The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon

By TrueWriter

With the moving and school starting we never had a chance to have a real honeymoon. We were able to get away for a long week-end. We went to the Smokey Mountains and stayed in a country lodge. It was a wonderfully marvelous time for the both of us. We were able to focus on each other to the exclusion of everything else. We arrived on a Thursday evening. The desk clerk looked a little surprised when we arrived. I told him we had reservations for the honeymoon cabin in the name of Mr. And Mrs. Lance Thompson. Sandy was hanging on my arm like she was never going to let go. I admit it was a little strange looking. I had just turned 18 but looked like I was 16. Sandy was radiant but she still looked like she was about 25. We registered and the desk clerk asked if we needed any help with our bags. I started to say no when Sandy interrupted me.

She said, “We sure do, and I want my husband to save all his strength for tonight.”

I don’t know who turned redder, the desk clerk or me.

The desk clerk managed to respond, “Certainly Mrs. Thompson”.

He rang the bell and a bus boy came in. When the desk clerk told him to help Mr. And Mrs. Thompson with their bags to the honeymoon suite, he put the emphasis on the Mr. And Mrs. The bell boy gave had the same surprised look that the desk clerk had, and followed us to our car.

When we got to the room, I just told the bellboy to put the bags down by the door. I tipped him $20 which was a huge tip in those days.

He smiled, winked, and said, “If there is anything you or the Missus needs just ask for Billy Bob.”

I looked at the clock on the dresser and it said it was 4:30 in the afternoon. At this point I am reminded to say that one of the wonderful things about Sandy was she respected my independence as a man in-spite of our age difference. She never tried to tell me what to do, nag me or acted like she was my mom. She always let me take the lead out of respect for my manhood and she always considered me head of the household. Everything we did was done with her money but she never criticized my spending. She let me have an equal say in how the money was spent for housing, cars and all the big expenses as well as the day to day things. In other words, she thought of it as our money never her money. Those made me feel really good.

After the bellboy left, both Sandy and I burst out laughing.

I turned to her and said, “Did you see the expressions on their faces when I said the honeymoon suite.”

She came over to me and gave me one of those wonderful kisses of hers that always warmed my heart.

She stepped back and said, “The greatest thing was when he called us Mr. And Mrs. Thompson. My heart was swollen with pride. I can’t think of anything that makes me prouder than being called Mrs. Thompson. Darling, I’m so proud of you. You are the kindest, most loving man in the whole world and I’m so lucky to be Mrs. Thompson.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. I pulled her to me and put my hand under her chin, tilted her head back until we were looking directly at each other.

“Sandy, I’ve looked forward to this day for 5 years now. I spite of our difference in ages and backgrounds plus all we’ve been through, I know you are the only woman in the world for me. Without you I’d be like a ship without a rudder. I know God means for us to be together forever.”

I bent over and kissed her. It was a kiss full of love, tenderness, passion and forgiveness. We must have stood there holding each other for ten minutes just kissing. No lust (yet) just that warm tender feeling that a couple gets when they are truly in love. I was the one to break the kiss as I had to come up for air. We looked into each other’s eyes and knew that our souls had merged again.

Sandy looked around and said, “Lance this is a wonderful place for a honeymoon”.

As we looked around, we saw that the cabin was two stories tall. The living room was two stories tall with a massive stone fire place at one end. The second-floor balcony was the entire length of the living room. The interior was made entirely of wood. The cabin looked like was at least 50 years old. “Quaint and wonderful” were the words Sandy used. It was furnished with the most comfortable turn of the century furniture. I glanced at Sandy. Her face was lit up with this wonderful glow. I’d never seen her look so sweet, so gentle and so vulnerable. There was no sign of the woman that could pull the trigger and kill a man that threatened the one she loved.

My heart leaped into my throat. Again, I thought of how lucky I was to be married to this beautiful woman. I was overcome with awe that I was going to have her for the rest of my life. She absolutely looked like the most gorgeous woman in the world. As I looked at her I wanted this moment to last forever. Her dark hair was carefully piled on top of her head. She was dressed in a tailor-made dress that was conservative yet showed all her wonderful curves. On her left-hand ring finger was a two-carat diamond wedding ring. Her full lips were painted a bright red color that went well with clear green eyes. As I stood there frozen in time, I heard Sandy calling me from what seemed like another world.

