Terror in the Snowstorm -- Resolution

Terror in the Snowstorm -- Resolution

After I had gone soft in Tara’s beautiful pussy, I reluctantly withdrew and cuddled up next to her on the lounge chair.

“Seth, do you believe in sudden love?” Tara asked.

“What do you mean by sudden love?”

“It’s the only way I can express it. What I feel for you can’t be called love at first sight, since I spent most of this past semester trying to ignore you because I didn’t think you were good enough for me. We grew up in completely different economic and social situations. My family is old-money rich, and my parents both earn enough money now to have this mansion, our staff, a yacht, and all the other trappings of wealth without touching even the interest from their investments and inheritances, let alone the principle. I could live in outlandish luxury for my entire life without ever earning a penny on my own.

“You, on the other hand, are lower working class. I took one look at that contrast between ourselves and dismissed you completely. I actually went out of my way to belittle you and to be mean to you. Even last night, when you found me in my wrecked car, I was really nasty to you when all you were trying to do was help me. I confess that I even enjoyed knowing that my attitude irritated you. It was my snobby bitch persona trying to convince me that I was better than you. After the last twenty-four hours, everything has completely changed. Suddenly, I think I’m falling in love with you.”

I lay there, looking at her perfect face and her perfect nude body. I remembered everything about every encounter we had ever had, from the first time I saw her at the beginning of the semester, through our light flirtations during the first few days I knew her, the disdain she showed me after she found out we were different, the terror we had survived last night, the meetings with her parents, right up to this moment when her juices were drying on my face and my cock, and a small drip of my cum was leaking from her vaginal opening. I struggled to express myself.

“Tara, I don’t know what to say. I’ve think I’ve always wanted to love you from the moment I first saw you. It was probably pretty obvious to you, since I don’t have much of a poker face. When you shut me down, it hurt me pretty badly, but, as I already told you, that’s in the past. I have never been one to live in the past, and I don’t want to start doing that now. Right at this second, I want to let myself fall in love with you, but I don’t want to be hurt again. I told you how devastated I was this past summer when my ex-girlfriend cheated on me with a guy I had thought was a good friend. I’m not dwelling on that anymore, and I’m certainly not comparing you to her, because that would be unfair, and I’m not that sort of person. But, I have to ask myself if what we both seem to be feeling isn’t colored by our relief at having survived our experience with Zeke. If that’s all it is, and I hope it’s not, these feelings will wear off. One or both of us will want to move on alone. It will be easier on both of us if we don’t let our feelings get carried away too quickly. I don’t ever want to hurt you, but I’m going to have to ask you to let us just live in the moment for now. I can’t let myself tell you that I love you right now. Please, Tara, can we let our feelings flow and grow naturally? Can you deal with that without hating me?”

Tara smiled at me, then almost laughed. “Men! Now I know why my parents like you so much. You’re so analytical and logical, just like my Dad. He never does anything without dissecting and examining it, mulling it over, formulating a plan of discovery and action, and then executing his plan meticulously. That’s why he’s so good at the practice of law. He makes intelligent, informed decisions about every case presented to him. He rejects the ones he doesn’t think have merit, and then throws his entire being into the ones he believes can be won. He’s never lost a case, you know. Never.”

Tara continued, “In your own way, you’re just like him. I love him completely. He is my hero, almost a god in my eyes. I can just imagine him saying the same things you just said. I agree with you. You’re right. What we seem to be feeling may be sort of an adrenalin crash or something. A lot of me thinks there’s way more to it than that, but if we want to be true to ourselves, we should just take this one day at a time. I don’t like it, but I understand that it’s for the best. At the very least, though, we’ll always have today. If it never goes any farther, I can make myself accept that. I want you to know, though, that the last twenty-four hours have changed me for the better.”

“How?” I asked.

“You’ve made me realize how selfish and immature I’ve been. My parents didn’t raise me to be a snob. They tried to teach me by example to be generous and accepting of others. Remember what I told you about my volunteer work at the children’s hospital. I really enjoyed that. I got to appreciate those poor, damaged, desperately ill kids. I learned to see beauty and love in them. Thank God I did, since that’s the only reason I was able to see the basic, childlike good in poor Merle. He gave his life trying to save me, simply because I was nice to him and listened to him. The poor bastard didn’t have two nickels to rub together, but he gave me the biggest, most valuable gift anyone could ever give.

