Escapades of a horny man 3

Escapades of a horny man 3

(Escapades of a horny man 3)

Well, I’m back. After getting a lot of good reviews it has encouraged me to continue to write about some of the more interesting things that have happened in my life. Things that I felt were great and telling you some of the embarrassing things as well. You know as well as I do that we are all strange people at times and we do some real strange shit in the heat of the moment – things that we normally wouldn’t do or even consider.

So, for those of you who missed part two let me clue you in. After watching my young female cousin (Hailey) fuck my buddy (Ro and jerking off while watching them. The story ended up that the following night I was lucky enough to be writhing between her tight thighs. Like I said, incest is nothing that we would normally pursue. We might sit and day-dream about some sick shit about cousins, aunts and for some of you, your daughters, but actually performing out those fantasies that is something completely different. Then when a tiny pink pussy is thrown right in front of your face; and are told that you can treat it like a fuck toy, sometimes all bets are off and you just go for it and hope for the best.

So let’s move on.

After my cousins’ wedding I was in a real hurry to get out of Denver and get to Las Vegas. I had never been there and was looking forward to gambling and losing a little money take in some shows and go to some of the go-go joints that I had heard about. After leaving my kissing cousin in Denver I was free to move on too much bigger more embarrassing fuck ups. Now, they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Arriving in Vegas we both Rob and I couldn’t believe how hot it was. I mean we were just in Denver just a few short hours ago where it was still winter. It took me a little time to get acclimated to the hot weather but not Rob. He was down at the pool not more than twenty minutes after checking in and pouring a bottle of baby oil over the top of his head down over his whole body. I on the other hand being fair skinned was hiding under a pool umbrella sucking down a lot of brews.

Now, being around Rob has its plusses and minuses. One of the minuses is that if you spot a babe and you want to make a move for the pussy Rob better not be around. Being that he’s a model the women act just like guys do, they go for the better looking guy first which of course leaves out us ordinary guys to their cast offs.

For about a week or so we stayed at the hotel and checked out different types of jobs and apartments and try to get a general feel for Vegas. Finding jobs was not going to be a problem and sharing an apartment for at least a year that also wasn’t going to be a problem. The rents are cheap the apartments were spacious and most importantly a lot of hot women trying to get into show business. There were as we found a lot of disappointed young ladies in Vegas trying to get into one show or other who traveled from all parts of the country and the world for that matter.

Now, playing to these ladies problems and giving them a shoulder to cry on and buying some cosmopolitans led to a few young ladies getting drunk and ending up with a load of cum on their faces or a nice sticky blast in their mouths. All in all Vegas had some definite possibilities but there was one other place that we both wanted to check out and that was San Diego.

Before leaving in a few days we wanted to party and fuck as many women who were on vacation as we could. I was in Rob’s hotel room waiting for him to prune his hair or whatever the hell he was doing in the bathroom and I just happened to pick up a phonebook. I started out by just thumbing through it to bide my time until the prince was ready to go out to the clubs. Now, I know this is ridiculous waiting for a guy but if you got as much pussy as I did because of him, you would be waiting just like I was.

Then it happened I noticed something in the phonebook that seemed quite odd. Now, normally the letter, S, is the largest part of any dictionary or even phonebook but not in Vegas. The letter, E, for escort, was the largest. I of course was now staring at the many pictures of young ladies willing to meet you and do dirty nasty things to you for a donation of some dead Presidents. I said, “Hey, Rob have you ever been with a prostitute or escort before?”

“Nah, man – how ‘bout you?”

I said, “No, but I wonder what its like?” Then the light bulb went off above my head. Now, I’m not the brightest bulb out there but sometimes, bad ideas seem to be good at the time you hatch them. Here you have a sure thing with Rob that you are probably going to get laid. If I stay patient and just hang back a little and let my bud do all the work. Don’t say the wrong thing or act like and ass I should get laid but here was the great idea.

I popped my head in the bathroom and said, “Look, there are these famous cathouses just outside the city. These places cater to the real rich and famous. Movie stars and rock stars there must be some world-class pussy out there for guys like that to go to those places. I even watched on HBO that some porno stars work at these places. Could you imagine being lucky enough to fuck a real porno star? What do you think should we check it out?”

