Mrs. Jenkins and I, pt 2

Mrs. Jenkins and I, pt 2

As we got out of the pool I just stared at Mrs. Jenkins. I still had a full erection and was planning to go to the bathroom asap. As she turned to go to her room, I turned to go to the bathroom, but got one last look at Mrs. Jenkins, and that’s when she signaled me over. I hesitantly walked over and into Mrs. Jenkins’ room. She unsnapped her bra and leaned in towards me. At first I was shocked and didn’t know what to do, but soon enough I lent in the last inch and had a real passionate kiss. As we continued to kiss she reached down and grabbed my throbbing member through my wet boxers.

I felt like I was about to explode as we kissed. I brought my arms around her and squeezed her ass tightly. I think this took her by surprise when she broke our kiss and looked down at me. That’s when she turned me and pushed me on the bed. I knew what was coming as she licked her lips while pulling down my boxers. I closed my eyes for a second and the next thing I knew I felt a warm, wet engulfing feeling around my dick.

It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I was in heaven as she began bobbing her head slowly. She could almost fit her mouth around it and she attempted to several times, but gagged. I felt like I was going to cum way too soon so I did my best to hold it in. She began just sucking on the head as she wrapped a hand around the shaft and stroked quickly. It seemed like 50,000 things were rushing through my mind and I couldn’t describe how great it felt. I told her in a whisper “I’m cumming” and she removed her hand and begin deepthroating me again. Soon enough I came and she just kept bobbing her head, taking in squirt after squirt. I was out of breath as she removed her head and smiled at me, sucking down the last of my juices.

I leaned up to kiss again and was about to grab her breasts when she pushed me away. She then said “I have to go, we’ll finish later, ok?” I didn’t even have to say anything as I sat there in shock of what just happened. I sat in silence as she got dressed. She told me to stay there as she left her room. I pulled up my boxers but I was still semi-erect. She came back with a dildo. I just sat there as I stared at her holding the dildo. She told me to pull down my boxers and I did. She began stroking me again and once I was hard she compared the size of the dildo to me. Although I was about 2 inches longer, it was much thicker.

She told me that I’d have to take care of myself once Owen goes to sleep, and then we can finish up once I get back. Or if you can hold it, that would be even better. I was still sitting there in silence, confused, shocked, happy. I didn’t know what to think as she put the dildo in her drawer and finished getting dressed. She sat on the bed next to me and asked me to put on her heels for her. As I was putting them on, I looked up her dress and saw that she was wearing no panties. I asked if she normally doesn’t wear panties to meetings.

She told me she does, but wanted to give me a few of what was to come later. And with that she stood up, looked in the mirror, and walked out her door. She said dinner is in the fridge, I’ll be back around 11. Call if there is any trouble. And with that, I just stared at her ass as she walked to her car. I went to the bathroom and got dressed, then went downstairs to catch up with Owen.

The entire time babysitting Owen felt like hell. I was semi-erect the entire time just think about Mrs. Jenkins and her body. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I was in a trance for the entire evening. Soon enough, Owen was tired and went off to bed. I followed him up and turned off the lights making sure he needed nothing else before I went downstairs. He shooed me away saying everything was fine and I went back downstairs.

I began watching tv. After about an hour I got bored and decided to go snooping around Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins’ room. I found a bra that showed 38D. That seemed about right, if I had any idea what I was talking about. I continued snooping, sniffing every bra and panty there was to sniff. Soon enough I found myself with a full erection attempting to break out of my jeans.

I heard the door open upstairs; it was only 10:15. “Shit” I thought, trying to do my best to put all the clothes back where I found them. I went upstairs, thinking of an excuse to be down there. As I got up I saw both Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, “Damnit” I thought. Mr. Jenkins asked what I was doing downstairs, and I just told him I was looked around the entire house, admiring the new additions (They actually rearranged everything and added a new floor to the house a few months ago). He shrugged it off and asked if Owen was any trouble. I replied a simple no. I don’t think Mr. Jenkins noticed the small bulge in my jeans but I think Mrs. Jenkins did. Mrs. Jenkins turned to Mr. Jenkins and said that she would take me home and pay me.

I smiled and waiting for Mrs. Jenkins to begin walking out. We got in the car and she grabbed my bulge through my jeans. She asked if anyone was home. I said that my mom would be asleep and my brother is out with some friends. She said alright, well your room is downstairs right? I said yes and smiled at her, knowing what she was thinking.

After the first turn we ran into a red light. She told me to slide down my jeans and boxers. I did so without hesitating. She began stroking me and massaging her own breast. The light turned green very quickly and I saw Mrs. Jenkins focusing on the road. I leaned over and pulled one arm strap of her dress and bra down. I then leaned even farther over her, kissed her neck, and pulled the other side down. I stayed in that position and began kissing her neck and massaging her breasts. I kissed my way down to her left breast and began sucking on her nipple and playing with he right breast with my right hand.

I used my left hand to slide up her leg, bringing her dress up with me. I reached to go under her panties when I remember she had none on. I began just sliding 2 fingers on the lips as I continued kissing and playing with her breasts. As much as I wanted to continue the car stopped and we were at my home. She pushed me off and brought her straps back up onto her shoulders. I pulled my jeans and boxers up, then opened the door for her. We walked in quietly, and my room was right next to the door. I told her to go in and make herself comfortable, and I would be right back down.

I ran upstairs, I woke my mom up, told her I was home, told her I was going to sleep, She nodded me off and went back to sleep. I ran back downstairs and opened my door to find Mrs. Jenkins in stockings and a bra, lying down in my bed. As I walked over, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, then pulled them down. There was a huge bulge in my boxers and as I climbed onto the bed I pulled my shirt off.

I climbed on top of her and we kissed passionately. Our tongues locked as my hands roamed her body. I pressed my body against hers, and she flipped us over, leaving her on top. We continue to kiss and I move my hands around her to undo her bra. She pulled down my boxers and we continued to kiss and press our bodies against each other. I was rock hard and my dick was begging to go inside her. She knew and told me to lean back and let her do the work.

I smiled for a second and then watched as she began to mount me. At first she went in slow, saying how long it has been since her husband had sex with her. I couldn’t think about her as I was in heaven. A wet, tight, smooth feeling embraced me and my throbbing member as I entered her for the first time. I let out deep breathes as she began to ride me up and down. I looked up and saw her staring at my ceiling with her eyes closed, and tits bouncing. I reached up and grabbed them. I began playing with her nipples as she continued to ride me faster and faster.

I can’t even describe how I felt, but I know I never wanted it to end. I felt like I was going to cum as she started picking up the pace even more. I let out moans of pleasure and let my hands move down from her breasts to her hips, rocking with each bounce. Everything was in unison, she began moaning too and I ended up coming before her, although I told her to keep going until she came. She moaned as my cum filled her. I got hard again from her cum covering my once again hard member. The night was only beginning, and I was already in heaven.

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