“Lance, Lance are you alright?” Sandy was saying.

I told her sure that I was just caught up in the moment and her beauty. As typical with Sandy, she was never one to mince words.

She said, “I’d rather you be caught up in my pussy”. I grinned at her took five steps to her and swept her 105-pound body up in my arms.

“That can be arranged madam”.

I carried her up the stairs to our bedroom. It had this great big oak bed which was the only thing we were concerned with at the time. On the way to the stairs Sandy had managed to grab a small brown suitcase. I set her on the floor. I started to unbutton my shirt.

Sandy coyly said, “Not so fast their partner you know this is our honeymoon and I’m a virgin. You just keep your clothes on and go over there and build a fire in that fireplace while I properly prepare myself for my deflowering”.

She gave a quick kiss and went into the bathroom and closed the door. I hadn’t even noticed that the bedroom came complete with another massive stone fireplace and a beautiful view of the Tennessee River as it wound its way toward Chattanooga. With a grin on my face at the thought of bedding this sassy, sexy, “virgin’ I turned my attention to building a fire in the fireplace. It was summer time but somehow the fire seemed appropriate. I opened the two-bedroom windows facing the river. A cool evening breeze was blowing in from the river bringing with it the fresh sent of new mown grass. The crickets were beginning to chirp and off in the distance I heard a train blowing it long lonesome whistle at some unseen crossing. Again, I was so mesmerized by what was happening and how lucky I was that I didn’t heard the bathroom door open and Sandy come out. She slipped up behind me and put her hands over my eyes. She whispered in a voice that was husky and so sexy that I could hear the muse’s siren song calling to me.

They were saying, “Lance keep your eyes closed.”

Her hands left my face and I felt her move away from me. That when I noticed the almost intoxicating smell of her perfume. As I stood there she came back with a mask and put it over my eyes.

In that same husky but so captivatingly sexy voice she said, “don’t take it off until I tell you to”

She started removing my shirt; she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and dropped them to the floor. On her command I stepped out of them.

Again, in that husky, sexy voice she said, “My, what do we have here? There is something wrong with your underwear. There is a big bulge in them. Let me see what it is”.

She pulled my underwear down around my ankles.

She exclaimed, “My lord, what is that big thing. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

As she said this, she took my cock in her hand and said in an exaggerated, syrupy sexy southern bell imitation,

“My momma never told me boys had such a thing. What’s it for?”

In my best southern drawl, I said, “Well ma’am it’s to pleasure you with”.

Sandy replied, “My goodness gracious, I don’t see how a big thing like that can be much fun”.

She then started slowly sliding her hand up and down on the shaft. I’d have gotten even harder if that had been possible but it was already so hard and tight, I thought it was going to burst.

She continued in her southern drawl, “My lands look how the skin on this thing is so loose I can push it up and down. I know my momma never told me about this.”

I was getting so excited by her hand slowly masturbating me that I was afraid I might cum before anything else happened. I was still standing there unable to see her. The sweet aroma of her filled my nose and made me even more excited. I started to reach for her.

“Now don’t all do that. My momma did warn me about men that would want to touch my tits.”

I was finding this to be one of the most erotic times Sandy and I had ever had together. Sandy started pulling me by my cock. Continuing to maintain her southern belle character.

“You men must get awful tired carrying this thing around with you all the time. I’d better take you over to the bed before you become exhausted”.

She pulled me over to the bed and pushed me down on it on my back.

“My word looks at how that thing stands up all by itself. What comes out of that little hole in its top?”

I was getting so close to cumming by this time as she continued to slowly stroke it.

“Well, ma’am if you’re not careful you’re going to find out pretty quick. Like any time now.”

“I be expecting’ that. It surely looks like a water fountain. I think I’ll take me a drink.”

