Escapades of a horny man (pt 2)

Escapades of a horny man (pt 2)

For those of you who missed part one here is a small recap. My best friend and I had decided to move out of the Philly area and start over in a new place. Along the way we were to stop in Denver and attend my cousins’ wedding. A couple of days before the wedding I introduced another one of my female cousins to my best friend Bob. We had rented a suite at the hotel with two bedrooms and to my surprise when I had returned one evening I caught them having sex together. Out of character I did something that I never did before which was watch a couple have sex without it being on a video and masturbating while I watched. Also, my cousin Hailey caught me watching them. Now you are all caught up.

Waking up the following morning I felt a lot of regret knowing that my cousin saw me jerking off while watching her fuck my best bud. I wasn’t really sure what to do, if she was still here in his room. The entire night before I could not get Hailey out of my mind as I continued to fantasize about her and me not Bob fooling around together. There was always sexual tension between the two of us but because we were cousins never really acted on it. We played truth or dare and spin the bottle when we were younger and we practiced kissing but never went any further than that.

As luck would have it Hailey was gone and I didn’t have to face her that morning. Some good news for me that it was my cousin Mike’s bachelor party that night and seeing hot women dancing naked would definitely take my mind off of fantasizing about me and Hailey having sex.

We rented a couple of limos and went to a place called Shotgun Willie’s. Now, after being to some of the best clubs in NYC and Philly this place was just as good. There were a lot of beautiful young girls willing to spread their legs exposing their tiny pink pussies and show their tits all for one dollar.

The night started off like any other night when guys are out and about, we started to embarrass Mike the groom as much as we could. The DJ was playing a lot of good tunes and the girls really knew how to shake their assess. It was like being a kid in a candy store so many women to choose from and so little time to have them all give you lap dances.

The private rooms were full with women rubbing up and down on guy’s crotches. Many of the men in the club were encouraged to put condoms on as they entered. It seems a quite a few men in the past had lost control and went home to their wives and had a bit of explaining to do.

We took turns getting Mike lap dances and of course taking care of ourselves. My lap dances took on whole new meanings because each girl turned into Hailey dry humping my cock. It was a good thing that I had a condom on because by the third lap dance the fantasy became so real for me that I shot my load with the most petite girl on top of me. The night pretty much went as expected we got hammered told old embarrassing stories about each other and some of us who were lucky shot our loads in the private rooms. We were having so much fun that we didn’t notice the time, the place was starting to close up for the night.

My cousin Frank didn’t want the party to end. He was on a mission to spend all of his money. There were so many dancers he wanted but there was no time because the place was closing. So with a little help from some dead Presidents he convinced several of the girls to come back to the hotel to perform and do special shows for all of us.

The shows that they performed were better than the ones at the club that night. There were a lot more lesbian things with dildos and eating each other’s pussy it was very sensual and exciting. Watching these girls go at it. It was like a snake and a mongoose fighting. The other girls took advantage of the fact that we were high and drunk and were going back to the guys’ rooms. The girls let them fuck them and they sucked them off, for a nice donation of course.

Noticing that the other guys getting laid or getting a blowjob and the fact that I had already shot my load at the club, I decided to keep the rest of my money and head back to my room. Once I got back to the suite Bob wasn’t there so I decided to take a shower and get the smell of the stripper’s perfume and smoke off of me. Then Bob burst into the suite with one of the strippers. When I came out of the room he looked over at me “Hey man hope you don’t mind but were gonna get busy for about an hour or so – you cool with that?”

“Yeah man no problem I’m going to jump in the shower anyway.” Then, Candy, the stripper, looked over at me smiled and said. “Hey, why don’t you wait baby, when I’m through with him, I’ll take a shower with you and clean every inch or your body, then you can do anything want to me.” As beautiful as she was and looking very sexy in her schoolgirl outfit I said, “Nah, that’s okay you two have fun.”

I jumped in the shower and purposely took my time I really didn’t want to see or hear anything else. I did enough of that the night before. I looked forward to getting some sleep and getting this wedding over with the next day and move on to Vegas. When I got out of the shower there was no screaming coming from Bob’s room so I figured that he had finished and took her back to the other girls.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and made my way out and to the living room and grabbed another beer from the mini-bar then returned to my bedroom and shut the door. Once I got back my mind went back to Hailey and how damn sexy she looked the night before and a chubby was beginning to grow under my towel. After a minute or so thinking of Hailey there came a light rap at my bedroom door. All I could think was, “Shit I just want to be left alone the fantasy thing was really good.” I looked over at the door and thought, “It must be Candy wanting to make some extra money – I wanted no part of her.”

