The Mind Control Device Short: Mother's Blowjob Craving

The Mind Control Device Short: Mother's Blowjob Craving

The Mind Control Device Short

Mother's Blowjob Craving

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Dean Michaels sat on the park bench, typing on his laptop, his mind-controlling device sitting beside him. He was about to test it for the first time. He entered the first command. and all those under the age of eighteen began leaving the vicinity.

He had traveled far from his home to test the device. Driven two hours so that there was no chance anyone around here would know him. He'd chosen a park with no surveillance so no one could connect the strange activity to him.

It was public. The perfect place to test things. To make sure this device would work for his family. He had a petite wife who liked to dress up as a schoolgirl and two daughters he desperately wanted to fuck. Especially his youngest.

So the device had to work perfectly. There could be no chance of his family learning of his deviant desires. His wife would leave him if she thought he actually wanted to sleep with their eighteen-year-old daughter June.

A thrill rippled through him even as a black-haired woman sat down beside him. Dressed in tight jogging shorts and a tank top, she was a gorgeous woman. A MILF. Large breasts stretched out her top as she shook her head at a younger, black-haired girl jogging by.

The woman had no idea that her life was about to change as the man she sat down beside typed his commands.


Brenda McDonald – Moments Before Activation

“I can't keep up with her,” I muttered to the dark-haired man I sat beside. He looked a little out of place in the park, glasses perched on his nose, a serious look on his face as he typed on a laptop. It was curious to see someone doing that on such a bright and sunny day.

“I bet,” the man said, glancing at my daughter as she jogged by.

Melinda was nineteen and with too much energy. She was proving it by out-jogging me. I needed a breather while she was off to shake that young ass of hers and prove that she had more stamina than her mother.

The man typed on this machine. I glanced at the screen and saw him typing strange numbers. 840F21; immune from sound waves and 840F21; arousal protocol. Was it some sort of programming language?

“Getting some work done?” I asked, confused at what he was doing.

“Testing out my invention,” he said and typed out: All; boredom protocol.

He hit enter and...

My mind went blank. mouth tasted salty as I blinked my eyes. I was standing up before my daughter. A moment of confusion rippled through me. Why was I standing up? Wasn't I sitting down? And hadn't my daughter just jogged by? But then I felt so good, refreshed even, that the question melted away. My body buzzed and I felt juicy between my thighs. I almost felt like I'd had an orgasm or something, which was just foolish.

“I can't believe you didn't keep up with me, Mom,” my daughter said. “I went easy on you.”

“I'm twice your age,” I pointed out as she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the path. “You're lucky I kept up at all.”

“You can do better,” Melinda said. “Come on, one more lap. You don't want to get a fat butt.”

I struggled to look behind me as we headed down the path. “My butt's not getting fat, right?”

Melinda flashed me a naughty grin.

As we jogged around the park, that salty flavor continued to linger in my mouth. It was like I'd taken a mouthful of cum. I rubbed my tongue across the roof of my mouth. It couldn't be jizz. I hadn't blown a cock in so long.

Mmm, too long.

Why had that popped into my head?

Melinda jogged before me, the nineteen-year-old seemingly possessed of boundless energy. Her hips shook and her jogging shorts clung to her toned rump. My butt wasn't getting fat, right? I kept in great shape for my age. I pumped my arms and kept up with her even as I felt the growing exertion.

And the need to drink something. That salty flavor was still lingering.

Thick, creamy, salty jizz... The idea filled my mouth with such exciting possibilities. I shuddered, my cunt on fire. My panties were drenched. I really did feel like I had had a bunch of orgasms today while I was at the park.

We finished our lap, and I headed over to the drinking fountain. It had the spigot with the splash guard along the top, narrow and half-cylindrical. As I leaned down to drink from the arc of water, the urge to suck on the spigot surged through me. I wanted to latch my mouth on it and suck all that water out of it.

Just blow it.

I shuddered at that. I forced myself to drink the water, sucking down the cool, refreshing stream even as I stared at that cylinder. I could fit it all in my mouth. I could just worship it. My pussy blazed with heat.

Sucking would be so amazing and...

“Going to drink all the water, Mom?” Melinda asked behind me.

I jumped so hard that the water splashed across my face and then the front of my tank top, soaking my breasts. “Just thirsty.”

“I can see that,” she said in some amusement. A teasing smile played on her lips.

