I Think I Can Take It

I Think I Can Take It

I Think I Can Take It

I was sitting on my gran’s red sofa trying to watch a movie while feeling miserable as shit. Actually, the miserable feeling was into its fourth day, driving me crazy. It started last Saturday night; I’d been on the verge of getting my rock hard virgin boner into the sweet pussy of a petite, pretty as fuck mahogany chick that I’d been dating for a couple of months, when the usual happened; she changed her mind.

Inside the hotel, after sucking on her little tits and hairy pussy for a long time, preparing her for the big mac, I made the mistake of taking hold of her tiny hand and putting it on the throbbing, eager staff, hoping, to get her to do something other than lie there like a log. Like me she was a virgin too, eighteen to my twenty. As she tried to wrap her fingers around it and was unsuccessful, she realized what was waiting for her tight pussy, and panicked. After taking one long look at it with wide open, horrified eyes, she quickly got back into her skirt and panties and asked me to take her home. Like the few others before her I’d had similar experiences with, I didn’t want to apply force. I’m not too keen on risking a rape charge. She hasn’t called me since and refuses to answer when I call, which has me upset, because I really liked the sweet little thing and was sure that I’d finally score. I mean she had felt and rubbed it through my jeans numerous times and hadn’t shown any revulsion or fear; she had actually appeared eager for it.

Gran walked to the chair and stood over me, hands on her ample hips. She was a nicely thick woman, tall and shapely with a good firm body for a fifty eight year old. She had massive breasts that seemed defiantly inclined to resist gravity. Her dark brown skin was still very smooth and fresh looking and her ass which she usually kept unrestrained, that is, unhindered by roll-ons, was a delight to look at when she was wearing a thin skirt or tight shorts, which she seemed to like. I knew that she had been aware of my silent suffering for at least a couple days now, for I’d seen her watching me closely with a concerned look on her face a number of times. She’d probably guessed that it might be a love matter that I wasn’t prepared to talk about.

“What’s the matter baby? You haven’t been yourself for a few days now. If there’s anything I can do, or something you want to talk about I’m here for you.”

I looked up at her pretty, caring face and a wave of emotion overtook me. I started to talk but a lump and some pain in my throat prevented me from uttering a word. I felt my eyes grow wet, and before I could hold it back, tears gushed out. I didn’t sob or anything like that; the tears just flowed out.

“Oh baby, don’t cry, come talk to granny; I’m sure whatever it is I’ll find a way to help you overcome it.” She said, quickly plumping herself down next to me.

She put her arms around me and pulled me close to her, bringing my head down on her big soft bosom. Her fingers stroked my head and snaked through my neat, thick afro. As I felt her tender warmth I knew that I was going to open up to her despite the delicacy of my troubles. We’d always been close, and since I’d been living here with her over the past six months, waiting for my USA visa to go and join my parents who had migrated there on a permanent resident status, we had become even closer. It was just the two of us, my grandfather having passed away two years ago.

“I’m guessing your troubles are of a romantic nature?” she queried. I nodded
“Sort of,” I whispered.
“A bitter break up?” she probed, probably sensing I needed to be coaxed into letting it all out.
“A break up, sort of, but not bitter really, except for me, a little.”
“Oh...hmmm, you mind...?” she said, looking a bit confused.
“Well, it’s the recurring breakups that is bothering me.”
“I see, you having problems maintaining relationships?”
“Yes, I have a little problem, of a sexual nature.” I said the last bit very fast.
I felt her stiffen and her fingers grip the arm they had been resting on. I remained silent for a while, forcing her to ask:
“You’re having erection problems?” she asked, obviously holding her breath for the answer.
“No, I’m alright in that area,” I said quickly,

She relaxed visibly, letting out a deep breath. The hand that had been gripping my arm a little while ago, dropped to my thigh and as if to confirm my disclosure dropped onto my hardon which was still hanging around, due to the closeness of soft, sweet smelling feminine flesh and the added factor of the subject matter. She jumped, and pulled her hand away quickly.
“I’m still a virgin.”
“Oh,” she gasped, “and you’re anxious to change that.” She added, smiling.
“I try to, but every time I’m ready to get it done the girls change their mind.”
“What!” She exclaimed loudly, bringing her hand up to her mouth. “Why?”
“I’m...I’m a bit...you know...large”
I saw her look down quickly and then turn away, smiling.
“That is not usually a problem for a man, but I guess it could be...depending on how...big.” she said,

Once again she looked down, this time letting her eyes linger a little while. The mere fact that she was looking there made my cock lurch and I saw her eyes become very bright and her fingers fidget with the hem of her skirt before coming together in a tight lock. She licked her lips.
“Nobody seems to want to risk it” I said “one girl said I’m a freak.”
“No you’re not; don’t bother with what she said, some men do have large ones. How...large...you know, when it gets up?”
“A little over twelve inches long...and seven inches around,” I said, looking questioningly at her, trying to gauge from her response if it really was a freak dick.
“What, that big?” she burst out, “you kidding me?”
“No gran, I mean it.”