Slowly I moved over to the door and very quietly told her that I really wasn’t interested and that she should just stay in Bob’s room. Then this shaky voice came from the other side of the door. “Hey Gary can I come in please?”

It was my cousin Hailey – “Aaaaah, yeah, Sure” I checked my towel looking down on my semi-hard cock and I waited a few seconds for it to finally go limp. I opened the door to let her in when I noticed that her eyes were red like a setting sun and her make-up was running down her cheeks. Looking at her you could see that she was really hurt. I ran to the bathroom all the while thinking that she came over to talk to me about watching her fuck Bob, I then handed her a wet washrag when I came back out.

Hailey sat on the bed for a while and neither of us spoke. She sat there just sobbing quietly. There was nothing that came to my mind to try and console her – my mind was racing remembering once again that she was now in my room and how much I wanted her. Here I was practically naked and even though she was crying all those impure thoughts jumped through my brain. All those thoughts got squashed when I realized that she saw me using my cock like an amusement park the night before.

I just instinctly put my arm around her to try and console her for whatever reason she was crying. Finally she broke the ice and looked at me with these puppy eyes of hers and said, “Why did he bring that whore back here? Doesn’t he know that I’m willing to do anything for him? Wasn’t I good enough for him last night? I mean you saw how good I fucked him right? I fucked his brains out right?”

The images of her fucking Bob the night before and how hot she looked, with her legs spread and Bob using her like a fuck toy started to make a rise underneath my towel again. I thought “Concentrate Gary, the last thing you need is to have a hard on in front of your cousin – wasn’t last night enough of an embarrassment? Get your shit together and pay attention.”

All I could do is smile and say “How did you get into the room?”

“Oh, I swiped Bob’s key card, I wanted to surprise him and give him a special lap dance – you know – a naked lap dance that ends with a happy ending for both of us.”

I was happy that this wasn’t about me and went on with bashing my best buddy. I said, “Yeah, look, Hailey, don’t get caught up on him. He’s a womanizer and has no intentions of extending any kind of relationship with you unless you still want to fuck him again. Once we leave here he’s not going to really remember you, he’s been with a lot of women and as painful as this may be to hear, you are just one more woman he’s fucked and will move on from.

You can see he doesn’t have feelings for ya, right? If he did he would have come to see you right after the bachelor party. Come on let me put some pants on and I’ll take you back to your room. You don’t want to be here when he gets back it will be really awkward for both of you.”

After throwing on some pants and a t-shirt we walked back to her room in silence – we both didn’t know what to say to each other, things were really awkward between us. I knew we were going back to her room and all I could do was fantasize about her laying on her back with her legs spread apart inviting me to fuck her brains out.

When we got back to her room she turned to me threw her arms around my neck kissed me on the cheek and asked me to come in for a while and talk. I was real glad that it was just a cousin kiss because as she pulled away from me my cock shot up like a cannon ready to fire. It was the least I could do after watching that tiny little ass bobbing up and down and my buddy’s cock the night before and me getting off while I was watching them.

The door shut behind me, it was like being in the principles office when I was in grammar school. I sat down at the table and she flopped down on the bed, her face was a complete wreck. Nervous and being alone with her, wanting her and needing her was one thought and then I felt like I was a little kid who was waiting to be punished because I did something stupid.

Then I thought grow up no matter what happened the night before she was still my cousin and I hated seeing her like this; stop thinking only of your self. I made my way to the bathroom to get a washrag for Hailey and again and decided to try to cheer her up.

I was walking away from her to the bathroom and said, “Hailey, when I introduced you to Bob last night I had no intention of you two hooking up the way you two did. Listen your not the only one who has fallen prey to his charms you know. Besides you always make guys wait to get some. Imagine my surprise when I got back to my room last night and saw my favorite cousin and friend using each other like an amusement park right in front of my eyes and having to listen to all that commotion in the next room.”

There it finally was, a giggle and then a smile from her pretty face. “Yeah, Gary, he’s so damn good looking and charming to boot. He really swept me off my feet last night and listen as far as being innocent I knew exactly what I was doing. I wanted him and would do it all over again if I had to. I realized that I only had a few days to try to be with him. Don’t look so surprised about that – he’s really handsome. Besides you really didn’t seem to mind with everything was going on – I mean you were taking care of yourself, right?”