With that she bent down and put my cock in her mouth and started giving me the most wonderful blow job I’d ever had. She held the base of it in one hand and slowly ran her tongue down the back of it and back up. Then she put it in her mouth and started to run her whole mouth up and down on it. I started to have an orgasm the likes of which I’d never had before. This wonderful incredible woman was about to bring me to fulfillment. All of a sudden, she clamped her fingers around my cock completely shutting of the flow.

“My word, that thing got all wiggly and for sure I don’t think it’s a water fountain.”

She continued to hold it tightly. It wasn’t long that, in spite of my excitement, my arousal decreased and I started to lose my erection. She slowly released her grip on the shaft of my penis and I no longer was about to cum.

She shrieked and in a loud voice, said, “my lord it shrinking. I must have killed it. This is sure the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Maybe if I soak it in water it will swell up.

The next thing I felt was a warm wash cloth washing my penis, my balls, my taint and my rectum. My hard came back almost immediately.

Sandy then said, “I knew that would work. That thing just plumped back up like a hotdog. I wonder if it tastes like a hotdog.”

She put my cock back in her mouth and again slowly slid it up and down in her mouth. Then pulled it out of her mouth and slowly ran her tongue down the back side of it. Only this time she didn’t stop there. She continued on down across my balls licking them all over. When she had about driven me crazy, she took my balls in her mouth and gently sucked on them. Again, I thought I was going to lose it, but she quickly squeezed the shaft on my penis until the cum was cut off. She continued to keep a tight grip on my cock while she continued sucking on my balls. She quit sucking on my balls and ran her tongue along my taint. That was the most delicious feeling I’d ever had. It was so sensitive. I began to moan. She then continued on to my rectum. That was my first experience with “going around the world”. It was marvelous. The feeling was so exquisite that I really can’t describe it. She continued to do this for the next half hour or so. I was moaning the whole time and as she felt me starting to cum, she would choke it off. I don’t think I’d ever gone so long in my life during sex without cumming. She ran her tongue all over that area of my body. It was interesting how the deprivation of my sight heightened my awareness of my other senses. I could smell her perfume, feel the cool breeze coming in the window, the scent of new mown grass all at the same time. I could hear her gentle breathing and the crickets from outside. The most heightened was my sense of being touched. Everywhere she touched me was like it was the most sensitive spot on my whole body. I knew this must be what heaven is like. .Eventually she took my cock back into her mouth. She released her grip on the shaft of my cock. As she worked her mouth up and down on my cock, I could feel my desire for her and my arousal reaching new heights. Once again, I felt myself start an orgasm only this time it was at a whole different level. Also, this time she didn’t stop me. She was starting to moan herself. She was also going up and down on my cock faster and faster. I knew I was going to cum.

I screamed, “My god Sandy, I love you” just as I exploded in her mouth.

I had been taken to the point of orgasm so many times before that I had almost twice as much cum as before. As I had one spasm after another Sandy had one very intense orgasm herself. How she managed to be so vocal, keep me in her mouth and not leak a drop of cum all at the same time I’ll never know.

When I finished cumming she sat on my cock and ripped off my blindfold. She started bouncing up and down on my still cock I looked up and saw a vision of an angel. Her hair was down over her shoulders. Her face was ablaze with desire. The look on her face I’d never seen before. What I saw looked like someone had bundled up all the sexual desire in the world and put it into her. Her beautiful red lips were pouted slightly. Her eyes were now closed and she put intensity into her motion up and down on my cock that I’d never seen her do with anyone. Her head was thrown back; her voice was so husky and sexy as she kept telling me how wonderful I was and how glorious it was to be finally married to me.

She kept saying, “I love you! I love you!”, over and over again as her arousal took hold of her.

Then she started to scream with a passion I’d never seen before with me or anyone else.

Her head still thrown back she was screaming, “Ooooh my god I love my husband”

She had one intense orgasm after the other. On about her third orgasm I came again. This one was as intense as the first one and I injected as much or more cum into her than I had the first time. It was hard to tell because Sandy’s fluid was flowing too. When we started to wind down, she fell, exhausted on the bed beside me. My cock was now completely limp. For pure passion this time was even more intense than the time in the building at the water works when our souls had merged for the first time. Totally out of breath I rolled over on my side.

