My new neighbor_(0)

My new neighbor_(0)

It all started one early summer day, my parents and my brother had decided to go to Cuba for a month, and i screwed around and didn't get my passport done in time so i couldn't go, so i was alone for a month and this day, it was just like any other day as it was hot and i was just relaxing on my doorstep hoping something interesting would happen or i would at least get a call. However that wasn't the case so i went inside and passed out on the couch and about an hour later i was awoken by the sound of a moving truck and some yelling.

I got up to see what was up and as soon as i got to the window and that's when i saw my new neighbor, from my living room window he was black, muscular, shaved head and about 6'4 wore basketball shorts and a t-shirt. In my mind i thought "mmm he looks tasty and i am really horny" and started to rub my crotch a little and as i was watching him move furniture i saw him look over and he waved me over. I was a little spooked at first but i collected my self and went to see my new neighbor.

I walked over and he approached me and said "Yo I'm Sean, I'm your new neighbor" he said casually so i introduced myself and told him about my parents and brother on vacation and that he would meet them when they got back and then began to help him move his things. While we were bringing stuff into his house he handed me a small box and said "put it in that room down the hall" so i wandered down the hall and found the room i was told , i went to put the box down but i accidentally bumped another box off a stack adjacent to me.

i tried to catch the box but it fell open and its contents shocked me, most noticeably it had 3 8" dildos, gay porn, some lube and some other sex toys , i went pick them up and put them in the box but i grabbed the first 8" dildo and my mind started to think of Sean fucking my ass and beating my ass with the dildo.

Before i knew it i was rubbing my now erect cock through my shorts, i was panting and eager to be fucked but then i hear Sean say "you get lost in there" i came to my senses and gathered up the boxes contents and said" uh yeah just accidentally knocked over a box" He then said "did it open" i lied and said no, i could of swore i heard him chuckle but i wasn't sure. After that we had just finished moving the last of the stuff into his house when the moving guys left we both sat down. My mind had kept wandering to the box and its contents and the inevitable erection came to be so i did what i could about it.

Sean then said "here i made coffee awhile ago, want some" i was kinda thirsty but i was more concerned about hiding my boner so is said "yeah just give me a sec" so i went into the living room where he was and i got my coffee. I sat down across from him and we got to talking and i asked him what he did as a job and it was then i learned he was a high school phys ed teacher, in my mind i thought" so that's why he looks so fit" but then i remembered the box i knocked over and i tried to hide my now growing cock.

I tried to get my attention off it and started looking around and then i noticed his cock was raging hard, i tried to look away but i kept looking and then Sean chuckled and put down hi coffee cup and said "ill be right back" and got up and walked away, i was watching his cock move through his shorts as he walked away and a when i looked back to my coffee i started rubbing my cock more and more til i zoned out and then i heard a thud.

I came too only to see Sean standing naked in front of me with his hard black cock and the box from earlier in front of me, i looked in silence and he said "i saw you earlier", I was shocked then he looked and said "Strip. now." and i hurried up and did so i was kinda scarred but he looked and said "sit there and jerk off".

Sean sat in front of me again and this time he was watching me, he saw my hard cock and said "you been thinking bout my big hard cock" as he said that i was getting harder and stroking my cock faster he then said "DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE" and took his 9" cock and slapped my face with it. He cock slapped me a few times before saying "open up", i looked up at a now standing Sean who grabbed my mouth and his cock and stuffed his cock into my mouth, gagging me as much as possible.

He kept forcing his dick down my throat as much as possible to the point where each heave he gave i wound up with most of his cock in my throat. Sean pulled out his cock which was covered in my drool and he slapped my face with it, he then looked in his box and pulled out some dildos, lube, ankle cuffs, rope and some handcuffs.

He dragged me over to another couch and put the handcuffs on me and the ankle cuffs on me and bent me over the couch and tied my the cuffs together around the couch. i felt humiliated and horny, Sean then said "your my bitch now" and his my ass with a big rubbery dildo and i said "what?" then felt another stinging lash of the dildo and Sean said "Its master now" and he whipped me again and said "are you my little bitch , is your ass my dumping grounds" i felt another lash and then i said "yes... master I'm, your bitch to use however you want".

Sean laughed and said "damn right bitch" and lashed my ass again, he then stopped and started toying with my asshole, i hear noise from the box again and then i felt oil on my ass and he started putting his fingers in my ass one at a time slowly stretching it out.

After he could fit 3 fingers in he grabbed some of his dildos and started stretching my asshole even more saying "moan bitch, i wanna hear your slutty voice" and slapping my ass a few times, every time Sean upped the dildo size he left it in my ass for some time to adjust and while my ass was adjusting he was fucking my throat saying "yeah... you got a slutty throat that's been opened this much", i could hear his groans with each heave and he pulled out and started playing with my ass even more.

After Sean had put the 8" dildo inside me, he started playing with my throat again fucking it like it was my man pussy, pulling out every once in awhile to slap my face with his black monster covered in my drool and calling me his bitch. He then went back to my ass and started teasing me more by pulling out the dildo and sticking in 3 fingers from each hand in my man pussy pulling it apart saying "damn what a slut, just look how open this pussy is" Sean then stuck his hand up to his knuckles in my ass and after that i just could not resist anymore.

I said "yes master, I'm a slut, I'm your slut to use however you want" he then laughed and said "good....", i felt more lube over my ass and his hand pumping faster till i hard him say "warm ups over, now it begins". Sean slapped my ass a few times before grabbing his monster cock and ramming it into my ass in one heave, it hurt at first but that was soon replaced with pure pleasure.

