An old hard cock is just as good as a young hard cock.

An old hard cock is just as good as a young hard cock.

An old hard cock is just as good as a young hard cock.

One day I, Steve and Jim were sitting in the lunch room at work when Jim asked me a strange question. “Frank what size is your cock?” We often talked about sex, who is the best looking woman at work and women we had fucked or would like to fuck but this came out of the blue. “Seven inches, why?” “And how thick?” “About average. What are you getting at?” “Curved or straight?” “Straight.” “Good and hard?” “Hard as a steel rod. Come on Jim, what’s this all about?” Then he turned to Steve, “How about you?” “Just about the same I guess but you’re not getting anywhere close to it if that’s what you’re thinking”, Steve laughed.

I’m just past sixty and Jim and Steve are both in their mid-twenties. I’m six foot tall and in pretty good shape. Jim and Steve are very much the same. The biggest difference is that Jim and I are white while Steve is as black as the inside of a coal mine. We sat there waiting for Jim to tell us what this strange line of questioning was all about.

“Jill and I were talking one night in bed about a week or so ago about when we got older. I said something like, an old hard cock is just as good as a young hard cock, and she said no way. We kept talking and I bet her that I was right. She said that it was an interesting bet but there was no way that we would ever know who the winner was till we got old.”

Guys, the next night after I had spent a day thinking about it, I said, “I’m gonna win the bet.” “What bet? What are you talking about?” “I’m gonna find an older guy with a hard cock to fuck you and show you that I’m right. Then you will know that when I get old I will be just as good in bed as I am now. Jill was not a virgin when we married. As a matter of fact she told me that she had done her fair share of partying but after we married two years ago, Jill has never been with another guy. I had too, so it was not a problem with me. Jill smiled at me and asked me what the fuck makes you think that I would go along with your little game?” “You just wait and see.”

I sat there picturing Jill. I had met her several times at company functions. She is five foot one and can’t weigh a hundred pounds wet out of the shower. She is twenty two, has short blond hair, B-cup breasts that defy gravity and a waist so small that you think you could reach around it with the outstretched fingers of your two hands. She is one of the cutest young girls I have ever seen. She has the best friendly, flirty, giggly personality. She’s fun to be around. Picturing her in my mind and thinking about what Jim had just said was making my cock start to grow.

Last night I told her that I wanted to bring a guy home and prove what I had said. First she made a face and said no way. But later in the night in bed, just after we had a good fuck, she looked at me and asked, “Are you serious about wanting to bring an older guy home to have sex with me?” “I sure am. I want to win our bet.” “I don’t need anybody but you but if you are really really sure that it is something you want, I’ll go along with it but I’m sure I’ll win the bet.”

“That’s brings me to why I asked those questions. The way you both answered my questions, I’ve decided that we are all pretty much the same and that you both should come to the apartment Friday night and help me win the bet.” Frank and I looked at each other and then back at Jim. “Ok, count us in”, we replied with smiles on our faces. “When you get there, Jill is going to be blindfolded and she will stay blindfolded till we are all done fucking her and she has to guess which one of us is the oldest. We will all shave and wear the same aftershave so she can’t tell us apart that way. Jill comes easily and often so it won’t make any difference what order we fuck her in, she will enjoy every minute of it. I’m gonna go first because I don’t want my cock shoved up her tight pussy when it’s already is full of you guy’s spunk. Don’t worry, Jill’s on the pill so there is no worry about her getting pregnant. I’m gonna win this bet and have a ball winning it.”

Friday night came. Frank picked me up at my home. I’m divorced but Frank is married so he had to tell his wife a story about why he was going out. We all wore his aftershave so his wife would not wonder why he was wearing something new. We arrived at Jim’s apartment and rang the doorbell. Jim answered and let us in. Standing in the middle of the room was Jill, dressed in a shear little babydoll nightie and a blindfold. You could easily see the outline of her sexy body inside of it and you could tell that her nipples were hard. Jim said, “Jill I have asked two nice guys to come over and help us decide who will win our bet.” “With an obvious surprise in her voice, Jill, with a question in her voice said, “Two?” “Yes, one is my age and the other is 60 and you are not going to be able to tell which one of us is the older guy. I thought it would make it harder for you to guess. Come over and meet our guests.” We both said hi but after that we were not to say a word.

We all stood next to each other as she stepped forward till she bumped into us. Jim gave her a kiss and gently squeezed and rubbed her breast. Jill moaned. Then he gently moved her over to me and I did the same. Damn her perky little tits were firm. Then I moved her again till she was in front of Frank and he repeated the process. Jill stepped back one step. “You guys cheated. You all wore the same aftershave. By the way, you all smell great.”

