Stiff Cave Adventures: Chapter I

Stiff Cave Adventures: Chapter I

Stiff Cave Adventures: Chapter I

Michael had forgotten just how fast an excited girl could talk as he listened to Emma traveling alongside him. As they moved off the main highway and he looked sideways, he loved the sight of the budding swells on her chest, her long blonde hair, tank top and short shorts . . . as the unexpected girl kept talking away about guys and how naughty they could be. As she kept on, Michael's cock began to grow as he further inspected the tight outfit she was wearing.

He loved the silhouette of the almost pair shaped titties under her blouse. Both of her parents worked, and since she didn't have any brothers or sisters, there were no hassles involved when he picked her up, especially since he had been almost a “favorite uncle” to her for most of her life.

Soon they arrived at the series of caves that overlooked the bay. It was a very warm day, but he knew the temperature inside the cave would be somewhat cool. He opened the trunk and both backpacks that he had supplied were unloaded and immediately placed on their backs. He deliberately asked to adjust her backpack and was careful to slowly run his hands along her stomach for the first time.

Her soft skin and bare midriff were extremely intoxicating. He also looked down in between her legs and was rewarded with the image of what was underneath . . . her pussy lips that showed through the extra tight shorts that she was wearing. Emma kept talking away as they moved from the parking area, chronicling some of her best friends’ first kisses and things they sometimes did with their boyfriends.

Michael had been there the day before to scout out the place and knew which caves were the most secluded. She was surprised as they passed a few good looking sites and wondered why they were moving towards the middle set of caves. Michael of course made up something about how he knew about this one particular cave that had the most fossils.

They entered the cave and as he looked both ways, he was satisfied no one else was around to see them enter. As luck would have it, Emma moved over to a sandstone shelf and immediately found what looked like the imprints of some ancient animal. They opened up a collection bag, wrapped the specimen inside some bubble wrap and continued looking.

Emma had no idea how horny Michael was becoming as he lusted for the girl so near to his grasp. But she was realizing how exciting it was to be with an older man, who she had a crush on for several years. He moved over in front of her as she inspected a portion of the floor, just inside the opening of the cave.

As she leaned forward the thin straps of her tank top accented her bare shoulders. He didn't want to get caught, but as she leaned further towards him, the material of her yellow top moved away from her chest and he was looking directly at two almost bare breasts. He breathed in deeply as the material opened again . . . even further and he just barely caught the image of two pert dark pink buds for the first time. There was something downright exciting while looking at a girl's chest for the first time. Suddenly she looked up catching him by surprise.

"How come I'm doing all the work?" she grinned. He knew he had been caught glancing down her top, and also that she was suddenly looking at the big bulge inside his silky shorts, he had put on earlier in the day. It was for this possible occurrence that he had deliberately left his boxers at home.

"It looks like you are enjoying yourself Emma . . . I didn't want to interrupt you." He knew he was blushing as the girl straightened herself up and sat on her cute little ass.

"This is kinda new for me . . . you know . . . being with a guy, all alone. You’re not one of those dirty old men are you Mr. Johnson?" I coughed, trying to hide my embarrassment as I searched for an answer.

"Naw . . . I'm perfectly normal . . . but I do have to admit, you look very nice in that outfit." And if it were the most natural thing to say . . .she immediately asked:

"Do you think I need to wear a bra? Mom says I should . . . in fact she would have flipped out if she knew I went here with you today . . . AND not wearing one." Innocently she cupped and briefly fondled her breast, making him very excited and almost cum.

"Why don't we keep it our secret Emma. I happen to like girls who don't wear bras all the time. It allows your natural shape to be more . . .ah noticeable." With that remark Emma started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"What you really mean is that you like to look at my tits don't you? (Pause) “I can tell, you know?" He sat down in front of her, hoping to cover the huge rod that was almost poking out of his shorts. He had to smile at this tempting girl sitting in front of him.

"Oh really," he asked, loving to watch her tease him. "And just what proof do you have of saying that?" he said deliberately adjusting his long cock for the second time. It was her turn to blush as she failed to anticipate his question.