I stepped aside and let her drink from it. Did she want to suck it? To just slide her lips over it. As she did, I glanced around the park. I spotted a pair of twin sisters holding hands and then a guy in jogging shorts stretching. Did he have a nice cock that needed sucking on? I bet he did. I could just...

I shook my head. God, how horny was I getting? Had it been that long since I'd gotten laid that I was thinking about blowing random strangers?

My daughter and I headed home. After a quick shower, both of us using different ones at the same time so there was no water pressure and a race before we ran out of heat, I put on a pair of jean shorts and another tank top, my breasts held in a sports bra. That heat between my thighs had dwindled.

I plopped myself on the couch and turned on the TV. There wasn't much on, but I found a cooking show to have on in the background while I played around on my phone, talking with people on social media.

The door opened and my eighteen-year-old son Corey entered. He was a tall guy, muscular and strapping. He darted past me, all sweaty from playing basketball with his friends. He flashed me a grin as he rushed by.

My eyes shot to his shorts. I caught just a glimmer of the bulge in his basketball shorts. A shiver ran through me. My son was growing into a man. At eighteen, he was taller than me, stronger. He had a cock that was getting big. Did he take after his asshole father? Sean might have been a prick, but he had a big dick.

A suckable dick.

Did my son have a suckable dick?

I blinked at that. Why was I thinking about my son's cock? What sort of sicko did that? I was his mother! I brought him into this world. I nursed him. Raised him. I was there for him when his shithead father was out drinking and doing god knew what. My tongue flicked over my lips as I imagined Sean's cock on Corey's body.

Big. Throbbing. Just begging for a woman—me!—to suck on him. A wave of heat washed through me. I could hear my son moving through the house. He raced up the stairs then he flung himself on the bed. Was he going to masturbate? I knew he did. I'd found the crusty stains. I was a mother. I understood that he was growing up.

He wouldn't need to jerk it to porn he found on the internet if he had my mouth sucking his—

“Brenda McDonald, you stop thinking perverted things like that,” I hissed at myself, a wave of heat washing through me. “Right this second. That's disgusting.”

I didn't know where this sudden oral fixation had come from. I threw myself to my feet, the itch growing in my pussy, a scratch that could only be satiated by doing something perverted. I tried to ignore it, passing back and forth as I thought about creeping upstairs and opening his door.

“No, no, don't worry, Corey,” I crooned in my mind, “you're not in trouble for masturbating. In fact, I'm here to help you. Mmm, just let your mother suck your cock. Yes, yes, you'll cum real fast. No need for porn with my mouth wrapped around your cock.”

When had I become a complete sicko? How had this happened? I ran my hands up and down my body, my nipples throbbing. My pussy clenched as the fantasy of sliding my lips down my son's cock and blowing him consumed my thoughts.

I groaned and then threw myself into cleaning the house. It didn't need it, but I did it anyway. I polished all the shelves with a manic intensity. I vacuumed the living room, thrusting the vacuum cleaner forward with powerful thrusts. I headed into my kitchen and scrubbed all the countertops clean.

“Don't you usually do that after dinner?” Melinda asked when she popped in to grab a diet coke out of the refrigerator. She cracked open the can and took a sip.

“The kitchen has to be clean so I can make dinner,” I lied. I could hear Corey moving around upstairs. Was he hard again? Eighteen-year-old boys were always hard, right?

I could take care of that. Just fall to my knees and suck on his dick.

“So, what is for dinner?” Melinda asked.

“I'm making shake and bake chicken with salad,” I told her.

“Cool,” my daughter said. “Then she headed out with her coke, sipping at it.

I wanted her to stay. I bet she could be a good distraction to keep my mind from thoughts of cocks. I wanted to suck one so badly, and there was one right here in the house. A big, strapping cock belonging to my son. I could fall to my knees and nurse on him. Just guzzle down all his jizz.

It would be spectacular.

My kitchen smelling of cleaner, I started dinner. I pulled the chicken out of the refrigerator and pulled the boneless pieces out of the packaging. I trimmed off some gristle and then set about making the breading. The right spices were mixed together in a bag. Then I dropped the pieces in one by one and shook them.

My hair danced as I did. It was satisfying. The oven was preheating to the correct temperature as I coated the chicken one by one. Two pieces for my daughter and me and four for Corey. He was a growing boy. He would demolish it.

The chicken in the oven, I set about making the salad. A mix of romaine lettuce and spinach for the base. Then I grabbed two red, ripe tomatoes, sliced them up, and dropped them in. Next, I diced two orange bell peppers to add a bit of flavor to it. Last, I grabbed the cucumbers.

