Freedom of Expression - 1

Freedom of Expression - 1

Matt Hall finished washing his hands, another day in his workshop coming to an end. Today had been a productive day having finally got the new engine running in his latest project, a 1970 Triumph Spitfire that he had put the engine from a Triumph Rocket motorcycle into.

Matt is 32 years old, just under 6ft tall, solid build but not much fat on him thanks to leading an active lifestyle. He has short brown hair and light blue eyes. Many people would be jealous of the life Matt has, he lives in a small coastal town of about 15000 people in New Zealand and spends his days doing essentially anything he feels like.

This is thanks to a stroke of luck, when back in his early 20s in 2011 he had bought into the "scam" (as most people told him it was) of Crypto currency. His casual $200 investment had been essentially forgotten about, but 10 years later was now worth a fortune. Matt had quit his job at a local factory where he had been an engineer, bought a large section of land up in the hills above town and had a large modern house built exactly has he had always dreamed of.

The house looked out over the pacific ocean and was very private, tucked in amongst the native bush. In addition to this he had bought a nonde*********** empty warehouse building in the CBD of town and fitted it out as his dream garage/workshop, filled with every tool imaginable as well as many vehicles, alongside the Triumph sat a 1991 Honda NSX Type R partly restored and a 1970s Porsche 911 with its engine removed. On the other side of workshop, parked up under car covers sat 6-7 other cars of varing shapes and sizes.

This fortunate turn of events had meant that Matt could live out all of his wildest fantasy's, money was no object. If he wanted something he could have it. Living in a small town however had its draw backs, Matt had to be fairly careful how flashy his lifestyle appeared, he didn't want to be inundated with people suddenly wanting to be his best friend now that he had money.

He had always been a somewhat private person and had never been one to surround himself with people, preferring his own company for the most part. Tinkering away in the workshop, or going for a spirited drive in one of his cars was far more preferable than being at a club drinking the night away with hundreds of others.

This didn't mean that Matt didn't desire some female company, prior to his large windfall he had had a few girlfriends, even moving in with his last one. Nothing had ever worked out though so Matt had to satisfy his urges himself, beyond the occasional one night stand on one of his few trips to the city an hour away. The one thing money couldn't buy, love.

The roller door closed behind Matt as his drove out of the workshop, time to head home 7:30pm and just getting dark, maybe have a swim in his pool, cook up a steak on the BBQ and spend an evening trawling Japanese auction sites for car parts. He turned the corner and accelerated away in his favorite car of the moment, a 2021 Honda N-One RS. It was a weird little thing, 660cc 3 Cylinder Turbo Charged 6 speed manual and bright yellow, it had just arrived the week before from Japan and he was enjoying every moment of the buzzy little car.

As he drove past the carpark for the local gym another little yellow car caught his eye, it was a Abarth 595 Competizione. A rare site around here, he did a double take, the bonnet was up and a very toned female ass in activewear was bent over, head in engine bay.

He pulled into the Gym carpark, the appealing looking body and car were one thing but it was getting late and it was the only car in the carpark, it would be rude not to at least check in to see if everything was ok with the owner of this car rather than potentially leaving them stranded.

"Hi is everything ok?" Matt asked

Standing up suddenly was Chloe, all 5ft2" of her, skinny but toned (obviously having been at the Gym she was parked outside), long blonde hair tied into a pony tail, dressed in a sports bra over some small breasts (B cup?) under a loose fitting tank top and tight grey leggings.

"sorry I didn't mean to give you a fright" Matt hastily said "I just thought id check your car hadn't broken down"

"no that's ok" said Chloe "my car is making a strange sound when I start it, I'm not sure what it is but it might be the starter motor?"

Matt was impressed, she seemed confident and knew what she was talking about "I work on cars" he said "do you mind if I help?"

"not at all" she replied "here let me show you"

Sure enough as soon as it started there was a rattling, knocking sound. Not too bad, many people would have ignored it and driven on.

Matt gave Chloe the "turn it off" gesture.

"sounds like your flywheel is about the fail" he said 'these have one of those dual mass flywheels, they give no end of trouble"

"oh no!" Chloe exclaimed "this thing is costing me a fortune, do you think its safe to drive?"

