Saving Elite Magazine

Saving Elite Magazine

Author's note: There's several different themes here. Interracial, incest, some bestiality, to name a few.


I can’t get enough. I never want it to end – sex with a black man. But it does, in time. Fatigue sets in and our bodies give out. There’s always a nice nap, or a good night’s sleep, or simply a walk on the beach to take a break before getting naked and going at it again.

My life’s work, my destiny, has been pleasing black men. I give my body, all of it, for them to take, to use, to gather pleasure from. It’s one reason I was so sad to learn my old place of employment – Elite Magazine – was shut down, bought out, sold off.

I received a letter from its parent company not too long after I moved in to my new Charleston home. TJ was with me that day. He stayed the night. I rode him until the break of dawn, until exhaustion, until I couldn’t anymore. I rested on his big chest, feeling his cock pumping me full of cum. The sun was peeking through my balcony window.

“Thank you,” I whispered, kissing his chest. I refer to him, jokingly, as my number two. TJ is a perfect substitute for my number one, who’s traveling.

“Mmm, Devin, hope it helped,” TJ ran his fingers through my blonde hair.

I was hoping to forget the letter, the news of Elite Magazine shutting down. Unfortunately, all night sex with what I love most didn’t work.

Elite Magazine was a publication marketed toward black males between the ages of 18 and 35. There were articles about music, movies, fitness, cars, and so on. There’d be various photos shoots of models, typically voluptuous white women, in each issue too. I mostly did marketing for the magazine. When my sisters and I moved in together at this big beach house, I worked remotely without any issues. Then it was gone. We got an email, then a formal letter in the mail. We had until the end of the month to collect any belongings in the office in Atlanta before it was closed and locked for good.

I kissed my way down TJ’s body, my tongue traveling over his muscles. I licked his cock, like a cat, clean of our juices. Then I took a shower. While in there, I thought about it, wondered what could be done if anything. I was planning on driving to Atlanta today, but TJ and I pulled an all-nighter. I’d rest up today, and then drive there in the morning.

When I got out of the shower, TJ was asleep. I smiled at the huge black man in my bed, grabbed one of his white t-shirts and headed to the kitchen.

The house is usually filled with sex. I could smell it in the air when I left the bedroom. My sister Bea was with her 18-year-old lover, Eric. Her door was wide open. I stood there in the doorway, watching her sweaty body squat up and down on Eric’s large cock. Bea would give into exhaustion eventually. Eric was going away to college soon, she wanted to fuck him as much and as long as possible.

I kept walking, traveling through the huge home. I passed another bedroom, the door slightly cracked open. In that room, sex wasn’t happening – at least not yet. I felt it was only a matter of time before my other sister, Nicky, and her son, my nephew Gabe crossed that line. We all felt it, we all saw it – how they looked at one another, how they flirted playfully, how they touched each other. I knew it was wrong, but seeing a mother and son become so incredibly close like that was beautiful. Perhaps it’s because I never had kids.

Here they were, in bed, holding one another, chatting amongst themselves. They were smiling, giggling about something. I moved on, almost at the kitchen.

I fixed a bowl of cereal, thinking about the rest of my day. Napping after lunch, packing my bag for my drive to Atlanta, sex with TJ, then going to sleep early was it.

Gabe was on the couch, in a t-shirt and boxers, scratching his head, yawning. I sat my bare ass on his lap, and ate my cereal.

“Where’s your mom?” I asked.

“Shower,” he rested his hand on my thigh.

“You didn’t join her?” I smiled.

“Heh, nah.”

“You should. I’d bet you’d like to,” I took another bite.

Gabe shook his head and blushed.

“No one is judging you here. Go for it. The way you two have been acting since moving here, I’m surprised you and her haven’t been getting it on!” I wiggled my hips.

“Um, Aunt Devin? You aren’t wearing underwear are you?” Gabe asked.

“Nope. Gosh, I’m surprised you haven’t seen me naked yet. Most of us here walk around like that,” I smiled at Bea who entered the kitchen behind us. Gabe was facing forward not seeing his other aunt, naked, skipping happily about the kitchen, grabbing a couple apples for her and Eric. Maybe Bea wasn’t tiring out after all.

“Give it time,” I said. I kissed his head, after finishing my bowl.

“I don’t think Mom and I will be like that,” Gabe said.

“I’m sure you and her will. Let me know how it goes,” I hopped off his lap, leaving him shaking his head. He could deny it all he wants, but I knew how he felt about his mom.

I put my bowl in the sink, pulled the t-shirt off, threw it at Gabe’s head and went to Bea’s room to tell her the news.

“Gosh that stinks,” Bea said a few minutes later. She was sitting next to Eric, his huge arm around her, while I was sucking Eric’s dick.

“Mmhmm,” I popped his cock out of my mouth. “I’m driving to Atlanta tomorrow. Pick up a few things, walk around one last time.”

Bea slid down Eric’s body, joining me at his cock. We both took turns sucking that monster. “Well drive safe,” Bea said, moving to suck on Eric’s nutsack.

We both moaned, loving on his big cock. I looked to Eric. The 18-year-old was eating his apple, watching two older white women service his black cock.


I got a late start the next morning. I wasn’t up all night having sex with TJ, but I overslept anyway. I guess I needed it.

I left around 10 am. I kissed TJ goodbye, then peeped in on Bea and Eric. He was behind her, slapping her ass, while going hard and fast in and out of her. He looked so incredible, covered in sweat, fucking my sister.

“Ok you two. I’ll be back tomorrow,” I waved.

“Uh huh,” Bea managed to respond, her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She was practically drooling.

A much quieter scene was out by the pool. Nicky and Gabe were rummaging through their bags, making sure they had everything for their day at the beach. They loved going there. I joined them occasionally, watching from afar, as they waded through the water, holding one another. Sometimes Nicky would ride on his back. They look so sweet together.

“You heading out?” Nicky asked.

“Yep, should be back tomorrow,” I hugged her goodbye.

I grabbed my nephew. “You two have a wonderful time,” I slapped at his butt, embarrassing him.

Nicky smiled, eyes lowered, as she grabbed his hand. I left, looking over my shoulder at the, hopefully, soon-to-be couple. Wrong or sick, seeing their love blossom and transcend beyond mother and son, made me so happy for them. I hoped by the time I got back they would’ve finally made love.

I thought a lot about my time working in the Elite Magazine office on the way there. I never thought it’d end. I almost regretted moving to Charleston and working remotely. I could have at least traveled to Atlanta for various events and would’ve been part of the magazine. But now, it’s no more. Sold off, the advertising customers shuffled around to other publications, and the magazine discontinued.

I thought things were going so well too.

When I arrived to the building, a nice older black man – a security guard with the name tag of Alfred – greeted me. He told me I was late, a lot of my old coworkers apparently already arrived, got their stuff, and turned in their keycards and laptops.