I held the waxy, green vegetable from the fridge, the skin cool in my grip. My pussy clenched. I stared at it, my tongue flicking over my lips. Then I thrust it at my mouth and opened wide. I slid my lips over the cucumber.

I sucked on it. My eyes squeezed closed as I worked the cucumber in and out of my mouth. I tasted its waxy skin. My tongue swirled around it as I squirmed in delight. I squealed about it, picturing it was Corey's big dick in my mouth.

“Mom! Mom!” Corey groaned. “Oh, wow, Mom, that's great. I love it. You're making my dick feel amazing!”

I sucked harder. My tongue caressed over it. My pussy warmed, that itch intensifying. I pumped the vegetable deep into my mouth and then pulled it back, careful to keep my teeth from the skin. I didn't want to hurt my son.

“Yes, yes, I'm going to cum, Mom!”

I wanted that salty cum in my mouth. I wanted to gulp down the cream. To swallow down all my son's incestuous—

I froze, the cucumber thrust deep into my mouth. I trembled there, shock rippling through me. I ripped the vegetable from my lips and panted. Drool ran down my chin. I stared at it, half of it soaked in my saliva.

“What the fuck,” I muttered, frightened.

What was wrong with me? What had happened to me today? Why was I acting like a complete cock-hungry slut? I never even liked blowing guys before. It was always a chore. Something I did it to make them feel better or to keep them from having real sex with me. It had always felt slightly demeaning.


I wanted cocks in my mouth. Any cock. My son's cock. His would be the best cock of all.

I whirled around and thrust the cucumber beneath the faucet. I turned on the flow of water and washed my spittle off of it. I trembled, my breasts jiggling. Did I need help? Like did I need to find a therapist or something and figure out what was wrong with me?

There had to be something seriously wrong with me. This was messed up what I was doing. I didn't even think. I just started sucking on that cucumber. I licked my lips, aching to love it some more. To keep sucking on it.

“Fuck,” I muttered and shoved it down on the cutting board.

I grabbed my knife, and I diced. I sliced. I worked fast, cutting that offending cucumber into thin circles. The TAP-TAP-TAP of my knife striking the wooden surface echoed through my kitchen as I reduced the thick phallus into little, light-green discs.

Temptation destroyed.

I glanced at my refrigerator. I had another cucumber in there. And carrots... I had thick carrots I could work in and out of my mouth. Just suck on them with such hunger. A shiver ran through me. I squeezed my eyes shut and dumped the cucumber into the salad.

I braved the refrigerator to pull out the bag of shredded mozzarella cheese to add on the salad then mixed it together with a large spoon. I drizzled it in my homemade vinaigrette dressing and set the bowl on the kitchen table.


The timer for the chicken went off. I pulled the breaded delight out of the oven. The scent filled the air with spices. My mouth watered for something other than cock right then. I started dishing up the food as I called, “Dinner!”

Corey came first. His feet pounded down the stairs, full of his excitement. He appeared in a tank top and shorts. My eyes fell down to his crotch. They were tight enough I could see a bulge. He wasn't hard, but he did look hung.

A cock in need of a mother's lips sucking—

Stop being a perverted mother!

“Smells great, Mom,” Corey said and took his usual spot at the table. He sat to my right. “Thanks!”

“Yeah,” I said as I watched him dish up the salad onto the side of his plate. “Melinda, Dinner! Come on!”

“Just a minute!” she cried.

“You can text your friends when you're done,” I shouted back.

She came down a minute later, her cheeks pink. She darted to the sink and washed her hands then she rushed over to the table and took the seat across from her brother. She, too, dished up her salad, her eyes bursting with hunger.

She talked about our day at the park and how long we were there. I blinked and realized we had been there for an hour longer than I thought. I supposed time must fly when you were jogging or something. I dished up my own salad and concentrated on eating.

Because my son was sitting next to me.

Ideas of slipping beneath the table, saying, “Mommy needs her own special dressing,” popped into my mouth. Of just blowing him right here in front of my daughter shot through me. My heart pounded through my chest. My blood boiled.

How had I become such a pervert? What had happened while jogging at the park to change me? There was nothing I could think of. Just the guy with the laptop doing some work. What was weird about that?

I struggled to remember anything, but it had been a normal day.