"it should be ok for a short distance, but the more you drive it the more damage it will do" Replied Matt

"Great!" Chloe semi shouted, looking at the car in disgust, "I've just moved to town and started a new job, I cant afford to not have a car for work at the moment. Do you know any decent mechanics around here that wont rip me off?"

"aha" Matt thought "my opening"

"I can fix it" he said "my workshop is just around the corner, it will be safe to drive it that far"

"can you really?" Chloe asked excitedly "how long do you think it will take? I can probably get by for a few days without a car if I had to"

"could be a couple weeks" Matt warned "parts for these will have to come from overseas, but I can loan you a car if you need?"

"Oh my God, can you really? that would be amazing" gushed Chloe "is it this little thing? It looks fun" she said indicating the Honda N-One

"it can be if you want" he said "I've got a couple spare"

Chloe followed Matt back around the corner to his workshop, they parked the broken little Abarth on one of the hoists, Matt would get started on it tomorrow.

He and Chloe exchanged numbers and chatted for a while. Matt learned Chloe (25 years old), had only just moved to town to take up her new job as a Science teacher at one of the local high schools (she looked more like a student than a teacher!). She had grown up and lived in a City across the country but was attracted to this small town by its climate and the nearby beaches. She was a avid petrolhead (that explained her decent knowledge of the fault on the car, as well as the choice in car) and all round just an interesting person to talk to, conversation flowed easily and it was as thought they had known each other for a while.

Matt gave her the keys to his little Yellow Honda and explained he'd make a start on her car in the morning and be in touch when it was done or if he found the damage was worse than expected.

They went their separate ways as it was getting late.

Matt was lying in bed later that night thinking about Chloe, she was essentially perfect as far as he could tell. Easy to talk to, clever, interesting, loved cars and stunningly hot. How could someone like not have a boyfriend? The subject of a partner hadn't come up.

He lay there for a while fantasizing about this woman he had met before going to sleep.

The next day he got up at his usual 6am and went for a 7km run as he did each morning, when Matt got back, stripped off and did 30 lengths in the pool before sitting in the sun and enjoying a coffee. Around 9am he made his way down the hill to his workshop to make a start on the Abarth.

He worked most of the morning stripping the gearbox out to access the flywheel and make a accurate diagnoses. Confirming his suspicions were correct and it was indeed the flywheel, Matt went into the office area of the workshop to get on the laptop and start ordering parts. The whole morning thoughts of the gorgeous Chloe were swirling around his head, so he decided a little bit of "internet stalking" wouldn't go astray. He had found the ownership papers of the car in the glovebox while working on it so he knew Chloe's Surname (Bell).

Matt easily found both Chloe's Facebook and Instagram accounts, the facebook account was fairly private so without adding her as a friend and giving himself away there wasn't much too see aside from her profile pic. Instagram was slightly more successful, a handful of pics of her and her friends at various social functions, typical mid 20's women sort of account. But sadly nothing any more revealing than he had already seen her dressed in (those leggings wrapped around her toned ass was really etched into Matts memory, perhaps a hint of cameltoe? maybe that was his imagination) though on the bright side there didn't seem to be a significant other in any of the pics either.

Beyond a quick text message from Matt to say he had ordered the parts and the car should be ready in a week or so and a equally brief reply from Chloe there wasn't any further communication between them. That was until the following Sunday morning, Matt was sitting out by the pool in the nude enjoying a coffee in the sun, as was his normal morning routine (Wake, Run, Swim, Coffee) when his phone vibrated. It was a message from Chloe, "hey how's the car going? Do you know any good bush walks in town?"

"Aha" thought Matt "this could be a good way to spend some time with her"

He quickly typed out a reply "hey, cars just waiting for parts, should be done end of the week. yea theres a great one starting just behind your gym, its climbs up into the hills and heads out to the point above the harbor entrance then drops down to a beach before looping back, I was planning on heading that way for a walk/swim around 10am if you'd like a guide?" a white lie, he was originally planning on taking his boat out for a quick fishing trip but the chance of spending some time with Chloe was far more appealing.

10 mins later Matts phone buzzed again "that would be great! I can meet you in the carpark @10, do I need to bring anything?"

"YES!" he said out loud "just some good shoes and swimsuit/towel if you want a swim, maybe some water its going to be a hot one, its about a 2 hour walk, cya there" he messaged back.