I thanked him and took the elevator to the 12th floor.

It looked like a hurricane came through there. The cubicle farm was a total mess. Papers were everywhere; a few empty boxes were strewn about. I wondered if everyone that was already there ransacked the place out of anger. Perhaps the old security guard was unaware of it; maybe he couldn’t do anything to stop it to begin with.

I traveled through the aisles of cubes, memories of my career there returning. Mmm, so many wonderful times.

I thought about all the sex in the cubes, in the corner offices, bathrooms, between coworkers and the male models we brought in.

After making a big advertising sale, we’d suck black cock as if we were smoking cigars out of celebration.

There were Stripper Fridays. Black, male strippers were brought in to entertain, serve snacks, and to have sex with us.

Which then reminded me of Naked Mondays. We had to arrive with clothes, but most of us undressed shortly after getting there.

I walked around, seeing memories come alive. I walked past a cube were I was on my back, getting taken. I walked by the office, where I was bent over the desk and fucked. Cries of pleasure echoed through those halls, mine and many others. It was all gone now, all empty. I stood in the doorway to my office recalling all the times I was on my knees sucking cock, or riding cock. It was a wonder I, or anyone else, got any work done. But we all loved black men and the magazine for them.

The spirit of Elite Magazine faded, the memories of my time there were tucked away; I was alone once more.

I smiled and took off my clothes. Much better.

I rummaged through my desk, most of the stuff I already took with me when I chose to work remotely from Charleston. There was nothing there of note. I sat in my old chair, spinning around, naked, and thought about the situation.

I went over to my clothes and where I sat my bag down. I brought my laptop to my desk and sat looking through materials. Articles, contacts, photos, graphical elements, I wanted to keep it all for souvenirs. I had nothing to save them on so I walked around the office looking for a CD to write to or a USB drive – anything.

“Yes!” I said after 30 minutes of searching through drawers and cabinets. I found a small jump drive. I slapped my bare ass and headed back to my office.

I managed to save all the data on my laptop. I opened up my email program next. The wifi had been turned off by the IT department, so no new emails, if there were any, came through. I re-read the company announcement about its sale.

Elite Magazine was sold off by its parent publishing company to a private equity group named The Blackwell Group. The email indicated they owned several companies. One of them being a nationwide travel agent company. Several marketing firms in LA were owned by them. Also, they owned Elite Magazine’s number one competitor – King Monthly. It was pretty much the same as Elite Magazine. Articles were almost identical. Rap album reviews, movie reviews, a fitness section, cars, and of course women – most of whom were white.

The Blackwell Group promptly discontinued Elite and moved all the advertising customers over to King Monthly. Seems like they could’ve owned both publications and raked in more profit. Maybe there was a vendetta The Blackwell Group had against the publishing company they purchased Elite Magazine from.

I got angry again. It made me sick. I closed my laptop, leaving it on my desk, took one final tour of the floor, put on my clothes and left.

“Hi,” I said to Alfred. He nodded and smiled at me. I handed him my keycard.

“Thank you, ma’am,” he took it. I stared at it sitting on his desk.


“Sorry,” I shook the cobwebs. “I’m really going to miss this place.”

“Yeah, a lot of sad ladies have come through here recently. When the landlords sell the building off soon, I reckon I’ll be out of a job. It’s a temp position anyway,” Alfred shrugged.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“That’s how it is sometimes,” Alfred said. “You have a wonderful night, ma’am.”

“You too,” I turned to leave, but something stopped me. “Hey, I’m Devin by the way,” I peered at his name tag again. “Alfred, when is your shift over?”

“Oh, in about an hour or so.”

I placed my hand on his old, wrinkled one and leaned in close. “I’m going to check into my hotel, get a quick shower, and come back here.”

“Ma’am the building will be closed then. I’ll be leaving.”

“I know. You’ll be leaving with me.”


A couple hours later, I was gripping the sheets, on all fours, with Alfred working away behind me. That old black man still had insane stamina.

“Ah, Alfred!” I cried.

“There we go, ma’am. You just cum on that old black dick as much as you want. You hear?” Alfred said, giving it to me really good.

“Yes!” I was cumming again.

In between sex sessions, in between me sucking all over his beautiful old cock, in between me kissing and sucking his big balls, in between him eating my pussy until I shook with orgasmic joy, I planned and schemed. I had to do something; I had to at least try. I wondered if I could save Elite Magazine. I had no idea how though.

Another few hours passed, Alfred was snoring softly. I was in his arms, browsing the internet on my phone. I was researching The Blackwell Group. I found a few articles about the purchase, about how they felt King Monthly was far superior to Elite Magazine which prompted them to do away with the latter, and I read a few entries about the company itself. I found an article about a man named Neal. It went into detail about how he oversaw the purchase and was instrumental in closing Elite Magazine. Neal was based right there in Atlanta.

A wicked grin came over my face when I saw Neal’s picture. He was a very attractive black man.


The next morning, I was sucking Alfred off in the shower. I turned around and he took me from behind again. I took him to breakfast, then by his small apartment, then finally, back to his post for the day. I told him I’d pick him up from work and take him to dinner then bed with me again.

I went shopping for a nice business suit. I extended my stay at the hotel and came up with my plan. I learned as much as I could about Neal. I was determined to meet with him.

I called Bea when I returned to my room after lunch. “Hello?” Eric answered.

“Uh, hi, Eric. Is Bea around?” I asked, hearing a moan in the background.

“Yeah she is. She’s a little busy though,” Eric told me. I heard more moans and sucking sounds. Bea was doing what she did best – sucking black cock.

“Ok, fine. I’ll talk to her later then. Bye sweetie,” I hung up and called Nicky.

“Hello?” my nephew answered.

“Hi there. Is your mother busy?” I asked, wondering if Nicky was sucking cock too.

“A little, she’s putting suntan lotion on me,” Gabe said.

“Awww, that’s sweet,” I grinned.

“Meh. Her hands are greasy,” Gabe said.

“Who is it?” I heard my sister ask.

“Aunt Devin,” Gabe answered.

“Here, I’ll talk to her,” Nicky said. It was several seconds, I assumed she was wiping her hands. “Hey.”

“Hi, things going ok with you and your son?”

“Wonderful,” I heard her kiss Gabe somewhere, probably his cheek.

“Good. Have you and him been getting closer?”

“A little more each day.”

“Think it’ll end up, you know,” I suggested.

“Maybe. Feels like it might.”

“It’ll be my secret. Maybe because I don’t have a son is why I’m rooting for you two,” I said.

“We’ll see!”

“Anyway, the reason for my call is to let you know I’m staying in Atlanta a little longer. There’s something I’m thinking about, something I want to try,” I explained.