I kept glancing at Corey as he ate, watching the muscles in his arms flex as he stabbed his fork into his bowl and brought a mouthful of vegetables to his lips. He chewed them, the crunching echoed. He was so strong. So virile.

He would have so much cum for his mother to drink. I could just guzzle it all down. Just suck so much spunk from his dick. It would be incredible. I bet his balls could give me all the wonderful cream that I could ever want.

I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Great dinner, Mom,” he said and ducked in to give me a quick kiss on the lips.

“Yep, it was awesome,” Melinda said. She kissed my other cheek. Together, they headed to the kitchen to wash off their dishes.

I watched Corey bend over. God, he had grown into a sexy man. He had a great ass, too. All these taboo thoughts flittered through me. Forbidden impulses. I crossed my legs tight. I squeezed my eyes shut. The itch blazed in me.

I threw myself into cleaning up. Making sure everything was spic and span. But soon that was done, and I had to find new distractions. TV didn't help. It was Saturday, so not the greatest lineup of programming. I found a Lifetime movie, but the soap opera drama didn't do much to take my mind off my problems.

I tried reading a book, to get lost in a historical romance set out in the pioneer days. Wholesome passion. Not tawdry desire to suck my son's cock. The need grew and grew. I had to suck some dick. If not Corey's, then maybe I should go out and find one.

Go out where?

Maybe I should get one of those dating apps. What was it called? Tinder? Something like that. Find a guy and just suck his dick the moment he showed up. It seemed so insane. I needed to talk to someone. Who?

It was getting late. And who did I trust to confess my deviant desires to?

I feared to go to bed. Being alone. That itch between my thighs. What would I do?

My hand would creep down and down my stomach. Slide into my panties. I would rub the very pussy that birthed Corey while imagining how I would suck his cock. Would I be tender at first, planting kisses across the crown of his cock? Would I open my mouth wide and engulf every inch of him I could in a single swallow? Would I suck hard? Hum? Bob my head?

I needed a distraction. I needed...

I darted for the downstairs closet. I ripped it open and found those plastic steps. It was some exercise fad from awhile ago. Back when they still made exercise DVDs. This one had the gimmick of stepping up and down a stair. You could make it the step to get more of a workout. It was good cardio.

I needed to get in the exercise zone. That was where this started. That was how this would end.

I set the ugly, green step in the middle of my living room and popped in the DVD. The perky woman appeared to lead it, her breasts quivering in her sports bra. She had on tight spandex that hugged her legs, her stomach so toned she had just the hint of abs. Her tan skin hand a lustrous gleam to it.

“All right, let's get started!” she said. “We have a weekly exercise plan worked out for you. But first, the stretches!”

I stretched. I worked out the kinks in my limbs and then began the exercise. Stepping up and down on the steps, pumping my arms, my breasts jiggling in my sports bra. I focused on moving my body, keeping up with her, pushing through the fatigue.

I was still sore from jogging. I didn't care. The pain would help to swallow my perversions. I stepped up and down. Up and down. Sometimes I would thrust my knees up into the air. Or I would change which foot came down first. I went through day one and was off to day two, getting sweatier and sweatier.

Every inch of my thighs burned. I gasped for breath. This was what I needed. I forced myself to keep at it. I felt that exertion. Oh, yes, it blazed through my muscles. The perfect cure for deviant thoughts. I channeled all that sexual frustration into climbing. Stepping.

“Uh, you okay, Mom?” Melinda asked as she swept by in her nightgown.

“Yep,” I lied and clapped my hands together like the perky blonde did on the TV.

“I was only joking about you having a fat bottom,” she said as she headed into the kitchen. “You don't want to overdo it.”

“Fine,” I panted. It took too much breath to say more.

Step up. Step down. Up. Down. Feel that burn. Don't think about cocks. I hurt too much to think about cocks.

Melinda headed by with a bowl of vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup. She shook her head as she vanished upstairs. I was on day three. My legs were a mass of burning pain. Glorious agony. No thinking about cocks.

By day four, I couldn't move any longer. I stumbled back, fell on the couch, and lay there in groaning pain. My joints hurt. Every bit of me quivered. The fatigue pulled on me. I closed my eyes and...

Woke up on my couch, blinking. The TV was on the DVD's menu, a still shot of a perky woman. I blinked, my entire body feeling sticky. I groaned and stumbled towards the nearest bathroom. The downstairs one.

“Fuck,” I groaned. All my joints were a mass of pain. I turned on the shower, stumbled in, and let the water fall on me.