Sean was fucking my ass hard i could feel his balls slap my ass with every thrust, he was slamming me so hard the couch was moving. He then stopped and pulled out of my ass and moved to my mouth and said "clean this with your mouth", I looked up and said "yes master... please let me clean your cock" then Sean shoved his cock into my throat and started thrusting mercilessly and heaving hard.

After a awhile of my throat being torn apart he pulled out and said "look at all this drool you got on my cock" and then he cock slapped my face again , though this time there was a string of slobber from my face to his cock. Sean then fucked my throat again till i felt him pull my head in real close to blow a load down my throat, i tried to swallow it all but some came back up and onto the floor.

I was then told ""next time, you WILL swallow it all" and then i thought it was over but i then felt Sean's hand inside my ass again and his other hand was milking my cock, which at that point i came pretty quickly, Sean then caught all my cum and some of his floor cum and said "eat up" and wiped it in my mouth and all over my face. I then looked over to see Sean was rock hard again and he said "I still gotta seed my bitch" as i felt his cock start poking my ass.

Sean smiled and said "what a good slut you are" and he then started teasing my ass with the head of his monster, then he stopped and said i wanna hear you beg,
I was panting and I looked at Sean and said "yes master, I'm your bitch and only your bitch which you use my ass as your own cum dumping ground, please... fuck my ass hard", Sean then slowly pushed his cock inside and was saying "yeah... that's right, take it all and when he got to the end he said "i wonder how much will fit".

I then felt him shove his balls in my gaped man pussy, they went in too and he then said "yeah this is how i love my bitches" and pulled out his balls and started fucking me hard and deep, every thrust was him pulling his monster out to the tip and shoving it back in. It was like heaven for me, i just didn't realize how much i loved being used, Sean then pulled in close enough that his sweaty muscular chest was pressed against my back and his thrusts were now deep and short.

As Sean picked up pace and pumped faster he started squeezing my nipples and stuck 2 fingers in my mouth saying "lick them off, tell me how your ass tastes bitch" and i responded "my ass tastes good master" then he stopped and said "good" and pulled out and started to fuck my throat again , only this time he slowly pushed his cock in and then he picked up speed and saying "yeah your ass tastes good on my cock don't it"i replied "yeffff maffffffter" when Sean pulled out and cock slapped me again and went back to my ass and started fucking it harder and faster with every thrust.

I heard more box noise and then i felt the pinching of clamps on my nipples and Sean then pulled on my nips and kept pounding away. I could feel sweat drip from Sean onto my back as his breathing got heavier and heavier, he then in one thrust pulled me close and i felt his warm load go deep into my man pussy, Sean then held me close with his cock still inside me he then grabbed his empty cup and said "push it all out" while still breathing hard.

Sean slowly pulled out his cock and I moved my ass toward the cup, i was exhausted but i wanted to know what Sean had in store for me and the soon to be cup of cum. So I pushed his cum from out my ass and he caught it in his cup and then he smiled and said "hold on a sec" and he stuck the 8"dildo back inside my ass and when he came back he said "look up and give me a slutty look bitch".

I looked up and he poured the cum from my ass all over my face while i gave my slutty look and Sean said "This is my slut after she's been used" and then i heard a camera click then he removed the dildo and rope and while i got dressed he chuckled and said "you need more physical education, since your my bitch your DEFINITELY coming back tomorrow and ill have friends too".

I smiled and then walked out the door and saw it was already dark, i went to check the time on my phone and then i noticed it was on silent mode and i had missed 12 calls and it was now 11PM, when i left my house it was at least 4PM i had spent 7 hours as a toy. as soon as i got off the doorstep Sean came out in some shorts and threw me a collar and said "you forgot this" and i looked down at the collar and on it was written #1 toy, so i waved and pocketed the collar and when i finally got home i went into the basement living area and stripped down and wore the collar and i could still feel a bit of cum from my ass.

I stuck my finger in and got some of the cum and started licking my fingers thinking to my self "i cant wait to start my training tomorrow". I passed out quite easily afterward and woke up a few hours later, i grabbed my clothes and went up stairs to my room and when i opened the door i saw a naked Sean sitting on my bed with a rock hard dick. He looked at me as said "service your master" i then got on the bed and started sucking his cock, he grabbed my head and pushed his cock down my throat with ease.

He thrust his hips back and forth and each time he stopped he pulled out his cock covered in gobs of spit and drool and cock clapped me continually then he grabbed my hair and threw me aside and said "show me your pussy" so i held my ass up and then he sat across from me and said "good not open it for me, stick yo hand in there" so i started working my ass with my hands and it opened easily.

Sean stood up and for me its like my mind entered slave mode cause as soon as Sean stood i stretched and toyed my ass saying "master.... fuck your little bitches slut pussy" and he then said "good girl" and then thrust his cock into my ass . Sean moaned and said "damn your so tight now might make me come soon" Sean kept pounding my ass for awhile then he pulled out and stuffed his cock down my throat..

Sean kept thrusting harder and faster till i could hear him breathing hard and then in a moment he pulled my face close and shot his load into my throat and this time i swallowed it all. I fell on my back on my bed when Sean got up and spread my legs, i could feel his semi hard monster on my used ass when he grabbed my cock and leaned close till we were face to face... well my face was to his chest

Anyhow he was hunched over slowly stroking my cock and and stuck part of his semi hard dick in my ass and then he picked up stroking pace and said "who do you belong to" i replied "my master" he jerked faster and said "who is your master" i was getting close and breathing hard and i replied " you are my master" Sean then said "good girl" and after that i shot my load and it was big. Sean licked it all off my chest and said "open" so i opened my mouth and Sean spit my cum in my mouth, then french kissed me swapping my cum between out tongues.

Sean then lay beside me and held me close and said "you belong to nobody but me" I replied "yes master" and then passed out in Sean's big arms with his monster cock against my ass.

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