Again she began to laugh a little then came over to me and put her hand on my shoulder and her face became a little red and whispered in my ear. “You know, there is a new scratch on my bedpost as well as his. So, don’t feel too bad for me I did enjoy it – I did have a good time with him you know. I was just hoping that it would have lasted for the whole weekend and not just one night. I certainly wasn’t expecting him to fuck the first whore he seen especially one night after being with me.”

Hailey flopped back on the bed and smiled at me and then it seemed like old times when we were kids. I would come out to her fathers ranch when we were little kids and we would play and talk. We started telling all the old stories back and forth and even though we knew the stories and all the punch lines it still was fun to reminisce for a while.

Then it happened as we sat there telling all these old stories I noticed that she turned out to be a beautiful woman. I got to see something very intimate about her the night before and I began to fantasize again what it would be like if I were the one that was with her. The one who made her scream in ecstasy and joy, having her in my arms and me laying between her legs, making lover to her.

After an hour or so of talking she was feeling better and so was I. Things seemed to be back to normal the awkwardness we both were feeling earlier in the night was now gone. As I stood up and made my way to the door I turned and looked back at her and said, “Look it’s getting late the wedding is in the afternoon and I just want to get some sleep tonight. Call me in the morning and we’ll get some breakfast, okay?”

Hailey got up and made her way over to me and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “Thanks, I just needed someone to talk to tonight and I always know that you’re the for me.”

We embraced for a little while and as my head was up against hers I could smell that fragrant shampoo that she likes to use all the time. Then she squeezed a little tighter and drew me even closer to her, closer than what cousins should be hugging. Then there came these small but sensuous kisses on my neck followed by warm breath blowing into my ear followed by her tongue in by ear. It felt so damn good and got my cock to rise in my pants once again.

She whispered in my ear “Look, Gary, I appreciate all the you did for me tonight and being more than a cousin but a good friend to me.” Hailey pushed back a little and gave me a cute smirk and a come hither look then leaned in again and kissed me on the lips nice and slow.

This was more than I could handle the tension between us was too great and she just broke through the incest family barrier with that kiss and I finally made my move. My hands went to the back of her head and pulled her closer I didn’t want this to end. After seeing her in action the night before I didn’t care if this was incest or not she was hot and she was right here in front of me.

Our kisses were slow and long as our tongues slowly darted inside of our mouths and our hands were moving all over our bodies. With my eyes closed all the images of the night before came racing back into my mind and my cock started its rise to the top of my jeans. Hailey could feel it rise between our writhing bodies as we were French kissing each other. Then, Hailey’s hand slid inside my jeans and her hand moved over the head of my cock nice and slow. The touch of her hand was enough as it brought me to full erection then her hand made its way all the down to my balls and back to my head again.

Her head leaned back and she smiled again at me, “I have a confession to make. I remember when you were in high school you were staying with us at the ranch one summer and you just got back from helping my father with the cattle. You were so hot and sweaty and you started to undress in your room and you didn’t notice me but you stripped down to nothing and headed to the shower.

Since you didn’t see me before I wanted to see more of you. I tiptoed into your room and peeked in on you when you were taking a shower. I stood there just looking at you admiring your hot sweaty body as you stepped into the shower and watched you wash yourself. It made me so hot that I started playing with myself like you did last night. I wished I were in there with you, washing your body and caressing you all over. You know I decided that summer that I wanted you to take my virginity from me.

I’m so surprised that you never caught me but when you washed that beautiful cock of yours I came all over my fingers, I then ran back to my room. I don’t remember your cock being this big it must have grown after all these years.” We both stood there laughing at each other. We have fantasized about this for so long and kept our feeling pushed down inside of our selves as we both knew that incest was wrong and we didn’t want to go to hell. But then who cares the little head started doing all the thinking instead of the big head.

My hands left her head and made their way down to her breasts. Then I looked deep in her hazel eyes and said, “Well, these have grown as well and I must add feel a lot better than before when we were in junior high.”

We stood there for about ten minutes French kissing each other and slowly fondling each other. Hailey’s moans started to get deeper the more I played with her nipples and her moans became more frequent the faster her hand moved up and down the shaft of my cock.

Hailey could see that she was starting to bring me to climax as her hand was pumping my cock. When she stopped and said, “Wait here a minute I’ll be right back.” She ran to the bathroom leaving me standing there with a hard on and a smile on my face. She was in there for about ten minutes or so and I thought she wasn’t going to come out. I figured she came to her senses while she was in there. Standing there and thinking to myself that if we did this it was incest Hailey was probably getting cold feet about this and came to her senses as well.