To my surprise Rob spun around and said, “You know what, let’s go check it out at least. Look if we don’t like it we can always get back here and get some hoochie pussy in one of the clubs.”

So, after talking to one of the valets at the hotel, he marked on our map several places to check out, and then we were on our way. He was real cool he told us about two place that he had been before where the women are supposed to be knockouts and we would pay a little more but it is worth every dime you put out. Now, I never paid for pussy before but that is because I didn’t know where to look.

We drove and drove out of the city it seemed like we were on our way back to Philly but then we saw our little sign on the side of the road just as the guy told us and we pulled in. I don’t know what I was really expecting but when they say cathouse this place was just a little bigger than a normal house. We got the gate and just before I pushed the doorbell I turned and said, “Well, its not too late to turn around and go back – Ah shit – fuck it – what the hell we only live once right?”

Rob said, “Look we didn’t drive all the way out here not to get laid and just turn around like a bunch of pussies and run back to town with our tails between our legs. Push the fuckin’ button and lets get some pussy.”

I pushed the button and here we were led right into the den of iniquity. An older lady answered the door and welcomed us in with a little kiss on the cheek for both of us. She escorted us over to the bar area and asked if we wanted something to drink. She gave us a little smile and said, “Gentlemen, have a drink and relax and when I return I am going to make your life very difficult as you are going to have to choose a sexy young lady. We have ladies from all over the world. Don’t worry they will act out any fantasies that you might have and all the ladies are bi-sexual so you can choose as many ladies as you like. All the girls are tested every month for STD’s and have a clean bill of health or they would not be working here. All sexual intercourse will be performed with a condom there are no exceptions to this rule. So do not attempt or you will be asked to leave.”

My palms became sweaty as we ordered a couple of beers and smiles crept up our faces as we looked at each other. Rob looked at me and said, “Now, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? We never speak of this to anyone not even our girlfriends or our buddies at home, right?”

“Right, what happens here whatever it may be stays here.”

The Madam returned and there had to be at least twenty of the finest looking women you could ever seen. Tall, short, big breasts, small breasts, skinny, a little chunky, white, black, Indian, Asian, Latin whatever you could imagine or whatever your type it was standing right in front of you. The Madam smiled as she looked at our faces could see the awe that was in our eyes as there was really no way to choose just one. In my mind I felt I could stay here for the rest of the year trying to fuck each and every one of these girls.

There was a long silence as we were looking over our choices. Then the Madam spoke and went down the line of girls. She was giving each girl’s name and what they did in real life. In the line-up there were college students, cheerleaders from professional NFL teams, flight attendants, secretaries from big corporations and yes there were three ladies that were porn stars. There came this intimidation over the both of us as we looked at each other knowing that these ladies had more going on in their lives other than spreading their legs.

Standing there looking back at us it looked like a Victoria Secrets layout. The girls were all in lingerie, high heels stockings, teddies, and thongs, nothing on below, nothing on top it was a buffet of tits and pussy. You knew you wanted everything on the menu but you didn’t have enough money or cum or perhaps enough stamina to fuck all these girls. Rob went first and picked two girls that were porno stars and they moved over to him each on either side gave him a kiss on the cheek and led him down the hallway.

I on the other hand was having a real difficult time picking it wasn’t just one; you wanted two or three girls all at the same time. My mind was spinning so fast that I thought it was going to explode. I chose Mandy who was a NFL cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. Now, since this is a true story I am not going to begin to lie to you; her real name is not Mandy and it was a different NFL team. It would not be fair of me to disclose her real name without her permission.

Mandy made her way over to me and all the blood in my body rushed to the seven inches of organ that lay between my legs. She was real sweet as she noticed my hard on and stood in front blocking my bulge from the other girls. She kissed me on the ear and her left hand went down to my cock and she caressed it in front of everyone and said, “Easy does it baby – you don’t want to cum too soon do you? I want to feel you inside of me – that’s why you’re here right?”