“You, too, have shown me compassion and love I had almost allowed myself to forget existed. You insisted on rescuing me from the blizzard, even though I had tried for months to hate you for being ‘lower class.’ You tried to fight off Zeke, knowing full well you were going to lose. You tried to find a way for me to escape being raped by him, and to save my life. You would have had a much better chance of your own survival if you had turned your back on me or if you had joined him in humiliating and raping me. But your soul is too pure and full of love to let you do that. You’re like my parents. You give of yourself. You’re protecting me even now, by forcing me not to rush my romantic feelings for you.

“I see now that my sorority sisters almost ruined me. I let them become role models for me. They are all shallow, materialistic, spoiled princesses. I have the money to be accepted by them, and I allowed them to re-shape my personality in their image. They made me forget what’s really important in the world – love, compassion, sharing, and family.”

“Speaking of family,” I said, “I need to call mine. And we need to get cleaned up and dressed for dinner with yours.” Reluctantly, we got dressed. Watching Tara put her clothes on was almost as erotic for me as it had been watching her take them off.

“Dinner is at 7:30,” Tara said. We’ll shower and dress. I’ll meet you at 6:00 in the great room and you can make your phone call. We’ll just hang out and talk afterwards until dinner is ready.”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.

“After dinner, I’ll give you a complete tour of the house. I’ll even show you a way to get to my apartment that you can use without anyone seeing you, if you like. I’d really like to repeat what we just did, in love or not.”

Obviously, I agreed!

At precisely 6:00, Tara found me in the great room. I was dressed in one of my new suits, and she was wearing a beautiful, simple, knee-length cocktail dress that complemented, but didn’t flaunt, her beautiful body. At the same time, we looked at each other and said, “Wow, you look great!” Then we laughed. Sara said, “Look, Seth, your tie matches my dress. That Lawrence! He knows this is one of my favorite dinner dresses. It’s no accident that your tie matches.”

“You think he planned this?”

“Of course he did. He does that to Dad all the time. He finds out what Mom is going to wear when they go out, and he chooses Dad’s wardrobe for him to be certain that their colors work together. He’s an incurable romantic. Suzette told me that he thinks we make a beautiful couple.”

“Oh boy,” I groaned. “Now the serving staff is plotting my moves with you.”

“Yeah, you’re pretty much doomed. Anyhow, what are you going to say to your parents?” Tara asked.

“I don’t think I want to tell them everything that happened last night on the phone. I’ll just give them enough information to try to satisfy their curiosity. I’m going to try to get them to come here for Christmas. I think they’ll be OK with that, since we have no living relatives other than each other. Christmas is a pretty simple affair at my house. Since it’s the day after tomorrow, I’m going to try to get them to let me stay here until then, if you think that will be OK with your folks.”

“It’s definitely OK,” Tara said. She took my hand and led me into a small room off the great room where there was a telephone. “Do you want to be alone to call them?”

“No, I wish you would stay,” I answered.

“Do I have to keep my hands to myself? Do I have to keep my clothes on?” Tara asked.

“For the moment, yes. I need to be able to form coherent sentences, and you would make that impossible.”

My Mom answered on the second ring. “Seth, honey, are you OK? We’ve been worried sick about you. A man called early this morning and told us you were staying at a friend’s house, and then her father called and talked to your Dad and said you were fine, but we really wanted to hear your voice.”

“I’m fine, Mom. It’s just been a really crazy time since I left school to come home yesterday. The storm up there was a lot worse than it was here. There was a big pile-up on the interstate, so I had to come home by all back roads. I knew my way from having hunted in the woods there, but the roads were awful, with deep snow and lots of drifting. I found my friend, Tara, from school, stranded in the middle of nowhere. She was OK, but she had skidded off the road and totaled her car. She wanted to call her folks to come and get her, but her cell phone had no signal, so I brought her here to her place. We didn’t get here until about 5 this morning. Her folks put me up and fed me lunch. We’re going to have dinner in a little bit.”

My Mom, said, “Seth, Mr. Hawthorne invited us to come over there for Christmas. Was he serious?”

“Yeah, Mom, he and his wife are really cool. They really want you to come. I really like both of them, and I’d like to stay here for Christmas with them, but only if you and Dad will come here, of course.”

“Oh, your father just came in from work,” Mom said. “Tom, it’s Seth on the phone. He wants us to go to his girlfriend’s house for Christmas. Do you want to talk to him?”

“Hi, Son,” my father’s voice boomed into the phone. “Your mother and I were really worried when we heard about the roads you were on yesterday. A guy named Lawrence called early this morning and said you were staying with the guy he works for, a guy named Joshua Hawthorne III. Is that that big-shot lawyer Hawthorne?”

“Yes, Dad, he’s a lawyer, and his wife is a doctor. They’re really nice people.”