Jim told her that it was time to see who would win the bet. He told her to undress each of us. Jill giggled, reached out and touched each of us. “Eenie, meenie, mineie, mo.” She stopped at Frank. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. Then she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his slacks and dropped his pants. She dropped to her knees and helped him step out of his pants. Lastly she reached up and took hold of his undershorts and pulled them down. “Reach out and touch him Jill. Get him nice and hard and see if you can tell that it is not me.” Jill reached out and found Frank’s hardening prick. She wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it.

“Come on babe. You can tell even better with your mouth.” Jill leaned forward and slipped her lips over Frank’s cockhead. She sucked on the head and stroked with her hand. Then she pulled off, “Nice and hard and it’s straight and I can’t quite reach all the way around it. That is just right to be my darling husband.” Jim was next. Jill went thru the same motions. “Oh my, the same size and straight and hard. That could be Jim too.” I was last and after she had pulled off she said, “Well well Jim, you did a good job picking two more cocks as nice as yours but I am still going to be able to tell.”

Jim told her to get up and raise her hands over her head. Jill stood and I took hold of the bottom of her nightie and pulled it up over her head. Jill moaned as she thought of herself standing naked in front of three men who were all expecting to give her a good fucking. “Spread your legs.” She did and we each turns giving her tits a good sucking and sliding our fingers between her cunt lips and sliding them over her erect clit. Jill moaned and literally shook. Before we were finished she was already having her first orgasm.

Jim led her to the bedroom, and put her on her back and told her to spread wide. Frank was first as we all took turns eating her out till she came. “Enough, enough already. Somebody fuck me. I need a cock in my hot cunt. As we had agreed, Jim went first. He took his hard cock in his hand and rubbed it over her clit. Jill jumped and moaned and loudly said, “Stop teasing me and slam that cock into me. Fuck me now.” Jim buried his prick full depth in his wife. Jill screamed, “Yes!!!” Jim set a fast pace, smashing their pubic bones together and crushing her clit with each thrust. “Jim, yes Jim. That’s, that’s just the way you like to fuck me. Jim, I know that’s you.” None of us said a word.

After about five minutes and two orgasms for Jill, Jim held still, deep in his wife, as he filled her cunt with a big load of spunk bringing her to another mind blowing climax. The thrill of what was happening to her with three men excited her far beyond what normal sexual relations with Jim did even though sex with him was great. Jim pulled out and moved up to her head. She felt the way the mattress moved and opened her mouth. Jim slid his cum covered prick into her welcoming mouth and she sucked it till he took it out. He motioned to me. As I passed him he whispered, “Fuck her good.”

I got between her legs and slid into her depths. She was wet because of both her and Jim’s cum but she was still nice and tight. After a minute or so, I turned her over onto her knees and elbows and slid back into her doggie style. I held her hips and slammed deep into her over and over. My balls slapped against her mound. All the time I did she was softly saying, “Yes, Oh fuck yes. Ugh, ugh, ugh, fuck and finally YESSSS ! as I made her come.” I pulled out and she rolled over and opened her mouth. I brought my wilting shaft to her face and she took it deep into her mouth and rapidly sucked up and down on it. When I tried to pull away, she put her hand on my ass cheek and pulled me back in and kept blowing me. Finally Kim said, “Next.”

Frank got between Jill’s legs. Cum was leaking out of her shaved cunt and dripping down onto the mattress. As soon as Frank’s cockhead touched Jill’s opening, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in full depth. “I don’t care who you are. Fuck me good and fuck me hard. I want all of your cocks.” We watched Frank’s carbon black cock pummeling Jill. The color contrast with her snow white skin made it even more interesting as he repeatedly buried his bone in Jill’s cunt. With one final loud grunt and shove, Frank and Jill came. There was no more room for cum in Jill’s pussy so Frank’s big load just poured out around his cock and made a big puddle on the bed. Like the others of us, Frank got a really good sucking after he had finished inside Jill’s insides.

Jill just lay there on her back, almost passed out with her legs spread wide and cum draining out of her. She was worn out and fucked till she had all that she could take. One of her hands went to one of her tits and the other slowly rubbed her pussy. “Oh my God. Jim you win. I couldn’t tell which one was you and which of you is a lot older. I’ve never been fucked that good in my life. You win. I love you, Jim. You win our bet.”

Jim laughed, “OK, sit up and take the blindfold off. Jill pulled it off as she sat up and looked at the three of us. When Jill saw that Frank was a black man, her smile briefly disappeared. Jill had never been with a black guy and had never thought that she would want to be. But her smile quickly returned. OK, tell me which order you guys fucked me in.” We told her.

Jill jumped off the bed and gave us each a long hard kiss with her arms around our necks and her tits pressing against our chests and our cocks pressing on her belly. She kissed Jim last and longest. “Jim, we never said what the winner got when he or she won the bet. I know. You won so I have to let you and your friends gangbang me again whenever you want.” She kissed him again.


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