"Uh . . . my best girlfriend told me about boys getting EXCITED . . .and . . ." But she did not continue, obviously still embarrassed.

"Yes . . . go on," he said, watching her glisten as she uncomfortably tried to continue.

"Well, you're a guy and you know . . .your ah . . .ah thing gets like hard, doesn't it?" she said with a devilish grin on her face. She knew her parents would flip out hearing her refer to a guy’s thing . . . and that thought was partially why her tight pussy was beginning to become very moist.

"And what THING might you be talking about, Emma? I'm not certain what you are referring to." He loved the rush of red that slowly began to cover her face. Her long blonde hair looked so cute at that moment and her pierced silver earrings dangled downwards from her earlobes and glittered in the light. For the first time he looked at her blue eyes and her pixie-like face. He knew he would have to take advantage of this first encounter and move it to the next level.

"You are embarrassing me . . . Mr. Johnson. You know darn well what I am talking about . . .that big THING in your pants that you are trying to hide . . .that's gotten all hard almost right in front of my eyes."

"And what name do you have for this thing in my pants Emma?" he asked, as he circled his fingers around the thick head, waiting for her response. If she could have turned any redder . . . her beet-like appearance glowed as she searched for the right word as she watched him fondle himself.

"Your p-p-penis," she whispered, softly . . . as if there were others around and she didn't want others to hear that naughty word.

"My PENIS!" he bellowed, his voice bouncing off the walls of the cave. "Is that what girls like you call it?" She nodded her head in answer.

"Come on now . . . don't your friends call this thing in my shorts by other names? How about a DICK . . . or PRICK . . . or how about SHAFT or ROD ?” He paused to watch her fidget back and forth, knowing he was embarrassing her but enjoying every minute of it. Then he said:

“You know what I like to call it Emma?" He waited for the excited girl to respond as he manipulated his long shaft even more boldly hoping she would stare at it before answering. But she just starred at his face instead to spite him shaking her head.

"Why don't I spell it for you . . .and then you can say it for me. Are you ready?" She was suddenly mesmerized by this naughty man's behavior, as she nodded her head up and down.

"C . . . . . .O . . .. . ..C . . .. . .K. So what does that spell?" He watched her mouth the word, but nothing came out.

"Come on now . . .let's hear you say it . . .what did I just spell?” After a few seconds she finally said . . .


"That's right. COCK. When a guy gets excited . . . looking at a sexy girl like you, his COCK gets REAL hard. But before we talk about MY COCK any further, is there anything else you would like to know about us guys?" He let go of his shaft, very concerned he might shoot his entire load while he waited to hear what she might say. After a pause, he wondered whether he had gone too far with his lewd behavior, but hearing her next few sentences . . . he excitedly anticipated going even further towards her randy seduction.

"I need for you to promise me something, okay? Can we keep what we are doing and talking about private? I have a couple questions, but if mom or dad ever found out what we are talking about, I would get into BIG trouble . . . and I think you would too." This remark somewhat sobered Michael's lewd and fleeting thoughts.

"Emma, whatever we do or say this afternoon, will remain inside this cave forever. Okay?" She giggled and nodded her approval and then after a few moments of silence she said:

"I know this is kinda kinky . . . but I feel pretty excited being around you Mr. Johnson . . ."

"Tell you what, why don’t you call me Michael!" She looked at him and smiled.

"Alright . . .Michael . . . as I said, I feel kinda excited around you and . . . this is kinda embarrassing . . . but could you show me what a guy might do to make me. . .all horny like you are right now? I just need to know what to expect when I am alone with a boy," Michael was stunned at her question and response.

"Absolutely! In fact, it will be my pleasure," he said as he got up and surprisingly moved directly behind her. Along the way he unzipped his backpack and carefully removed some items she was not able to see. As he arranged everything, he realized she was asking him to demonstrate what he had fantasized about doing to her, and he was ready to leap at the opportunity. He looked down at her long shiny golden hair and leaned forward and found an area on Emma's neck that he felt needed to be kissed. He leaned over and seductively placed his lips on her . . . and also allowed his tongue to wiggle back and forth on the same location.