She pulled her head back smiled at me spun around in front of me and put my arms around her breasts. As she stood there she concealed my hard on and led me down the hallway to her room. Once we were inside Mandy helped me over to the love seat. We sat there for a moment and I asked, “Mandy forgive me, I’m not really sure how all this works its my first time in a place like this and I’m very nervous.” Mandy leaned in and once again gave me a slow sensuous kiss on lips. We kissed for a minute or so and she said, “Now comes the only real dirty part of what is going to happen today we need to settle on a price and what you would like to do.”

After a minute or so talking, Mandy and I came to an agreeable arrangement. She was willing to do anything I asked and I met the price that she was looking for. I handed her my credit card and with a smile on her face she turned to me and told me to undress and put the robe on that was hanging in the bathroom and that she would be back in minute. By the time I got undressed and put the robe on and got back to the couch Mandy returned. Once I signed the credit card Mandy said, “Okay baby now that the dirty mess is over with, it’s time to have some fun.”

As I put my credit card away Mandy was lighting some candles in the room. I went back to the little love seat. I watched her as she slowly and deliberately was walking very slowly and very sensuously around the room. I realized that if I hadn’t paid for a girl like this that I never would have a chance at being with her. As she strolled around the room my gaze never left her perfect body. She was wearing a red teddy that had a small skirt that came down to her upper thighs. She was wearing no bra so her fake tits where standing upright and underneath a red piped g-string with a white triangle patch barely covering her pussy.

When Mandy finished lighting the candles and dimming the lights she became very satisfied with the mood that she was trying to create for the both of us. She smiled at me and with a hop and a skip she jumped on my lap as I sat on the couch. Her legs straddled my lap and her tits were directly in my face. My hands went down to her ass and I began to caress her very tight ass. With a little wisp of air coming from her mouth she moved it down to my mouth and our tongues slowly started moving in and out of our mouths.

After a minute or so she began to dry hump my cock as all the blood that was in my body rushed there and the throbbing became so intense that it actually began to hurt. As she kept dry humping my cock her tiny triangle of a g-string was slowly being pushed inside her now wet pussy. With a couple of nice hard slaps on her ass and my hands doing their best to spread her pussy further apart so that I could slip my cock inside of her.

Then with a little smirk Mandy said, “No, No baby – if you want my pussy you need a condom.”

I said, “And if you keep this up I’m going to cum real fast and this will be over real fast and I want to last as long as I can.”

Mandy smiled and said, “Don’t worry baby this isn’t a one time deal if you cum too fast your time isn’t over. There is no time limit here just a satisfied limit. When you’re satisfied and I’m satisfied then and only then is it over. Come on baby let’s take a shower and get ourselves cleaned up.”

We moved into the shower and I have to admit for a tiny girl she was a real hot water hog. She pulled out two of those little round spongy things and got it all soaped up for each of us. Mandy handed one to me and she kept the other and we began to wash each other as we made out in the shower. My hands were moving very slowly all over her body exploring as much as I could. She was doing the same to me.

I spun her around and I began to wash her breasts as she tilted her head back and begged for more kisses. As our lips touched each other my cock was splitting the crack of her ass again. I bent down a little and now my head of my cock was going from her tiny balloon knot between her pussy lips out the other side of her. Her pussy was on fire and I could feel her pussy juices on the tip of the head of my cock and soaked the top of my shaft as well. I could feel cum bubbling up in my balls. As my hands stopped caressing her breasts Mandy asked, “What’s wrong baby?”

With my voice panting now I said, “Mandy you’re going to make me cum and we really haven’t done anything yet.”

With very little hesitation Mandy spun around in the shower now facing me dropped to her knees. She grabbed my cock with her right hand and began to stroke me. With her big brown eyes looking up at me she said, “Lets get the quick one out of the way so we can both enjoy each other for the rest of our time.” She said nothing else as she kissed the tip of my cock.

I bent my knees a little and she pushed my cock between her 36-c breasts and when my seven inches pushed all the way up she took what she could in her mouth. Mandy said, “Come on titty fuck me, fuck my mouth I want to taste you.” The sensation of the lukewarm water pelting down on us and then the softness of her breast as she pushed them together as hard as she could and me forcing my cock between her cleavage to her hot soaking wet and very inviting mouth.

