King of the Cul-De-Sac

King of the Cul-De-Sac

The moving was finally done. There would still be days of unpacking to go, but the moving truck, with the burly guys finally drove away.

My mother and I had moved here to this suburb. To this cul-de-sac to get away from my asshole dad.

Now it was just the two of us. Alone. Finally.

I had just turned nineteen a couple months ago. I was in good shape. I had been star of the track team at my high school. I was handsome-ish. And had a good size cock. I was going to college in the fall but would have to live at home to help mom with the new house.

My mother was in her late thirties and quite attractive. Long red/brown hair, pale skin, cute freckles, and D-cup tits. Her only problem was she tended to dress frumpy. Not showing off her curvy body at all.

That will change soon if I have my way. A new place is a new opportunity for a new life. It is time for me to be the man around here. King of my castle. And mom will have to learn her proper place. The castle slut.

I headed downstairs. Looking around I found my mom in the kitchen. She's wearing baggy grey sweatpants and a large tshirt. On her hands and knees half in the stove trying to scrub it clean of the dirt and grease.

I strip off my own sweaty clothes, before entering the kitchen. My cock already rock hard in my hand. I watch her big ass, wiggling under her grey sweats as she scrubs.

"Brian? Can you help me?"

"Oh yes mom. I'll help."

I get behind her and grab the waistband of her pants. Then I tug them down. The grey cotton sliding easily over her big round ass. Plain white panties the only thing protecting her most precious spot from me.

"Wa...what do you think your doing?" She demands. Trying to turn around, but restrained in the tight space.

"Whatever I want mother." I say. I shove my hand between her clenched thighs. My fingers rubbing her warm pussy.

"Unh... no! Stop this at once."

Instead I grasp her panties and yank them down too. Her cunny now exposed for my enjoyment.

"No! Brian stop! ...please?" The last bit was sweet, sweet begging. I planned to make her do a lot of begging.

I began to rub her moist pussy lips with the tip of my cock.

"Oh! Oh god no! Brian, you can't do this. Please?"

But I could. Quite easily in fact. I close my eyes in bliss as my cock slides smoothly into her.

"Noooo! Oh noooo!" She cried as my balls settle against her soft puss.

"Oh, yes! Mother. God yes!"

Grabbing her hips I start thrusting in and out. She braces herself in the dirty oven as she grunts. My cock the first she has had in over a year.

Once I'm in a good rhythm I lean forward and tug her shirt over her head. It drops the the bottom of the greasy stove, her arms still caught in the sleeves. She doesn't even struggle, just moans in pleasure. Then I unsnap her white bra, yanking that down too. I grab both and pull them out of the stove. Leaving my lovely mother topless. Her big dangling tits slapping together in time with my thrusts.

"Oh, god Brian. Mmmn. Why? Why...unh! Would you do this?"

"Whores don't ask why, mother. They just spread their legs and take it." I grab her by the hair and push her face and tits into the slimy grease at the bottom of the stove, as I fuck her.

My other hand slaps her sweet ass as I fuck her. I smile as I leave red handprints on her pale skin.

"Oh! Oh! Oh noooooo!" Her body trembles as she gives in to her dirty orgasm.

"You slut!" I berate her. "You just came to your own son's dick inside you!"

"Oh, noooo!"

"Oh, yes! You are just a dirty whore aren't you?" I punctuate my question with a slap on her red ass. And I slide her tits and face back and forth in the grease.

"Unh! Yes. I'm a dirty whore. Oh god!"

"I'm going to cum mother."

"No! Oh no. Please not that. Not inside me."

"Oh yes. Mother my cum all up inside you... unless..."

"Anything. Just not that. Please?"

"You got to swallow it mother. Every last drop of your son's jizz."

"Y...yes. Yes! Ok. Just not inside me. Please."

So I pull her out of the oven, and turn her around. Smirking at the grease and dirt smeared all over her tits and face.

She quickly, almost eagerly takes my cock in her mouth.

I don't last long as she massages my balls. Like an expert whore.

I shoot my load into my mother's mouth and she dutifully swallows every last drop.

When she finishes she releases my limp cock and looks up at me. Waiting.

"Best finish cleaning the stove mother." She nods and reaches for her bra. I kick it out of reach.

"Don't want to get your clothes dirty now do we?"