After thinking about it for a while I concluded that this was a bad idea. So, while Hailey was still in the bathroom. I told her that I would see her the next morning for breakfast and that at the wedding we should sit together. Then the door at last slowly opened and when my head spun around it was like there was an angel standing in the doorway. She was wearing a camel sol and a tiny g-string. She actually looked sexier with the little she had on than when I saw her totally naked the night before.

Standing there gazing at my cousin’s beauty my mouth opened in awe. This was the little girl that I played doctor with when we were younger and she had many new attributes to play with that weren’t there when she was twelve and thirteen. Her nipples were popping through her top, as her breasts were standing at attention ready to do battle. The white g-string she was wearing didn’t cover her entire pussy. You could see her tiny thin pussy lips and it was nice to see that she shaves all her pussy.

Hailey smiled at me and said, “Okay it’s your turn to strip down.” I felt like I was having and outer body experience as my gaze never left her tight thin body. My shoes and shirt came off almost simultaneously followed by my jeans. When they finally came off I was standing there looking like a coat rack peg waiting for Hailey to put something on it. Hailey looked at me and ran to the bed waving to me to meet her there.

We both flew onto the bed and lay on our stomachs next to each other when she turned to me and with a cute little smirk said, “I know we played doctor a lot when we were little and we explored each other bodies but later on when I started to develop – I really did want to lose my virginity to you. I’m not just saying this as we lay here on the bed like this. There were times when we were out riding the horses together that I wished we had made love when we were by ourselves. I always fantasized about us doing it on horseback and me riding up and down on you as we slowly galloped through the woods together.”

She was making my cock throb knowing how much she really wanted to fuck me after all these years. I pushed her onto her back and moved over to her and we looked into each other’s eyes and couldn’t believe that I was naked on the bed with my cousin about to do what we both wanted to do. Looking down and gazing into her eyes I said, “Are you sure that you want this to happen?”

“Yes, I want to make love to you. How ‘bout you – you sure you want to be with me?”

There was no answer just my lips moving down to hers. With my eyes closed and her tongue slowly slipping in and out of my mouth my hand slipped underneath her camel sol. Her breasts felt even better than before knowing that it was okay to play with them. I grabbed her hand brought down to my cock; she did such a great job before that I wanted her hand jerking me off. Then Hailey looked up at me “Gary, please take me – I’m all yours do whatever you want honey – make me your woman tonight.”

I slipped down between her legs pushing them apart my hands were caressing her pussy overtop of her g-string. Hailey’s moans started out only as whispers in the air as I played with her tight pussy. My thumb separated her pussy lips and pushing her g-string inside of her and then playing with her clit by moving my thumb in circular motions. Hailey grabbed my other hand and put my middle finger inside her mouth and sucked it as I played with her now dripping wet pussy. Hailey’s moans were no longer whispers but full blown moans as her hips moved in a up and down motion as my thumb was slipping in and out of her now moist pussy with greater frequency and my other fingers playing with her clit.

Seeing her excitement and hearing her moans I felt that she liked it and I shouldn’t stop. So I pushed her legs up and she lifted her ass up and I reached underneath her ass and grabbed her g-string and slipped it off of her soft smooth ass. Spreading her pink pussy lips apart with my fingers and my tongue slipped inside her pussy again. Strawberries didn’t smell or taste as good as my little cousins’ pussy. My lips eventually made their way over to her clit. The moans started to become louder pants as she grabbed my hair and pulled my face deep up against her pussy as her hips were beginning to move in circular motions.

Hailey’s voice was coming in and out of whispers “Come on Gary eat your cousins pussy. Mmmmmm baby eat me ooooooooooohhhh yyyeaaaaahhhh eat me baby.

I lifted my head and spread her pussy again and this time spitting inside of her pussy. I also noticed her tiny virgin balloon knot but I figured that I would get to that later and went back to work on her pussy. Her moans became more frequent and louder. Pulling out my finger I took the palm of my right hand all my fingers and rubbed her entire vagina and clit at the same time. My hand was moving in circular motions as fast as I could. The smile on her face and her little pants and moans was adorable. Her pussy juice was now flowing all over my palm and fingers I could tell she was close to cumming.

I thought to myself as my tongue found it’s way down to her shit hole. “There was something though about her asshole being so small and tight and never ever been violated before. There was something dirty and nasty about fucking or sucking a chick’s asshole. It’s dirty, nasty and really taboo, even though my cousin and I were now locked in an incestuous affair fucking or sucking her asshole would break all the taboos at once.