I stayed in there until the hot water ran out. Then I stumbled out, exhausted. I needed to get to bed. I wrapped myself up in a towel and crept out into the house. It was late, well past midnight, and the house was silent. No one would catch me.

I climbed the stairs, groaning every time. They were an evil invention, steps. Just foul. I clutched at the railing, whimpering by the time I reached the second-floor hallway. I stumbled a step, leaned against the wall, and groaned.

When I looked up, I stared at Corey's door.

He was in there. Sleeping. His cock might even be hard. Guys dicks did that in the middle of the night. I'd read somewhere that it wasn't because of dreams or arousal, but just the body making sure the cock still worked by giving the guy a boner. It was called morning wood, right?

But that meant he could be hard right now. He could be throbbing and aching. In need of his mother's mouth sucking on his dick. I shuddered as I trembled there wrapped up in my bath towel. My nipples hardened against the terrycloth. My pussy clenched, the heat rippling out of my naughty pussy. This forbidden desire blazed in me.

My son needed his cock blown.

I had to suck it.

I had to suck cocks.

I wanted to suck cocks. To slide my lips over them and drink down that salty cum. Just guzzle down a man's seed. My son's seed. His cock was right there on the other side of the door. I just had to open it. Sneak it.

He'd never know. I'd blow him and leave him with one hot, wet dream.

He slept through everything.

My hand grabbed his doorknob. I trembled. The heat spilled through me. My pussy soaked my bush. My hand tightened on the metal. I felt the shape of it. Just twisted it. Do it. I licked my lips. The cock was just on the other side of the door.

Waiting for my mouth. He had all that cum in his balls. All that yummy jizz I needed to guzzle down. I would drink every drop. Revel in it. It would be incredible. I shuddered, the doorknob creaking as I turned it.

I pushed the door open. I couldn't stop myself from being a terrible mother. I peered into the dark room. Corey slept atop his covers in just a pair of boxers. The streetlight spilled through his window, picking out his dark form on his bed. The outline of hard muscles. I licked my lips. My towel slipped off my body as I stepped into the room.

I closed the door behind me.

I couldn't stop myself. His cock was right there. I just needed it in my mouth. It didn't matter that he was my flesh and blood. This was a crime. A violation of everything proper. My deviant desires consumed me for his dick. His cum.

I reached the bed. He breathed softly, his face turned away from the window. His cock tented the front of his boxers. He was hard. He needed his mother to help him out. My tongue flicked over my lips as I grabbed at his boxers and yanked them down his legs. I groaned at the sight of his cock appearing.

When I had his boxers off, I seized his dick. I marveled at how warm he felt in my hand. I pumped up and down him. I stroked him as I knelt on the bed. I studied his dick in the moonlight. Was he bigger than his father? I think he was. A little thicker and longer. His tip a spongy pink. Precum beaded from my son's dick.

I leaned my head down and licked up the drop of precum.

I was such a bad mother.

I licked again, tasting his cock. That itch in me relaxed. It felt so right for me to play with a dick. I just had to suck him. Love him. I swirled my tongue around him. I danced around his crown, loving the texture. The taste.

My lips kissed at the side of my son's cock. I smooched across his tip. I loved the texture on my mouth. Why did I ever think this was wrong? The heat billowed through me. My lips squeezed tight about him. I smooched all over him and then I reached the pinnacle. The very top. The slit.

My lips spread over my son's cock. My mouth opened wide to engulf Corey's crown. I shuddered, my pussy clenching as I engulfed more and more of his dick. I sucked on him as I took more and more of him into my mouth.

I nursed on my son's cock.

A naughty rush surged through me. I had crossed that forbidden line. I squeezed my eyes shut and sucked with hunger on my sleeping son's dick. The heat rippled out of my cunt. My juices soaked my bush and ran down my thighs. I nursed. My tongue danced. I—

My son groaned.

I froze.

I stared up his body, terror screaming through my heart. I had his dick in my mouth. If he woke up now...

I started sucking again. I couldn't help myself. His cock felt so right in my mouth. I loved my son's cock even as I stared up his body. His face shifted. He let out another groan. His chest rose and fell. A shiver ran through me.

He felt the pleasure. He must be dreaming about having his dick sucked on.

I shivered, nursing harder. That salty flavor filled my mouth. That preview for his incestuous cum. I wanted him spurting into me. I bobbed my head again. I worked my mouth up and down his cock. The bedsprings creaked as I worshiped him.