She looked straight at my crotch, at the bouncing movements going on in the basketball trunks I was wearing, her face reddening as much as it could through her rich brown skin.
“Do you mind...showing me it?” she asked tentatively.
I quickly reached down, suddenly anxious for her to see my dick, and hooking my thumbs in the waist band, raised up my butt and dragged the trunks down to my knees letting the massive tool spring loose.
“What the fuck...that is some big ass dick you got there boy!” she blurted loudly.

It was the first time I’d ever heard my sweet granny curse and to my ears it sounded very sexy. She stared wide eyed and open mouthed at the jerking cock fully stretched out. I could see the nipples on her big breasts stiffly poking the front of the close fitting T shirt she was wearing. I looked down at her thighs which were pressed together tightly. She was wearing shorts and I could see goosebumps on the blushing thighs. I started to pull up back my trunks, but she reached out quickly and grabbed my hand.
“Not yet baby, you will in a while...can I...touch it...just a little?” she asked, more pleadingly than questioningly.
I couldn’t refuse her; I didn’t want to. She raised her hand and held it over the huge dick for a while before mustering up the courage to grab it. She folded her hand around as much of the fat pole as she could hold, squeezing it gently, then, as if burnt, pulling her hand away quickly. Her eyes looked as if she had smoked a joint, and she wet her lips with a nice pointy red tongue.
“It’s a fucking beauty,” she whispered, apparently surprising herself as much as she surprised me, for she quickly brought her hand up to her mouth and started giggling.
I started pulling up the trunks and looked at her as she giggled; her bright black eyes looking into mine with something like admiration or love.
“Put it away quickly, before it knocks me over,” she said and burst out laughing heartily.
I looked at her, smiling myself, as her body shook with laughter. She wiped the water coming out her eyes.
“I’m not laughing at you baby, ok, I’m laughing because I’m happy for you and because that is the best looking cock I’ve ever seen.” She said wiping her eyes again.

When she was done and had composed herself, she drew closer and putting her arms around me, hugged me tightly. I could feel a stiff nipple pressing into my bare chest. I considered bringing up my hand and caressing that magnificent breast, but managed to control myself. Gran gave me a little kiss on the cheek, barely grazing the side of my lips and then pulled away and drew her body further down the chair. She looked at me with a nice reassuring smile on her face.

The ladies you were with who panicked, were they very young?”
“Yes, about eighteen or thereabouts, and two of them were virgins according to them.”
“Maybe you should try older women; don’t you find older women attractive?”
“Yes, I do lots of them. To be honest I think I prefer older women, but I don’t know how to approach them, it’s not as easy as with girls in my age group. I always feel afraid they might be offended and embarrass me publicly”
“You’d be surprised to see how willing some of them would be if you were to make a pass,” She said, winking at me and smiling wickedly.
“Naw, I’m too scared to try. What if I approach one who isn’t into younger men?”
“You know what; I’ll see if I can hook you up with some nice older lady, I have a couple of friends who are like me, man less, and always horny. I don’t want to see you in this mood all the time just sitting around with a long sad face; and at twenty you really ought to be using what you have. Leave it up to granny.”

It’s one week after our talk and I’m sitting on the same red sofa when granny comes down the stairs and I hear a little painful shriek. I quickly get up and hurry over to where she is sitting on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. There is a pained look on her face as she brings a hand to the back of one thigh and gently massages it
“I think I’ve pulled a muscle or something in the back of my thigh,” she says, cringing.

I look down at her crumpled body. She is resting on one hand while the other hand is on her left knee which is bent and drawn up causing her shortish light blue nylon nightdress to fall down along the thigh. The other leg is spread slightly wide, dragging the thin material with it, enough for me to see her red panties which are of a thin, lacy material. I take in the sight, trying hard not to have any inappropriate thoughts, but there seems to be a divorce between my head and my dick which begin a definite rise from slumber. She reaches up her hand and I pull her up, her soft body crushing against mine, pressing against my tool. With her hand around my shoulder and my hand around her waist she hobbles to the chair, where upon sitting down she leans into me, resting her head on my shoulder and letting one hand fall on my thigh, dangerously close to my pulsing cock. I notice for the first time that she isn’t wearing any brassiere, and her huge breasts are nicely outlined through the tuckered cups of nightie front, the long nipples sticking out daringly

“What happened?” I ask.
“I stepped too far along the second to last rung and I slipped.” She says in a soft voice.
“What can I do to help,” I ask feeling a bit helpless.
“You can help me go up to my bedroom so I can lie down and rest the leg for a while.”