Hailey rose up on her elbows and was now looking down at me as my tongue was darting in and out of her shithole. She started playing with her pussy and said, “Damn baby you look so beautiful with your tongue in my asshole. Put in deeper I want you to taste every inch of me. Ooh make me cum baby with your tongue licking my asshole.” Her hips were now moving at lightning speed as my tongue went from her asshole all the way back up to her clit and then all the way back down again. “Come on Gary fuckin’ eat my ass – suck on all my holes you dirty mother fucker make me cum. I want to cum on your tongue.”

She got up onto her knees and straddled my face and began to fuck my tongue as I stuck it up her pussy as far as I could. I put a finger into her asshole and she screamed so loud that I thought all the glass in the room was going to break. “I’m going to cum all over your face honey don’t stop let me cum on your face.” Then there came a warm rush of her pussy juice all over my tongue, lips and nose, as she didn’t stop thrusting backward and forward over me. Then she collapsed backwards off of my face trying to catch her breath.

After she caught her breath and I wiped her pussy juice from my face Hailey noticed my rock hard cock and with a very big smile said, “Come on baby it’s your turn.” Hailey slid over to the edge of her bed and I stood up in front of her with my cock staring her in the face as she was down on her knees. I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside of her mouth. She started off like she did before with these pecks all over my cock. She then spit on the head and looked up at me as she began to stroke me and said, “You liked it when I jerked you off before?”

“Yeah honey, but as much that felt good, it would feel a lot better inside your mouth don’t you think? Come on, suck me off honey.”

Now, with one hand on my cock she let the head of my cock slip into her warm inviting mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her head down on my cock. Now she was jerking me off with her hand and sucking the very top of my cock, the sensation was unbelievable. This wasn’t the first time a chick sucked me like this but it was made even hotter knowing that my cousin was sucking my cock and that we were breaking all kinds of taboos every minute that we were together. She looked so beautiful staring up at me with those piercing hazel eyes noticing all the pleasure she was giving me, it was written all over my face.

Hailey was looking up at me and let my cock slide out of her mouth and said, “So, how am I doing? Do you like the way I’m sucking your cock? I’ll do anything you want. Ask me – let me be your fuck toy tonight.”

Now, that was very encouraging a more than willing participant to making my cock the center of attention and helping me get off. “Okay, I want to see your lips reach the bottom of my cock I want to feel my cock slip down into your throat. I want you to gag on my cock.”

There was no hesitation she took her hand off of my cock and she lifted up and repositioned her head. She opened her mouth really wide. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back so I could watch her suck my cock and then I pushed her head down on me. I felt her starting to gag and then I let her off. She caught her breath and then I forced her head down again but this time I was thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth. This is what I was looking for I began to fuck her mouth and my cock was going down her throat and even though her lips never did get to the base of my cock it didn’t matter at least she was trying. I pulled out of her mouth and stuck my fingers in her mouth and she sucked them and got them nice and wet. “Come on suck me more baby don’t stop”

“Okay Cuz I think this time I’m going to get the whole thing in my mouth.” What a trooper, most chicks would have given up by now; she really wanted to please her man. She was now on all fours and she opened her mouth and my cock slid into her mouth again. I leaned forward and smacked her ass real hard and as she moaned in pain my cock slid all the way balls deep into her mouth. She came up gagging almost throwing up all over the floor. She smiled and said, “Go ahead baby smack your cousin’s ass treat me like that bad girl that I am.”

I shoved my cock back in her mouth but this time I had a different surprise for her. As she was trying to get my cock as deep as she could in her mouth I slapped her ass and again my cock went balls deep in her mouth. To my surprise Hailey was able to hold on for about ten seconds this time. Her eyes were watering but she was willing to continue.

This time as my cock went into her mouth I spread her ass cheeks apart exposing her asshole to me. You could see that she never put anything inside of her until now. My finger started around the outside of her asshole as she was desperately trying to swallow me, then my finger slid inside of her. I could feel her throat muscles tighten as she tried to scream and then pushed my cock balls deep again. I pushed my finger as deep as I could inside her asshole. My cock never left her throat she was doing her best to please me.

As my cock slid out she looked up at me with those almost bloodshot eyes now with tears running down her cheeks she said, “Come on lay here on your side and eat my pussy and fuck my mouth. I didn’t need any other incentive my beautiful cuz spread her pussy lips for me, and my tongue went back inside her juicy cum filled pussy. It tasted so good knowing that it was me who made her cum.