Drool ran down my chin. I shivered, my large tits swaying as I worshiped my son's cock. This forbidden dick filled my mouth. My hand cupped his balls. I played with the hairy nuts. They brimmed with his youthful passion. His cum. Spunk. Jizz.

I wanted to drown in it.

He groaned again. His chest rose and fell. He was such a handsome boy. He had hair on his chest. On his balls. He was a man. The man I brought into this world. And now his cock fed me what I craved. He satiated that itch in my pussy. I just needed him to spurt—

“Damn,” he muttered.

He was coming awake. His eyes fluttered open.

Panic surged through me. I couldn't let him know that it was me. I had to do something to stop him from knowing, but I couldn't stop sucking his dick. How could I ever do that? I needed to guzzle down all his cum.

I did the only thing I could think of to cover his eyes. I spun my body around his cock and straddled his head. I pressed my furry bush right into his face, my large breasts dragging across his stomach. They pillowed against his rock-hard abs as I settled my twat on his mouth.

“What?” he groaned into my pussy. “Oh, my god, what is going on?”

I just kept sucking. I bobbed my head as I felt his breath washing across my pussy. He shifted beneath me, my nipples throbbing across his stomach. This wicked heat swept out of my twat. Why did I do this instead of running?

Because I needed his yummy cum. I sucked harder.

“Fuck!” he groaned. “Who? Jesus. Mom?”

I froze at that and then kept sucking. There was no way he could know it was me. I covered his face before he really came awake. He couldn't know that it was my mouth on his cock and my pussy on his face.

“Is that you, Mom?” he groaned. “Jesus, you're... Fuck!”

I sucked with hunger. Nope. He couldn't know it was me. Only, who else would it be? His sister? She didn't have tits nearly as big as mine. Corey must feel those rubbing on his stomach. A panic surged through me. He knew I was some sort of perverted cock-sucker, a molesting mother hungry for her son's cock.

“Damn, Mom,” he groaned and then his hands grabbed my rump. His face nuzzled into my bush.

My son licked the pussy that birthed him. My pussy.

I gasped as the pleasure surged through me from his tongue licking at my cuntlips. He dragged through my folds, tasting the excitement leaking out of my twat. An incestuous wave of bliss washed through me as he licked again.

And again.

He growled, his hands clenching my rump. He had such strong hands. Powerful. They kneaded my ass as he caressed his tongue up and down my folds. A shiver ran through me. I hummed around his cock, moaning in delight.

“Damn, that's good, Mom,” he groaned.

Every time he said, “Mom,” it sent such a hot thrill through me. It made this naughtier and naughtier. I was a deviant, molesting mom. I nursed on my son's big, thick cock with hunger. I kneaded his balls. I wanted to suck him dry.

I groaned around his cock. I moaned. I squirmed atop him, rubbing my tits into his strong stomach. My nipples burst with pleasure. The delight shot down to my cunt being so deliciously devoured by his tongue.

He lapped up and down my cunt. Had he done this before? He knew where to lick me. To touch me. He didn't fear thrusting his tongue deep into me. If his father had this skill, I might have put up more with him being a prick.

My son loved my cunt.

I closed my eyes, savoring it while I nursed on his cock. It felt so right, like my mouth was made to suck on my son's dick, to nurse on him. I massaged his balls, loving how he groaned into my pussy. His tongue stroked boldly across my labia.

“Mom!” he groaned. “Oh, wow, Mom, this is so hot. I hope this isn't a dream. This is amazing!”

His fingers dug into me as he thrust his tongue deep into my pussy. I groaned as he swirled around in the very hole he came from. He was sliding back into me. I squirmed on him, grinding my bush into his face. I loved the heat rippling through my body. The naughty pleasure that soared through me.

His tongue danced around in my pussy. Mine swirled around his crown. I caressed him and then bobbed my head. He moaned as I did that. My lips, sealed tight about his shaft, worked up and down him, pleasing him.


What a sweet thing to have moaned into my pussy.

“Oh, Mom, yes!”

He sounded so throaty. So full of pleasure. I bet he would cum so hard into me. I sucked with all my might, my own orgasm building and building as his tongue swept through my folds. He plundered me, driving me wild. The heat blazed inside of me. I shuddered atop him, my hips wiggling back and forth, smearing my hot cunt on his face. Tickling him with my bush.

