My Two Wives (Part 1) Carol

My Two Wives (Part 1) Carol


Chapter 1


I first met Carol when she was a virginal 16 and I 19. We got on well together and after dating for a couple of years got married when she reached 18. She was no stunner, but was very attractive, 5 feet 6 inches tall, slightly over weight but not fat, with a beautifully proportioned figure. In fact she had the best breasts I had ever seen, or felt - beautifully firm and shapely.

She had always been a bit of a flirt, ever since we met. Even on our wedding day I saw her chatting and exchanging jokes with Graham, my cousin, but it wasn’t serious.

The first occasion I became just a little suspicious was after we had been married about a year. We had this neighbour, Mike, who visited us on occasional evenings for a drink and a chat. The one memorable thing about Mike was that he smoked a particular brand of cigarettes and always used matches, instead a lighter. At the time I worked as a junior executive with a British oil company in their London office and had to be away from home regularly for up to a week on business. On one Friday when I arrived home from such a trip the first thing Carol wanted to do was fuck – I hardly had time to take my shoes off! After an hour or so of vigorous sex we sat down for a meal and I immediately spotted a pack of the brand of cigarettes Mike smoked and a box of matches on a small table beside an armchair. I pointed them out to Carol and asked her if Mike had been round. She said he hadn’t but that she’d taken up smoking and had bought the same brand. After our meal she sat and smoked one of the cigarettes but didn’t look completely comfortable doing it. I never saw the cigarettes after that evening and she never tried smoking again. As I said, I was a little suspicious but gave her the benefit of the doubt and never mentioned the occasion again. Mike continued to visit us but I never again saw any evidence of him visiting the house when I was away from home.

About a year later I obtained a transfer to one of our company’s depots in Singapore and of course Carol came with me. We made friends quickly with the British expats and the local Chinese community and had regular dinner and drinks parties at our various apartments. Following one of these at our apartment, where we had had a good time and plenty to drink, all the guests had departed except for Gordon, a senior executive with a rival oil company. Gordon was a Scotsman 35, divorced, and a keen rugby player. He was big, over six feet tall, broad and muscular. We saw him as a close friend who had stayed the night in our apartment many times after our parties, and it was planned that he should do so again this time. We continued to drink and to talk, Carol sitting in one of the armchairs and Gordon and I sitting on the large couch. After a while I had to go for a piss and left Carol and Gordon still chatting. When I returned Carol had joined Gordon on the couch and they were deep in conversation about a future rugby match. The only place I could sit, if I wanted to avoid sitting across the room in the armchair, was on the couch beside Carol, with Gordon on the other side of her. Carol by the way was wearing a Chinese style, knee length silk dress with thigh high slits up both sides. I mention this because of what I saw a few minutes after I sat down. Gordon had his hand through the slit on his side and was gently running his hand up and down Carol’s upper thigh - and she wasn’t stopping him. I have to admit that this turned me on, a result of the drink I suppose, so I started doing the same through the slit on my side. After a little while the rugby match was forgotten and we were both running our hands up and down Carol’s thighs, to her panties and beyond. We took it slowly but it wasn’t very long before we had Carol’s dress bunched up around her waist, her panties round her ankles and Gordon and me taking turns to finger her wet slit while she played with our cocks. This went on all night, the only variation coming when Gordon unbuttoned Carol’s dress down the front and got her tits out. No fucking – just vigorous fingering, tit fondling and the wonderful experience of having our cocks played with simultaneously! In the morning we showered, separately, had breakfast and none of us mentioned what had happened the night before – we were all a little embarrassed I think.

Chapter 2

The next time we saw Gordon was a couple of weeks later at a party given at a local hotel by David, the Far East Chief Executive of the oil company Gordon worked for. The party was a great success, plenty of good food and wine and dancing to follow. Carol, as usual on these occasions, was very popular on the dance floor, especially with David and Gordon who both spent most of the evening at our table and danced with Carol almost exclusively. I didn’t dance, preferring to spend most of the time over a few drinks with pals, but Carol was an expert and looked pretty spectacular on the dance floor in her blue full-length evening dress. In this dress, which was strapless, her tits looked even better than usual and being tight and floor length, it looked as though her legs went right up to her shoulders! The party closed at 2:00am and we all made our way home.