“Sandy this was the most glorious and wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I know we’ll be together forever no matter what happens. We went to heaven together. Our union is complete.”

I leaned over and as my lips brushed hers, I felt like nothing would ever separate us again. I looked into her face and saw great big alligator tears in her eyes.

“Oh, Lance I went to heaven this time. God told me that we will always be together. He said, we were going to have our trials and tribulations together but we would never part until He takes me home. My darling, I love you so much! You are the most wonderful man in the world. Thank you for forgiving me and marrying me. I’m the luckiest woman in the world. You are the handsomest, strongest, bravest, most gentle man alive. You are the best father that there can ever be.”

Now it was my turn to cry. I grabbed her up in my arms and held her close as my tears flowed. I couldn’t believe anyone could be this happy. As we sat there on the bed, I rocked her back and forth and we both cried from sheer happiness. I don’t know how long we sat there holding each other but when I looked at the clock it said it was 11:00pm. We had been making love for a little over five hours and it seemed as if only a few minutes had gone by.

We both were starved. We hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast before we were married. The dining room was closed but this was a 5-star resort so room service was available. We ordered a pizza and a bottle of champagne. While we were waiting on our pizza, we decided to take a walk around the grounds. Sandy and I slipped into our sweat suits, shoes and nothing else. Outside the air was cool and sweet. We could smell the new mown grass and the flowers from the garden. The wind had died down and the night was silent except for the creeks and frogs we could hear off in the distance at the river. To top it all off the moon was full and looked huge. The night could not have been more perfect. We decided to walk down by the river so I went back inside and called room service and told them to put the pizza in a warmer when it was done and we’d call them when we got back. The river was about a quarter mile from the lodge. The moon was so bright that it was almost like daylight. The path was nice and wide. When we got to the river, we there was a swimming dock extending about 50 feet out into the river. The current was lazy and slow. The moonlight on the river looked like a golden path across the river to the other side. Sandy was standing there transfixed by the beauty of the river and the night. She turned to me.

“God has been so good to me. In spite of all my sins he’s given me 3 wonderful children, a loving family and most important of all he gave me the most wonderful husband in the world”.

She put her arms around my waist and looked up at me with a look that would seem only to come from an angel. Tears glistened in her eyes. I pulled her to me, bent my head down and as our lips met the world seemed to stop. We stood there kissing in the moonlight and time did not move. I don’t remember how long we kissed. All I could remember when the kiss was over was that the world had started back in motion again. The river started flowing, the crickets and frogs again started up their serenade. The wind gave a slight rustling in the trees. As I stared down into Sandy’s adoring, loving face a small cloud passed across the face of the moon leaving us in almost total darkness. I pulled Sandy close to me to give her another kiss and as the cloud darkened the moon, I felt her shudder as if she were cold. I couldn’t see her face but I knew something was wrong. She squeezed tight up against me and put her head on my chest.

Before I could ask her, what was wrong, she said, “Lance, hold me close and don’t ever let me go.” I pulled her tighter against me, the cloud passed the moon and the dark night was once again moonlit.

I said, “My love, what is wrong?”

She looked up into my face and said, “Darling, I was chilled for a second, everything is alright”.

I knew she wasn’t telling me the truth but I did not want to spoil the moment so I let it go. I suggested we go back to the lodge and have them warm up pizza. About 5 minutes after we got back to our room, room service delivered out pizza and champagne. Sandy had slipped back into her nightgown. She looked absolutely stunning in it. It was a sheer white gown, full length, with multiple folds that only partially obscured that beautiful body of hers. It hung open and just covered her breast. Her long hair hung over each shoulder and down across her breasts. She looked as beautiful at midnight as she did at 6pm. I was still in my sweat suit when room service brought our pizza and champagne. Sandy had put music on the radio. I opened the champagne and we sat on the bed eating our pizza and toasting everything about each other.

We fell asleep in each other arms. The entire weekend was as wonderful as the first night. We went riding, we walked, we swam, we ate and best of all we had sex and more sex. At last Sandy and I were completely back together as one. We didn’t get a lot of sleep that weekend but it was one of the most joyous times in our lives. About 3 hours before we had to check out and leave Sandy and I were sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed facing each other. We were nude. We had just finished one of our marathon loves making sessions. We were holding hands and not saying a word, just looking into each other’s eyes.