I get up and stand before her looking down onto her shiny salt and pepper kinky hair which is close cropped. She begins to get up, but immediately sits down back, bringing her head to rest against my thigh, again dangerously close to my semi hard on. I feel it twitch in response to the promising closeness. This is getting out of hand I think, what am I doing getting an erection for my granny who is in obvious pain. Yet I move my body slightly, bringing my cock to press against her cheek. After a few seconds she gets up and throws one hand around my shoulder as I bring one of mine around her waist, letting it go around and settle on her soft lower belly. Limping slightly she lets me lead her up the stairs and into her bedroom. She lies down on her back looking up at me with shiny dilating eyes. I look down to where her nightie settles between her slightly spread legs showing a tempting imprint of her vaginal mound, her huge breasts spread across her chest falling over to the sides, some of the flesh, a lighter chocolate than the rest of her body, slipping out. I bend over and touch her head gently.

“You alright gran, you didn’t hit anywhere hard,” I ask, genuinely concerned.
“Yes baby, I’m alright, it’s just the pain at the back of my thigh. I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be the right thing to massage it a bit and get the blood flowing. If it is left alone the pulled muscle might set into a knot.” She says.
She turns over slowly and lies on her belly, bringing her hand around to attempt the massage. Pulling up the hem of her nightdress she begins to rub the thick smooth thigh.
“Oh, this is so awkward, I’m too old and stiff for this,” she says giggling.
“I can do it for you gran,” I offer, though wondering if I could control myself.
“Oh, thank you honey, that would be great.”
I sit down on the bed next to her as she drags her nightie up, high enough to reveal the red panties. I gasp at the sight of her plump ass covered in the thin red lace. And with her legs spread a bit I could see the bump of her pussy. I feel my cock buck wildly in my boxers.
“It’s just about here, “she says, touching a spot midway between the back of her knee and her buttocks.

I begin to massage the surprisingly firm yet soft flesh. As my hand work on her thigh she spreads her legs wider. I gently squeeze her thickness letting my hands caress more than massage. She hisses softly and squirms a bit, lifting her ass up high then getting back down. She does this about three times. I realize that she is getting great pleasure out of my teasing fingers.
“Oh baby that feels so good, I can feel the pain beginning to ease already, just move up a little bit higher please.” She begs.
Without lifting my hands off her I run my fingers up higher, mere inches away from the beginning of her butt. She squirms as I rub her tenderly, bringing my hand more to the inside of the soft thigh. She raises her ass again and I stare captivated at the pussy lump with the little grey and black hairs sticking through the lace.
“This pain seems to be playing games, no sooner it ends in one spot it runs up higher.” She says laughing.
I take this to mean that I should move up higher and does so, concentrating mostly on the inner softness, my hands occasionally brushing her crotch.
“Higher,” she whispers.
Higher takes me onto the beginning of her butt, with the back of the inner hand plumb on her crotch. I rub, as she squirms and I knew that this is now more than a massage to her.
“Excellent massage my boy, the pain is completely gone from the back, but there is just a slight niggle in front.”

She turns over on her back, pulling the nightie hem up to her waist. I can feel my eyes swell at the magnificent sight of sexy older womanhood. I quickly begin to rub mid-thigh, but she stops me and says to go higher, in line with where I last rubbed the back. I bring my hand up and settle at the joining of her thigh and crotch and is about to start rubbing when I think, fuck this time wasting, this is no longer about rubbing away pain; gran wants me to rub her pussy, maybe fuck her. So I grab her pussy which fills the cup of my hand nicely. I begin to rub the soft damp mound and she hisses loudly and rolls her hips. I lean forward and bring the other hand to a big round breast, massaging it gingerly. She moans in pleasure. I’m still kneading the now very wet pussy, feeling her thrusting upward against my hand. I pull the panty aside and stick two fingers inside. She brings her legs together, trapping them in her hot well. I move them around inside her.

I drag the nightie V roughly aside and lift a huge mound of breast out of it, bringing my mouth down to clamp hard around a long stiff nipple. I suck on it hungrily as she holds my head against it. I release the breast and moves to her mouth. She sticks her tongue out and I suck on it. I’m meanwhile pumping my finger frantically in her steaming pussy. I get up and get out of my boxers. She lifts her nightie over her head and swiftly gets rid of the wet panties. I stand looking down at my old gran’s magnificent dark roundness. Her crotch and pussy sprinkled with neatly trimmed salt and pepper hairs. I am still looking at her when she gets up and sits on the edge of the bed, her big flesh balloons hanging down to her waist as she grabs hold of my long fat dong. She wraps both hands around my shaft and pumps it roughly.