On the other end, my cock looked like a piston moving in and out of her mouth. I have to admit she did take it really good she made sure my cock never got past her lips. As we sucked each other for a couple of minutes Hailey rolled over and looked at me. Her face was looking a lot better no tears and eyes were back to their normal hazel and white color now. “Let me ride you like the cowgirl that I am”

“Sure baby you want to fuck, let’s do it. I’ve been waiting for this since last night”

Hailey pushed me down on my back and straddled my stomach. She leaned forward and lay down on top of me. My hands immediately went to her perky breast and her tongue found its way back into my mouth. She began by rotating her hips around on my stomach and I could feel her wet moist pussy inching down towards my cock.

Then I could feel the heat from her pussy as it reached the head of my cock. She paused for a second smiled at me. As she starting kissing me a small breath of air was pushed into my mouth as she slid the head of my cock into her tiny pink pussy. To my surprise her pussy was even tighter than I fantasized about the night before. Even though her pussy was dripping wet it took a while for her riding me to go all the way down. The moment her pussy reached the base of my cock she squeezed her pussy so damn tight it felt like we were both back in high school again. I reached up and my hands were caressing her breasts.

“Yeah baby play with me as I fuck that hard cock” Damn baby you’ve got a beautiful cock it’s so fucking hard you’re gonna make me cum all over you.”

“Well, come on baby cum all over me, I want you to cum on me. I want to feel that warm rush of your cum on my cock just like the way it felt rushing down my tongue and all over my lips.”

Hailey moved faster and faster up and down on my cock. Now, as I was squeezing her tits she pulled my head off of her breast and her tongue found it’s way into my mouth again. Then she came off of her knees so she could lie on top of me. My cock was buried deep inside of her now. It felt so damn good I looked up at her “Come on cuz fuck your cousin’s cock, your such a fuckin’ bad girl – come on baby, be my bad girl and cum on me. Did you hear me cum on your cousins cock.” I began slapping her ass as hard as I could then after not saying anything for a long while there came this loud guttural “Whoa fuck baby I’m cumming on my cousins Cock.”

After breathing real heavy and unable to move Hailey finally flipped off of me and looked at me and said, “I’ve got to suck my cum off your cock.” Hailey started licking my cock up and down. She went down on my balls and took one in mouth and then the other as she jerked my cock off. Then with her head between my legs she started licking my cock like a lollipop as she stared up at me with her beautiful hazel eyes.

Then there came this little smirk on her face as she pushed my legs up and the air and she went down to my balls again and started sucking each one. Then out of nowhere her tongue moved all the way down to my anus. As she continued to jerk me off her tongue began darting in and around my asshole. The sensation was nothing like I felt before but what the hell I tossed her salad why not let her toss mine. I mean if we are going to break taboos why not this one too.

When Hailey finished eating my asshole, balls and cock she stood up and turned around and straddled my cock once again. She then turned her head and said, “I’ll let you cum in my mouth only if you can buck your cousin off of your cock as I ride it. You’ve gotta let me get it all the way in first. Then if you can get your cock out of my pussy and me off the top of you then I’ll suck every last of my cousins sperm from his balls.”

Now this is what I call incentive to fucking. Hailey pushed my cock between her pussy lips and then slowly slid her cunt all the way down to the base of my cock. Now that I was balls deep Hailey turned with a little smile and said “You’re not going to throw me off so I’ll let you titty fuck me and cum all over my tits.” Hailey started off by squeezing her pussy so damn tight that when she moved up and down on me it felt like I was fucking a 12 year old. She began bouncing and riding me like she was on a bucking bronco.

“Oh fuck – Hailey – fuck your cousins cock – Jesus fucking Christ – fuck me baby. Fuck your cousins cock, honey.” I started thrusting my cock up into her pussy as she was moving down and as she came down I was pushing up. I tried my best and for about a minute or so it seemed like I was going to lose then out of nowhere she stopped squeezing my cock and I threw her off.

As she lay they’re on the bed moaning and groaning she smiled at me “Okay, you can cum in my mouth because you just made me cum again. I don’t know baby you don’t have the biggest cock that I have ever fucked but God damn if it isn’t the hardest. Most guys don’t stay this hard for as long as you have when I fuck them.”

