As mentioned in an earlier story, Stan and I have been married 11 years. We discovered swinging with our three best friend couples about 4 years ago. We were at Mark and Crystal’s for a pool party which included horsing around in the pool and consuming a LOT of wine. Eventually we ended up in the hot tub, sans bathing suits of course, and as the horsing around continued, all cocks, balls, tits and pussies were grabbed, squeezed, jerked, sucked and fucked by someone other than their spouse. Afterwards we lounged in the hot tub and discussed how much we enjoyed the experience and decided to repeat it on a fairly regular basis.

We all own homes with spacious patios, beautiful pools, and big outdoor kitchens, so we decided to have all our swinger parties poolside, and to rotate among all four homes every 2 weeks, or so. And living in Florida, we could have our pool parties virtually year round. So, over the past four years each couple has hosted multiple parties.

All these parties are fun, filled with lots of laughing, drinking and crazy sex …. and the one Stan and I hosted last week was no different.

As usual, we had spent time in late afternoon getting the patio ready for our friends to arrive. I had placed lubricating oil around the patio for use throughout the evening, as needed, while Stan worked on getting the coals in the patio grill fired up. He wore an apron tied around his neck, with another tie around his waist…..and, as usual, nothing else. In that moment his 10” cock was flaccid and flopping around between his legs as he worked on getting the grill lit. I was already naked, too, with my 35E tits bouncing and swinging as I moved around the patio setting everything up. I was getting excited thinking about the party, and the sexy stuff we’d do with each other that evening, so my pussy was already moist in anticipation.

Mark and Crystal were the first to arrive. As usual, they shed their clothes in the living room and stepped out onto the patio naked…..Mark’s 10” prick swinging out in front of him, already semi-hard with a little downward bend as it bounced around between his legs; Crystal’s beautiful 36C tits jiggled with each step she took as she joined us on the patio. The four of us hugged and kissed cheeks, along with a “welcome to the party” dick tug and tit squeeze.

Bryan and Lisa arrived next, and followed the same protocol: clothes dropped in the living room, and then out to the patio for welcoming hugs, pats and tugs on everyone’s boobs, pricks, butts and pussies. Bryan had a beautiful circumcised 9” cock that dangled freely between his legs, and Lisa had huge 36DD boobs that were magnificent, with eraser-sized nipples that always seemed to be hard. Stan was still wearing his apron, but all the bouncing breasts, stiff nipples and swinging dicks had his cock beginning to stiffen. By the time Bryan and Lisa and arrived, he was already hard and his big shaft was acting like a pole under his apron, making it look like he was wearing a tent.

Lisa continued chatting with Stan by the grill, playfully swatting the bulge in his apron occasionally, while Crystal and Mark headed for the pool to cool off a bit. Meanwhile, Bryan and I were sitting on chaise lounges talking and watching the others. Stan couldn’t take his eyes off of Lisa’s heavy hangers, as usual, and as Bryan and I watched Stan’s tented apron and Lisa’s jiggling boobs, I reached over and started playing with his stiffening rod.

He was laying on his chaise lounge, while I was sitting on the edge of a nearby patio chair, so he reached between my legs and slipped a couple of fingers inside my pussy. As he gently fingered my moist pussy, he used his thumb to tease my clit….both of us watched Lisa teasing Stan’s hard-on, while we continued to play with each other.

Not surprisingly, Bryan’s cock became fully erect as I stroked it. By now my pussy was dripping from his finger fucking and clit stimulation. I was already incredibly turned on, so I stood up and straddled Bryan’s face. While supporting myself by holding onto the back of nearby chair, I lowered my sopping wet vagina down to Bryan’s mouth. He immediately began licking and sucking my pussy lips and love button, slipping his tongue into my cunt occasionally as he ate me out. Meanwhile, he stroked his rock hard cock with his left hand, while he reached up with his right hand and massaged my tits as they swayed above his head, tweaking each nipple in turn.

This is when Kyle and Deb arrived and came out to the patio to join the rest of us. Both were, of course, naked …. Kyle’s enormous 12” shaft swung between his legs, banging against his thighs as he walked out to join us. Deb was right next to him, her hefty 37D boobs wobbled and bounced as she walked out to the patio with Kyle. My eyes immediately locked onto Kyle’s huge schlong, with its mesmerizing swinging motion as he walked over to the bar area. He stopped about six feet from where I was riding Bryan’s face, and perched himself on the edge of one of the bar stools. Deb waved to everyone and walked directly over to the pool to join Crystal sitting in the shallow end.

The way Kyle was sitting on the edge of the bar stool did an exceptional job of showing off his huge dick. He sat with his back to the bar, resting on his elbows behind him, which pushed his hips forward a bit, prominently displaying his long shaft and huge mushroom head dangling between his legs. Lisa had her eyes locked on Kyle’s huge cock, and she quickly headed his way. Crystal also seemed to focus on Kyle’s swinging dick, and she left the pool to join him at the patio bar. Both Lisa and Crystal began fondling and stroking Kyle’s prick and nut sack as the three of them relaxed and chatted, occasionally looking over at Bryan eating me out about six feet away. I got even more worked up watching Kyle’s cock begin to stiffen as Lisa and Crystal took turns jerking him off. I began to rock my hips in earnest, grinding my clit against Bryan’s willing tongue, which was sending me into orbit.