He felt her shiver as his tongue squirmed along her skin. As a result, she playfully tried to look around and see what he was doing. But that wasn’t his plan as he placed his hands on her shoulders, not allowing her to move as he continued planting kisses from the left side of her neck to right.

At the same time, he couldn't help peaking over those same shoulders and gazing downwards and inspecting the telltale stiffness of her nipples on her lovely breasts begin to rise in excitement against her blouse. Her top had opened slightly because of the angle she was now sitting and his arousal continued as he looked downwards into the small valley in between her breasts.

He fantasized about soon touching those lovely “pair-like” titties with his hands or . . . better yet, with his lips . . . sucking her nipples stiff. He continued to embrace her neck (now glistening with his kisses) and also began to massage her shoulders . . . knowing she might also enjoy some sensuous kneading to increase her arousal. He moved his head backwards and concentrated on giving Emma the best massage she ever had. Michael was getting more and more excited about being inside the secluded cave with her . . . but at the same time, knowing no one would be around to disturb the “requested” foreplay she had demanded.

Next, he moved slightly until he was next to her and grasped her moist hand. She looked up at him with a smile on her face, hoping what he was about to do, would be like the naughty books she had experienced late at night that made her so wet. At the same time, he wanted so badly to kiss her directly on her lips . . .but wondered whether his desires would be well received.

He again squeezed her hand and this time leaned across and kissed her soft warm pink lips. She hadn't noticed that he had brought along a blanket, which had been spread out behind them minutes earlier. She received his kiss with enthusiasm, pressing her lips to his, feeding both their fires. Michael moved their embrace backwards and onto the waiting blanket. As her body touched the thick wool fabric, he moved so that he was slightly above her. He turned his body and grasped the sides of her head with his hands.

Slowly he leaned over and began to invade her mouth with his persistent tongue. Next, he began to dip his slippery tongue in and out, in and out of her waiting warm cavern. As his French kissing lesson continues, he moved his hands down to her arms, waiting for the right moment to capture her breasts in his fingers that were only covered by her thin yellow top.

He withdraws his tongue from her mouth and moves it to her ears where he wiggles it back and forth in the ear holes, making her squeal in sensuous rapture. Her squeals soon turn to soft moans, which Michael enjoys hearing as a constant reminder of her amplified passion. She playfully moves aside with her head, trying to escape his wiggling muscle, but he aggressively pursues the inner depths with a quick wild lick.

"I love it!" she squeals as he moves over to the other ear and gives it a similar bathing treatment . . . causing her to become even more aroused. Emma is now gently moaning as he moves under her chin with his mouth, tongue and lips. At that instant the very horny girl looks down quickly and focuses on the big lump inside his pants indicating how aroused her friend is with her, making her feel very special. She romanticizes about touching it, but instead elects to enjoy firsthand what he is at the moment doing to her.

Her attention is suddenly focused elsewhere as Michael pins her arms down and moves his leg over her hips and straddles her body. Being in this position, she feels his erect cock against her warm crotch. Emma is excited by its cylindrical shape and size that is now touching her . . . and at the same time fantasizing on what one might feel like deep inside her hot pussy. Seconds ago it was something to look at and daydream about, but only having the thin material of his shorts and the denim of hers separating them . . . makes her body glow with desire and anticipation.

He moves his head down onto her chest, gently feeling her breasts with his chin and face. Michael moves slightly to the right, wildly benefiting from the rigid bud that is now on his cheek. He moves his face around and around, causing friction that makes her nipples even more rigid. For several moments he is satisfied just to tease her by rubbing his face over her stiff nipples. His rod continues to rub up against her dripping crotch as the moisture has now heated up to where they both feel her excitement.

He begins to move his hips and crotch more suggestively along her aching pussy lips. He knows she can feel it . . . as it ignites more eagerness inside both of them. She is delighted at the slowness of his foreplay (remembering how boys at school tried to reach up under her dress or squeeze and pinch her tits), enjoying every second of their time together.