On the Monday morning David telephoned me at my office and invited me to join him for lunch at one of the best restaurants in Singapore. After a very good meal, and a drink or two, David offered me a job as a senior executive with his company! I was totally amazed. This meant a 70% increase in pay, a prestige company car and a more generous rent allowance! He warned me though that there would be conditions and that I should read the contract he passed to me very carefully before I signed it. Now I expected some conditions to be attached to such a job, longer hours, more travel away from home perhaps, but I didn’t expect what I read in the small print. I was to grant David and Gordon full permission to borrow my wife as a condition of the agreement! The terms were all set out. She was to be available to them any time they wanted her. She could be instructed to visit David’s office or apartment at any time, given a few hours’ notice, for him to do with as he wished. He could even offer her services to friends if he so desired. David – and Gordon - also had the right to visit her at our apartment, either together or separately (or send friends or business associates), to have sex with her there. I didn’t know what to say. It was one heck of a job and meant a lot of money and prestige, and the idea of them having sex with Carol didn’t disgust me as it should – after all that night spent with Gordon fingering her had really turned me on – but what would she say? She’d refuse certainly. No amount of money and prestige would persuade her to agree to being shared with two other men and their friends! At the moment I really needed the scotch that David offered me. After a few minutes David asked me what I thought of the contract. Well what could I say, I already had a boner just thinking of the idea of David and Gordon fucking Carol and would happily sign the contract, but I wouldn’t even dare to raise the subject with her. She’d kill me. When I told David that I would be happy to accept the conditions set out, but I just didn’t know how I could raise the subject with Carol - he just laughed! He had already discussed the plan with her during the party, while she masterbated his and Gordon’s cocks under the table! She had accepted without hesitation.

That evening when I returned to our apartment, Carol was all smiles. She had already heard from David that I had signed the contract. We discussed the new arrangement for a long time and agreed that while this was the start of a whole new episode in our lives it shouldn’t diminish our love for each other and, anyway, it looked like being fun. At about 9:30 she received a letter from David delivered by hand, giving her instructions. She wouldn’t let me read it but explained some of its contents. Firstly my new job was confirmed. David would square things with my current employer to enable me to start immediately. I was to take over my new office and new duties the following morning. Now to Carol, she was to be ready at all times to receive a call from David inviting her to join him at short notice. She was to dress as instructed (she was even offered a very generous clothing allowance by David) and arrive at exactly the time specified. As for any further Instructions Carol would tell me nothing except that I was not invited to attend any of these sessions but could participate in any of those taking place at our own apartment.

The following evening, Tuesday, at about 10:30 we were both sitting reading when the doorbell rang. It was Gordon. He took Carol to one side and whispered to her while he stroked her inner thigh through her skirt. He wanted to take advantage of the visit clause in our contract – that night he was going to join us in bed! Well I had signed the contract, and the contract did allow for these visits, so there was nothing to be said. I guessed that the best way to start the proceedings, which were totally new to us, was with a good stiff drink. While I was preparing them Gordon had joined Carol on the couch and continued caressing her thigh over her skirt. I joined them on the other side of Carol and handed both their drinks. I should point out here that Carol was wearing a knee length yellow cotton skirt, white tee shirt with no bra and, as was usual in the apartment, had bare legs and bare feet. Gordon continued to stroke Carol’s thigh as he took a few sips from his drink but then, putting his drink down, pulled her towards him, ran his hand inside her tee shirt, over her breasts and started to kiss her neck with great passion. This lasted just a couple of minutes before he stood up and told her to stand so he could see her properly. Grabbing the waistband of her tee shirt he gently pulled it up over her breasts, over her head and off, dropping it onto the floor at her feet. After caressing her naked breasts for a while he reached down and unzipped her skirt. This joined the tee shirt on the floor. She was now naked except for her tiny white cotton bikini panties that just covered her pussy and clearly showed a shadow of her light brown pubic hair. When they both sat down again Gordon’s hand went down inside the waistband at the front of Carol’s panties and started to caress her pubic mound and the mouth of her pussy. Not to be left out, my hand soon joined Gordon’s in her panties and we both gave her a thorough fingering. She spent the next ten minutes with as many as two of Gordon’s fingers and two of mine inside her at the same time and was getting soaking wet. She then suggested we go to bed!