10am on the dot Matt pulled into the carpark at the Gym where he had first met Chloe, he was driving his 2017 Volkswagen Golf R. He had ummed and ahhed over what car to take. Ferrari Challenge Stradale? No, too ostentatious. Bentley Continental Convertible? No, too pretentious. He wanted to make a good impression but didn't want Chloe to know how wealthy he was, not yet anyway. The Golf would do, sensible enough to not stand out but special enough to hopefully interest her.

Matts little yellow Honda N-One was already there, Chloe in front of it stretching in preparation of their walk. She looked amazing, again long blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail, loose fitting tank top over what looked like a skimpy Bikini top peaking out from underneath, and again some form fitting leggings, hugging her toned ass and legs (Matt was a ass man, everyone knows there are two types of guys, Guys who like tits, and guys that like ass, Matt was the latter).

Chloe waved as he got out of the car

"Mornin!" she said "thanks for showing me around, I was getting stir crazy and wanted to get out to explore but just didn't know enough about town to know what to do"

"no problem" replied Matt "its a awesome day for a walk and its always great to have company"

They set off for their walk, chatting happily. Chloe nattered away telling Matt all about her first few weeks in town, how much she loved being near the beach, how she was the youngest teacher at the school and everyone else was married so she was finding it hard to make friends.

All the while Matt was stealing glimpses at her stunning body, he was sure he could make out a hint of cameltoe? But then he had been fantasizing about her for the last week so he was quite worked up.

Matt answered all Chloe's questions about town, good restaurants, the best beaches, all the different bush walks, great driving roads etc etc as Matt also pointed out all the native birdlife they saw, Tui, Kaka, Kereru, Bellbirds and Fantails which flitted happily along next to them chasing small bugs stirred up from their walking.

The temperature kept on climbing, they both had water bottles with them and sipped away to keep hydrated. Eventually the conversation turned to what Matt did for a living, he played down his true lifestyle, just saying he owned his own business, sourced vehicles from overseas for clients and worked on cars in between (which wasn't exactly a lie, he did source cars and work on them too, but for himself rather than clients). It wasn't that he was embarrassed by his lifestyle, more that he didn't want Chloe to like him for the wrong reasons, because the more they walked and talked the more Matt lusted after her, she was infectious in her enthusiasm, bubbling with conversation. He wanted this to be more than just a walking buddy.

After about 1hour they reached the tip of the peninsula they had been walking along, the bush faded away to low scrub and they had unimpeded views out of the pacific ocean towards a small island offshore (a long dormant volcano)

"oh I would love to be out there on the ocean" exclaimed Chloe

"I have a boat we could be out there on" Matt replied "maybe next weekend I could take you out if the weather is good?"

"why am I not surprised you have boat?" laughed Chloe "it seems everyone in this town has a boat, but yea I would love to go out there exploring!"

"when you live here it would be a shame not to have a way to get out to sea" Matt said "plus there is some of the best fishing in the country right out there!"

They stood and admired the view for a while, it was a oddly quiet day on the walking track, they hadn't seen another soul in the entire time they had been walking.

"is there a public toilet at the beach?" asked Chloe "I think I've drunk too much water"

"nah its a fairly remote beach, but behind any bush will do if you need it" he said laughing

"right, can you keep watch to make sure nobody is coming?" she replied, quite seriously

Not quite believing her Matt assured her that he would keep watch, and turned away from Chloe. She quickly squatted down, pulling down her tights and skimpy bikini bottom underneath so as to relieve herself, not a hint of shame or trepidation evident.

Matt couldn't quite believe it, this gorgeous women, not 2m away, squatted down peeing essentially right in front of him. He felt himself getting hard.

Matt had always for some reason found the act of a woman pissing to be extremely erotic, he had never managed to experience it beyond the videos he found on porn websites. But right here and now it was happening and he couldn't even turn to watch! Frustrating!

Chloe gave a little wriggle as if to shake herself off, and stood up, pulling her leggings with her. Acting as if nothing had happened out of the ordinary they continued on their walk. Matts mind was racing, so many erotic thoughts racing through his head 'calm down" he told himself "this chick is unreal, but play it cool"

The rest of the walk towards the secluded bay was uneventful, still they saw nobody else. Normally you'd see 5 -10 people, but today there was nobody. Maybe the heat had put everyone off? It was approaching 32degrees as they descended the stairs towards the beach.

