Tristan and Colton: Part 1- On the Ship

Tristan and Colton: Part 1- On the Ship

It was dark as King Marshall’s crew sailed across the Irish sea, returning from England. It was pouring rain outside the ship, and two members of the crew were working in the galley. Both were young men in their early twenties. Nickolas was the more attractive of the two, with a strong jaw and short brown hair. His piercing gray eyes glinted in the dim light as he eyed the other man, Shaun.
“King Marshall’s got a real catch this time,” said Shaun.
“Really? I hadn’t noticed,” replied Nickolas, trying to feign disinterest.
“Oh sure. He’s a pretty one.”
“He’s alright, I suppose. Not a lot of meat on him.”
“But what a hot ass!” exclaimed Shaun.
“Shaun!” Nickolas shot back. He was clearly uncomfortable with where the discussion was headed, though he had to admit that the newest prisoner’s ass was perky. And firm. And had just the perfect roundness, and that it filled out his pants quite nicely, and...
“Nick! Are you with me?” Shaun almost yelled.
“Oh, um yeah...”
“It seemed like you weren’t even listening to me. I was saying how I bet he’s a real treat in bed. Someone who looks like him must get around, if you know what I mean,” Shaun smirked.
“Hardly. He’s settled down with that Maddox least he was...”
“That doesn’t mean a thing. I bet he has men and women lined up to fuck him.”
“He seems like he’s really sweet actually. He really seemed devoted to his man. He has a kind of innocence about him--“
“--That you just love,” Shaun interrupted. “Don’t pretend you didn’t see something in him. I know what you like.”
“What are you talking about?” Nickolas said nervously. Shaun smiled. He loved to see Nickolas get on edge about these sorts of things. Nickolas was shy, and didn’t seem too experienced about sex, so he was pretty easily embarrassed.
“What’s his name again?” Shaun asked, changing the subject.
“Umm...maybe Carlton...or Colton...or something...Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s it- Colton.”
It was Colton. Nick was sure of it, but he wasn’t sure he wanted Shaun to know he remembered the new prisoner’s name.
“He’s pretty young,” Shaun added, “Probably around 17, I’d say.”
“Too young for something like this to happen to him,” Nick thought aloud. He realized Shaun heard him and blushed a little.
“Not too young for a little loving from the master. The things I would do to him...” Shaun began.
“Oh please,” said Nickolas, though he was starting to get a little turned on. He secretly hoped Shaun would keep going.
“I bet a guy like that loves it rough. I’d get his legs on my shoulders and pound him hard. He wouldn’t know what to do with such a big dick up his ass. I’d make him scream so loud, you could hear it across the Irish sea.”
Nickolas was getting lost in thoughts of the new prisoner, whom he knew was named Colton. He thought Colton would love to be treated gently. Nickolas imagined whispering soft words to him while he gently entered him, telling him that he would never let him go. He imagined embracing him tightly, as Colton got used to his girth, and kissing up and down his chest and neck, before gradually picking up speed. He imagined thrusting into him, feeling the deepest parts of him, and sharing a passionate kiss. Nickolas suddenly noticed he was hard. He tried to hide his erection in vain.
“You got a pretty big one yourself, from the looks of it,” laughed Shaun. “Looks to be about 7 inches.”
And a half, thought Nickolas. “Oh... haha. Yeah, I guess.”
“You probably wouldn’t be too bad a fuck, with a pole like that.”
“Well I guess there’s only one way you could ever find out,” said Nickolas. He was just being flirtatious, and Shaun knew that. He really had no interest in Shaun, though he was handsome. He preferred someone a bit younger, like Colton... His thoughts wandered to Colton’s beautiful blue eyes. He imagined staring into them, as he slowly unbuttoned Colton’s shirt, revealing what he assumed would be a well-defined chest and abs. He would undress him slowly, enjoying his chance to set his eyes on Colton’s beautiful, somewhat delicate body. He would kiss every inch of Colton’s pale, smooth skin. He would give him pleasure he never knew before. Nickolas was longing for release, and he had finished all his duties in the galley. He said goodnight to Shaun and made his way to his chambers.