He lifts his head off her chest, causing her to look down and observe both hands hungrily cupping each of her sweaty breasts, fondling and squeezing them very gently. After a few moments, she takes his head into her hands and directs his mouth directly to a rigid nipple. She thought there is something immensely erotic and very naughty about having someone touch you through the material of your top . . .as his lips linger on her rigid nipples dampening the fabric.

He begins to lick her thin tank top, making it moist and adding more excitement to her young nipples just beneath. He feels Emma move her hands to the bottom of her top . . . and is thrilled to feel her begin to pull it upwards. He immediately lifts his body slightly to ensure her success as he continues to lap his tongue across what he knows to be her points of excitement directly below. She desperately wants to feel these same lips and tongue on her bare breasts as the material crunches up under his throat.

He lifts his head long enough to sense the naked base of her breasts about to touch his chin. He senses her eagerness and with his teeth, he begins to move her top up across her naked orbs and immediately and almost savagely . . . captures her fully rigid bud and half of her inexperienced breast in his waiting mouth. She moans her pure satisfaction as his lips move together, capturing her bare nipple for the first time. Eagerly he begins to suck her turgid bud, thrashing his tongue back and forth . . . responding in total ecstasy.

He quickly moves to its waiting mate, making it feel the same thrill as he sucks the very tip, gently biting her erect bud and causing her to moan much louder than before. Michael grabs the sides of the top and pulls it so that it’s under her chin, leaving her naked and very sensitive titties to the mercy of his wiggling friend!

He begins to lap back and forth, making her breasts shine with his special polish. He begins to grasp her nipples with his fingers and thumbs at the same time, treating them with superior care and continued service. He looks up at her blushing and truly aroused face and notices the sweat begin to trickle down her cheeks, knowing his own face is doing the same thing. He leans back over and plants a kiss on her lips and at the same time allows his fingers to continue their magic on her tits.

He continues to grasp and fondle one breast but allows his other hand to move down to her trembling tummy. Rather than immediately delving into her shorts, he slides his fingers over her panting crotch . . . deliberately teasing her by running his fingernails over the fabric, knowing her energized pussy is directly below.

The vibrations from his actions are even exciting his own passion, as he moves his nails back and forth causing a slight vibration below. Slowly he moves his teasing fingers into her inner thighs, continuing the same treatment . . . moving up and down . . . up and down . . .closer and closer to her covered clit. The material of her Daisy Dukes is now almost steaming with passion as his fingers now cup her precious little hidden garden underneath.

He knows this area is entirely naked under her shorts, having looked for her panties seconds earlier. This same feeling is arousing her . . . as his fingers begin to tease the folds of skin under the denim material. He continues his manipulations of her trembling skin below . . . as the sound of her zipper being pulled down echoes inside the cave. It is a thrilling sound for both of them as he slowly moves the brass tab closer to her excited crotch.

As he pulls the fastener further downwards, he allows a single finger to sneak inside, testing the waters underneath and an urgent answer to that itch that needs to be scratched to satisfy her desires. His middle finger (being the longest) probes further inside and slowly moves along her moist slit, knowing the supremely aroused state Emma's mind must be in at this point of her seduction.

He lets his pesky digit find her bald outer lips and snuggles the finger above and inside in hopes of discovering her fully aroused bud of pleasure. She is truly dripping with excitement as he sends a second finger inside to add more pleasure to his lover's clit. She begins to move her hips wildly upwards in hopes of making his finger travel the needed distance to satisfy that itch that so badly wants to be satisfied.

He watches her face as she tightly closes her eyes . . . thoroughly aroused. He moves his lips back down to her rigid bare nipple and plops it inside once again. Her bud is surprisingly rigid as he orally assaults it with his tongue and lips. At the same time she feels the snap at the top of her shorts being released . . . allowing his fingers even more movement.