Gordon and I were stripped in no time and joined Carol in bed, with her still wearing her white panties. After a further few minutes of fingering Carol, Gordon moved down in the bed and gently slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her hips (which she helpfully raised for him), down her legs and off. He gave the wet crotch of her panties a sniff before dropping them off the side of the bed. Carol was now laying on her back with her knees in the air and her legs wide open displaying her beautiful pussy to our view. Gordon was the first to fuck her. He climbed between her thighs, aimed his cock at her soaking wet hole and then stopped. He was just touching her but made no move to get inside. Occasionally he would move his cock forward and rub the end of it up and down her slit and then move back again. This was driving Carol wild! She was soaking wet and desperate for a good fucking - and Gordon was just playing with her. This continued for a few minutes with Carol moaning and moving her head from side to side in frustration. She then said something that I had never heard her say before. “Fuck me - for God’s sake please! Fuck me - now!” That was his cue. Gordon shot his hips forward and his whole length went inside her in one vicious thrust! His stamina was truly amazing. In, out, in, out. He would often withdraw the whole length and plunge it right back in again. By this time I had moved down the bed and was watching his cock plunging in and out of my wife’s pulsating cunt. Carol was in ecstasy – I lost count after 5 orgasms! He kept on fucking her at this rate for half an hour and his grunts and her orgasmic yells filled the room. All of a sudden he speeded up and plunged even deeper. He was cumming, and so was she! Her scream as they both climaxed could have been heard in every apartment in the block! He kept his cock inside her for a few more minutes, still plunging in and out slowly, and when he did withdraw about half a gallon of their combined juices leaked onto the bed just below her still twitching hole.

It was now my turn. Fuck! – How could I compete with that? My first thought was to mop up some of the juices still pouring from her. With that lot still in there I wouldn’t be able to feel a thing! A handful of tissues wiped round and inside her pussy cleared most of it. I now climbed on top and pushed in. She encouraged me by squeezing the sides of her cunt and letting out a groan as I fed my cock into her, but I wasn’t fooled. Gordon’s dick is no bigger than mine, about 7 inches long but he has the stamina I don’t have. After the furious fuck she had just received from Gordon my effort must have seemed pretty puny. It only took about 5 minutes for me to start to cum and, although she let out a faint yell, I felt a bit of a failure. After a husband and wifely cuddle I turned over and went to sleep - but not for very long. Within less than an hour Gordon had Carol on her knees on the edge of the bed and was again pumping away at her, this time doggy style. Again, but after just about 15 minutes this time, Carol let out another of her orgasmic yells. When Gordon had fucked her for the third time in just a couple of hours I gave up and moved to the spare room, I couldn’t compete with that! After Gordon left at 10:00 am Carol told me he had fucked her five times that night, in many different positions, each time just as spectacular as the first.

We were both too worn out to fuck on Wednesday night. Tuesday had left me drained and Carol very sore. I just massaged and sucked her naked breasts for a while as she stroked my cock until we fell asleep.

Chapter 3

Thursday was different. This would be our chance to fuck on our own, as Gordon had said we were unlikely to be disturbed, so we decided to make it special. After a good meal and a few drinks we each took a shower and Carol disappeared into the spare room to dress in something exotic. Man, when she came back into the main bedroom my cock almost exploded. She had put on a black basque, black stockings and garter belt and very brief, see through, panties. We got down to it straight away and I am pleased to say that, although my effort might not have been up to Gordon’s standard, she did let out a yell as we climaxed together. We even managed two more sessions that night so I was very proud of myself!

We now come to Friday. Carol received a telephone call from David at about 7:30 in the morning, she wasn’t out of bed yet, ordering her to report to his office at 9:30 sharp. There were other instructions as well but she refused to tell me what they were. I had to leave for work in my new job at 8:00 so didn’t see her again until I returned home later in the day.



The call from David took me by surprise, I hadn’t expected to hear from him so early in the day, but of course, orders are orders. And his orders were very precise. I was to dress for a formal business meeting, with certain refinements, report to his secretary at 9:30 and announce myself as Miss Willis. His secretary would then show me into David’s private office. The only outfit I had in my wardrobe suitable for a formal business meeting was a dark blue skirt suit, so that’s what I chose to wear. After a shower I dressed in the under clothing specified – a black bra, dark tan stockings, black garter belt and lacy black panties. When I slipped into the white blouse and suit skirt and jacket I looked just the part for a formal business meeting.