Looking chastised, she turns back to the stove. She doesn't even pull her panties up.

I stand and watch her sweet derrière as she cleans.

When she finishes she heads upstairs. I hear the shower start and wait a few minutes for her to clean herself. Then I head up.


The bathroom all steamy I can barely see her curvy body through the shower glass as she rubs her big breasts. I step in behind her. She tenses, knowing I'm there.

"Please, Brian. No more." She begs.

"You know we've only started, slut." I tell her. "I like a good blowjob with my shower. Get on your knees."

She does reluctantly.

As I wash and shampoo my hair. My mother expertly sucks my cock. She is quite good. "You're a nice little cocksucker, aren't you?" I ask. Getting no real response.

Soon I am coming in her mouth again. My mother swallowing every last drop of my man juice.

Then she sits there on her knees in front of me, head down. Waiting. Wet hair plastered to her head, water streaming down her lovely body.

Finished, I slap her ass as we step out of the shower.

"We can't." She starts. "We can't keep..."

"Hush." I tell her. "You belong to me, understand? I know you mother. You need a master. Dad couldn't quite give you what you needed could he?"

She mutters something. "What?" I ask.

"No. He couldn't be anything but an ass."

"I smile. "That's right. And yet you are submissive. You are lost without a master." I pause for a moment. " Get on your hands and knees!" I shout.

She does, seemingly without thinking.

"See? Now, who do you belong to?"

"I...I belong to you." She says. Her head lowered in defeat.

"And who am I to you?" I demand.

"My son. My son is my master, because I am a true whore."

"Ha ha. Good." I say helping her stand. "I know you will be uncomfortable and resistant for a few days. But I'm confident you will soon fully embrace your new life."

We head to her bedroom. "You will have to dress to make me happy from now on, understand?" She nods. "Your first question should always be, 'would my master like me in this' before putting something on."

She didn't really have much sexy lingerie. Dad had bought her a few pieces that she wore once if at all.

I made her put on a matching pink sheer croptop and thong. With red stockings. Obviously a valentines gift. She didn't like the thong, but her ass looked damn sexy in it. I will make sure to get her plenty

"Time to make your son dinner." I told her.

"Yes Brian."


I went to put on clothes as she, humiliated, went downstairs.

Dinner was quite nice. Cooked in the newly cleaned stove.

After dinner she sits on the couch while I set up the tv.

"Spread your legs." I order her. She dutifully complies. I enjoy the opportunity to glance over at my mother, legs obscenely spread, from behind the entertainment center as I work.

Soon we are watching some sitcoms. My hands under her clothes. One caressing her tits, the other fingering her moist pussy.

She just sits there like a log. Letting me do whatever I want. For a moment I doubt myself. Doubt my plans. I know I'm evil, and what I'm doing is wrong. But I had thought I was right about my mother. Had I violated her for nothing?

Then. Slowly, her hand slips into my lap. Caressing my hard cock through my pants.

Her other hand grabs the remote. She changes the tv to internet. Then she puts on porn.

We watch as a pair of innocent blond women walk into a biker bar. Soon they are stripped and gang banged. Eventually some big biker dyke shoves the thick end of a pool cue up the taller one's ass.

"I need you, Brian. I need you in me." Mom whispers.

I push her face down on the couch and yank off her panties.

Climbing on top, my dick easily slips in her wet pussy.

"Unh! Yesss!" She hisses. The girls on screen, covered in jizz, tossed in a dumpster behind the bar. The next scene starts.

My mother gasps and moans, my dick thrusting deep in her. She watches as a school teacher is punished by the principal on the tv.

We watch a couple more videos as I slowly fuck my mother. She comes twice before I am finally ready.

"Gonna cum mother."

"Oh. Ok just let me..."

"No. I'm gonna cum in you."

"No wait. P...please don't."

"Nah." I tell her happily. "Best you get over this hang-up quickly."

"But... no wait!" Too late my balls clench and my dick spasms, spilling my seed into her whore's cunt.

"Oh god. I feel it. Brian I feel your cum inside me." She says sounding half excited.

"That's right mother. All up inside you." She moans loudly. Contentedly.

Later I let her wear one of my plain white tees. It drops to just below her ass and makes her look sexy and vulnerable all at once.

We sleep in what had been her bed. She snuggles up to me. A happy little submissive slave next to her king.

The King of the cul-de-sac.

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