Meanwhile, in another bedroom, Colton sat alone. All he could think about was Maddox. Colton had loved him more than anyone he ever knew, and it was so painful for him to think that he would never see him again. Luckily for him, Brandon, Colton’s closest friend, had convinced Tristan and the other members of the crew to allow him to join Colton, so that he could take care of him until he arrived at King Marshall’s castle, and help him to adjust. The crew members took pity on Colton, and agreed. So Brandon had tried to comfort Colton, but it was no use. Eventually, Brandon decided to leave Colton alone for a few hours, to let him think things over, and hopefully come to terms with all that had happened. Even in his sorrow, Colton was grateful that Brandon had been so insistent on coming along on the ship. Now that Colton was alone, he thought over the times he had spent with Maddox. Maddox was a bit older than him, and was very mature and level-headed, which Colton always admired. He couldn’t believe that someone like Maddox would love him. Maddox was so kind, intelligent, and strong. He was caring, and always made Colton feel special, even when they made love. No. Especially when they made love. Colton began to think about the last time that they had sex. He still couldn’t believe it was the last time he would ever feel Maddox inside of him. Colton remembered it so clearly: it was in the middle of a rainstorm. The air was humid, since it was summer, and the rain was pelting down on the roof of their house. Colton felt so safe inside the house, cuddled up with Maddox. They had just been lying in the grass outside, when they were caught by the sudden rain. They ran to the house, but by the time they made it inside, their clothes were drenched. Maddox pushed him down onto their bed, kissing him as their soaked bodies pressed together. Slowly, Maddox removed Colton’s wet clothes. First, he unbuttoned his shirt, slowly feeling around his chest. Colton’s nipples were erect from the cold, and they tingled as Maddox gently brushed over them. Colton looked intently into Maddox’s chocolate brown eyes, and felt the way he always felt staring into those eyes: safe, happy, full of life. Maddox slumped down on top of Colton again, pressing his wet body and still drenched clothes onto Colton. Suddenly, Colton had been seized by a surprising vigour. It may have just been the rain that had refreshed him, but he did something that day that he rarely did: he grabbed Maddox and rolled over, so he was on top. Colton straddled Maddox, kissing him passionately. He violently ripped off Maddox’s shirt, revealing the soft skin he craved. He lustfully ran his hands down Maddox’s chest, down his rippled abdomen, feeling for his crotch. Maddox was instantly hard, and Colton could see it clearly. But Colton wanted to tease him a bit. Just as he was about to reach Maddox’s cock, Colton moved his hands up to Maddox’s long, brown, flowing hair, and kissed him deeply, his tongue caressing Maddox’s mouth as he stroked Maddox’s hair. Colton felt Maddox’s strong jaw, with just a bit of light stubble. It really turned him on. Colton could see that Maddox was eager to release his swelling cock from his pants, and Colton decided it was time to give him what he wanted. He quickly slid his way down to the foot of the bed, and undid Maddox’s pants. As he pulled off Maddox’s underwear, he was almost slapped in the face by Maddox’s juicy cock. It was already fully erect, and moist from precum. Colton immediately went to work on Maddox’s large appendage, licking around the head before engulfing the entire thing. Maddox moaned appreciatively as Colton took all seven inches down his throat. Colton started sucking gently on the head, running his tongue over it. As he began to lick it more forcefully, Maddox groaned loudly. His eyes were closed, and he was squeezing tightly on the pillow by his head. Colton couldn’t help but smile to himself. There was something special about knowing another person so well. He had been with Maddox for two years now, and he was very familiar with all the things that Maddox liked. He knew exactly which parts of him were most sensitive, and what things felt the best for him. In some ways, Maddox was fairly predictable: he always loved when Colton took his entire cock down his throat, for example. But Colton didn’t mind, since it also meant that Maddox knew exactly what he liked- what rhythm felt best, when to be rough, when to go gentle, when to tease him, and when to be forceful. Colton continued to suck him, periodically fondling his balls, or giving him sexy eyes. Colton wanted Maddox to know how much he enjoyed sucking his big cock, how nice it felt to have his mouth filled with Maddox’s warm manhood, how delicious the taste of Maddox’s juices were in his mouth. Colton starting doing long strokes on Maddox’s dick with his mouth. He would go all the way to the head, and then back down deep, almost to the base. He licked down the underside of Maddox’s cock as he did this, adding even more stimulation to his cock. Maddox began humping Colton’s mouth, which was really turning Colton on. However, Colton could see that Maddox was ready to blow. He wanted things to go further, so he slowed down, eventually releasing Maddox’s dick from his mouth. Maddox knew what Colton wanted without having to exchange a word. He laid Colton down gently, and began to massage his ass. Colton had a very round, toned ass, which had just the right firmness. Maddox loved to grope his ass, feeling the way the orbs responded to his touch. But he knew he couldn’t stop there. He pulled of Colton’s pants in one motion, and began to lick down Colton’s ass, slowly approaching his hole. He flicked his tongue gently on his hole, and Colton went wild. As Maddox kept flicking Colton’s hole, Colton began to squirm around, trying to stay still and enjoy the sensations. It was Maddox’s turn to chuckle to himself. He loved the way Colton squirmed when he did something that made him feel really good. It was one of the quirks he had that made him the only man for Maddox. Maddox slowly started to flick his tongue inside Colton’s hole, lubing him up for what was to come. Colton was trying to thrust his ass up to meet Maddox’s tongue.