“And his daughter, is she your girlfriend? You never mentioned a new girlfriend,” Dad said.

“Well, I’m not sure you could call her my girlfriend, but I met her at the beginning of school this year. She’s in one of my classes, and recently we’ve gotten pretty close. You’ll just have to meet her. I know you’ll approve,” I said.

“Oh, that means she’s cute.” I could almost hear the twinkle in his eye. I know my Dad pretty well.

“She’s way more than cute, Dad. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, except of course for Mom.”

Dad laughed. “Seth, I don’t know where you got your velvet tongue from, but your mother heard that, and she’s actually blushing. Good job, son.”

“Dad,” I continued, “I really want you and Mom to meet her family. They’re really great people. Very down-to-earth, very giving. Our family has never associated with any rich people, but I know you’ll like them. Will you guys please come here for Christmas?”

Mom got back on the phone. “Seth, if they’re rich, I don’t know how we’d fit in. I mean, what should I wear? What should I bring as a hostess gift? I think we’d be a little awkward.”

Tara was leaning close to me, and could hear both sides of the phone call. She grabbed the phone out of my hands. “Mrs. Johnson? This is Tara Hawthorne, Seth’s friend. My parents and I really would like you to be our guests at Christmas. I really like Seth, and I’d really love to meet you both. My parents are very taken with Seth, and they just want us to all get together so they can meet the family of the man who saved my life last night. I’m not exaggerating when I say I would have died out there in the woods if your son had not helped me out. My parents are really big on re-paying debts of kindness, and they want to share Christmas with you to try to show that. Please say you’ll come.”

“Tara, that’s so sweet of you all. Tell your parents we’ll be there. But what should we wear? How do we get there? And what should be bring?”

Tara replied, “Are you and your husband going to be home tonight? OK, give me your address. Lawrence, who you’ve already talked to, and his wife Suzette will come over tonight around 8:00, if that’s all right. They both work for my Mom and Dad. Lawrence used to own a men’s shop and his wife has a great fashion sense. They’ll get you new outfits and have them delivered tomorrow. Don’t worry about any gifts. My parents and I would never expect you to put yourselves out on such short notice. And don’t worry about finding our place. We’ll send a car to get you. Lawrence and Suzette will fill you in on all the details. My parents and I really want to do this. It would mean a lot to us. And, please, don’t worry about anything. I was sitting close enough to Seth to hear a lot of what you and your husband said on the phone. We’re actually just ordinary people. We may be a little better-off than some, but inside we’re pretty much the same as everyone else. From the little I’ve learned about you and your husband, I know you’ll like my parents and they’ll like you. OK?”

My Mom seemed a little flustered, but she said, “Well, all right, Tara. That’s pretty over-whelming to me, but if it will make you and your parents happy, we’d be thrilled to come for Christmas. We’ll see Lawrence and Suzette around 8:00.”

“Great!” Tara exclaimed. “Seth and I will call you tomorrow. Bye!”

After Tara hung up the phone, I said, “You didn’t have to do that, you know.”

“Yes, I did. Weren’t you paying attention at lunch? Mom and Dad made it clear earlier today that they wanted to do this. They feel they owe your folks for bringing you into this world so you could save me. They always pay their debts. Plus, they really like you. They admire you. They think you’re a great guy, which you are. Besides, they can see how much I love, I mean, like you, and they want to do this for me too. You’re going to have to learn, if you continue to hang out with me, to accept what’s given to you. You’ve always worked very hard for what you get, which is great, and you should always continue to do that, but accept a gift once in a while!”

“You’re an amazing girl, Tara,” I said.

“I should certainly hope so. I come from amazing parents. Please, Seth, let them get to know you. I know how they are. They’re very genuine, loving people. They always wanted a son, but Mom couldn’t have any more children after me. Having a young man around is a big thrill for both of them, I can tell.”

We went back into the great room and sat on a sofa. Since we were pretty much on public display to anyone who may have happened by, we resisted our impulses and simply sat there, talking and holding hands. Tara paged Lawrence and told him what she had promised that he and Suzette would do for my folks. He seemed very pleased to have the opportunity to do this, and hurried off to talk to his wife. As 7:30 approached, we made our way to the family dining room. We took the same chairs we had occupied at lunch. Tara’s parents came in shortly afterward. I stood, and her Mom hugged me and gave me a peck on the cheek. Her Dad leaned over Tara and kissed her forehead. They then changed positions, so her Mom could kiss Tara’s cheek while her Dad shook my hand warmly, and pulled me into a brief “guy hug.”

“It’s really good to see you again, son,” he said as we all took our seats.