They walked to about the midway point of the small bay (only about 300m across) and still there was not a soul to be seen, Chloe was awestruck. Gentle waves lapped at the golden sandy shore, Native trees lined the cliffs that surrounded the bay.

"swim time" exclaimed Matt, stripping off his t shirt and shoes and walking towards the water in just his running shorts

Matt reached the water and waded in up to his waist before diving under and swimming 10m out. Turning around he was just in time to see Chloe dropping her leggings, tank top already thrown onto the sand, and jogging to the water in a tiny white string bikini.

Matt was mesmerized, Chloe was just as stunning as he had imagined. Small breasts scarcely covered by a tiny bikini top above a toned stomach with a faint hint of abs. If the bikini top was tiny then the bottoms were even smaller. They scarcely covered her pussy, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination and of course her legs were toned and muscular, obviously from many hours in the gym and exercising, she looked like a gymnast. Not only this but she was lightly tanned without the hint of tan lines? As though she too spent time in the sun, sans clothing.

Chloe dove into the water and surfaced next to Matt, he had to pick up his jaw and composed himself, but when Chloe looked at him she smirked. He hadn't hidden his expression from her.

He composed himself and they splashed about innocently in the small waves, cooling off after their walk. After about 10mins of this they made their way back up to the beach and sat on a large piece of driftwood to dry off in the sun. They hadn't brought towels with them.

Matt could hardly keep his eyes off Chloe, her bikini was slightly see through now that it was wet and her nipples were hard. To be fair she was checking him out too. His regular morning running and swimming regime had left him well muscled, not to mention his penchant for being nude at home made sure he was tanned all over. They sat largely in comfortable silence now, enjoying the moment and the scenery.

Once they were dry Matt and Chloe put their sweaty clothes back on and walked the 30 mins back to the start of the loop track where the cars were parked. Neither of them seemed keen to part from the other

Chloe asked "are you doing anything for lunch?"

"no I don't have anything planned" replied Matt "do you want to grab something in town?"

"do you want to come back to my place instead?" asked Chloe "I have some beer in the fridge and can throw together something"

"sounds great" said Matt

They jumped in their separate cars and Matt followed Chloe back to her place. 5 minutes later they pulled into one of the nicer streets in town and turned up a long driveway, parking in front of a garage, separate from the main house.

"this is me" said Chloe, getting out of the car "well, just the sleep out anyway, one of the other teachers from work owns the house and is letting me rent the separate unit attached to the garage, its pretty nice, I have my own kitchen, bathroom and courtyard and we hardly know each other is there"

They walked inside and Chloe headed straight for the fridge, pulling out two cold beers, she cracked the top on both of them and handed one to Matt

"i'm going to get out of these sweaty clothes" she said, heading for the bedroom "make your self at home" she said as the bedroom door closed gently behind her

Matt headed for the couch and sat down, sipping his beer. 30seconds later the bedroom door opened and Chloe appeared. She was now wearing a skimpy pastel orange summer dress, and from what Matt could see nothing else underneath it. Her nipples pointed clearly through the thin material, and as she sat down opposite him on the recliner chair and crossed her legs he was sure he caught a glimpse of her bare shaved pussy? No, he must be imagining it!

They sipped their beers and Chloe made them each a sandwich the whole time they chatted comfortably, even though they had spent the whole morning together the conversation flowed smoothly. Chloe was quizzing Matt of his choice of cars, explaining how much she had enjoying hooning around town in the little N-One Matt had loaned her. She gushed about how much fun it was with the 6 speed manual gearbox, and the whizzing little 660cc turbo engine with all the whooshing and pops and bangs that came when you leaned on it.

They chatted cars for well over an hour, Matt learning that Chloe had saved for 2 years to buy her Abarth and had taken it to several track days. Her Dad was the one who had gotten her into cars, they had spent her childhood in his shed working on his Subaru WRX Rally car, Chloe having been co-driver a couple of times and really enjoying the experience.

Matt was by now head over heals in lust (love?) for Chloe but was wary of making a move for fear of ruining what they had so quickly created. The beer had taken the edge off for both of them and there was definitely subtle flirting between the two.

"maybe I will just take it slow" thought Matt "I should just call it a day and play harder to get"

Matt made an excuse about a previously made appointment and made his way back to his car. He promised that he would be in touch when he had finished repairing Chloe's car. She reminded him of his promise to take her out on his boat the following weekend, which he assured her he would if the weather co-operated.