It didn’t take long only a minute or so. I was pumping my cock in her mouth and then down her throat. You could tell she was a pro because once I was balls deep in her mouth I was ready to explode. Mandy could taste my pre cum as she let my cock slide out from her throat then her mouth and with both hands jerked off a load of cum all over her face and like a good girl sucked the rest of the cum out from the shaft of my cock.

I stood in the shower with my knees actually very visibly shaking I had to sit down or I was going to fall down. So, not trying to embarrass myself I got her little spongy thing bent down on my knees and began to clean my sperm from her face, mouth, chin and tits. This was the most intense couple minutes of my life and Mandy was ready for more. Now that we had a glow about us from being so clean and knowing that once my cock got inside her pussy I wouldn’t cum in ten seconds we were both ready for each other.

As we dried off each other and kissing each other of course I was finished first. Mandy smiled and wrapped a towel around my waist and sent me on my way to the bedroom with a list of instructions. She said, “I want you to think what you want because I am willing to do anything for you. Also, I want you to choose where you want to start your fantasy in the bedroom and finally I want you to think about how good you’re about to make me feel. Now, get out of here and let me get prepared for you.”

How much encouragement could one guy need? I moved out into the bedroom and figured the best place to start would be back on the couch with her straddling me again this time my cock buried deep inside her pussy with my hand cupping that perfectly round cheerleader ass.

I was worried that I came so hard that it was going to take forever for me to get hard again but that thought disappeared very quickly as the door slowly crept open and Mandy sashayed into the bedroom. She was touting a new black g-string that tied on either side of her hips, no bra and the cutest black thigh-high stockings.

As she stood there I just gazed at her. She was about to say something when I put my finger to my lips and said “Shhhhhhh, quite baby – let me soak this in.” As she smiled at me with those big brown eyes her hand went to her breast and she began to caress them and pulling them up to her mouth she sucked on her nipples, she was alternating between the two breast and then my cock sprang back to life underneath my towel again. Now, with her hand moving down to her pussy you could hear her little moans.

I opened my towel and grabbed my cock and was stroking it as I watched her play with herself. Then I said, “Mandy, get down on your hands and knees and crawl over here to me.” Mandy obeyed without hesitation she crawled over to me and once again took my balls into her mouth as she pushed my hand away from my cock and replaced it with hers. I now know why she asks for the kind of money that she took from me. If this is any indication of how good she really is then I got Mandy for a bargain.

I told that I wanted to see her do a cheerleader split for me. So, she came off my cock and she stood up. Her legs slowly started to spread and slowly inched down to the floor. Finally her legs were parallel with the floor she smiled at me and turned her upper torso away from me and pushed it to the floor. Her flexibility was incredible. Now, with her legs spread in a straight line and her ass up in the air I could see everything her tiny asshole and her pussy lips protruding out from the edges of her black triangle patch that was trying to cover up her pussy.

As she lay there with her belly on the floor I slipped from the couch and straddled her. My cock was moving from the top of her asshole all the way down her pussy and banging the floor. I could feel her pussy start to get nice and we again, as we made out on the floor and her ass moving up and down the same as mine. Finally Mandy couldn’t take anymore and asked if I would eat her pussy if she sucked my cock again. I picked Mandy up from the floor and carried her over to the bed. She pulled the covers down and told me to lie on my back. With my cock pointing up to the ceiling she spun around and her ass was right in my grill now.

As she moved her ass over my mouth my tongue went from her clit down to her asshole she was also taking all seven inches of my cock in her mouth. I could barely breath but it was worth every second I was down there eating her because the way she sucked my cock, it was better than anyone had done in my life. It only took about two minutes when she let my cock once again slide out of her mouth and she sat right down on my face pushing her pussy right over top of my mouth. I frantically moved my tongue in as many different directions as I could when she squirted a huge load of her pussy juice all over my face. Now, when I say squirted, I mean squirted. When I came on her face about five minutes ago there were several chunky streams that landed on her face but her cumming on my face was like taking a warm glass of water and pouring it all over my face.

Mandy collapsed on top of me not moving. She came so hard that she was exhausted. I pushed her up off of me and made my way to the bathroom and washed my face. When I returned Mandy was lying on the bed with her legs wide apart and her biceps pushing her tits up and a big wide smile. She said, “It’s all yours you can do anything.”