“Sounds good. We’ll be here when you get back.”

“Great. Oh and get naked. If Gabe sees that body of yours, he’ll go crazy!”

“Ha! Sure, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Talk to you later,” I ended the call.

I paced back and forth around my room for the next few hours. “I’ll just show up. No, that won’t work,” I thought. “Maybe I’ll trick the receptionist, hmmm,” I looked out my window.

“What if…no, ugh!” I rubbed my temples, frustrated. It was almost time to pick up Alfred.


I was bouncing up and down on that old man’s dick after dinner. I treated him to a nice meal, and then fucked him until he couldn’t stay awake anymore.

I slid off him, sucking hungrily on his cock. His cum was my dessert.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm, you love you some black dick! Don’t you?” old Alfred said after spewing his load in my mouth.

“All my life,” I said, licking his cock clean.

“Some women are made for it,” he said.

“Mmm, I love it,” I moaned. An idea struck me. If I was able to score a meeting with Neal somehow, I could present this idea to him. Elite Magazine could be relaunched. It wouldn’t be the same thing, no articles about music, movies, entertainment, cars and so on. It would have picture spreads of white women loving black men. They could be pornographic in nature – celebrating black cock. There could be a few articles, sex stories about interracial adventures perhaps.

“Yes,” I thought, sucking Alfred until he passed out. I climbed off the bed and took a shower, fingering myself until I climaxed.

“Yes!” I cried out from pleasure, but also at my idea. Would Neal buy it? Maybe, it was worth a shot.

The next day I made several phone calls to The Blackwell Group, hoping I could get Neal on the phone. No luck. I even drove by the building, hoping maybe to run into Neal outside. I didn’t see him. I drove by the old Elite Magazine building and let Alfred bend me over his desk to empty his balls into me after lunch. I kissed the old man, telling him I’d pick him up later dinner and sex.

We fucked until around midnight, when Alfred was having trouble staying awake. In his arms, staring at his black, sleeping cock, I decided in the morning I’d simply show up and hope for the best. I had my idea for a relaunched Elite Magazine; I just needed to meet with Neal.


“Ma’am, guests sign in here,” The front desk security guard told me.

“Oh, right, sorry,” I said, walking over. “I have a meeting with The Blackwell Group, I told him.”

He said nothing, nodding to the form. I signed it and made my way to the elevator. I was early, not many people were there. I hoped Neal was.

I exited the elevator; a receptionist desk right in front of me. Behind the young brunette giving me a strange look, there was a mural on the wall. It was of a black man’s abdomen with a small, white hand resting on it. I looked around. There were other murals along the halls. One was a tropical setting, a black man holding a white woman’s hand walking along the beach; another was of a white woman’s bare back, with a large black hand on it.

“Can I help you?” the receptionist asked.

“Um, yes, I was hoping to meet with Neal today. The agency sent me to help with his upcoming vacation plans,” I lied.

“I don’t know anything about that,” she said.

“Really?” I glanced to the mural of the man and woman on the beach. “They said he wanted to see me this morning,” I played with my blouse, pulling it aside a bit, showing her cleavage.

She rolled her eyes. “I’ll be right back.”

Twenty minutes passed, I heard muffled moans, and cries of pleasure coming from what I assume was Neal’s office. The receptionist finally emerged, her hair a mess, and her clothes hastily put back on.

“He doesn’t know anything about it, but he said you can come in anyway. Perhaps there was a scheduling miscommunication,” she told me.

“Thank you,” I smiled, and followed her to Neal’s huge double door office entrance.

She said nothing, motioning me to enter. I walked in, observing a big couch against the wall, a small table, some chairs, a huge desk, with windows behind it. Neal was sitting, looking blankly at me. I was frozen unable to speak. Even sitting down he appeared huge.

“Yes?” he spoke.

“Um, hi, listen, I want to talk about,” I stammered, having trouble concentrating in his somewhat imposing presence. I refocused, doing what I normally do with black men, picture them naked.

I took a deep breath, looked at him seductively, and started over. “Elite Magazine. I used to work there. It was my life. I want to talk about it, I want to share an idea with you, I want to relaunch it.”

“I thought this was about – ”

“I lied. Sorry. Hear me out before you throw me out,” I said, pulling a chair away from his desk, sitting in front of him.

He rolled his eyes, and shook his head. “You’re wasting our time. So make it quick.”

“I want to relaunch it. I want it to be totally different than King Monthly. No articles about interests 18-35 year old black men may have. I want it to celebrate and focus on,” I licked my lips, looking him over, “interracial sex.”

He started to speak, I interrupted him. “Would it be porn? Perhaps. Would it be similar to Playboy, with nude women? Yes. Would there be nude black men? Of course. What little articles there are, would pertain to interracial dating, sex, and stories of conquests and adventures in the bedroom.”

Neal nodded, then stood, looking out his window. My eyes widened when he did so. He was extremely tall, huge, like a body builder – even bigger than TJ.

“You want money for this to happen, right?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered.

Neal slowly walked over him, towering above me. “Why should I fund this?”

I did only what came to me naturally, I slid my top open, further revealing my cleavage while looking up at him.

He laughed, pulled me up, standing me before his massive frame. I felt so tiny.

“Do you know how many white women I’ve had? Countless. You think you can come in here, demand money for that magazine, then try to show a little skin to convince me? No, that’s not how it works. Be a professional. Draft a demo, a presentation, some sort of draft to show me. If I like what I see, what you pitch to me, then I’ll consider your idea. It’s not a bad one.”

Neal released me, stepped back, his hand grabbing at his crotch. “Not a bad on at all,” he looked me over.

“Put some work into it. Come up with this draft and meet with me again,” Neal sat down at his desk.

I smiled, nodding my head, unable to move.

“Get out,” he waved me away.

“Right, yes. Thank you, thank you so much,” I backed away, nearly tripping over the chair. “I’ll be in touch.”


My mind was racing, I talked on and on at dinner with Alfred about everything. He seemed like a grandpa, telling me “that’s nice, I hope it works out, dear.”

I was on my back later, my legs wrapped around Alfred as he fucked me. “Oh yeah, good girl,” he moaned, falling on top of me as his cock pumped his load in me. I smiled and held him.

I had no money to hire photographers, writers, editors, or any staff at all. I thought of my sisters, Bea and Nicky. They could help. Surely they would.

I cleaned Alfred’s cock, and once again laid in his arms. I was checking out of the hotel in the morning, dropping Alfred off at work, then driving back to Charleston. I kissed him, thanking him for a wonderful time.

“Will my old black ass see your fine white ass again?” he asked.

“Alfred,” I caressed his cheek. “I’m certain you will.”