As he backed down the driveway Chloe stood next to the door to her place waving goodbye.

"god, she is stunning" Matt said aloud to himself. What was he doing making excuses to get away? "its for the best" he thought, slow and steady wins the race.

Later than night Matt got a notification on his Phone. "Chloe Bell has sent you a friend request" this was promising, almost her making the first move? He hastily accepted the request and could new see all of Chloe's Facebook profile. He saw she had added pictures from todays walk. Several of what he assumed were her friends commenting how beautiful the scenery was and asking her how she was enjoying the new town.

Matt flicked through all her albums, nothing overly exciting to report, a few bikini pics from holidays to Rarotonga with what looked like her family. But most importantly still no signs of another guy in her life.

A few days later on Thursday the parts for Chloe's Abarth arrived and Matt set about fitting them and reassembling everything. By the afternoon it was done and he sent off a txt to Chloe "car is done, let me know when you want to pick it up, or I can drop it off to you?"

They had been exchanging txts throughout the week since having spent the Sunday together, a casual hint of flirting between the two, but nothing serious.

Chloe replied almost instantly "im working late tonight parent teacher interviews. But can I come round tomorrow after work and pick my baby up?"

"yea sure, I should be at the workshop until about 5" typed Matt, a little disappointed he wouldn't get to see her today.

Matts phone buzzed with another message from Chloe "cya then, cant wait "

"that's a cheeky little wink" thought Matt "I need to make sure I dot get stuck in the friendzone here"

Come the next day (Friday) it was raining, a tropical cyclone had come down from the islands and was making its presence felt. The rain on the roof of the shed was loud and the roller door banged in the heavy winds. Matt was working on buttoning up the finishing touches on the bike engined Triumph Spitfire. Being a convertible it wasn't really the weather for a test drive so he tidied the wiring and re-fitted the final British Racing Green panels, the finishing touch was fitting the red leather drivers seat.

He sat back with a beer admiring his latest creation when he heard a "beep beeeeep" outside the roller door

"that must be her" He thought, and hit the door button on the remote in his pocket.

Chloe roared into the building in the bright yellow Honda, big grin on her face. She got of the car and rushed over to her little Abarth, seemingly excited to see it again. Her enthusiasm was infections.

Matt tossed her the keys across the room, she caught them one handed and quickly sat in the car, starting the engine. It gurgled into life with no out of the ordinary noises. All fixed. Chloe had the biggest grin on her face.

She turned the car off and got out, giving Matt a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was dressed a lot more conservatively today, having just come from work. A long green dress that hugged her small body in all the right places but didn't show much skin.

"thankyou so much! what do I owe you?"

"dont worry about it" said Matt "consider it a welcome to town gift"

"no way! you cant do that, the parts along must have been hundreds!" she replied, shocked

"no seriously, its on me. I get trade discounts on parts and I like working on cars. I don't need your money" Matt said

Chloe looked at Matt seriously "I cant let you do all that work for nothing, please I can pay you"

"how about you let me take you to dinner instead?" Matt said with a wink "that's all the 'payment' I need"

She looked at him curiously, paused for a moment before agreeing "ok, that would be nice. But only if I get to choose the restaurant. I've seen a nice looking place over the hill at the beach that I've wanted to try since I moved here but haven't had anyone to go with"

"I know the place" Matt said "how about tomorrow, 7pm? I can pick you up from your place"

"cant wait" said Chloe, giving Matt another hug.

Chloe got back into her car and headed back to her place, waving as she pulled out of the workshop. Matt couldn't wait till tomorrow now.

The rain persisted over night and into the next day, it wasn't really motivating to do much of anything. This meant the time passed slowly, anticipation of the even ahead with Chloe. Matt decided he wanted to impress her by picking her up for dinner in his Jaguar F Type, it a classy car, silver paint and a red leather interior and importantly not a convertible so no risk of getting wet with a leaky roof like many of his more classic cars were prone too. Matt also made sure his house was looking presentable, just in case....

