Slut sexy young teacher

Slut sexy young teacher

My first day at my first position since graduating as a teacher was exciting in more ways than one.
My name is Wun, I’m Thai by birth but have an Australian dad so speak English fluently.
I landed a prestigious position in a private school and jumped at the opportunity to go to the school in the Aussie outback.
My position involved teaching various disciplines as did the rest of the teachers.
On my first morning I was told myself and another teacher were teaching physical education myself the boys and her the girls.
All pupils were between the ages of 12 and 15.
At the young age of 23 of I was conscious of my breasts as they were 36D and had run and competed in athletics since I was a young girl so knew I had a toned body.
As soon as I walked into the gym the whistles started and even my colleague who I was teaching with stood and started at me, I felt my face glowing with the attention and my nipples hardened.
Our sport for today was basketball.
I teamed with the red team because they were one short. I was handed a red top and several hands assisted me sliding it over my head and down my chest where the hands made hard contact with my body brushing against me and touching my nipples and squashing against my tits.
I think all 5 boys on my teamed helped me!
Well at least they like me!!
My colleague went next door with the girls and I started the game with the boys.
From the first bounce they were all over me, inappropriate touching and bumping into my breasts, I was getting aroused already and my nipples I knew where straining against my gym top.
More than once I was pushed to the floor to have one or more boys falling on top of me.
I told one boy, not sternly but more playing to stop touching me it was inappropriate for a pupil and teacher, I was trying my psychology that we’d been taught in university bit it wasn’t working they all kept touching me up.
Then a loud “BANG” as a flash appeared above us in the low roofed gym, all the large lights had blown and the gym went into total black.
Almost as one I was attacked by many, many hands and I felt my tits being fondled hard, nipples pulled and hands under my gym skirt groping my bum and more fingers between my thighs.
“OH SHIT” I groaned loudly with the suddenness and the eroticism of the situation on my first day at my first job as I was literally attacked by 5 young boys in the darkness.
“BOYS!!!” I tried protesting, but not very well as my mouth was covered by a strong hand as they all continued abusing me. I was held tightly and my arms pinned behind me and I felt the hardness of a young cock pressing into my palms.
Nothing was said they just groped me and fondled me and I thought I would let them just have a play with me and that would be it, they were young and I thought that was all they wanted, just to grope the new young teacher.
My thoughts soon changed when I felt fingers sliding under the elastic of my shorts under my short tennis skirt.
I tried moving harder but the hands held me tighter and suddenly the hard cock behind me was in the palm of my hand and I took it and squeezed it without thinking.
My mouth was released and I just groaned, my top was pushed over my tits and released from the restraints of my bra and both nipples absorbed by wet mouths, as my shorts were pulled down my legs and fingers slid inside my dripping cunt.
I had no idea who was doing what to me in the dark but I loved it.
Fingers frigging my pussy as another rubbed my clit and my nipples were sucked or bitten by more mouths.
“FUCKKKKK…YOU” I called out as I started cumming but as groaned louder a mouth covered mine and started kissing me not too gently.
“SHITTTT” I screamed as I orgasmed and the fingers rammed hard as far inside me as they could go. As I came I felt several splashes of hot cum hitting my body and legs as some of the boys shot their semen onto me.
Suddenly without warning the lights started coming back on from the far end of the large gym which gave me time to adjust myself and some boys ran off while others put their still hard cocks in their shorts, my bra still unfastened under my top as I ran to the change rooms at the far end of the still dark gym where the lights had failed to come on as they had blown totally.
I stumbled into the darkened shower room and felt around for the wall and benches for my clothes so could get the hell out of there and back to my room.
I Stripped off quickly and tried finding my clothes…Then.
“SHIT” A light from a torch which I later found out was from a phone and I realized I was in the wrong change room and I was looking at two boys naked with raging erections between their legs.
“NO” I screamed as they ran to me, the camera light going off and hands grabbing my everywhere. One boy behind me the other in front and all hands groping me and me loving it and again I had no idea who they were just that I was loving the hard young cocks pressed into my body.
I reached down and took both of them in my hands and massaged the I felt pre cum running down their shafts already, my head was taken in a hand and we kissed each other deeply as he slid some fingers inside me for the second time in a few minutes.
I was spun around and for the first time I heard someone speak “BEND OVER” and I was pushed forward and I grabbed the change bench in both hands, my ass pushed back in the dark towards them both.
The first boy moved behind me and I felt him opening my as cheeks and then his hard dick against my sopping wet cunt lips as the other boy ran his hands under my body and took a breast in his hand and started squeezing it hard pulling my nipple.
“FUCKKKKKK…BITCCHHHH” I cried as the cock at my pussy slid all the way until his body slammed into my ass cheeks with a slap that bounced off the shower walls, at this point I felt like I was the biggest whore in the world.