“Hello?” Eric answered Bea’s phone. I heard her in the background, moaning, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

“Hi, Bea’s busy again?” I asked, on the way home from Atlanta.

“Sho is,” Eric said.

“I suspected as much. Can’t say I blame her. Anyway, let her know I’m on the way home. I need to talk to her about something important tonight.”

“You got it,” the 18-year-old told me. I heard an “ah fuck!” coming from Bea as the phone call ended.

I called Nicky next. “Hi,” she said.

“You and Gabe getting busy? I mean, um, busy?”

“No, not yet! And no I’m not busy. He’s playing in the ocean. I’m thinking of joining him,” Nicky said.

“And getting naked?”

“No, silly.”

“I’m telling you, seduce him by taking off your clothes, running your hands through your long, blonde hair, and boom.”

“Boom? Alright, anyway, what do you want?” Nicky asked.

“I’m on the way home. I need to meet with you and Bea tonight. TJ too. It’s about something important,” I explained.

“Ok, well Gabe and I are going to the movies tonight, can we chat in the morning?” Nicky asked.

“Yeah sure. Have a romantic time,” I grinned.

“I’ll try!”

I didn’t bother calling TJ, I was driving right to his house. I’d get naked and get on that big, black dick of his.

He, as expected, wasn’t alone. There she was, long dark hair, nice tanned body, riding that cock like a pro. TJ just lying there in bed, smiling up at her, watching her fuck. I stood, naked, in his bedroom doorway watching my friend, Jessica, work it.

“My turn, bitch!” I surprised her, pulling her back, off his cock.

“Hey!” she scowled at me. I smiled at her, sliding TJ’s cock inside me.


“Ugh, it’s fine. I need to get home, get some dinner cooked,” Jessica grabbed her things. “I’ve been here all day.”

“What are you doing tonight?” I asked her.

“I don’t know, I was hoping him again,” she grinned.

“You two come out with me. I want to talk to him about something, but maybe you can help me out as well,” I asked.

“Sure,” Jessica shrugged. She hugged me and blew a kiss to TJ.

“What’s this about?” he asked.

“We’ll talk tonight. For now, let’s fuck,” I leaned forward, kissing him.

“Good idea,” TJ grabbed my waist, rolling on top of me.


The four of us, one black man with a blonde, brunette, and wild-haired, dyed-redhead – myself, Jessica and Bea – all sat at a table in a nearby club.

I sat across from Bea and Jessica, TJ had his arm around them. I couldn’t see their hands, but I’m assuming Bea and Jessica were rubbing the erection sliding down TJ’s pant leg.

“So? What’s this about?” TJ asked.

I took a sip of my drink. “I had a meeting with one of the men at The Blackwell Group this week.”

“Who?” Bea asked.

“I know who you mean. I used to work for a marketing company they owned, when I lived out in LA,” Jessica spoke up.

“Yes. His name is Neal. He oversaw the buyout of Elite Magazine. I tricked my way into a meeting. I told him I wanted to relaunch the magazine. It’d be different though. It would celebrate black cock, interracial sex, white women loving black men.”

“Porn?” Bea smiled.

“Somewhat, maybe. Graphic photos for sure,” I answered. “I was thinking Nicky could take them. She’s done photography work before.”

“Who would model?” Bea asked.

“Well, I was thinking you could coordinate all that,” I told her.

“Mmhmm, I sure can,” Bea smiled. “I can pose some, but also, I know two ladies that would be even better. TJ you could pose as well.”

“Yes. Jessica, you could help with putting a draft together. I need someone with design experience. You could even put up a website,” I suggested.

“I can do that. I’ll be glad to help,” Jessica said. “I’m sure the current website has been taken down and is off limits. I can register a new domain name and go from there.”

“Great. I’ll write, we all can, about our interracial experiences,” I added. “I need to put together some kind of demo or rough draft for Neal.”

“There’s online magazine creators I can look into,” Jessica said.

“Yes. As long as they aren’t too expensive. And sadly, I can’t really pay any of you,” I admitted.

“I’m sure you can think of something,” Bea winked at me, looking to TJ’s crotch. “In fact, you can start by paying us tonight.”

“Eric?” I asked.

“His parents wanted him home. He’s been spending a lot of time with me,” Bea said.

“We’ll be glad to help you Devin. I think it’s a neat idea,” Jessica chimed in.

“Good. Let’s enjoy our night. We’ll start tomorrow.”


Three nude women stood before TJ an hour later. We were back at his place. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, watching us.

I went to my knees, between his legs, removing his shoes and socks. Next undoing his belt, button, zipper, assisting with removing his pants. Jessica was next to him, unbuttoning and removing his shirt. Bea, on his other side, was simply kissing him.

I was sucking on his cockhead, while Bea and Jessica kissed their way down his body, arriving where I was. Each of them gobbled up one of TJ’s big balls, sucking them like I sucked his cock’s tip. I put my arms around Bea and Jessica, smiling up at TJ.

We took turns riding him, cumming on him, all night. I would sit on his face, Jessica on his cock, and her and I would kiss while we climaxed at the same time. Bea would be sucking his balls, licking her way up his shaft, up to Jessica, then slowly pull her off TJ’s cock, kissing her the whole time.

I’d smile at my sister, while she rode him to orgasm, TJ’s tongue still buried in me. We’d both cum, then Jessica would sit on his face, holding hands or kissing Bea.

In the morning all four of us were in his shower, kissing, washing his body. When TJ picked Bea up, her legs wrapping around him, and guided his cock in, Jessica and I left the shower to have a little fun ourselves.

Bea stayed the rest of the day at TJ’s. Jessica and I went home, staying the rest of the day in my bed.

That night, it was a three way at TJ’s with Jessica, TJ and myself. Bea informed us she had work to do. I smiled, undressed, and climbed in bed with Jessica and TJ. I was looking forward to see what she was doing.


Bea worked fast. The next morning, my mouth dropped, watching two younger blondes with big booties, slide said big booties up and down TJ’s long cock. I knew them, I recognized them. I’m guessing Bea made friends with them when she moved here, knowing the two 20-something were like her, black cock lovers.

They posed in Elite Magazine several times. Alexis and Jenna, or as we called them, the booty sisters.

“Ok, yep, they’ll do,” I said. Bea was smiling ear-to-ear. “I’ll let them play with TJ, I need to go talk to Nicky.”

“I’m going to meet Eric somewhere. His parents still don’t know that he’s with an older lady,” Bea told me.

“Great. You three have fun,” I told TJ and the girls.

“Mmhmm,” he said, while kissing one of them.

I got on my bikini and went to the beach, where Nicky and Gabe were. When I arrived they were out in the water, Nicky straddling him, smiling into his face. I sat my stuff down next to theirs, took a quick look around the beach, and decided to get playful. I took off my bikini and headed to the water.