At 6:30pm he was dressed and ready, wearing Tan Chino pants and a short sleeve button up shirt, very dressed up for Matt who typically was a shorts and t shirt sorta guy. He was also wearing his favorite watch an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

Matt slowly pulled into the driveway at Chloe's place, the Jag had a fairly loud exhaust and he didn't want to annoy her neighbors. He turned the car off and was just about to know on Chloe's door when it opened. Chloe was standing in front of him dressed in a tiny black dress, her hair was down and she looked stunning.

"wow" said Matt "you look great"

"I should say the same about you" replied Chloe with mischief in her eyes "scrub up pretty good for a grubby mechanic"

They laughed and headed back to the car, Matt opened the passenger door for Chloe and allowed her to sit into the car, as she sat her dress rode up and there was no doubting it this time. Matt got a eyeful of her beautifully shaved pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties!

Matt pretended he hadn't noticed and closed the door after her, as he walked around to the drivers side he composed himself, his mind was racing though.

The restaurant was a 15min drive from Chloe's place, up and over the hill from town and over at a smaller settlement at the beach. Chloe was impressed with the Jag "you seem to have so many cars" she commented

"yea I've got a bit of a hoarding problem" Matt said laughing "keeps me out of trouble though" and he floored the accelerator making the 5.0L supercharged V8 roar and Chloe giggle.

Soon enough they were there, once again Matt got the car door for Chloe and while trying to pretend as though he wasn't looking, once again he got a good view between her legs, they had to run the short distance from the car park to the restaurant due too the rain.

They shared an entre' of baked Camembert with Port Jelly on Ciabatta bread, Matt had just the one Beer since he was driving but encouraged Chloe to order anything she wanted. She started off with a Strawberry Daquiri cocktail. Their mains arrived, fresh Hapuka fish with a Risotto on the side, another drink for Chloe. This time a Mojito.

Conversation between the two as usual was free flowing and varying in subject. Where they grew up, about their family, places they had travelled to etc etc

Before they knew it, it had been 2 hours. They were both too full for desert and the wait staff were making subtle hints about wanting to pack up for the night. Matt paid the bill and the pair walked back to the car.

It was dark by now so Matts chance of another glimpse up Chloes dress was dashed.

"that was fun" said Chloe, Matt nodded in agreement

"do you want to come back to my place for another drink before I drop you back to yours?" he asked hopefully

"I was hoping you would ask" laughed Chloe "I'm curious about your house, great taste in cars, great taste in clothes and watches. I can only imagine what your house will look like"

"don't get your hopes up" replied Matt with a laugh

As they pull up Matts driveway Chloe let out an audible gasp "this is your house?" she asked in a almost whisper

Matt laughed a little awkwardly, it was quite the impressive site but he was still cautious of people knowing just how wealthy he was.

A little hard to hide with a house like this though, set amongst the Native bush the driveway curved up hill. The house appeared between the trees as the driveway ended in a turning circle with a Pohutukawa tree in the middle lit up when green LED lights.

The house itself was a 2 story modern minimalist styled structure, its walls appeared to be mostly made of glass, subtle accent light illuminated various aspects of the house casting shadows from the trees that surrounded it.

There was no obvious garage door as the garage area was down the side of the house, hidden from the entrance way. They pulled up by the front door, Chloe was wide eyed, taking in her new surroundings. Matt opened her door for her and offered his hand to help her out of the car, the rain had stopped by now, though it was still windy.

"This is insane" said Chloe, standing next to him still holding his hand "how? how is this yours?"

"ahhh I had some luck with some investments?" Matt said, trying to play it down "come inside I will show you around"

Matt led Chloe up the stairs to the front door, opening the door and guiding her inside.

The interior of the house was even more impressive than the exterior, the entrance way opened into a large open plan lounge, dining and kitchen area, on the other side of the room you could see a deck leading out to the pool area that was also illuminated the same as the front of the house. Beyond this was distant lights of town and in the remains of the setting sun which could now be seen as the rain clouds cleared you could just make out the ocean.

Chloe stood stock still, taking it all in. She turned to him and punched him playfully on the shoulder

"you didn't tell me you were richy rich" she said laughing

Matt stood there awkwardly, not really knowing what to say "ummm its not as expensive as it looks?" he wasn't convincing anyone with that.

Chloe demanded a tour immediately, he showed her the living areas, a small movie theatre room next door with comfy couches and recliners. Up stairs a couple of spare bedrooms and finally the master. Also with its own deck looking out to sea. A Super King bed stood in the middle of the room, large walk in wardrobe on one side and a monstrous ensuite next to that, inside there was a large bathtub and a massive shower with 4 shower heads. One whole wall was a window so as you bathed you looked out to sea. Since there was no neighbors there was no need for privacy up here.