“Thank you, sir. I’m honored to be here,” I said.

Tara’s Mom asked, “Did you call your parents?”

Before I could answer, Tara interrupted excitedly. “They’re coming here for Christmas! Isn’t that great?”

Her Mom said, “Tara, please, let him answer for himself. Seth, tell me all about the call.”

“Well, Dr Hawthorne…,” I began.

Tara’s Dad interrupted this time. “Seth, a ground rule. Please don’t call us sir or ma’am, or Mr. and Dr. We’re Joshua and Amanda to you. My wife and I have talked about you a lot since we met you this morning, and we both really like you very much. We want you to treat us like friends, and we hope you let us earn that title.”

“Josh,” Amanda said, “you’re as bad as Tara with the interruptions. Seth, please go on.”

“I called my folks at 6 this evening. I didn’t tell them much about what happened to Tara and me last night. I’d rather do that in person. I just said that the roads were horrible, I found Tara in her wrecked car, and I brought her here. I told them that we didn’t get here until about 5am and that you put me up in the guest room. I said that we had lunch together and that we’d be having dinner too. They said that Lawrence and Mr. Hawthorne, I mean Joshua, had called them to assure them that I was safe and that your husband had invited me to stay for Christmas and that you wanted them to come, too. My Mom was really concerned about imposing on you and about fitting in with you. That’s when Tara took the phone and talked to my Mom.”

“Yes, Mom,” Tara said. “She sounded really nice on the phone, but she was really reluctant to come here with the ‘rich people.’ I tried to assure her that we were really OK people and that you and Dad just wanted to meet them to say thank you for what Seth did for me last night. She asked me what to wear, what to bring, and how to get here. I told her we didn’t want them to bring anything. As far as clothing is concerned, I told her we would have Lawrence and Suzette go over there tonight, get their measurements, and bring them new outfits tomorrow. I also said we’d send a car to get them on Christmas. I think I sort of blew her away, but she finally agreed.”

“Well done, sweetheart,” Joshua said. “It’s good to see that your rich-bitch college friends haven’t ruined you completely.”

“Daddy, they almost did. Seth and I talked about that this afternoon. As horrible as last night was, it reminded me of what you guys always tried to teach me. People need to give of themselves to help other people. Whatever you have, you need to share with others. Poor Merle did that for me, just because I was nice to him. He had nothing to give but his life, so he gave that. Seth could have wound up paying the same price, since he chose to do for me what he thought was right, even though I had been awful to him. My college friends would never get that. I wanted to fit in with them, so I turned my back on that basic moral teaching you tried to instill in me. I became a conceited, mean-spirited rich bitch. I feel so ashamed, but now I remember the difference between right and wrong.”

The first course of our gourmet dinner arrived. The table conversation turned to college and what we wanted to do after we graduated. Tara was leaning in the direction of medical school, so she could work with special-needs children as a pediatrician, pediatric surgeon, or pediatric oncologist. I said that I wanted to continue my dual-major into grad school, hoping to get an M.B.A. and a master’s degree in electronics engineering. Since I’ve always loved cars, I had the goal of landing a job in the auto industry. After that, it was mainly small talk.

As we were finishing desert, Tara’s Dad said, “Seth, if you continue earning grades like you have so far, you may be able to earn a full fellowship at a good university. But you have to get through your undergrad studies first. I know you work at that garage and earn pretty good money for that type of work, considering you have no certifications or formalized training. You obviously are a very good auto mechanic and technician, or your employer could never afford to pay you what he does. Is that the job you plan to return to over the summers?”

“That’s my plan at this point. I may have to take a semester off at some point to work full-time so my student loans don’t get completely out of hand. I’ve already talked to my boss about that, and he assures me that I can work as many hours as I can stand. He pays me very well. I help him with his books, and I know he’s paying me a much higher percentage of the billing I generate than he has ever paid anyone else. He actually doesn’t make much profit on the work I do. He says he doesn’t care. He and my Dad served together in Vietnam, and he claims my Dad saved his life. He says he’s proud to have the son of his war-hero buddy working for him.”

“Your boss sounds like a fine man, son,” Joshua said. “One who understands the debts he owes and the importance of paying them. That’s pretty much my wife’s and my philosophy on life, too. You’re going to have to do some sort of practicum or internship to complete your undergraduate studies. Have you figured out what you’re going to do?”

I said, “I’ve been making some inquiries, and my academic advisors are working on getting me contacts. That’s one of the reasons I may have to take a semester off to work at the garage. I’ll still have to pay tuition and my living expenses, and most of those internships don’t pay as much as I earn at the garage.”