Suddenly all five fingers cover her bald pussy as he begins to gently rub the entire area. The feeling of these fingers touching her naked skin is beyond words . . . as the moist folds begin to soak his fingers with her juices. He allows his middle finger to caress the insides of her moist tunnel, but not too far . . . moving it in and out, in and out simulating a friend of his who is dying to be released inside his bursting shorts.

He gently twists and turns it . . . increasing her desire . . .as it continues its path in and out . . . in and out . . . in and out. Her rigid buds react to this stimulation in between his lips as he gently bites the eraser-like tips with his teeth, making sure not to bite too hard. Michael feels her hands desperately reaching down into her shorts and very quickly moving her hips upwards . . .for only a second . . .as Emma allows the material to move past her naked cheeks . . .making sure to pull them safely down and finally past her ankles.

If he knew what she was thinking at that moment, he might have unleashed his cock that so badly wanted to be let free. But instead and keeping with her earlier desires, he slowly moved down her body, past her belly button and gently spreading her legs he saw her bald pussy, naked for the first time. Some men don’t like licking their girl’s pussy, but Michael couldn’t wait to take her to the next level of total satisfaction. Having not said a word for several minutes, Michael broke his silence.

“If you are VERY lucky, some guy will drive you crazy by doing THIS . . . to your pussy,” he whispered. Without any hesitation, Michael moved his mouth to her moist opening instantly took in her sweet aroma and reached his tongue out to slide between her pussy lips. She whined in protest, not even imagining why someone would lick her there, but soon her hips bucked enthusiastically as he began to slowly run his tongue up and down her fully aroused slit.

As already mentioned, she was already really wet, and he loved it that he had excited her to that point. Her taste was sweet and delicious and very skillfully and patiently he began to lap at her lips with his heated and eager tongue. After several minutes of stimulation, he located her clit and teased it with the tip of his tongue bringing joy she had never felt before. As a result her moans were echoing off of the walls of the cave.

“Michael, oh God, Michael,” she moaned, as he licked and continued to tongue her pussy. The horny man attacked her love nest with new fervor, flicking and tonguing her clit and then rolling his tongue down to slide up inside her, coaxing out more and more of her juices. By the time he went back to her clit and circled it with the tip of his tongue . . . before lapping at it generously, she was moaning now continuously.

He anticipated what was coming next as he placed his sweaty hands on her hips as the girl began to buck almost fiercely as she climaxed again and again as his tongue continued to perform its magic on her clit. After almost a minute or more she finally became silent. Looking down she watched Michael raise his head with her juices all over his lips and face.

“How was that, my horny lover?” he asked wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

“Unbelievable Michael. I hope you didn’t mind doing it. It felt soooo awesome. Now I know what a guy might do . . . to get me excited. But isn’t it about time for you to have a turn?” she asked.

Having her totally naked in front of him, made it easier to teach her what guys would expect back . . . for that type of foreplay. First he helped her quickly move up to her knees and then he paused. She watches him get up, almost laughing as she observes his long shaft that is firmly pressing urgently outwards against his shorts. Now that she had freed her body of the last shred of covering, the satisfied girl eagerly waited to see what would happen next under his tutelage. He soon reaches over and finds his backpack. He looks down and is further aroused as she suggestively opens up her legs slightly . . . almost as a tease. Her bare pussy lips still look moist and fully aroused as he stands in front of her. He places the backpack on the blanket and then says:

"Emma, stay on your knees. It's time for you to see what I'm hiding under these shorts," he says with a wicked smile on his face. She adjusts her body so that she is now facing him on her knees like he requested. This slight movement makes her bare breasts jiggle slightly. He watches her carefully snuggle closer to his waist dying to see his cock. She looks with almost wild eyes at the long shaft that is thrusting against the black silk material. Her hands begin to rise up to touch him.

"Just a moment Emma . . .what are you doing? You must be polite and ask nicely before grabbing things." He looked down his chest at the cute girl on her knees below, buck-naked and eager to please him anyway she can.

"Okay . . . can I take out this BIG COCK? I want to see it . . . and maybe do some fun stuff with it, if you would teach me how," she said with a devilish grin on her face.

(To be continued with your support and suggestions)

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