They went back downstairs Chloe had hardly said anything the whole tour, essentially speechless. Matt offered her a drink, "do you have any port?" she asked

"of course" he replied, pouring them each a glass of port.

He led our out onto the deck to admire the view, she then spotted the pool and spa pool.

"we have to have a spa!" she said excitedly heading towards it

"have you got your bathing suit in your handbag?" Matt asked laughing

"who needs a bathing suit?" Chloe placed her glass of port on the side of the spa and facing away from him slipped out of her little black dress and was suddenly nude! Matt had been right she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

Now it was Matts turn to be speechless he could only see her from behind but her ass and legs had him hard instantly, she settled into the water, her perfect body once again hidden from view

"come, get in" she said wriggling her index finger at him.

Now that was an invite nobody could turn down, Matt stripped out of his shirt, put his watch on the outdoor table. And quickly dropped his pants and underwear to the ground and almost jumped into the pool hoping the swiftness would hide his erection. He was usually comfortable being naked, but now in front of Chloe he felt a little self conscious. She wolf whistled at him as he was settling into the spa pool, laughing as she did.

Once settled into the spa, drinks in hand the conversation mellowed back down for a while before Chloe asked

"how are you single? seriously you have everything it seems, except a partner"

Matt was quiet for a moment "ahhh, I guess with the money came some paranoia, I have had girlfriends but that was before. Now that I have what I do, I don't want someone to like me just for my money or my possessions"

Chloe thought about that for a while "makes sense" she said "so why are you showing me?"

"haha, to be honest, I don't know" replied Matt "with you I haven't thought about it. But lets turn the tables. Why are you still single? What's hiding in your closet?"

Chloe went red in the face and stayed silent

"come on, fairs fair, I tell you, you tell me" Matt probed further

"ahhh I guess I just have very particular tastes" Chloe said slowly "I've had boyfriends but none has ever......delivered what I like"

"delivered how?" Matt queried, the drink making him a little less reserved "you mean sexually?"

Chloe went red again and simply nodded

Matt kept up his questioning "what you you into that they aren't?"

Chloe stayed tight lipped

"its ok" Matt relented "you don't need to say, but if you want you can ask me anything and I will answer as truthfully as I can"

Chloe sat thinking for a while before asking "do you masturbate?"

"of course" Matt said instantly "everyone does, maybe a couple times a week before you ask, sometimes more"

Seemingly emboldened by this Chloe continued "do you watch porn?"

Again Matt replied instantly "yup, maybe not as much as I used to when I was younger but still a couple times a week"

"what genre is your favorite?" Chloe hit straight back with

"hmmmmmm, do you want an honest answer?" Chloe nodded that she did "it might gross you out" Matt warned

"nothing can gross me out" Chloe boldly claimed

"Anal" Matt stated simply

Chloe seemed to think about this for a moment, Matt wondering if maybe it had put her off an blown his chance with her. Then quietly she said "me too...."

"is that why you are single?" Matt asked "because you like Anal?"

Chloe nodded and said "yea, guys find it weird how I'm so into it"

"you are obviously with the wrong guys then, Anal isn't weird, its awesome" he reassured her

This made Chloe laugh and seemed like a weight was lifted off her shoulders "you have no idea how much better I feel telling you that" she said "its something I always feel I have to hide going into a relationship"

"you don't have to hide anything with me" said Matt, trying to further reassure her

Chloe suddenly leaned forward and glided across the spa wrapped her arms around Matts neck pulling him into a passionate kiss.

He wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her against him, returning the kiss. she settled in his lap, his now rock hard cock pressed between them. As they kissed Chloe slowly ground her pussy against his cock, making him, if possible, even harder.

This kept kissing for a while, increasing in passion. Matts hand had now travelled down and were now cupping Chloe ass cheeks. She seemed to like this, breaking the kiss and nuzzling into his neck.