“All right now, Seth, hear me out,” Joshua said. “From my earlier inquiries about you, I knew about your interest in an auto-related career. I’ve been working the phone again this afternoon. One of my firm’s steady clients is the owner of a NASCAR team. As you may know, that type of car cannot use much electronic equipment in-car, but some teams are becoming very sophisticated with their use of electronics in their shops. His engine R&D shop is located about fifty miles from here, and he feels they are falling behind in the development and use of electronic media for testing, modeling, and that sort of thing. I had one of my staff compile a resume for you based on the research I told you I’ve done, complete with your transcript, and I e-mailed it to him this afternoon. He’d like to talk to you about summer employment and possibly an internship when the time comes. He would pay you a higher wage than you earn at the garage to start, with increases as you prove yourself. I realize this is all very sudden, but if you want to, you can call him tomorrow and see him before you have to go back to school.”

I sat there dumbfounded. Finally, I said, “That sounds great. Thank you! But why are you doing this for me, Joshua?”

Joshua looked puzzled by my question. “Why? Why wouldn’t I? I owe you my daughter’s life. I like you. You have the potential and work ethic to go very far in this life. You’re obviously very analytical and goal-oriented. Besides, I didn’t do anything except make a few phone calls and have someone ghost-write a resume, which you could have done yourself. You still have to interview for the job and perform in it. You just needed a contact.”

“This could be a great opportunity for you, Seth,” Amanda said.

“Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve,” I said to Joshua. Will this guy be in his office tomorrow?”

“You’ll have to call him at his house. He’s expecting your call at 11am. I’ll give you some more information about him and his team after breakfast tomorrow. You can call him from my study,” Joshua said.

I replied, “I don’t know how to re-pay you.”

“Son, you pre-paid me. You’ve already paid me in full for any favors my wife and I ever could do for you or for any gifts you may receive from us. And you should know, I know Tara is crazy about you.”

“Daddy!” Tara exclaimed. “Why would you say that?”

“Come on honey, do you really think I’m that blind? You’ve brought guys home before, but you never looked at them like you do at Seth. Remember, I know you pretty well. I helped create you, and I’ve known you all your life.

“Now, Seth, I want you to understand that this contact I’m giving you has very little to do with any feelings you and Tara may or may not have toward each other. It has everything to do with the feelings my wife and I have toward you. If you and Tara decide to continue your relationship, I’d be very happy. If not, it doesn’t change the debt Amanda and I owe you. You seem like the kind of young man any parents would be proud to have as a son. You just need a break. I’m trying to give it to you.

“Now why don’t you two run along and have a good evening. My wife and I are both pretty tired, and we haven’t had much together time in the past day or so, let alone sleep on a civilized schedule. We’ll see you at breakfast around 8 tomorrow morning. Just wear anything. I’ll be in jeans and my old fraternity sweatshirt.”

Amanda laughed. “I told Lawrence to throw that moth-eaten thing out years ago!”

“Yes dear, I know you did. Three different times. But Lawrence is my friend, and he knows how much that old rag means to me, since I was wearing it when I first met you. He’s always asked me if it’s OK to get rid of it, and I’ve always said no. Anyway, Seth, just wear what you want. Jeans and a T-shirt or whatever you would feel comfortable in. Out ‘dress code’ is for guests. I would like it if you were to feel more like family. I think I can speak for my wife when I say we would like you to see us as your favorite aunt and uncle or as substitute parents.”

“Absolutely,” Amanda said. “You probably have a fine mother and father, and we would never want to interfere with that relationship, but I feel like you’re the son I could never have, and you’ve obviously completely charmed Josh!”

“Mom, please!” Tara giggled. “You’re making poor Seth blush. And you say I can come on strong! Now I know where I got it from. Come on, Seth, let’s get out of here before they start to plan a new christening ceremony for you!”

“See you in the morning, folks,” I called over my shoulder, as Tara practically dragged me out of the dining room.

“Let me show you some more of the house,” Tara said when we were out of earshot of the dining room. “I think you’ll like my little ‘apartment.’ I’ll also show you how to get from your room to mine without anyone seeing you.”

We went to the recreation area. Next to the theatre room, which I had seen before, was a room with a pool table and a bar. Behind the bar was a door. “This area of the house was completely re-done about ten years ago. This door used to lead to the servants’ quarters, before we built the townhouses. Now, this door is never used. Follow me.”