As I continued to focus on Kyle’s growing cock, Lisa stepped in front of him, bent over so that she was facing me, with her legs spread and her butt directly in front of Kyle’s cock. She reached between her legs and grabbed Kyle’s big dick, and slipped it into her wet pussy. She began rocking back and forth, taking more of his shaft into her cunt with each stroke. Her enormous boobs were swinging freely underneath her, and banging into each other every time she rocked herself back onto Kyle’s prick. Meanwhile Kyle and Crystal were locked in a passionate kiss while Kyle slapped and massaged Crystal’s 36C tits, pulling on her nipples to make them hard. In front of them, Lisa continued rocking back and forth on Kyle’s huge pole, grunting each time she slammed her ass against his torso, taking his huge cock deep into her cunt. Suddenly Lisa let out a little shriek, followed by a long, low moan, as an electrifying orgasm coursed through her body. She slowed down her rocking motion as she rode the high of her climax, then stopped rocking altogether. With her eyes closed, she stayed in that position….bent over with her hands on her knees and with Kyle’s hard prick still deep in her pussy….as she enjoyed the final sensations of her ebbing orgasm.

Following her climax, Lisa slipped off of Kyle’s dick and moved over to a bar stool next to Crystal to catch her breath. The sight of Kyle’s rock hard 12” cock glistening with Lisa’s pussy juices after it came out of her cunt sent me over the top, and I had an earth-shattering orgasm. I closed my eyes and ground my clit into Bryan’s tongue, drenching his face with my love juices. After riding Bryan’s tongue for a while as my climax passed, I slid down his torso until my body was laying on his, my boobs squashed against his chest. As I lay there catching my breath, my legs still straddling his body, he lined the head of his cock up with my drenched pussy lips and pushed his thick dick into me as far as it would go. I moaned and slid even further down his torso so that I was grinding on the base of his shaft as he hammered it into and out of me with gusto.

As I was riding Bryan’s hard-on, I was still focused on Kyle’s enormous cock. As I watched, Crystal reached over and began stroking it, using Lisa’s pussy juices as lube, and paying special attention to the mushroom head. Kyle closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure. As Crystal continued jerking his cock, Kyle got up from where he sat and pulled her over to his bar stool so that she was now positioned on its edge, her legs spread wide, with Kyle standing between them. He took his massive schlong in one hand, lined it up with Crystal’s pussy lips, and rammed his hips forward so that he filled her sopping wet pussy to the hilt. He began slamming his stiff rod into and out of her dripping cunt in earnest, causing Crystal to grunt with every thrust, her tits bouncing wildly.

Viewing this from my perch atop Bryan’s cock, I was getting all worked up again, and ground my clit even harder against the base of his dick as he thrust his hips into me over and over. As I watched Kyle’s tight ass pounding Crystal’s cunt, with his nut sack slapping rhythmically against her butt cheeks, I launched into another electrifying orgasm, drenching Bryan’s prick with my pussy juices. Bryan suddenly grabbed my hips, thrust his hips upward and, with a groan, exploded inside me, sending rope after rope of cum deep into my pussy.

Within a few seconds, Crystal let out a yelp, then a guttural moan, as a huge orgasm racked her body. Almost immediately after that, Kyle let out a loud grunt of his own, followed by a big thrust deep into Crystal’s cunt, as he emptied his load of cum all over her cervix. Kyle continued pumping away as he came, causing most of his jizzm to spill out of Crystal and onto the patio deck between their legs.

While all this was going on, Deb had been sitting in the shallow end of the pool, chatting with Mark. Mark was sunning himself, just lying naked on the pool deck right next to Deb, with his eyes closed, his fingers locked behind his head, and his big cock draped over his thigh. Deb had been watching the activity at the bar, first with Lisa bent over and impaled on her husband’s enormous dick, with her big tits swinging beneath her; then with Crystal getting hammered by her husband as he stood between her spread legs, her boobs bouncing up and down as Kyle pounded her dripping pussy. As she watched, Deb had casually reached over and begun stroking Mark’s long cock. Mark turned on his side, facing Deb, so that she could have easier access to his prick, and she had begun jerking him off more quickly, enjoying the feeling of his big shaft in her hand, as well as the fucking scenes she was witnessing over by the bar.

As Mark moaned and enjoyed Deb’s handy work, Stan had finished lighting the coals in the grill, and quickly headed over to where Deb was pumping Mark’s dick, tossing his apron aside as he went. Stan’s cock had been rock hard since the other couples had arrived, so it stuck straight out in front of him, bobbing up and down, as he hurried to the pool and slipped into the shallow end, directly behind Deb. Without any preamble, Stan lubed up his big dick (using the lube I had laid out by the pool earlier), pulled Deb’s hips up until her anus was just clear of the water, then slammed his cock into her asshole. Deb let out a yelp from surprise, then smiled and fell into Stan’s frantic rhythm as he roughly fucked her up the ass. (Deb actually preferred anal sex, and all the guys were more than happy to accommodate her at these parties.) Meanwhile Deb kept stroking Mark’s big prick, causing him to moan and writhe as she jerked him off.

It didn’t take long before Mark’s breath quickened, followed by a loud groan as he shot a load of cum a foot into the air, spilling his seed all over his stomach and Deb’s hand. She kept pumping his dick as rope after rope of cum continued to fly out of the tip of his cock. Watching Mark’s cum explosion from where he was pounding his prick into Deb’s ass sent Stan over the edge, and he pulled his prick out of Deb’s ass and blasted his own load of cum all over her back and ass cheeks.

After everyone took a few minutes to clean up, the steaks were thrown on the grill, the wine was poured, and the eight of us sat at the patio table, fondling and squeezing whatever cocks or tits were nearest, while we enjoyed a tremendous meal and enjoyed yet another hugely successful pool party…… all of us completely satiated….. at least until after dinner.

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