Caught And Punished

Caught And Punished

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Caught And Punished

Dad always told me that my mother was a whore. I wouldn’t know because I had no recollection of her whatsoever. He was a hard worker and supported us as best he could. He was also a very strict disciplinarian. Any time I did something to displease him I found out about it right away. It used to be little things like not making my bed, throwing my clothes on the floor, and not doing my homework. That resulted in spankings and escalated to bare bottom spanking. But that was only the beginning of it…

When I turned twelve and my tits started growing in I got attention from the boys in school. When I turned thirteen I could turn heads by just walking down the street in my tight blue jeans. Then when I turned fourteen, it was tight T-shirts and miniskirts that turned the boys on and the men too. I took pride in causing guys to walk into parking meters or telephone poles as they stared at my ass.

After I turned fifteen I discovered sex and I liked it. I really liked it. One boy was not enough for me so I had two, three, and finally four boyfriends. They knew about one another and were just happy to get in my pants.

Then one day when two of the boys were in my bedroom Dad burst in the door. I had Tommy’s cock in my mouth at the time and Charlie’s cock in my pussy doggy style when he burst in. I was right in the middle of my orgasm and could hardly care who it was. Tommy was just about to cum, shoved his cock hard into the back of my throat, and then went completely limp. Charlie wasn’t facing the door and didn’t know that it was my father and he just pumped me full of his nice creamy cum.

I wondered why Tommy had gotten off the bed and backed right up against the wall. I wondered why Charlie pulled his cock out so quickly. I felt a cold draft between my legs, my pussy hadn’t even had time to close up, and then I felt the sting. It was a terrible painful sting that started in my pussy, my clit, and my asshole then traveled to my brain. Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. I turned my head just enough to see my father’s arm come down on me again. He was holding my big hairbrush. It was wooden and it had a big handle that I sometimes fucked myself with. It had long prongs that could reach to my skull when I teased my hair. Then it hit my crotch again. It wasn’t the smooth wooden back that hit me it was all of those tiny plastic spikes. Each one dug into my flesh and the tiny round buttons on the ends did little to sooth the inflection of pain. Some of the stiff bristles tore into my asshole, my vagina, and my clit. Some of the stiff bristles tore into my nether region between my rectum and my vagina, they cut into the folds where my legs join my crotch, and they cut into my tender inner lips. The pain was excruciating but I was frozen to the spot. I could not move a muscle. Time went into slow motion as my father continued to beat my pussy raw with two of my sex partners watching. I lost count but figured that I got at least fifteen, one for each year of my age. That was what my father usually did. When the punishment was done I figured that it was over but I was wrong.

Charlie and Tommy were both hard as before. Watching me getting punished had excited them. Then Dad told Charlie to butt fuck me and not to be gentle about it either. I had never had a cock in my ass before that and I was sure that I never wanted another one in there again. However after he pulled out Tommy’s cock was ordered in my ass too. Charlie was told to get his hard again so he put it in my mouth and let me do the work. It tasted foul but I didn’t care. I was in some wonderful place between pain and pleasure. Sex was all that I could think about. Maybe Dad was right after all, I did take after my mother…the whore.

After each boy had fucked my asshole twice Dad told them to get out but to send two more boys over, that was two each for a total of four more. Then I got my tits punished with that hairbrush too until I was crying to hard to stop.

The four boys fucked me as Dad commanded. At one point I had a cock in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass all at the same time and I loved it. I then knew how my mother felt, no one man could ever satisfy me again. Then I laughed thinking about my four boyfriends. One boy had never been enough for me.

Dad gave me a week or so to heal up but he made sure to fuck me three times a day, before and after work and again before bed. He told me that I was just as good as my mother was and maybe even better. I took that as a compliment.

Then Friday right after I got home from school Dad was waiting for me with six men. It was about three-thirty and Dad told me to go into my room and get undressed. I was a whore so I need to get paid for sex by Johns. Apparently Dad had become my pimp. That night twenty-five men fucked me. They didn’t stop until after two in the morning. Most just wanted to fuck my pussy and play with my tits but I had a couple of blowjobs and a couple of anal too.

After Dad locked up he took me into his bed and fucked me as he told me how proud he was of me. I had never made my father proud before. He said that he realized that being a whore was my calling and if he had realized that sooner that he would have pimped my mother out and she would still be with us.

In the morning I was famished. I hadn’t eaten since lunch in school on Friday. Dad fixed me a nice late breakfast while I took a bath. He told me not to bother getting dressed because my first John would be there at noon and that I had a full schedule that day. He meant it too. In the next fifteen hours I serviced fifty-two men, then Dad took me to his bed and fucked me again.

Dad quit work and became my full time pimp. Several months later when I turned sixteen, I quit school and became a full time whore. Dad told me that we were raking in the dough but I never saw any of it and didn’t care. I had exactly what I wanted…a long line of cocks ready to fuck me. Money didn’t mean anything to me because I was always naked, in my bed, and with some man trying to fuck the shit out me.

As time went on I would recognize one of the men as one of my old schoolteachers, the principle, or some of the older boys that I used to go to school with. I never saw my four boyfriends again. I just figured that they found some other girl to give it to them for free.

Dad was always the first and the last to fuck me every day.

I was glad that I had been caught and punished.

The End
Caught And Punished

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