A Female Santa meets the guard dog..._(1)

A Female Santa meets the guard dog..._(1)

It was tight. Very tight. She suddenly remembered the house from last year as her tight dress scratched against the soot caked walls of the chimney. Nice house, big living room... hot resident. She smiled as she shuffled further down the brick walls, suddenly feeling a breeze come up from the hearth, a door creek beneath her. Someone had just either left... or entered the room. The breeze blew up her skirt, and she shivered. Not the night to go without panties, she thought. Then again, she had to leave something for a present.
She held her breath and slid down, hearing no further noise. But as just before her long leg touched the fireplace, she felt a tug. She groaned. A loose nail caught in her dress. It was short enough to begin with she thought, sighing. She ignored the disheartening riiip up her thigh and landed upon the hearth with a gentle thud. She looked around the huge living room. No sign of anyone. She looked at the tear running up the length of her dress, felt the warm air in the room around her... oh what the hell, and she dropped her sack of toys.
She peeled off the tight dress, her breasts pouring out of the top as she worked her way out of the red soot-suit costume. He hand ran along the smooth lines of her body, touching briefly on her shaved pussy. She remembered the boy of this house... tall, short dark hair... if the tooth fairy was anything to do by, the biggest dick. She felt something stir inside her at the thought, it's been too long. She looked at the empty tree and got to work.
There was a creak. Shit. Her eyes shot wide as lamps. She was bent double, her round ass spread open and on full display. Her long red hair was flowing over the breasts as she arranged the presents. She looked to the chimney and her dress, but it was too far off. She held her breath. The door creaked open. No sound. She looked around. A dog! She almost laughed. The huge German Shepard looked at her quizzically as she stood bend double presenting both holes, giggling. She tip toed over and patted the dog before getting back to her work. About 30 seconds later, she heard the dog pant. Not thinking, she hummed Christmas tunes, shaking her round ass back and forth. Suddenly, a shuffle. Before she could even stand up she felt the dog on top of her. She cried out but caught herself with a yelp. The man's room was right above her. She couldn't make a sound. She felt something poke at her ass as the dog began to pump back and forth aimlessly. She breathed in panic, trying to shoo the dog or shuffle away, but it growled and almost pushed her over. She now was flat on her face, her ass sticking into the air and ready for the taking. Her eyes shot to the chimney and she tried to shuffle towards it desperately. It was then the dog pounced.
It landed on her bare ass, pumping and pinning her with her paws. She could feel its huge dick sloppily slap against her, it's huge knot in the corner of her eye. "Oh my god" she whispered. The dick pumped forward, surging up the crack in her ass, she yelped and struggled, that was too close. "No no no no please" The dick surged forward again, sliding along the lips of her now wet pussy. In one desperate chance to escape, she tired to shuffle forward. She saw the dog swing back, its dick suddenly pointing upwards. It was a big mistake "No no nononono nooooEEEEEAAH!!!" All 9 inches of the dick surged into her ass with terrible force, surging back out just as fast and straight into her pussy. She screamed out again, but the dog suddenly found its footing, and the pumping become more and more rapid, pushing her along the smooth wooden floor. It was utterly relentless, but she desperately tried to stay quiet, as her body wracked in pleasure and Ecstasy. The dog's dick was bigger than anything she had ever felt, and her pussy gushed in eager response. But the consistency. It pumped like a machine, forcing her to tears as it carried on relentlessly. Her body began to shake and she knew orgasm was near, but there was no consideration from the dog. Its dick slid into her like a machine, and it made the orgasm all the more devastating. She bit down on her fist, trying all the same to edge closer to the fireplace, but it was pointless. On and on it went, orgasm after orgasm. Minutes passed. Soon, she passed out.
She only woke when she felt the knot. The dog's dick seemed to be growing, and she mumbled and drooled in protest and confusion. The knot was becoming huge in her pussy, deep and hard as it punched into her and sending surges of orgasm through her entire body. Every hair felt alive, every tear on her cheek resonating on her face. Her eyes rolled back as another orgasm washed over her. The wooden floor was soaked with her wetness and she was struggling to gain any footing at all. Her knee slipped all of a sudden and with a painful pop, the dog was pulled from her pussy after a 15 minute ordeal, stilling pumping into the air. She managed to briefly glance at its engorged dick, pumping and flailing in the room, and saw it in its glory. It must have been 10 inches now, and ready to cum. The beast was only out for seconds though, and soon was back onto her ass. The dick fired forward again, but to her worst nightmare, was headed straight back to her ass. Already sore from a single penetration, she once again fruitlessly begged the animal to stop, but it was no use. Before a single word fell from her mouth, the dog's knotted dick pushed itself inside her tight asshole. She screamed out and again silenced herself, clenching her teeth on the first present she could grab. The dog's slick penis thrusted with as much force as ever, tearing through her ass. She gasped as she felt another orgasm begin to hit her, waves rushing over her, her pussy shaking and squirting, her legs shaking and squirming. She realised the dog wasn't going to let up, she had to take action. She suddenly thrust back, pushing onto the dog's dick. This only made the beast wilder, the pain and deepness of its cock even stronger through her own body, but she knew it was the only way. She had to make the dog cum.
The grinded desperately on the dog, it's thrusting thankfully letting up for a few seconds as she pushed back on its huge dick. It seemed to have a life of its own, the giant knotted member wriggling and exploring every part of her ass. But it was working. The beast began to pant and struggle, scratching and shifting in her ass. She smiled. She grabbed its front legs for purchase and forced herself as deep as possible onto the 10 inch monster and pushing it into herself. That's when she felt the cum, and she suddenly realised this would be like nothing she had ever experienced. The entire dick seemed to bulge and all of a sudden her entire inside warmed as the cum poured into her shaking body. The dog scrambled and pulled back, the dick cumming and sliding out of her ass. With the loudest, wettest pop she had ever heard, the still cumming member shot out of her. She realised the mess it was going to make and dived for it, swallowing as much as she possibly could. It poured down her throat, and she thought it would never end. Thankfully, it did. She swallowed ever last drop, the dick still lodged in her throat. She panted, breathing heavily as the juices flowed out of her. That’s when she heard the throat clearing. She looked up, eyes wide.
A man stood there, watching and smiling. With a gasp, she pulled the dick from her mouth and gulped heavily.
"Merry Christmas!" she groaning.

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