We went through the door into an obviously disused corridor which led to a small stairwell. At the top of the stairs was a hallway. Tara said, “The room with the pool table used to be the servant’s kitchen, and these rooms up here were their bedrooms. When we added the indoor pool, we tore down the old servants’ quarters and put up a new wall which now forms the solid back wall of the two-story pool enclosure. Since this old wall with the doors in it is structural, it was simpler to leave it in place and face it with new masonry on the pool enclosure side. The only rooms that were not torn down were at either end of this hall. The door at the right end of the hall leads into a room that is now used for linen storage for the guest suites. Your room is right across the hall from it. The door at the left end of the hall used to be for my nanny’s room, which is now my storage room. It has a door that connects to my bedroom.

“All the staff leaves the main house by 10pm and doesn’t return before 6am. The only way any of them would be in the main house between those hours is if Mom, Daddy, or I would call them. We can do 'night raids' between our bedrooms and no one will know. Now, let me show you my place.”

We opened the door and entered a room lined with shelves and clothes rods. Tara kept her luggage, out-of-season clothes, and a variety of boxes of old books and other junk in here. What a pack-rat! The door out of this room opened into her walk-in closet. From there, we were in her bedroom. It was actually pretty “girlish,” decorated with lots of pink, some huge old stuffed animals, and a collection of photos, ribbons and trophies from her early teen years when she used to jump horses. It also had a king-sized bed.

The room next to it was her living area. There was a sofa, a huge entertainment center, video game consoles, her study area with computer and bookshelves, and a tiny kitchenette with a small sink, cabinets, and a little refrigerator. Next to that was another door. “That’s my bathroom,” Tara said. “I can show you that another time. We should probably get back to the main house before someone wonders where we went.”

When we got back to the room with the pool table, Tara asked me to play a game. “I was pretty good with a pool cue in high school,” I said. The truth was that I hadn’t lost a game throughout my junior and senior years, and in the hundred or so games I played freshman year in college, I had only lost two, but I wasn’t about to brag.

Tara said, “I’ve played some, and I know the basics, but take it easy on me. She let me break, and I sank three balls in a row, and then missed a combination bank shot. When Tara took her turn, she ran the table in no time. “Sorry, Seth,” she laughed. “I guess having a table in my house and a father with a passion for pool has helped my game. Let’s play again.”

This time, I dusted off my “A-game” and made some good shots, playing aggressively and setting up some good defense. I wish I could say that watching Tara leaning over the table in that dress distracted me, but the truth is that she played a little better than I did, and eventually won. Instead of the traditional handshake after the game, however, Tara gave me a long, passionate kiss. Then she said, “We should head for bed. Let’s go and see if my folks are still up so we can say goodnight.”

We headed for her parents’ wing. Joshua was in his study on the phone, wearing a robe and slippers. When he saw us at the door, he put the call on hold and came over to us.

“Your daughter is a pool shark, Joshua,” I said, smiling.

“Oh, she pulled her ‘I know some of the basics’ routine on you, did she? I guess I should have warned you. I’m a pretty good pool player myself, but she can beat me about half the time. Maybe you and I can shoot a couple of games tomorrow, son.”

“I’d like that, Joshua. We just came to say goodnight. I’m still a little tired from last night, so I’m going to bed. Is Amanda still up?”

“She’s in the room across the hall watching some stupid sit-com. I was actually glad for this phone call, since it gave me an excuse to get away from it. But I’d better get back to the call. Goodnight, you two.” He kissed Tara on the forehead and shook my hand warmly.

We went into the TV room and said goodnight to Tara’s Mom. Again, she hugged me and kissed my cheek. While we were still in the room, Tara made a point to ask me if I could find my way to my room, and I said I could. We walked out of the room together. When we got to the stairway that led to the guest rooms, Tara pulled me close for a goodnight kiss. It was friendly, but not hot. In other words, it was for the benefit of her folks and any staff who might see or hear. While we embraced, she whispered, “Come to my room about 10:15. Just walk in. I’ll be waiting.” She walked away toward her stairwell, and I went up mine.

When I got to my room, I changed into pajamas and hung up my suit and tie. I tried playing solitaire to pass the time until it was safe to go to Tara’s, but I couldn’t get her out of my head. I was still a little shaken by the events that had brought us together, and the memory of our love-making next to the pool this afternoon had me wondering what pleasure lay ahead of me at the other end of that dark hallway. The minutes dragged by, but finally I crept out of my room and made my way to hers.

I came out of her closet into her bedroom, but she wasn’t there. I went into her living room, but she wasn’t there either. Then I saw that her bathroom door was partially open. I walked to the door, but didn’t look in. “Tara?” I whispered.

“Come in, Seth,” she said.