I said, “Well, you didn’t see the size of the load I shot all over the floor as I watched you fuck Bob last night. Especially the last five minutes or so were amazing as you moved your ass on his cock”

Hailey said, “You know baby that when I caught a glimpse of you watching me last night, I didn’t know that you were playing with yourself but I started to fantasize myself that it was your cock I was fucking. So I guess the load you shot was because I was thinking of you and you were thinking of me fucking you.”

I rolled her on her back and spread her legs and said, “Okay, honey it’s my turn to fuck you for a while. I want to make out with you as I fuck you it really turns me on.” I slid my cock inside of her and my cock went balls deep immediately. Her pussy felt like it was built just for me, it felt like it fit like a glove. She spread her legs really wide and I put my hands on the back of her thighs and pushed her legs backwards. My cock slid in real deep now as I pushed her ankles behind her head. I smiled at my cousin and said, “Hey, I can’t believe how flexible you are”

“Yeah I do yoga every morning I’m very limber baby.”

I fucked her for a while with her ankles behind her head and we were French kissing each other. This made my cock even harder I don’t know what it is about kissing when I fuck a chick but it really does make my cock really hard. “Hailey I want to fuck you in the asshole honey I want to take your anal virginity. You said you wanted me to take your pussy virginity then let me take your asshole tonight. I want to use you like the fuck toy that you are hahahaa. Come on Cuz let your dirty fuckin’ cousin fuck your shithole.”

Hailey looked back up me “Yes, you can fuck me anywhere you want.”
I slid my cock from her cunt and moved up to her mouth and started to fuck her mouth.
“Hailey you need to really get it wet so I can fuck you in the ass.”

“Okay, honey, go ahead fuck my mouth.”

As I slid my cock in her mouth I got my fingers nice and wet and began playing with her anus. I slowly went in circular motions as my cock was going balls deep in her throat. I pushed my finger inside of her and as she tried to scream my balls were resting on her chin.

I pulled out of her mouth and moved down to her asshole. I spread her legs and ate her pussy for a while and tossed her salad again. My thumb finally found it’s way into her asshole and I figured that if I was going to fuck her shithole now was going to be the time. Hailey rolled over on her side and I lined the head of my cock with her anus and Hailey looked very nervously back at me “Be gentle lover just a little at a time.”

“No problem I don’t want to hurt you but this is going to hurt a little I’m not going to lie to you.”

We tried and tried to get my cock inside of her ass hole but it was so tight that it seemed like it was going to be impossible. I said, “Hailey do you have any kind of lube?”

“Yes, hold on a minute I’ll be right back.” She ran to the bathroom I really wanted to fuck her ass but it didn’t seem like it was ever going to happen. After a minute or two of her lubing her asshole she rubbed some on my cock and then rolled on her side and said, “Do it baby fuck my asshole and take my virginity. Fuck your cousin in the ass – fuck your dirty girl.”

I lined my cock up again and as hard as I tried it seemed impossible then my little dirty girl grabbed my cock and pushed it in as hard as I could. I felt her asshole open up a little and my head slipped into her asshole and Hailey let out scream of pain like I just stabbed her. Hailey’s hands immediately went to my stomach and pushed me back “Easy honey only your head okay.” I moved my head very gingerly inside her asshole Hailey was biting her lower lip and moaning in pain.

“Do you want to stop?”

“Hell no baby you’re going to put that cock of yours balls deep inside my asshole. ”As a couple of minutes went by her asshole started to relax and my cock slowly started to slide deeper and deeper into her asshole. I could feel my cum bubbling up in my balls as my cock was stretching the walls of her asshole apart for the first time in her life. After gingerly fucking her shit hole my pace picked up a little and the sounds of pain disappeared.

Then it became “Come on pound my asshole – drill me hard and deep.” As she was saying this she was gritting her teeth and squeezing my hand so hard that I thought she was going to break one of my fingers. Then I said, “Hailey, baby. You’re going to make me cum.”

With a very surprised look on her face she yelled at me, “No not yet I want you to make me cum with your cock inside of my asshole and you’re not even balls deep yet.”

As I was getting tired we switched positions and I lay on my side and Hailey’s leg was high in the air as she looked down at my cock penetrating her tight little shithole. Screaming again in pain now because of the new position and gritting her teeth she screamed out “Come on fuck my dirty little shithole with that hard cock of yours. It feels so fucking good in my asshole come on baby fuck your cousin’s asshole – fuck me in the ass.” Hailey’s fingers found their way into her pussy and over her clit as my cock finally went balls deep.