I said, “Anything? Because I really would like to fuck your pussy and asshole.”

Mandy smiled at me and said, “Well, bring me that towel and let me dry my pussy a little and you can start with any hole you like, because I like anal as much as I like having a cock in my pussy.”

I handed her the towel and as she wiped her pussy dry I straddled her face and pushed my cock inside her mouth. I figured if she could deep throat me why not take advantage of the fact. As I grabbed the back of her head I was pumping my cock down her throat. I made her gag a few times but what the hell that is what I wanted. I let go of her head and she continued to pump my cock with her mouth and my fingers searched for her wet pussy. So for a minute or so she sucked my cock and I had three fingers inside her two holes; two fingers in her pussy and one in her asshole.

I was ready for her now, knowing her pussy was nice and wet and so was my cock it was time. Mandy’s hand came from underneath the pillow with a condom. Mandy slipped it on and said, “Are you ready to fuck me? I want to feel you inside me, deep inside me.”

As I sat on her belly I slid down on her kissing her mouth moving my tongue that was still scented with her cum in and out of her mouth. Mandy smiled at me, “Pussy juice let me suck my pussy juice off your tongue and lips baby.” My hands playing with her tits as my cock began to really swell and the blood rushed to the tip of my head. As she sucked my tongue like it was my cock and then her tongue licking my lips looking and searching to find if she missed any of her cum on my face.

I pushed her legs apart exposing her slit between her legs. I said, “Open your pussy for me I want to see inside your pink slit baby.” Again no hesitation she took both hands and opened her pussy to me and I slowly slid my cock in her pussy. Even with the condom I could feel how wet, warm and inviting her pussy really was, oh, how I really wanted to fuck her without the condom.

I pushed her legs behind her head. She was very limber and I wanted to take advantage of that. With her ankles behind her head this exposed not only her pussy but her asshole as well. I could tell that she was dripping wet as I pumped her pussy as hard as I could. When I pulled out her juices oozed out of her pussy down to the crack of her asshole. I took my fingers and spread her slightly opened asshole. I got the head of my cock lined up with her asshole and she took a deep breath as I pushed my cock inside her asshole. The head of my cock only made it in at first but after a few short pushes I was balls deep in her asshole.

She let her legs loose and now her ankles were around my neck not hers. As I sucked on her nipples I pushed as hard as I could to continue to go balls deep in her ass. There was something that felt so fucking good being balls deep in her ass. Mandy’s eyes rolled up into her head and she began to clutch and release my cock as I was thrusting my cock in her gaping asshole. Her breaths became shallow and quick now as she grabbed my neck with both hands and pulled me down to her mouth. Her tongue tasted like her pussy as she pushed it in and out of my mouth.

Then with an evil sneer she looked up at me with her big brown eyes smiled at me and without saying anything squirted another huge amount of pussy juice all over my stomach. She then clenched her ass cheeks together my cock unable to move in or out of her and she told me. “Fuck my asshole, God I can’t believe how good you make me feel baby.”

It took maybe another minute of me slamming my rock hard cock in and out of her shit hole when I felt my cum ready to flow again. I pulled out of her asshole and this dark pussy juice of hers oozed out of her asshole. It turned me on for some strange reason and slipped the condom off. Mandy closed her eyes and opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and jerked my cock until I shot another load on her face and in her mouth again. After sitting on top of her for a minute and looking at the cum dripping down off of her face and down on the bed I took my half rigid cock and put back in her mouth again.

I said, “Come on Mandy I want you to suck every last drop of my cum from my balls.”

Mandy took my cock back into her mouth and like a vacuum cleaner sucked on me for another two minutes or so. I finally let Mandy up and we both went to the shower cleaned up. Mandy walked me back out to the bar area and Rob hadn’t come out yet. Mandy then gave me her card with her phone number and said, “If you are ever in my area call me and we will go out.”

I said, “I never carry that kind of cash on me ever.”

Mandy smiled and said, “If you are in my home town and I’m free you aren’t going to need money or a condom baby.”

With that she gave me a little kiss on the lips and I watched her move down the hallway towards her bedroom. So ends again a very intense sexual encounter but no real prospects of a girl friend.

(Here ends part 3)

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