His balls rested against my closed thighs and I felt them twitching and I knew he wouldn’t be long before he orgasmed. I reached between my thighs and fondled his balls, I knew from my limited experience that this would send him over the edge.
He started pumping in and out like an inexperienced novice but the wetness between my thighs could be heard as he fucked me hard as I bent over the bench and his mate now knelt on the floor sucking my breast and nipple. His fingers squeezing the flesh on my hips hard and hurting me but I was too turned on to worry about it, he was pounding me harder now and I knew I was about to get a loud of immature young cum in my cunt and was willing him to deposit it.
“FUCKKKKKKK” my lover groaned loud and rammed me one more time unleashing the virile semen into my womb.
Two more final thrusts hard inside m he moaned under his breath “DIRTY FUCKING WHORE TEACHER” then slumped down on my back kissed me between the shoulders, withdrew and whispered to the other “FUCK HER she loves it” and with a plop withdrew and left me bent over, legs wide apart and just waiting for the next boy to take his turn.
I felt it against my bum cheek before he touched my pussy, “OH SHIT” he was big. I reached between my legs quickly confirming the next boy who was more than ready to use me had a fucking enormous dick and balls dangling down low.
I pushed myself upright took his hand turned him around and sat him on the bench pushing him on his back. He seemed to know what to do and I reached down taking his cock in my hand “ CHRIST that’s fucking huge” I whispered to anyone listening he just grunted in reply “ AHA” acknowledging my surprise.
I straddled him thighs and took the thick dick and pushed the tip between my cunt lips moving it back and forth to open me more. I have a thick black dildo at home with a suction cup that I stick to the chair and fuck myself straddled over it just about every day so I loved this position because I could take control.
Sitting down on top of him slowly it took my breath away. I didn’t have that much up me yet but it was the thickness of the cock that surprised me.
He was pulling my nipples hard away from my body and paining me awfully but I loved it. I started moving my hips to and fro fucking him as he lay motionless under his young new teacher.
“OH GODDDD” moaning loud as half the dick was engulfed by my pussy. I was swinging my hips forward and back and with each movement more dick was taken inside me.
“FUCK YOU I can’t take anymore” I announced to my lover and started fucking the cock I had inside me. Feeling his dick I knew I had just over half his length and had a good handful more that I couldn’t accommodate.
Hands on his chest I just started grinding into him feeling the tip in my womb “GOD THAT’S GOOD” I told my unknown lover as I fucked him on his back. He began thrusting back against me meeting my downwards thrust the feeling was indescribable.
“OH CHRIST…JESUS FUCKING CHRIST” and I knew I was about to orgasm once more.
I started bouncing down on him now my 36D tits bouncing and swaying up and down, and I knew even more cock was going inside me, I was stretched beyond anything had done to me before. I reached between my thighs and started rubbing my clit as I balanced on his chest with my other hand my head was thrown back and sweat ran down my body, the feeling building inside my womb.
“FUCKKKKK YOUUUUU” I screamed as my orgasm built… “MISS I’m cumming” and he started thrusting harder and now as I sat down on top of him I felt his balls squashed against my buttocks so I knew I was now taking every inch of him inside my whore cock hungry pussy.
“FUCKKKKK…YESSSSS” and I bounced on him and fucked him like I’d never fucked before.
“CUMMING MISSSSS” and he thrust upwards as I pushed down as far as I could his cock impaling me hard and my juices flowing down his shaft as I orgasmed hard my cunt juices meeting his halfway.
“OH FUCK…OH SHITTTT…FUCKKKK” I groaned out loud as he shuddered with the final thrust and the last of his semen shot high into my womb mingling with my own juices in my womb and pussy.
“DEAR GOD ALMIGHTY’ I moaned as I lifted myself off his dong. My cunt felt like it was never going to be normal again and I fell onto the floor landing on top of a pile of clothes which I assumed were my young lovers, my lover following me and laying next to me.
My first thought was “CHRIST he’s still fucking hard”.
He moved between my thighs and nudged them apart, bent down kissed me on the lips and suddenly I felt his dick at my pussy entrance and I couldn’t believe his was going to fuck me again so soon.
“Do you always stay hard this long” I asked gasping at the intrusion again in my body.
“Sometimes I come 2 or 3 times before I go soft” he admitted.
“UMPPHHH” I groaned as he was bottomed out in my pussy, his balls resting on my twitching anus.
I took his head in my hands and pulled him to me and started kissing him like he was my husband. Our mouths opened and our tongues danced with the others as he took a breast in his hand and began fondling it gently and erotically my nipples hardening even more.