There she was, in her tub, surrounded by a mound of bubbles. Her long blond hair was pinned up in a loose bun on top of her head. “Care to join me?” she said.

It sounded pretty good to me, so I stripped off my pj’s and climbed into the tub facing her. She bent her knees to give me room and leaned forward to kiss me. “Are you really as tired as you told Daddy you are?”

“Why?” I asked. “Do you plan to keep me up for awhile?”

“From what I just saw, you already are up,” Tara said, giving me a sultry grin, “and I plan to keep you that way as long as possible this evening. Afternoon sex is great, but it just makes me hornier in the evening.”

“I know what you mean,” I said, wiping the bubbles away so that I could look at her beautiful breasts. I took a wash-mitt and, working mostly by feel, began to slowly wash the entire front of her body. She did the same for me. By the time she was done, I was sure that my cock and balls had never been cleaner.

Tara said, “Turn around so I can wash your back.” I happily complied, and then returned the favor, washing her long, slender back and her tight, sexy ass. Then we got out of the tub and dried each other thoroughly.

“Come to bed, baby,” Tara whispered, turning and walking out of the bathroom. She turned down the covers, revealing a set of burgundy silk sheets. She climbed up on the bed, her firm C-cup breasts swaying only slightly, and with her succulent ass turned toward me, picked up the alarm clock on her nightstand. “I’m setting the alarm for 5:30am. That should give you plenty of time to get back to your room before anyone is moving around the house. Now get over here and screw me silly. Do you have any idea how tough it’s been on me keeping my hands and mouth off of you this afternoon and evening? God, I’ve been going crazy ever since we got dressed this afternoon!”

I got into bed with her and kissed her. Bathing with her had made me so hot for her that I could have just fucked her like an animal, but I forced myself to control my impulses. I lay next to her and held her close, kissing her, caressing her, fondling her breasts, flat belly, and buttocks. I had been with some good-looking girls in my time, but Tara was almost painfully beautiful. I just wanted to worship this blond goddess with my lips, tongue, and fingers.

Again, Tara was the aggressor. After I had cuddled, caressed, and kissed her all over for awhile, she suddenly pushed me over onto my back. She said, “Remember this afternoon when I said I didn’t want your first time cumming with me to be in my mouth?”

“Yes,” I said breathlessly.

“Well,” she whispered with a huge grin on her face, “this won’t be your first time cumming with me.” With that, she started kissing her way slowly down my body. She licked and sucked my nipples, gave little love bites to my abs, and then took hold of my pulsing hard-on with her delicate fingers. Agonizingly slowly, she moved her face closer and closer to my manhood, licking her lips sensuously. When her mouth was about an inch from my mushroom, she looked at me, gazing deep into my eyes. She smiled and said, “I hope you enjoy this as much as I think I will.” Her pink tongue slowly extended from her lips and flicked at the drop of pre-cum on my cock. “Mmmmmm!” was all she said. Her tongue bathed my hot member, first moistening the tip, then working up and down my shaft, making everything glisten with her saliva. Then she went to work on me, slowly engulfing me in her talented mouth. She went slowly, then quickly, then slowly again, giving me the most amazing blowjob I had ever had. She worked me into her throat, swallowing for a moment or two, and then released me so she could suck a testicle into her mouth. Every few seconds, she changed her technique and rhythm, so I never knew what would happen next. The sensations were unbelievable. I would have been happy to have her continue this until daybreak, but soon I realized that I was going to explode.

“Tara, baby, I’m going to cum!”

Pausing for just a second, she smiled at me and said, “I know. Let go, honey, let go.”

Gently, she massaged my balls with one hand, stroked the base of my shaft with the other, and held me tight with her lips, stroking the underside of my shaft with her tongue, and swallowing. Through spurt after spurt of my exploding cock, she swallowed every droplet, making contented moaning sounds. When I finally stopped shooting, she stroked my shaft and sucked hard, as though she wanted to be sure she had coaxed every bit of my cum from me. Then, she released me, licked her lips, swallowed one last time, and said quietly, “I loved that.”

She moved up and lay down next to me. “After the way you made me feel when you made love to me this afternoon, Seth, I had to start our first night together that way. I hope you liked it.”

“Liked it? Are you crazy? That was the most amazing thing I have ever felt! No one has ever made me cum that hard. But now it’s your turn to cum.”