"wow" she said "you are almost too perfect"

Matt laughed "I was just thinking the same thing..... you I mean, not me"

They sat like that for a few minutes, both seemingly enjoying the moment after so much build up

"sooo....just how 'into' Anal are you" Matt asked

Chloe laughed "obsessed? no probably not obsessed but I love it"

Matts hand were wandering around her ass, then he felt something, Chloe laughed again

"see that's my buttplug"

"no way" said Matt, taken surprised at the discovery. Sure enough feeling around more bravely now he felt the base of a small buttplug nestled tightly into Chloe's asshole. It was the sexiest thing he had ever experienced.

"i have to see this, lets go inside" he said, picking Chloe up as he stood and carrying her easily up to his bedroom.

Matt carried Chloe up the stairs to his room and lowered her onto the bed, they locked lips again and Chloe pulled Matt onto of her as she lay down on her back. Their steamy make out session continued for a while, Matts left arm propping himself up slightly so his full weight wasn't on the much smaller Chloe, his right hand was still groping her ass, his fingers pressing on the base of the buttplug.

He pulled away from Chloe slightly and started kissing her neck gently, she moaned quietly, enjoying the sensation of her neck being kissed and the buttplug being pressed deeper into her ass.

Matt slowly worked down her body, sucking each of her nipples in turn into his mouth, he kissed all around her small but sensitive breasts, biting gently, drawing satisfied gasps from her. From here he slowly went lower, down to her belly button. By now Chloe was really squirming, slightly ticklish from the kisses. Lower he went until he got to her bare pussy. Here he paused, Chloe spread her legs inviting him to continue.

Instead Matt pulled away briefly, just long enough to lift Chloe's knees up towards her chest, giving better access to her now dripping pussy and ass. He lowered his head back between her legs but started by kissing her inner thighs, alternating left to right.

This drove Chloe wild, the kissing and licking stimulating her but the lack of direct attention to her most sensitive places frustrating her. Suddenly Matt licked right from bottom to top of her pussy, finishing right on her clit and sucking on it hard.

Chloe moaned loudly at this, Matts right hand had returned to the buttplug he kept sucking her clit and gently pushed and pulled on the plug. Not enough to remove it from her ass but stimulating her non the less. Then with a almost silent "pop" Matt removed it completely and drove his tongue deep into Chloe's slightly gaping asshole, this pushed her over the edge and she came with a scream. As she did so a stream of squirt erupted from her pussy, covering Matts face in her girl cum.

She went limp onto the bed breathing heavily. Matt continued licking her asshole gently, playing with it, tasting her. First he ran his tongue around her rim clockwise, then anti clockwise. Then dipping his tongue in. He kept this pattern going all the while rubbing her clit with his fingers and Chloe started tensing again, her mouth was wide open in a silent scream as she came even harder than the first time. Once again Matt was showered in her squirt, it almost hit the ceiling!

This time Matt let her collapse back onto the bed, he lay down next to her. Chloe had her eyes closed and looking spent, she turned her head to look at him and gave him the biggest grin.

"that was..........amazing" she breathed, closing her eyes again. She rolled over slightly and rested her head on Matts chest, draping one arm over his body.

They lay like that for about 5minutes, then Chloe's hand moved from Matts stomach down to his still hard Cock. It wasn't a porn star 12" whopper by any measure, but fully erect at 7" Matt had never had any complaints. Chloe started gently jacking his cock, precum was dripping down her hand. She shifted her body and moved her head lower, her right cheek was now resting on Matts lower stomach and she took the tip of his cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head while her hand went down to his balls, holding them gently as she sucked.

Matt groaned, Chloe took this as an affirmative she was doing a good job and started taking more of his cock into her mouth. The hours long build up to this moment meant Matt was ready to explode. Chloe felt his Balls contract and sucked his cock as far into her mouth as she could without gagging. Matt came hard, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 spurts of cum. Chloe kept on sucking and swallowing, not wasting a drop.

Matt had finished cumming and Chloe just held his cock in her mouth, the slightest amount of suction on the tip, obviously knowing how sensitive he was after such a massive orgasm.

"oh my god" said Matt, still panting "that was the best blowjob Ive ever had" and reached down with his left hand massaged Chloe's scalp affectionately, his cock still in her mouth.

After a couple more minutes Chloe rolled off Matt and shimmied back up next to him on the bed, putting her head back on his chest. They were both spent.

They didn't need to verbalize how they were each feeling, it was as though they knew. Matt hit the switch next to the bed and turned the lights off and they both fell asleep almost instantly.

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