He started pumping in and out of me drenched pussy but slower this time and with more meaning, his cock head hitting my cervix with each thrust but not hard just touching gently, his kissing harder and biting my lips now.
“MISS” he sighed as he fucked me gently.
“What” I asked wondering what he was going to ask.
“I’ve never had my cock sucked, would you do it for me” he almost begged.
“MOVE” I told him, pushed him off me grabbed his hand and sat him on the bench and knelt on the floor between his open knees.
There was a small amount of light coming under the door and I saw the thickness of his cock and wondered how I’d taken it all inside me.
Without stopping I simply swallowed his dick as far as I could go, his cock head choking my and making me gag.
“FUCKKKK” he screamed as I swirled my tongue around the glans underneath making him grab my head and force me down harder.
“What’s your name” I asked as I started wanking him gently.
“Sam miss Wun” he told me.
“If I suck you off will you fuck me again…BUT you have to keep our sex a secret because I will lose my job and may go to jail…BUT… you are guaranteed a fuck any time and I mean ANYTIME you want if you keep it a secret…Promise” and just to make him think I sucked the end of his dripping cock again.
“Miss you mean I can have sex with you anytime ...FUCKING HELL for sure I won’t tell the boys” he whispered pushing me back on his throbbing dick.
“ But Miss Wun they already know you let them touch you up and I think they want to do it again but I promise I won’t tell them about us but I don’t know about the first boy who fucked you I know he can’t keep an secret” he warned me.
Great that’s all I needed was a big mouth in the class.
I bent down and started giving him head again running my tongue around the head and swallowing as much as I could, too be honest I hadn’t done much cock sucking but I enjoyed it especially when they blew in my mouth I loved the taste.
Sam lay back on the bench and let me show him what it was like to get sucked off.
“OH SHIT that’s SOOO nice Miss Wun” he moaned out loud as he started bucking into my mouth fucking my face, I knew he was getting aroused and ready to cum.
Fondling his balls I felt them convulsing as his orgasm started, with the other hand I began masturbating him faster now as he got near, hips bucking and thrashing moaning and tossing his head side to side.
My head was forced down hard making me gag and I felt the thick hot boy semen hitting the back of my throat as he blew in my mouth, I slurped and licked and sucked to get as much as I could in my mouth.
After his orgasm subsided he stood up grabbed his clothes and then thanked me.
“I’ll see you in class later after we all changed” I told him.
I sat on the floor my legs a mess and heard the shower room door closing.
I stood on shaky legs knowing I had to run to the women’s change room next door before the lights were repaired.
As I turned to leave I heard a gentle “AHEMMMM, Miss Wun, if you please”
“FUCK” I knew the voice straight was the school principle! I knew right away I was fired, fuck and only the first day and end of first lesson as well not a good start to my career was it.
“Come over here PLEASE” he called and I followed the voice and knew he had was behind a shower wall and must have been watching the whole thing.
As I turned the corner I couldn’t see him still but saw the steam from the shower that was running.
I was grabbed roughly and pulled under the hot running water and both breasts were grabbed sharply in his large hands. I was pulled to his body and I knew then he was totally naked, his man’s cock resting along my flat stomach. He was much taller than me and my head was level with his chest.
Suddenly we were kissing and this time it was a practiced adult kiss not like the juvenile kisses earlier. One hand was around my neck pulling me to him the other dropping to my breast and molesting it gently.
I was too far gone and aroused to complain so I put my arms around his neck and held on to him as we kissed still.
His hand moved downwards and I knew where he was going and he soon found my sodden wet cunt that was still gaping wide open from Sam’s massive dick and slid several fingers deep inside me making me cry out with pleasure.
“I’m going to use your body EVERY day Wun and you won’t say a thing...WHY because as you said you can go to jail…Understand” he asked with authority.
“Yes sir” I groaned out loud into his mouth
“You’ll do anything I ask of you and that is final” and with that he started finger fucking me Sooooo hard and fast I was starting to cum.
“OH FUCKKKK” I moaned from my throat as the orgasm started fast and hard.
“FUCK..WHAT” I was pushed away as his fingers abruptly withdrew, I was 30 seconds from cumming the bitch!
“Get back to class Wun, I’ve already shot my load watching you with your pupil but I’ll make you my cum bucket later tonight” he advised me.
“BITCH” I called behind me as he pushed me towards the door “Here” and he threw me a towel
I dodged out of the door to head to the women’s and I saw my entire class standing at the entrance to the door I was heading for...”OH FUCK!!!!” they all knew now.
Nothing for it but to take charge, if I possible could now!!
“ OK you boys shower change and see me in class in 30 minutes for Latin oral…Then I knew why they were laughing..ORAL!
They went off to change and I went into the women’s and looked at my red face in the dim light and saw how crimson it was, they all knew their teacher was a whore now!

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