Hearing this, Tara rolled partway onto me and began to kiss me passionately. I went to work on her one breast, caressing it, feeling its fullness, fondling the nipple until it was erect. I pulled her over me and, grabbing her hips, positioned her so she was straddling my chest. With one hand, I teased her other nipple to hardness, while playing with her pussy with the other hand. I lifted her by her ass and drew her toward me until her baby-smooth crotch was poised over my mouth. Looking up at her, I smiled as I lowered her glistening lips to mine. She tasted better than any girl I had ever been with – an intoxicating blend of musk and sweetness that made me crazy with passion. Mimicking the way she had orally pleasured me, I threw everything I had at her, licking her outer and inner labia hard, then gently, curling my tongue to enter her, fingering, licking, kissing, and sucking everything, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes forcefully, sometimes gently, until she was drowning me in nectar. She was writhing and moaning, panting like a marathon runner at the end of the race. Even when she started grunting, “Enough, enough, I can’t take any more,” I kept going. After her third orgasm, she finally pushed herself away from my mouth.

“Good God, Seth, I’m going to pass out! You have to let me rest!” she cried. She dragged herself down until she was sitting on my thighs, safely out of my reach. “Shit, Seth, my clit is almost sore! Were you trying to kill me?” she laughed.

“Not at all, baby,” I replied. “I just wanted you to feel sensations as intense as the ones you gave me. That’s how well you pleasured me. I was just following your family’s example and re-paying my debt.”

“Paid in full, with interest,” she sighed, as she stretched her body out on mine. We kissed and held each other for a while, tasting our juices on each other’s face and tongue. Finally, Tara raised herself up on her hands and looked at me, a devilish smirk on her face. “I think I’ve recovered enough to go forward with the night’s activities,” she said. She reached behind her and found my rock-hard erection. “It seems like you’re ready too.”

She pushed herself up onto her knees and worked herself down my body until she could point my cock at the entrance to her womanhood. “Lie back and let me do all the work,” she said, as she rubbed my mushroom against her, lubricating it with her juices. Slowly, she settled herself down. We both watched, fascinated, as I disappeared into her. When she had taken all of me, she relaxed. Almost in unison, we both said, “Oh my God, that’s good.” Stupid as it may sound, we both started to giggle, then laugh. The sillier we got, the more we moved. Finally, she said, “I never thought I would lose it laughing while fucking a guy!”

I said, “It’s a first for me too, but the movement feels pretty damn good.”

Tara took a deep breath, trying to get herself under control, and then said, “You’ve got that right. But let’s see how much better we can make it feel.”

She started to move up and down on me, slowly at first, almost pulling off me at the top of the stroke, and then grinding herself against me at the bottom. She started varying her movements, left and right, forward and back, sometimes rotating her pelvis as she fucked herself with me. Gradually, her pace increased. When she leaned back, I played with her clit or rolled her nipples with my fingers. When she leaned forward, I would lick and suck on her beautiful tits or kiss her lovely face. I was in heaven, and she seemed to be there, too. Everything about her was incredible. Her skin was exquisite, her long blond hair shone in the dim light of the room, her gorgeous tits with their tiny, hard nipples were perfect, the sight of her tight body sliding up and down on my manhood was wonderful to see, and the pulsing, wave-form sensations of her pussy muscles tightening and relaxing on my penis were awesome. Slowly, we found our way to a glorious shared orgasm.

Tara slowly moved herself off my softening cock and lay next to me. We kissed and cuddled, completely spent but very much satisfied. As I felt myself drifting off to sleep, I heard Tara whisper, “I love you, Seth.”

I awoke around 5am. I looked at Tara, still sleeping peacefully next to me. Although she was obviously still asleep, her relaxed face still bore a slight smile. I spent a minute just studying her facial features. Then, being careful not to disturb her, I carefully pulled the covers off her so I could gaze at her incredible body. The longer I looked at her, the more I wanted her. Moving carefully, I positioned myself at the foot of the bed, and gently spread her legs apart. Using the most delicate movements I could, I began to lick and kiss her sex. Gradually, she began to respond. Her clit began to wake up, and moisture other than my saliva started to appear. I could hear gentle sighs, then quiet moans, and then her sleepy voice whispering, “Darling, what are you doing?”

“I don’t like the sound of an alarm clock, so I thought I would lick you awake,” I said.

“Oh my God, you’re amazing! Make love to me, Seth. I want you inside me,” Tara breathed.

I re-positioned myself so I could begin to feed my erection into her wet, willing pussy. We made gentle love in the dim light of the pre-dawn.She said nothing, but her beautiful smile didn’t fade as I got dressed and made my way back to my room. When we were done, I kissed her. “I heard what you said when we were going to sleep, honey. I love you too.”

She said nothing, but her beautiful smile didn’t fade as I got dressed and made my way back to my room.

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