The sensation of being so deep inside my cousin asshole was unbelievable. We were breaking all the taboos on this night. As we were fucking each other and my cock making small thrusts, as I was balls deep Hailey turned her head and kissed me on the lips. I could feel the small gasps of air every time I pushed deeper and deeper in her shithole. Then with one hard thrust we both went off the side of the bed. We lay on the floor laughing at each for being so damn stupid not to notice where we were.

Hailey smiled and said, “Come on honey I can take more of your cock in my ass.” So, I threw a pillow on the floor and put her head down their and her ass up the air going up the side of the bed. I grabbed the lube and lubed up her asshole again plus my cock. I slid my cock inside her asshole this time and it seemed like she had been fucked in the ass every day of her life. I immediately went balls deep. I began pumping her asshole as hard as I could then my finger made their way into her pussy and playing with her clit.

Hailey’s face got beat red and she looked up at me with this contorted face she was trying to say something but all she could manage was mmmaaaaakkkkeeee mmmeee cccuuuuummm fuck my dirty ass you mother fuucccckkkkkeeerrrrr. Wwwwwhooooaaaaa iiiimmmmm ccccuuummmmiiinngggg with your cocccckkk in my aaassssshoooooooole.

I worked up such a sweat that it looked like I just ran ten miles. I helped Hailey up from the floor and she gave me a huge hug and kissed me. I grabbed her ass and squeezed her cheeks nice and firmly and then I smacked her cheek real hard and with a smirk on my face told her “Okay, you dirty little whore it’s time for you to finally make me shoot my load. You know every time I was ready to cum you would cum first. This time I want you to suck me off and yes I’m going to shoot my load in your mouth.”

“Alright, we’ve done everything else tonight why not I came in your mouth so fair is fair.
Did you swallow my pussy juice cuz?”

“Sure did.”

“Alright then I’ll swallow every last of your little swimmers – besides the protein will do me good. Now lay down I want to taste my asshole.”

I laid down on my back and with a big smile on her face Hailey looked up at me with a smirk “Now, don’t you dare cheat me I want as much cum as you got down in those beautiful balls of yours.” With that she opened her mouth as wide as she could and she went down on me. I grabbed my cousin’s head and forced her head down on my cock. “Eat me bitch – When your lips reach the base of my cock I want to feel your tongue licking my balls.”

Hailey’s eyes were watering and she was gagging on my cock horribly but I didn’t care anymore I just wanted to fuck her mouth and shoot as much cum as I could in her mouth. My cock went down my cousin’s throat. I did everything I could to force her head down on me it felt so fucking good in her throat. My cock got harder and harder the more I thought that my little cousin was sucking my cock and she was tasting her pussy juice and her shithole made me rock fucking hard. With that last image of my cousin looking up at me with her trusting eyes did not stop me from deep throating her and making her gag.

From the tightness of her throat it felt better than her asshole and every time my entire cock was in her throat pumped my cum closer and closer to the head of my cock. This was it – I didn’t want to make a sound or say anything, I wanted to surprise her by letting loose a load of cum in my cousins’ mouth.

Hailey was no longer in control as my hips were thrusting back and forth forcing my cock in and out of her mouth and my hands on the back of her pushing her throat down to the bottom of my rock solid cock. She didn’t move but let me do all the work now. As she opened her mouth from around my cock it slid out of her throat but she didn’t let it slip out of her mouth.

As I stopped thrusting and keeping my hands on the back of her head I exploded a huge load of cum in her mouth. There was so much that Hailey was joking on it as hit the back of her throat but like the good little cum dumpster she was my cock stayed inside her mouth. I then spazimed three or four more times in her mouth. There was so much cum in her mouth it was sliding out the side of her mouth as I slowly began to fuck her mouth again. Then one last time I grabbed the back of her head and told her to relax and I buried my cock down her throat again just for good measure.

As I pulled my cock from her mouth she was slurping all my cum from the shaft of my cock so that she didn’t let any get away. Then when I was finally out of her mouth she smiled at me and opened her mouth to show the bountiful amount of cum in her mouth smiled at me closed her mouth and then winked at me.

Hailey did as she promised she swallowed every last drop of my cum and the cum that slipped out of her mouth and onto her chin. Hailey opened her mouth showing me that there was no cum in her mouth and said, “Come over here my favorite cousin and kiss your cousin. I like being kissing cousin’s don’t you?”

“Yes, Hailey let’s take a shower and get some sleep.” We slept together that night and went to breakfast as we promised each other. We went to the wedding the next day as well, later that night we spent another night of bliss together before I was to leave and take off to Vegas.

End of part 2

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