“Do it now,” Colton said, “I want you so bad now.”
Maddox quickly brought his hard cock up to Colton’s mouth, and thrusted in quickly, getting it wet with spit. He only thrusted a few times, hoping to save as much of his stamina as he could for Colton’s beautiful, tight ass. Maddox turned Colton around so he was lying on his back, and spread his legs to give himself room. He leaned forward to gently kiss Colton, as he slowly pushed into him. Colton could smell Maddox’s manly scent. He smelled fresh from the rain, but still had a musk about him from his day spent working in the field. Colton’s eyes shut tight in pleasure and pain as his ass adjusted to Maddox’s girth, and his head tilted back, chin pointing to the ceiling. Colton listened to the rain falling on the roof, the rainstorm raging on. But soon, his mind was entirely on Maddox’s strong body, which was taking control of him with each increasingly powerful thrust. Colton couldn’t help but exhale, a soft moan escaping his lips...
As Colton lay in bed in the ship remembering their last encounter, he began to finger himself gently. He had been rubbing his dick, overcome by horniness. He was so caught up in the memories of his last time with Maddox that he had hardly noticed he was close to orgasm. Colton was lying on his back, stroking furiously on his dick, as his one finger is his ass became two, then three. He was fingering himself with more force, matching what Maddox did to him on that day when the rain was beating on his roof, and the air was humid and full of the manly scent that emanated from Maddox’s body. Colton was doing his best to suppress his moans, but he was still panting heavily from the feeling of his fingers massaging the inside of his ass. He could feel the orgasm building inside him, and he was getting closer and closer to release. He couldn’t take much more waiting; he was stroking harder and harder on his dick, and it was swelled to its full eight inches. He could feel the familiar feeling in his body, rising and rising, until...the image of Tristan eyes staring pleadingly at him popped into his head. The mood was ruined, and he sat up as he began to think of how close he had come to avenging Maddox’s death. That terrible soldier, Tristan, and killed Colton’s one love in life, and Colton had been too weak, too cowardly, to kill him when he had the chance. Tristan had been injured in the battle in which he had fought with Maddox, and Colton had found him, lying there, barely alive. Colton had brought the sword above his head, ready to stab Tristan, when suddenly he saw the look in Tristan’s eyes. Those sad, green eyes, staring back at him gave Colton a feeling he couldn’t describe. As much as he hated Tristan, he couldn’t bring himself to stab him. And now Colton would suffer forever, knowing he had betrayed his lover. Colton stood up and paced around the room. His cock had deflated, and he was tired. He quietly washed up and prepared for sleep, got into bed, and curled up in his blanket. It was so cold and strange in bed alone. He felt uncomfortable there, falling asleep without Maddox by his side. Colton tossed and turned in bed, going over the same thoughts on repeat in his head. However, he was very tired. Soon, he closed his eyes and gently drifted off to sleep, a small tear rolling down his face onto the pillow, and the wind whistling through the sails, blowing rain across the Irish sea.

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