As instructed I reported to David’s secretary at exactly 9:30 and announced myself as Miss Willis. The secretary, a very pretty tall blonde was expecting me. “Oh good morning Miss Willis, Mr Shaw is expecting you, please follow me”. (That was the first time I had heard David’s surname mentioned – everyone just called him ‘David’.) David’s office was big, about 20 feet by 20 feet with a lush thick pile carpet, velvet drapes and very expensive looking wall covering. There was a large conference table in the middle of the room with about a dozen chairs set around it, two plush couches, and a few armchairs against the walls. In one corner there was also an impressive large oak desk. This is where David was sitting. He directed me to sit in one of the armchairs and offered me a long cooling drink. “Thank you for being so prompt Miss Willis, I appreciate business colleagues being punctual”. (What was all this about I thought, maintaining the Miss Willis name even when we were alone?) I was soon to learn. “Carol, and that is the last time I shall call you that today, I have asked you to come along today to take part in a crucial business meeting. Those attending are senior executives from the international business community, some of who are vitally important to this company. Your job today is not to take part in that conference but to gratify the sexual needs of the people attending.” David went on, “As the conference gets underway you will be under the table sucking cocks. You will suck every cock in turn starting at the top left hand corner there and work your way round until they have all have cum in your mouth”. “Do you understand that?” What else could I say, I was looking forward to this. I said “Yes, Mr Shaw”. I was then told to get under the table on my knees to await the delegates.

So there I was under the table as the conference members started to take their seats, all twelve of them! As I moved over to the corner of the table that David had indicated I should start I noticed that zippers were being lowered all around me and cocks pulled out. Some were flaccid still and some were beginning to erect in anticipation – so here I go. I began by gently stroking the end of the first, a good-sized circumcised penis, with my thumb and forefinger, concentrating on the underside. Within a few seconds of this the penis began to twitch and gradually become half-erect. That’s when I closed my lips around it and ran my tongue along the underside. Very soon it was fully erect so I commenced a vigorous sucking action, running my tongue along the whole length. As I did so the man concerned sat a little further forward on his chair so that I could get more of his cock into my mouth. He was now filling my mouth with a good six inches of throbbing flesh. Apart from the general hum of conversation from the conference the man made no sound as I continued to stroke his balls with my hand and suck his penis down to the root. After no more than a few minutes of this I felt his balls tighten and his penis start to twitch. He then filled my mouth with a copious amount of his semen. I carried on sucking for a while, making sure I had every drop, and then gulped and swallowed the lot. Still without making a sound the man slipped his penis back into his pants and sat back into his chair. As I moved on to the next I noticed that all the men were now becoming erect and my work on them was fairly routine. A vigorous sucking, an ejaculation, a swallow and it was all over. That is until I came to number twelve. Now this penis I recognised. It was a good size, about nine inches long and fat with an un-circumcised bulbous head. I hadn’t seen it before but I do remember playing with it once under the table at a recent party - it was David! I was going to give this one special treatment. I sucked it very gently for what seemed like hours, then stopped, and then started again. This went on for ages before I finally let David release his load. And what a load it was! My mouth was full and his semen had started dribbling down my chin before I slowly let David’s discharge slide down my throat. (By the way, I hope semen isn’t fattening. I must have swallowed a good quart under that table!)