As we sat there, the thought that I had so many times again crossed my mind,

“How could I be so lucky. This beautiful, mature, wonderful woman was mine. She had given herself to me. What did she see in me a kid so young?”

I knew why I loved her. Both of us were well aware of the 15 years difference in our ages. We had discussed that many times prior to our marriage. We had discussed the various stages. When I was 21, she would be 37. When I was 30, she would be 46, when I was 40, she’d be 56. None of that mattered to me. I knew she would be as beautiful at 56 as she was at 33 when I married her. Sure, she was going to age. I was old enough to realize that. We all would. But I also knew that there are other things in life besides physical beauty. There is inner strength. The strength that allows a person to do what they have to do regardless of the risk. Sandy had exhibited this on several occasions. Her courage and strength to defy convention, to hold a relationship that she knew was worthwhile and meant to be. She had the courage to pull the trigger on a gun, and shoot someone to protect her mate. Sandy was one of the most honest people I’d ever met. Just like my parents. Her word was her bond. She was a good mother. She was my best friend. I could tell her anything and trust that it would never be told to anyone else and that it would never be thrown up in my face during an argument. She knew what her strengths were. She also knew that sex was her big weakness and she kept working to overcome it although she failed time and time again. I wondered how something as wonderful as our love could come out of something as painful as our times with Jim the albino and on board the cruise boat. These thoughts raced through my mind as we sat there, looking at each other, holding hands and not speaking. I gradually came out of my reverie to hear the phone ringing. I grabbed the phone and answered but it was a wrong number. I pulled Sandy to me as I lay back on the bed. She lay beside me, her head on my shoulder, still not speaking.

I said, “My darling Mrs. Thompson, you’re very quiet. What are you thinking?”

A minute of silence passed and then she said, “Lance, darling I was thinking of you, of your gentle spirit, your maturity for an 18-year-old. Of how much I love you. At my luck to have found you, of your forgiving nature and your understanding of my weaknesses. What a good friend you are to Johnnie and how she wouldn’t have made it if it hadn’t been for you being there for her through-out her change. Of the loving way you feel about Albert and Tommy even though you did not father them.

I bent my head down to her and gave her a long, slow lingering French kiss. Shortly it was more than a kiss. I rolled over on top of her and lay there still kissing her. My tongue was probing deeper and deeper into that wonderful, sweet mouth of hers. She began to move her hips under me as if saying I’m here my darling. I’m here for you, to do whatever it is you want to me, to give you everything you need. As she began to moan my name, I arched my back and slipped my penis into her now moist vagina. When it went in and slipped all the way to the back, she let out a scream of pleasure like I’d never heard from her before. He fingernails dug into my shoulder as her body had one spasm after another.

She was screaming, “Oh my man, my wonderful, wonderful man. I looooooove you.”

The love was stretch out as she climaxed yet again. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhh, Lance please give it to me as hard as you can for as long as you can. I’m yours forever.”

Neither of us was aware of the world outside our own private one. We made some of the most passionate love we had ever had. She rolled over on her stomach and got up on her hands and knees with her butt facing me.

“Give it to me, baby, give it to me, please!!”

I entered her from behind; she was like a bucking bronco. I’ve never seen her so sensitive. Our arousal state rose and fell together. Her tits were swinging back and forth. The more they swung the more aroused I became. After we both had climaxed in that position, she pushed me on my back and mounted me. After a couple of hours making love, we both fell exhausted back onto the bed.

By this time, it was time for us to get ready to leave.

As we left Sandy said, “I’m the luckiest woman in the world. Thank you, Lance, for loving me.”

We got back at almost midnight. Everyone in the house was asleep so as quietly as possible we went upstairs and went to bed ourselves. Jonnie and I had the first day of freshman orientation on Monday. I knew I was going to be very tired. However, it was well worth it. I felt so lucky. Sandy’s and my sex life had returned to normal which meant almost every night for at least an hour. On the weekends it was multiple times per day.

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