into his other arm. He pulled Gina toward us as the three of us stood there embracing in his arms.

John broke his hug as he said, “You ladies are going to have to excuse me for I have an early practice tomorrow,” he gave us both a long kiss before he walked away toward the bedroom.

Gina and I went over and sat down onto the sofa. We started to tell each other what had been going on in our lives. A few minutes later John comes walking into the living room again naked. His cock swinging with each step he takes. Gina and I both were just staring at his cock and balls as he walks toward us.

John got to us near the sofa and he said, “By the way slut, I want you to show my cousin here a good time,” as he throws down a big strap on dildo between us. “You have better make sure she enjoys it or else,” John adds giving me a smile before he turns and walks away.

I took the strap on and I placed it on the coffee table. I went back to talking to Gina. I noticed that Gina was paying more attention to the strap on than to me. I picked the strap on back up and I shook it at her.

“Would you rather be talking to this than to me?” I asked her.

Gina smiled at me as she replied, “You heard my cousin he said I had better enjoy myself or else,” smiling at me from ear to ear.

“OK, then what is your pleasure, Gina?” I asked with a smile myself.

Gina took the strap on from my hand as she told me first she wanted to see what I looked like with it on. She handed it back to me; I moved to the edge of the sofa and slipped the strap on up both my long legs. I stood up closing and tying my robe up. I turned toward Gina showing her the bulge sticking up under my robe. I moved closer to her as she reached out her hand. Gina felt up the strap on through my robe.

“Let me see your cock you fucking slut,” Gina cooed out sexy like as she ran her hand on the strap on.

I stood there and I untied my robe then I whipped it open exposing my fake hard cock to her. I took my hand and I pumped it back and forth on my fake cock. Gina was looking up at me from the sofa; she was looking more at my tits than she was at my fake cock. I removed my hand from the fake cock. I used both of my hands as I caressed my breasts as I stood in front of her.

Gina stood up and she helped me out of my robe. She rubbed her fully clothed body against mine as she did. Gina left my robe slip to the floor as I felt her taking me into her arms. She pulled me tightly against herself as our lips met in a deep passionate kiss and I wrapped my own arms around her.

Gina was kissing and licking at my face as she said, “Oh how I have missed you Janet.”

I licked at her ear before I replied, “I have missed you as well Gina but please call me your fucking slut,” as I licked at the inside of her ear.

“OK my slut you may undress me,” Gina sexily replied.

I unbuttoned the blouse she had on removing it as I kissed and licked along her arms as I pulled it off her. That left her standing there in her sexy bra and dress slacks. I next unbuttoned her slacks; I pulled them down past her thighs. Gina had a pair of pantyhose on that did nothing to hide her full nest of hair at her pussy. I kissed the front of her pantyhose as I pulled her pants down.

I told her to sit back onto the sofa, which she did. I reached down and I took a hold of one of her high-heeled covered feet. I slowly pulled her high heel shoe from her foot. I caressed the sole of her foot as I kissed at her cute toes through the nylon covering them. I looked up at Gina to see that she was rubbing her hairy pussy through her pantyhose as I slipped her other high heel off.

I played with her feet as she rubbed at her pussy. I stood up and I placed my fake cock between her feet. I worked her nylon covered feet back and forth on my fake cock just as if she was giving me a foot job.

“Your feet feel so good on my cock,” I said in a deep manly voice.

I saw Gina almost bust up laughing as I said that, however with a straight face she told me that I bet that cock would feel better in her mouth. Gina slipped her feet up onto the sofa and she laid down flat on her back. She told me to get in a sixty-nine with her. When I got on top of her, I reached for the waistband of her pantyhose.

“Leave them on slut, eat my pussy through my pantyhose,” Gina said as I felt her tugging on the strap on.

The strap on that I have is almost like a double-headed dildo in that there is a small fat cock that sticks up inside my pussy when I wear it. I could feel the fat stubby cock sliding in and out of my pussy as Gina ran her hand up and down my fake cock. I started to kiss and lick my way up her thighs as she spread her legs apart on the sofa.

That gave me better access to her nylon-covered pussy. I used my hand first to rub at the crotch of her pantyhose. They were wet with her juices; I rubbed hard and fast at her pussy making my hand wet with her juices. I placed my hands under each of her thighs as I pulled them up and spread them apart even more. When I did, I saw that there was a tiny tear in the crotch of her pantyhose. I managed to wiggle one of my fingers up through the hole. I brushed my fingers against her hanging pussy lips.

“AHhhh slut that feels good,” I heard Gina say as I toyed at her pussy with my one finger.

I felt Gina bending the strap on cock downward, which worked the stubby back cock up against the roof of my pussy. I heard sucking sounds coming from behind me. I knew Gina was sucking on the strap on hanging in her face. I worked my one finger up into her pussy; I ran it in and out listening to the wet sounds that it made. They almost matched the sucking sounds coming from Gina.

I managed to wiggle another finger up through the rip her pantyhose. I placed each of my fingers at the sides of the rip. I pulled my fingers apart as the nylon ruptured splitting into a big hole. Gina’s hair and pussy filled the hole as I expanded it bigger. I used both my hands as I ran them down against her hairy pussy.