Now what was I to do? They were still talking business and all penises had been put away There was nothing left for me to but to stay here on my knees and wait. And wait I did for another half-hour. At the end of that time I was aware that they were getting up from the table and moving away. As soon as they were settled I heard David call, “You can come out now Miss Willis”. I was relieved to do just that. My knees were sore and I was getting cramp in my calves. As I stood up I saw twelve men, and David, sitting on the couch and various arm chairs around the office. David handed me another long cooling drink and invited me to take a walk round the office to stretch my legs and restore the circulation. As I did this the remainder carried on talking, entirely of business, as though nothing had happened so recently under the table. After about five minutes of my leg stretching, David said something to the gathering, which I didn’t catch, and they started to take all their clothes off! When they were naked David turned to me. “Thank you Miss Willis for all you have done for us during this meeting it was much appreciated, perhaps you would now be good enough to remove your panties, pull your skirt around your waist and get back on your knees”. It sounded like a quite pleasant request but was, I was sure, an order. So I did as instructed. I was expecting one of the men to come up behind me to fuck me – but no. The person I saw approaching me over my shoulder was David’s secretary! She had obviously come into the office without me seeing her. As she knelt down behind me I felt her fingers sliding up and down my slit and then she slowly inserted a couple of them into the mouth of my vagina. She was extremely gentle and her fingers sliding in and out, with her thumb massaging my clitoris, were turning me on. A woman had never fondled me this way before and she was good at it, she knew exactly where to stroke and where to poke. As I started to climax she moved away and her place was taken by one of the men. As he got down behind me he forced me legs further apart and shoved his penis straight into my pussy and began to pump away. Thanks to the secretary’s efforts I started to orgasm almost immediately and continued to do so for almost the whole time the man was fucking me. After a few minutes the man spasmed, grunted and poured his load of semen inside me. When he climbed off me he moved around to my face and gestured for me to open my mouth. As I took his still erect cock into my mouth another man replaced him at my back and commenced his vigorous fucking. This continued until all had fucked and been sucked. It was now David’s turn. As David got onto his knees behind me he beckoned to his secretary – who had been standing beside his desk fully clothed – to come over. As she did so I saw her lift her skirt above her waist and remove her panties. As she lay on the carpet in front of me, with her knees up and pussy open it became clear what I was supposed to do. As David pushed his penis into me from behind I was to use my mouth on his secretary’s cunt. This was something I had never even considered doing before but it was most enjoyable. As David pounded into me from behind I was forced forward with my tongue pushed ever tighter and deeper into the secretary’s neatly trimmed sweet smelling and sweet tasting pussy. After they had both had their orgasms – David just one (but oh, what a load he deposited into me) and the secretary about four, I was told to get tidied up and leave. As I stood up I started to put on my panties. “No, Miss Willis – I’ll take the panties” he ordered. “Every time you come to my office you will arrive with panties, but leave without them. Like you, your worn panties belong to me”. I slid them off my legs, handed them to him and drove home.

Chapter 4


As time went by Carol became more and more David’s property. I was still allowed to sleep with her, and fuck her – on the odd occasions she felt so inclined – but now I was never allowed to be present when David or Gordon fucked her. On these occasions, which were happening two or three times a week now, I was banished to the spare bedroom with the master bedroom locked against me. We never knew when David or Gordon might turn up now either - they just turned up without notice. This applied to our other visitors as well. A total stranger, or several strangers, would just arrive with a note from David instructing Carol to take care of them. Once it was two Chinese men, one about fifty and his son of twenty or so. They spent a whole weekend taking it in turns to fuck Carol almost constantly, day and night. They allowed me to watch, but not to take part or to share our bed with them. She had to remain naked all weekend and had to be ready to fuck at any time they wanted her. All through the night in our bed, one after the other, over the kitchen table during breakfast, in the shower, and against the bedroom wall. In fact anywhere, any time. Once even over the back of the couch while they watched a game show on TV! After that two-day session she had to phone David to ask for a few days off – her pussy was so sore it bled.

She was still visiting David in his office about every two weeks or so to suck and be fucked by his business associates and various friends. On most of these occasions she came back exhausted but well satisfied. There is no doubt she was enjoying all this attention and the multitude of cock she was getting. But things were certainly not the same between the two of us and after a while we decided to split up. I would leave Singapore and hand over total ownership of Carol to David and Gordon. In exchange I could keep my new job on condition I made the arrangements for a divorce as soon as I got back to the UK - which I did.



After ‘J’ agreed to the divorce, and that I should stay with David and Gordon, I told him a few of my secrets. Like our wedding reception for instance. When ‘J’ and I had been married for barely an hour I was bent over a table in a storeroom at the hotel with my wedding dress over my back, my panties round my ankles and ‘J’s cousin Graham pushing his engorged prick into my eager vagina. I was surprised ‘J’ didn’t guess the truth when he fucked me a couple of hours later – he must have thought my excess wetness was all his doing.

I also told him about Mike our neighbour of a few years ago. Whenever ‘J’ went away on business, which happened often, I would ring our neighbour Mike and invite him over. He used to spend every night of ‘J’s absence at our house where we would fuck like crazy in our bed, in the bath, on the stairs and even over the kitchen sink. Mike, the stupid bastard, almost ruined everything once by leaving his cigarettes and matches behind - but I managed to smoke our way out of that cockup. (That cigarette I had to smoke was awful by the way – filthy habit!) ‘J’ can be damn stupid at times as well – fancy believing I had taken up smoking! Our sessions continued though, every time that ‘J’ was away from home - until we moved to Singapore.

The End

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