Nicky saw me coming, giving me a funny look. I swam up behind my nephew, tickling his sides. “Whoa, hey,” he turned around.

“Are we all naked?” I asked.

“Uh, no,” Gabe blushed.

“Devin, what are you doing?” Nicky asked.

“Just wanted to talk to you. I need your help,” I said.

“Fine. With what?” she got off Gabe, standing before us, adjusting her bikini top.

“I need your help with taking some photos. I’m presenting them to someone I met with in Atlanta, about relaunching Elite Magazine. You have prior photography experience, I know it was a hobby, but still.”

Nicky shrugged, “Sure, why not? When do you need my help?”

“This evening would be great.”

She looked to Gabe, “We can eat an early dinner?”

“Sounds fine by me,” he agreed.

“Wonderful. Head to my room when you two return.”

I hugged my nephew from behind, squeezing him hard, mashing my bare breasts against him. I slapped his ass and walked away.


A few hours later, Nicky arrived home, I watched her kiss Gabe on the cheek as he entered their bedroom.

“Alright, ready?” I greeted her.

“Yeah, and listen, this whole incest thing you’re pushing – give it a rest,” Nicky told me. “You don’t have a son. If you did and incestuous thoughts and desires entered both your minds, it’d be difficult. Gabe and I are taking things slow. Alright?”

“Whoa, fine, fine,” I held up my hands. “You have a point. I’m childless, I don’t know what it’s like. I’ll drop it.”

“Thank you.”

“Alright, let’s go. You’ll be taking photos of TJ and two models. I told them to act natural around each other, so let’s see – ” I opened my bedroom door.

“Holy shit!” Nicky exclaimed. The two booty sisters were both on top of TJ, one sitting on his face, the other riding his cock.

“Yep, so that’s how they act around black men. Shall we get started?” I asked. Nicky’s mouth hung open, watching them fuck TJ. The bikinis I thought they were going to wear for the shoot, were on the floor.


My sister didn’t know what to do. Nicky stood there, wide-eyed, watching the two booty sisters and TJ. “Well?” I said.

“Oh, right, right,” she fumbled with her camera. “So I just, um.”

“Get in there and take some pictures.”

“Right,” she paused. Nicky has no bisexual tendencies that I knew of. So if I had to guess she wasn’t mesmerized by the two big, white booties pleasing the black man, but of the long, dark rod attached to him.


“Yes, sorry,” Nicky entered the room, kneeling, taking pictures. The booty sisters, Alexis and Jenna oblivious to her.

“How long have they been here with him?” Nicky asked.

“Since this morning,” TJ piped up, moving his head to the side so he could speak. He then went right back to eating the pussy that sat on his face.

“I’ll leave you to your work. They’ll probably change up positions, but feel free to adjust any lighting, I’m not looking for studio quality. A more natural setting is fine,” I smiled and took my leave.

“Gabe?” I asked, walking through the hallway. I figured I’d keep my nephew company while his mother took pictures for me.

Bea’s room was empty, she and Eric were out by the pool, walking toward the hot tub. They were both naked. Gabe was in his and his mother’s room, flipping through the TV.

“Hi. Want to go out tonight?” I asked.

“Uh, I guess,” he said.

“Yes, I think we should. Your mom is busy, doing some photography work for me. You and I can go out on a date,” I smiled at my nephew.

“A date?”

“Yep. You’ll be happy to know you’d be the first white guy I’ve ever gone on a date with.”

“Heh, alright. If you say so. Where to?”

“You and her already ate, so maybe miniature golf, a nice walk on the beach?”

“Sure, that’ll work,” Gabe said. “Can we not talk about my mom and me, though?”

“I suppose, why?”

“Well, I don’t know. It’s just confusing now – the way her and I’ve been since moving here. I don’t know where it’ll end up and I think I know how I want it to be, it just takes getting used to. Takes courage to, you know, go that route with my own mom.”

“Gabe, I know. I won’t mention it. We’ll have fun, alright?” I said. I gave him a hug and changed clothes.


The evening was wonderful. I even flirted with him some for fun. When we returned Nicky was still taking photos of the trio. I hugged Gabe goodnight, he went to shower.

I checked on Nicky. She was tired, but the booty sisters were still going at it with TJ in my room.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

“They’re machines,” she said, staring blankly at TJ’s cock as the two sisters sucked all over it. “They could go all night.”

“I know,” I smiled and watched them. “Beautiful.”

“He sure is,” Nicky said. “I mean, uh, I think I’ll call it a night. I’ll download and look at what I took tomorrow.”

“Great. Jessica will come by to help edit photos if need be. She also volunteered to model with TJ,” I told Nicky.

“Goodnight,” she left, making her way to her and Gabe’s room.

I watched Alexis, Jenna, and TJ go at it for a little while. I thought about joining, but I decided against it. I made my way to Bea’s room.

Bea and Eric were in her shower, kissing, making love. I undressed and joined them instead. “You and Eric going to model for me?”

“Absolutely,” Bea said, kissing his lips tenderly. I kissed along his big chest, stroking his cock.

“I’ll write some stories too,” Bea said. “I have quite a few.”

“Good,” I kissed down Eric’s body. I sucked his cock, watching him squeeze Bea’s tit above me.


The next morning Jessica showed up. She and Nicky went through the photos from the day before. They worked together touching up, adjusting colors and so on of some of their favorites. Bea spent most of the day writing black cock encounters she’s had over the years. I spent more time with Gabe while his mom worked.

After lunch, Nicky and Jessica headed to my room to take photos of Jessica and TJ. She photographed them having sex while standing, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, everything. It went on until after dinner.

Gabe and I ate at a wonderful restaurant. We walked on the beach. I held his hand, not saying a word about him and my sister’s relationship – what it was becoming.

When we returned, Bea and Eric were having sex in the hot tub and Nicky was still taking photos of Jessica and TJ. Gabe headed to his room and showered. I joined Bea and Eric for a while.

Jessica emerged an hour later, a huge smile on her face. “How it go?” I hopped out of the hot tub.

“Incredible. Nicky is tired though. I’ll be back in the morning to help touch up photos,” Jessica said.

“Or you could stay the night with TJ and I,” I kissed her cheek.

“Good idea,” she grabbed my hand and we headed back inside.

TJ was in the shower, we joined him, we worshiped his body, and afterward three of us fucked each other all night.


The next day, after Jessica and Nicky worked together in the morning on photos, it was Bea and Eric’s turn.

“Are you ok with taking photos of your sister having sex?” I asked Nicky.

“I think so. I mean, she and Eric are doing it all the time here. They practically walk around naked.”

“I know. He has to go home tonight; his parents are getting suspicious. He tells them he hangs out with friends, but he’s running out of different friends!”