She leans back on the bed pulling me by the cock with her. She makes me straddle her chest and pulling the big stick down begins to lick it lovingly. I close my eyes and enjoy the pleasure of her mouth and tongue working on my huge cock and big balls. She opens her mouth wide and manages to take the head of my cock into it fulling it up. Her tongue goes to work on it. She reaches to the table at the head of the bed and picks up a bottle of coconut oil. She squirts oil onto my cock and rubs it all over from tip to base. She then spreads her legs and lathers her pussy well outside and inside.

“Get between my legs baby.” She orders softly.
I see a little glimmer of doubt play in her eyes as she takes hold of the cock and places it to her entrance. She is rubbing it against the opening as she moans. She shifts one lip aside with the cock and pulls the other aside with her free hand.

“Push it forward a little baby, just a little,” she whispered.
I push forward and feel my girth aided by the oil and her juices force its way in about an inch. I’m looking at her face which is set in a grimace as her teeth bites into her bottom lip.
“Push some more baby, but gently.”
I ease myself forward and feel about three or four inches go into her. Her entire body trembles and she brings a hand up against my belly imploring me to go no further. I remain still above her watching her head thrash from side to side as she fights to shake off the pain. She opens mouth and blows out heavily. She opens her eyes and looking at me with a weak smile nods her head. I push forward and hear her howl as another two or three inches measures the length of her pussy wall. By now half or a little more than half of my member is stuck inside gran’s pussy. She brings up both hands and places them palms up against my belly as she slowly rolls her hips under the stiff stick. She kept at it for a few minutes, opening up the tight walls gently for more wood.

She places her hands on my buttocks and pulls me down gently, biting her lips and grimacing.

“I am ready, I think I can take it, fuck me big boy, but if I say stop you stop,” she orders.
I begin to thrust into her and she grunts loudly with each thrust. Her face is wet with tears, but she is intent on taking the big stick, her body trembling heavily as I pummel her. She is now taking about nine or ten inches of cock diving in her well. Her eyes are open wide looking amazed at my face as I thrust. Suddenly I can hold back no longer and pushing forward hard sends all twelve inch plus into her I come hard, bucking and grunting as she is screaming. I flood her insides with my hot cum. She is holding me down deep in her. I am still, all kinds of thoughts running through my head. At last I am truly a man. Her pussy walls is doing something nice to my cock, massaging it. I feel her moving under me with gradually increasing speed till she is bucking and grinding wildly. I look down at the old girl doing her wild thing under me and feel a love for her more than before and I smile with satisfaction. I feel her nails sink into my buttocks, burning the flesh and her body begins to convulse against mine. She is wet with sweat. She makes me turn over and she is now lying on top of me, my cock still buried deep up in her.

About ten minutes later she whispers in my ears. “I am ready to go again.”
I push up into her and she makes a surprised ooh sound followed by a whistle sound. I grab her fat ass and sliding my fingers deep into the crack pulls the cheeks apart as I am fucking that tight old pussy. She rises up a bit and hugging my sides with her thighs begins to ride me. She is reaching behind, finding my balls and playing with them gently as she rides. Her eyes are rolled up in her head and she is bucking wildly, fighting back against my upward thrusts, refusing to let her spirit be broken by the big magic wand probing her insides, refusing to surrender. I grab the bottle of coconut oil which is still on the bed, and lather my fingers on one hand. I ease a finger into her little button and she squeals, but bucks harder. With every upward thrust of my big wood into her I am sending the finger into her asshole. Another orgasm overtakes her and she thrashes about wildly, rodeo style on top of me. When she is done shivering she raises off me, her face grimacing as the long fat pole come out.

She is lying on her back next to me catching her breath; one hand slowly pumping the large tool keeping it hard as she recuperates. After a while I turn over placing my head between her thighs. I am rubbing my nose about in the salt and pepper patch, my tongue is snaking between the swollen black folds. Then I am sucking on a plump clit and she is cumming again as my mouth is pressed against her pleasure lips. She turns on her side backing me and raises one leg high. I apply more coconut oil to my cock and am soon forcing it into her. She is taking it quicker and easier this time. I am giving her quick jabs with about nine inches of the fat needle. My hands are filled with her fat boobs as I am pounding her, bringing gasps and grunts and squeals out of her. I am emptying into her for the second time as she is grasping my balls.

Exhausted, we are lying on our backs side by side breathing hard.
“How is your thigh now Gran, is it still paining,” I ask.
“Pain, baby I never had a pain in my thighs that was only to get you up here into this bed,” she says, laughing. “The only pain I’m feeling now is the pain in my old pussy, caused by that monster dick of yours. But it’s a nice pain, one I can get used to, and am looking forward to feeling again and again if you’re willing to oblige me.”

I look at the old sweet fucker sprawled out on my bed, her lush body inviting another round of cock attack and I know that I am going to oblige her for as long as she let me. That old pussy is surely deserving of cock.

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