I pulled at her exposed pussy lips with my fingers. I pulled her pussy lips apart as I buried my face fully into her black hairy pussy. Gina gave out a moan as my tongue shot between her pussy lips. I buried my tongue up deep into her hole. I started to lick wildly with my tongue buried up in her pussy.

I started to squirm on top of Gina as she squirmed below me. Gina was moaning beneath me as she rocked the strap on in and out of my pussy. I figured she must have seen that fat stubby cock part of it buried up in my pussy. I started to rock as she tugged at the strap on. I could feel my own orgasm building up when I felt Gina go tense.

“AHHhhhh SLUT,” Gina moaned from under me as her pussy left go a small but noticeable squirt.

I lapped at her juices as they flowed from her pussy. I used a finger to brush at her clit as I ran my tongue up and down between her pussy lips. Gina just moaned under me as I licked up her juices.

“FUCK me slut, use your cock on me,” Gina moaned out.

I pulled my wet face from between her legs as I spun around on top of her. I took hold of her ankles as I got between her up stretched legs. The strap on cock was lying against her pussy as I started to rub it back and forth. It slipped nicely through her wet thick hair down there.

“FUCK ME DAMN IT,” Gina yelled out as she reached down for the strap on.

Gina guided it to her pussy as I slowly pushed it forward. I ran about half of it in then back out. I fucked her slowly and teasingly for a few minutes. Gina was rolling her hips forward toward me each time I drove the strap on up into her pussy. I finally worked the entire strap on up into her pussy as she left out a loud moan. I fucked her steadily with my strap on as she moaned under me.

Each time I would bury the dildo up into her I would rock on it. Doing this caused that fat little stubby part up in my pussy to rub against my special spot. I had her legs on my shoulders as I started to plow my strap on in and out of her pussy. My own pussy was sucking at the other end as I rammed my strap on hard and deep into Gina’s pussy.

“CUM with me slut,” “AHHhh cum with meee…” Gina yelled out.

I left her legs drop from my shoulders as I buried my strap on up to the hilt in her pussy. I lie down flat on Gina kissing her as I rocked back and forth driving the dildo up her and causing the stubby fat part to grind into my special spot.

“AHHhhhh,” I managed to scream out as my orgasm took over.

My orgasm was a strong and powerful one as my whole body shook on top of Gina. Gina’s juices erupted at the same time as mine did. I could feel hers splashing against my pussy mound as my own flowed out of me. I felt Gina take her two hands to my butt.

“AHHHhhhh OWWWW,” I screamed as she pulled me down against her with both of her hands on my butt.
The warm burning sensation I felt as she grasped at my butt cheeks just kicked my orgasm into high gear. I felt the back end of my strap on pop from my pussy as I started to pee freely as Gina pulled me down tightly against herself.

I swear I almost passed out from the feeling I had just gotten. It was one of my best ever orgasms in my life. My eyes rounded up into the back on my head as I just squirmed on top of Gina. My body seemed to just shake uncontrollably as my orgasm slowed to just a small tremor. I slowly regained control and my composure.

“Janet, JANET, is you OK,” I heard Gina yelling.

I opened my eyes as I lifted my head from her as I replied, “Dam, I have missed you girl,” as I slowly got off from atop her.

Gina’s completely lower body was wet with my pee and my pussy juices mostly my pee. I took my robe and I told her I was sorry about that as I wipe her down with my robe. Gina told me not to be that some of that was her own pee as she had lost control as well. Gina sat up and we embraced each other just holding each other as our hands rubbed at our backs.

I pulled away from her as I asked with a smile, “Well did you enjoy yourself?”

“Oh very much my little slut, I am sure my cousin will be pleased,” Gina replied. “If he is not then you come live with me my slut for that was the best orgasm I have ever had,” Gina added before she took me into her arms kissing me deeply and with passion.

As we kissed, my body filled with a warm and an incredible feeling. I pondered the feeling for a split second when it hit me. I was having that same wonderful feeling that I get after each time I ever made love to John. It was the first time I ever had that feeling with anyone other than him.

I just kissed Gina back with passion and feelings as I bathed in that glorious feeling racing through my entire body. We kissed some more then cleaned the sofa the best we could before we both showered together. Gina and I both climbed into bed with John, her on one side of him and me on the other.

John did not wake up, however he rolled over onto his back and as he stretched, his arms out Gina cuddled up against one side of him as I did as well. Those lovely arms came down and wrapped around each of us as they pulled us tightly against his sides.

I looked over to Gina who was staring back at me; I ran my hand partway across John’s chest as she did the same. We held each others hands as we just smiled at each other. I was wondering if she was wondering the same thing that I was as I stared into her sparkling eyes. Why did I get those incredible, fantastic, wonderful feelings after our little fun? I soon drifted off to sleep wondering if Gina was wondering too.

That will close this chapter. I learned never to ever cheat on John again. I knew if I ever did, I would lose him for good. I also found out he was OK with me having sex with someone else as long as he knew about it. I have always believed that was something his aunt may have taught him as he grew up around swingers. I also found out that his cousin Gina can give me much pleasure and I was looking forward to more fun with her and John both. I was also looking forward to just what John has in mind with me being his little slut. As always, tell me if you enjoyed my story or not, sorry it was a little late coming as we took a little vacation over Thanksgiving. All I can tell you about that is god Italy was so lovely this time of year. Coming up next will be my story about going to a special homecoming party and a very special Christmas theme true story.

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