“Ok, good luck,” I heard Bea and Eric getting it on her room. “I’ll spend time with Gabe tonight. Tomorrow, it’s TJ and me. Think you can handle it?”

Nicky sighed, took a deep breath, “I hope.”

I opened Bea’s door, we saw Eric sitting in bed, sucking all over Bea’s tits. I closed the door, Nicky getting to work.

That night I had my first white guy kiss – my nephew Gabe. It was a simple kiss on the lips. I thanked him for it.

“Aunt Devin, have you always dated black dudes?” he asked.

“Always. I’ve never even kissed a white man – until you that is,” I tickled his sides.

“Yeah,” he blushed. “Thanks for hanging out with me. I know mom has been busy doing work for you.”

“She has. But she’ll be all yours soon,” I hugged him goodnight. I wondered if he knew the nature of the photos his mom was taking.

I walked toward my room. Movement outside caught my eye. Bea and Eric were out by the pool. She was on all fours in a lounge chair, Eric was behind her, slamming against her. I watched them have sex for a moment, casually rubbing my clit. I was distracted by moans coming from my bedroom.

Inching to my door, I heard an “ah shit” and “yes.” It was Nicky, she was alone in there. I pressed my ear against my door. “Big, ah, black cock,” I heard her say. She was masturbating.

“Damn,” I sighed, she wasn’t spending time with Gabe. I thought about leaving, about going to Jessica’s, having sex with her and TJ, but I went to Gabe instead.

He was watching TV in bed. I smiled, removed my skirt, and climbed in next to him. “Looks you’ll be the first white guy I go to bed with.”

“Huh? Where’s Mom?”

“She’s in my bed. Probably asleep,” I lied.

“Ah, alright,” Gabe shrugged, extended his arm and held me. He turned off the TV a little later, and we drifted off to sleep.


The next morning Jessica was back working with Nicky. I was in my room waiting for TJ to arrive for our photoshoot. I could tell Nicky had trouble concentrating – like she didn’t get much sleep. I assumed she was in my bed fingering herself all night to the very images she’s captured the last few days.

Her and Jessica picked out the best, Jessica using software to adjust colors, lighting, if need be.

“TJ’s here,” I said. “Nicky, are you ready? Can you handle it? I’m not holding back. The things I do to TJ will capture exactly what this new Elite Magazine will be about – white women loving black men.”

“I, I think I can get through it,” she said. I didn’t fully believe her.


I was true to my word. TJ and I undressed; my tongue was up first.

She took photos of my licking every inch of his body. A few shots were close-ups of me licking his chest, sucking his nipples, licking up to his neck and face.

Another was of me licking his abs, then on down to his cock. There were many photos taken of me licking, sucking his cock. Close-ups of my tongue barely touching the tip, shaft, and balls, were taken. She took a few shots of me taking an entire testicle in my mouth.

Next was his ass. I had TJ get on all fours. Nicky got right up to his asshole, and took several photos of me prying his cheeks apart while my tongue flickered against it. I made sure to give the camera seductive looks while I rimmed him. I gave the camera a nice wink when my tongue when inside his little, tight asshole.

By this point I was dripping wet. This led a nice 69. Nick got several good shots of TJ sucking all over my ass, his tongue buried deep inside my pussy, which of course led to that same tongue working its way inside my anus. I moaned loudly, flexing my anal muscles, while TJ’s big tongue fucked my ass.

Sex was next. Nicky got all sorts of photos of TJ and I in different positions. She managed to get a great close-up shot of my face right when I orgasmed. I’ve never seen myself when I cum before, it was interesting.

We went for a few hours. The last photo she took was of me sitting on TJ, my back arched, my hair flowing behind me. He had a breast in his mouth and his arms were wrapped around me as I climaxed.

“Thanks,” Nicky mumbled, hastily leaving the bedroom.


TJ and I were in the shower, kissing, a long night of sex before us. Suddenly the shower door flung open and in stormed a naked Nicky. She practically pushed me out of the way, grabbed TJ’s face and kissed him hard.

“I want that big, fucking, black cock now!” she demanded.

“Uh, ok, sure,” TJ looked at me. I shrugged and stepped out of the shower. He picked her up, her legs wrapping around him, and guided his cock into her.

“Ohh, fuck!” I heard her cry. I got out, closed the door and grabbed my towel.

As I dried off, Gabe entered my mind. “Crap!” his mother was in there having sex with TJ, not her son. I thought Nicky could handle it, I thought she could take the pictures and be fine – she and Gabe would still be together.

I ruined it. I should’ve waltzed back into that shower, pulled her off his cock and dragged her to Gabe. Or I could’ve gone in and had sex with my nephew – if his mother wouldn’t. But part of me felt I shouldn’t interfere. I got dressed, went to Bea’s room, and told her we were taking Gabe out. Eric was at home this night so it worked out.

We took his mind off things. We took him to the club, we forced him out on the dance floor, and we walked and talked on the beach, holding his hands. It was great. Just as I suspected, Nicky and TJ were still going at it when we returned later that night. We pushed Gabe into his bedroom, then on to the bed. We kissed his cheek and snuggled close against him.

“This is the first time I’ve gone to bed with a white guy,” Bea spoke up.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“What is it with you and black guys?” Gabe asked.

Bea tickled him, saying family was more important. I thought of his mother, across the house, having amazing sex with TJ. I felt horrible. Bea and Gabe picked on each other, tickling, giggling, while I silently lay against him. I had to fix the mess I’d made somehow.


The next day, Jessica came over to work on putting the images in a format for pages. She cropped and resized several of our favorites. I proofread Bea’s articles and got those ready for Jessica to insert. Nicky, meanwhile, was stuck in my room – TJ was with her. We occasionally heard a moan, her climaxing. I felt horrible. I took breaks with Gabe, taking him to the beach. Bea would join in too. Even Jessica offered to straight up fuck him. I told her no, that I needed to fix things between him and his mom first. If Gabe was getting laid, his mother would be the one to do it.

We had a finished product, so-to-speak. It was a rough draft, but it was something we could submit to a magazine creation website Jessica researched. It would be good enough. Jessica put up some images and story excerpts on a website to act as an online demo I could show Neal.

I planned a drive to Atlanta to meet with Neal. That evening Bea, Jessica, and I took Gabe out to celebrate. TJ wasn’t there. Neither was Nicky. Gabe knew they were having sex. I couldn’t hide it from him. He was down, sad about it, leaning in at the restaurant, admitting he was ok with it. I didn’t believe him. I patted his thigh, and rested my head against his shoulder. We took a long walk, just him and me, afterward. Bea and Jessica were meeting up with Eric somewhere. I didn’t care, I felt for my nephew.

When we arrived home, the sun was setting over the horizon. I used the bathroom and entered the kitchen to see Gabe staring out the window. He looked angry, his fists clinched.

“Gabe, sweetie? What is it?” I placed my hand on his shoulder. He shook his head and stormed off.
I looked out the window to see a silhouette of his naked mother, in the shallow end of the swimming pool. TJ was in front of her. I watched her place her hand on his bare chest. He leaned down to kiss her, his hand squeezing a breast. It was a beautiful sight, but it was ruined by my nephew’s heartbreak. I shook my head, trying to figure out what to do.

I considered undressing, going to his room, and having sex with my nephew. He’d be the first white guy I ever had sex with. I took off my shirt, slid my skirt down, I was doing it. I took a step forward and Gabe exited the bedroom, keys in hand, not looking at me. “I’ll be back later,” he said over his shoulder, slamming the door on his way out.

I peered out toward the pool once more. Nicky and TJ were kissing, she was stroking his cock. I would talk to her in the morning. I had to.

I went to bed, unable to sleep. I called and texted Gabe several times. He finally texted letting me know he was fine, he’d be home later, and that he had to get out of the house – away from her. I slammed my phone down and got out of bed.

“Hey!” I shouted into the backyard. Nicky was on top of TJ in the hot tub. “Can you two go elsewhere? Maybe to TJ’s?”

“Sure,” TJ stood, Nicky’s legs wrapped around him. He grabbed a towel, picked up his keys, a white woman – my sister – moaning in his arms.

“And Nicky,” I glared at her. “Tomorrow you and I need to talk.”

“Mmhmm,” she said, kissing at TJ’s neck, as he walked by me.


“Your son never came home last night,” I told Nicky the next morning, sitting around the small kitchen table.

“What? What do you mean? Is he ok?” she asked.

“No. Physically, he’s fine. He went camping, alone, at the far end of the beach. But he didn’t want to come home.”

“Why? Oh, um – ”

“Yeah. Because the woman he loves, his mother, was too busy to spend time with him.”

“Devin, this is – ”

“Crazy, I know. But we’ve all seen how you and he have gotten closer since moving into this house. We all know where it’s headed. Wrong, sick, it doesn’t matter – it’s real love. You can’t hide from it, from him, anymore. Let what’s supposed to happen, happen.”

“Devin,” she ran her fingers through her long blonde hair.

“I know I don’t have a son. I will never experience it either. But if I did and he felt about me the way Gabe feels about you, and I felt the way you feel about Gabe, all the black men in the world wouldn’t keep me from making love to him.”

“It’s just not normal,” Nicky said.

“No one is judging you here. Just go for it. He’s not OK. Please go to him and at least talk to him about things. Do you want it to happen?”

“Yes. I do, very much so,” Nicky admitted immediately.

“I know it’s probably scary, to take the plunge. But go find him, make up with him.”

“I could, maybe, maybe we could go to dinner tonight, someplace nice,” Nicky thought.

“Exactly. I’m leaving tomorrow for Atlanta. I’m going to present the magazine demo to Neal. Tonight, go out with Gabe, my treat.”

“Alright, I will,” Nicky nodded, gave me a hug, and headed to the shower.

Gabe showed up a little later. We talked about his mother, about TJ, about how she wants to go out that night. He was hesitant at first, angry, not wanting to, but I was able to convince him to have an open mind and heart. When Nicky got out of the shower, she smiled at him, he nodded to her, and she invited me to go shopping.

We spent the day together, talking mostly about Gabe. She bought a new red dress, sexy underwear, and even got her hair done – dyed to a lovely dark brown color. She looked amazing. Gabe was one lucky son.

That evening Nicky was adjusting her hair and makeup in the bathroom mirror. She was standing there in her new bra and thong. “How do I look?” she asked.

I slapped her nearly bare ass, “He’s going to love this.” She chuckled, and finished getting ready.

Gabe was waiting for her in his shirt and tie, tucked into his nice pants. “Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” she grabbed his arm.

“You look great, Mom,” Gabe told her.

“So do you. I’m ready for a wonderful night with the man I love most,” Nicky rested her head on his shoulder. The two of them left, hopefully starting a night that would change things forever between them.

As soon as they left, I got naked and headed to Bea’s room. Eric was behind her, his cock buried deep inside Bea’s ass. I grabbed him from behind, kissing over his muscular back, my hands on his tummy. I would have fun with the two of them, but not enough to distract me from checking in on Nicky and Gabe later on.


I woke a few hours later. Bea and I were alone, naked, lying in her bed. Eric had to go home to his parents earlier in the evening. I heard something. I was sitting on the edge of her bed. She must’ve heard it too. I felt her hand on my shoulder.

“Let’s go,” I whispered. We got out of bed and headed to Nicky’s room. The door was cracked open.

There they were, mom and son, in bed, becoming one. Nicky was on top, kissing him, slowly riding his cock. Gabe’s hands were all over her, gently squeezing her ass, his slow upward thrusts in sync with her.

Nicky looked over her shoulder, smiling at the door. I guess she heard Bea and I. We smiled back and left them alone. We held hands back to Bea’s room, got in bed and cuddled until we fell asleep.


I had everything I needed. A large cardboard cutout of the proposed cover, a sample of the magazine itself, a budget proposal, a nice dress, no underwear, and my tank-top and shorts I drove up in.

I got to Atlanta around 8pm the night before my meeting with Neal.

“I told you, you’d see me again,” I smiled at Alfred when he opened his apartment door.

“Heh, you sure did, girl. Come on in,” he motioned me to follow. I undressed in his doorway and went inside.

We had sex for a few hours, stopping before midnight so I could rest for my meeting the next day.

I woke up the next morning, feeling refreshed, fixed Alfred some bacon and eggs, had sex in the shower with him and saw him off for the day. I had a little time, so I went over my presentation again, after I got ready.


I waited in his office for about 30 minutes. The front desk girl appeared, hair a mess, clothing looked like it was hastily put on, and led Neal into his huge office. I smiled, stood, and firmly shook his hands. I was not going to flirt, I was not going to come on to him, I was not going to show some skin. I remained professional, confident, and simply presented him with facts and proposals about my relaunching of Elite Magazine.

I went through my presentation, showing off cardboard cutouts of the rough draft of the magazine. Photo spreads, pornographic in nature, of Bea and Eric, Jessica, Alexis, Jenna, and TJ were shown to Neal. A few sample articles, along with their page layouts were shown. Finally, one final cardboard cutout showed TJ’s long, big cock, and my face right next to it, my eyes seductively looking at the camera for whoever wished to see the Editor-in-Chief of this magazine.

I watched Neal’s reaction when he saw me in the photo. Hopefully, my love of black cock was apparent.

“Good. Very good. I’m actually surprised,” Neal stood. I glanced at his crotch. “You pulled off a great presentation. Elite Magazine would be nothing like King Monthly. It’d be practically porn. I can see it in gas stations or adult sections of magazine racks.”

“So you’d be willing to fund its relaunch?” I asked.

“Absolutely. I’d fund it enough to distribute around the south. Nationwide though?” Neal moved next to my chair. He knelt next me.

“If you want enough funding to distribute this magazine nationally, well then, you’d have to stay a week with me,” he said.

“Absolutely,” I grinned to him, leaning to kiss his cheek. He stood before I got the chance to.

“You’d have to survive it, Devin.”

“Survive it?”

“Yes. You’ll have to work harder that you’ve ever worked before. You’ll be so exhausted, you’ll want to give up, but you can’t –unless you no longer want my money.”

“I don’t understand. I mean, I think I do,” I said.

“You don’t. Trust me. I’ll break you down, then build you back up into a machine, only to run you until you give out – then keep going.”

“Neal, I – ”

“Show up here. Tomorrow morning, 8am. If you do, I’ll take a vacation all next week,” he handed me his card, with an address written on the back.

“Alright,” I looked at the card, intrigued, and scared, but confident I could fuck his brains out. I’ve done it many times with many different men before.

He walked me to his office door. His secretary brushed past me. I looked over her shoulder, seeing her and Neal kiss.

I looked at the address again. I wanted as much money I could get from this man. I would show up for sure.


After having sex with Alfred until midnight, I slept soundly, looking forward to the following day. I got up at 7am, and drove for about an hour. I pulled up to a gate and pressed a buzzer. Neal answered, “Devin, glad you showed up. Pull around to the left. That’s where the stables are. I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Ok,” I shrugged, his gate opened, and I pulled in.

The driveway was very long on his huge, sprawling property. I turned at the first left, and there were indeed stables. It looked like a small pasture out behind them, a few horses were grazing about. It wasn’t anything like I pictured – his big property, mansion, stables, everything.

He arrived shortly and greeted me. I smiled back at him, then Neal told me to undress. I was confused, but did as he told.

Then he put a collar on me. “Don’t be afraid,” Neal said. There was a leash attached to the collar. He grabbed the leash and pulled me along.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“No talking. Not yet,” Neal said.

He led me to the stables. There were horses milling about, not paying too much attention to me.

“You’re an animal. Figuratively, but for today and tomorrow, literally. You’ll be living in these stables with them. I’ve met so many women like you. They’d do anything for black cock. You’re no different. Except this time, it’s for black cock and money – lots of it.”

I looked around, seeing several stallions eating hay.

“You are to mate with them, just like the animal you are. I’ll feed you, give you water, then take you into my home the day after tomorrow. From there I’ll break you in. Got it?” Neal asked.

“I think so.”

“Oh, and no cheating,” Neal pointed to the camera system in the corners of the stables. “I’ll be watching.”

Neal took his leave, “Don’t be afraid. They love white pussy as much as I do.”

“Great,” I thought. “Bestiality. He wants me to have sex with horses.” I looked around the stables, seeing stallions with their big balls hanging.

“Maybe,” I licked my lips. I thought of the money next. He’d give enough to allow for Elite Magazine to be published nationwide, every month. I’d have my life’s work back; I’d be doing what I loved. I stepped closer to the nearest horse.

“Two days of draining these big horse cocks,” I said, getting closer. “They’d be the biggest I’ve ever had.”

I thought about selling ads in the relaunched Elite Magazine, money pouring in. I looked back at a camera mounted in the corner, my hand gently patting the horse’s thigh. I went to my knees and crawled underneath him. His cock wasn’t erect yet, but his balls were dangling.

“I want that fucking money,” I said out loud then devoured those big horse balls. I moaned as I squeezed them, licking them, coating them in my saliva. Then he got hard.

That long, massive, shaft extending outward over my shoulder. I was so engrossed on sucking the horse’s testicles, I nearly forgot about his cock.

Not caring about anything other than Neal’s money, I licked my way along the shaft to the tip. It wasn’t, obviously, but had a familiar cockhead, shaft, all that. I could barely fit my mouth around that big equine dick, but I did my best – for Neal.

Both hands were jacking it while I did my best to suck the tip. I saw him stomp his hoof a few times while I worked. I imagined it must feel good. It does to human males.

Several minutes of sucking and jacking his cock, the horse erupted gobs of semen into my mouth, causing me to pop his cock out of it. He then sprayed cum all over my face, chest, and tummy. I was out-of-breath, covered in horse cum. “Wow,” I thought. “You must’ve liked it then.”

I stood, flinging thick, white semen off me, licking some of it too. It wasn’t bad at all. I looked around me, seeing several other stallions. I had a lot of work today.

I sucked to life the next one. He penetrated me. I was bending over before him, guiding his cock in and he actually penetrated me. It hurt, it stretched, but once I got used to it, that big horse was mating with me just like Neal wanted. I was crying out from pleasure and pain, as the horse mounted me, pushing me to the n

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Megan & Mom Get Busted

I'm a pretty lucky guy, one of the few who actually enjoys their job. My name's Dougray, and I'm a twenty three year-old police constable, or cop if you like, serving my great country in the beautiful, remote Highlands of Scotland, usually on road patrol. It's an easy number, most of the time I just park up somewhere quiet with the speed radar on and maybe pull some poor soul over for speeding offences about once every two hours and give them a ticket. Mainly, I'm sat in the car either reading a book or winning money by playing internet poker...


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Sam & Alicia 9

I have written this assuming that you have already read Sam & Alicia 1 to 8. When I woke up next morning, Katrina was propped up on one elbow looking at me. She looked happy. “Good morning sleepy head. Did you sleep well?” “Yes, I slept like a log. You look happy. Would you like another fuck?” “Yes, I feel very happy. I should be shocked by all the things that I learnt about you all last night, but I'm not. Instead I feel proud that you have included me in all your sex. My parents would be horrified if they...


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Sisters , Daughters, Nieces and Wives!

This all happened a long time ago. I was at work and doing what I still get a lot of pleasure in doing....... no! not that...... although of course I still engage in that particular activity when the real thing isn't available as most adults do I should imagine! No, I was observing the women in the office who I had the pleasure to work with and imagining them engaged in the sort of thing we all fantasise about from time to time!. I've mentioned this before in other stories, but I've always derived a lot of satisfaction in watching members...


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With my little brother

Hi readers my name is Anitha (Anu), 21 years old, from Kerala. I live with my mother and younger brother. My father died when I was still young. My brother's name is Sanjay (Sanju) he is 18 years old. Both of us were liked normal sister and brother. We used to fight with each other. My mother got govt job as my dad while he was in govt. service. Since mom goes for work, me and my brother used to get time to spend together. I forgot to mention about myself. I had a good figure of 32-26-30. I was fair...


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