His tongue slid out of my pussy depths to lick up and down my cunt. I shuddered at that. The pleasure was building and building. My orgasm swelled as I worshiped my son's cock. This deviant thrill swelled in me.

I would drown him with cunt cream if he would just give me that jizz.

“Fuck, Mom!” he groaned. His fingers dug hard into my rump. “If you keep doing that, I'm going to cum.”

I nursed hard.

“You want my cum?” He groaned. “Fuck, you're the best mom. I love you.”

Those words swept aside the lingering guilt. My son loved this. So did I. What was truly wrong with incest? In the depths of my mind, something stirred like a half-forgotten dream. Another life I'd lived where incest was okay. Where I didn't mind if a pair of twin sisters made love to each other or if I did things with my daughter.

So it was okay to do things with my son.

I sucked hard on him. I nursed. I bobbed my head, sucking with passion on his cock. His dick throbbed in between my lips. He groaned. His fingers dug into my rump. He held me tight as he shuddered beneath me.


It happened. That hot eruption of my son's forbidden seed. It pumped into my mouth. A creamy tart of salty perfection. I groaned as it bathed across my taste buds. His cum coated the insides of my mouth. It was so much better than any jizz out there. It was ambrosia.

I came.

“Oh, god, Mom!” Corey groaned as he pumped my mouth full of his spunk.

My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out of me. An intense orgasm surged through my body. I shuddered atop him as the incestuous waves of bliss rushed from my pussy. My deviant pleasure bathed my mind. I drowned in the delight of drinking my son's cum.

I gulped it down. I swallowed every drop as the rapture rushed through my body from my naughty twat. My son licked up my cream. He gathered my passion as I squirmed atop him. My nipples throbbed and ached. Pleasure sparked from them as they rubbed on his stomach. My mouth sucked hard.

My hand massaged his balls.

I worked out every drop of my cum my son had in him.

“Fuck, Mom!” he groaned, satisfaction in his voice.

I gulped down the last of the spunk but nursed hard just to make sure I had drawn it all out of him. That I'd emptied his balls. He panted into my pussy. My orgasm had reached that wonderful peak. I quivered there, brimming with all that wonderful pleasure he'd given me. My body tingled with such amazing bliss.

My son was such a stud. Such a delicious and exciting young man. My orgasm hit that wonderful peak. Then it descended into tingling rapture. I squirmed and then slid my mouth off his cock. It popped out with a wet smack.

“Mom,” he groaned. “That was incredible.”

“Mmm, you liked your mother sucking on your dick?” I asked and moved. I turned around to cuddle up against him. I stared at his face gleaming in my pussy cream. My tangy musk filled the air.

“It was the best blowjob ever. God, that was incredible. You're incredible.”

His hand thrust under my hips and then cupped my ass. I gasped as he pulled me tighter against him. I shivered, spilling my right leg over his stomach, my thigh rubbing across him like I would with his father. My calf brushed his cock.

Still hard.

“Mom,” he groaned. He stared into my eyes. “You're amazing. But... I mean...”

“I just wanted to suck your cock,” I purred, rubbing my tits against him. “I'm still a woman. I get desires, too. And you have such a big dick. Such a strong and virile cock. How could I not want to suck it?”

“Damn, Mom,” he panted. “This is... I mean... I've thought about stuff like this.”

“Me and you?” I pressed my tits into him. “How naughty of you. And you're getting hard. What sort of things did you want to do to me?”

“This,” he growled and kissed me.

I gasped at his boldness. I don't know why I thought he might be a virgin, but he was such a handsome guy. Of course, he was getting girls. They were putting out for him on those dates. I shuddered as he rolled me over onto my back.

His tongue thrust into my mouth. I groaned, savoring how bold he was as his weight settled on me. I had a man on me again. My son. His hand stroked my side and found my large breast. He squeezed and kneaded it while he kissed me.

He broke the kiss and groaned. Then he darted his head down. I gasped as he nuzzled his face between my large and lush tits. I shivered and squirmed as he kissed the inner slopes of my breast. His face rubbed back and forth.

“Corey,” I moaned.

“Mmm, you got such great tits, Mom. MILF tits.”

I shuddered. “MILF?”

“A hot, sexy lady like you. Older. Mature. Knows how to suck cock.” He groaned. “You smoked the girls my age.”

I purred in delight then gasped as his lips sucked on my nipple. He latched on so fast. My pussy clenched, aching for more pleasure. I spread my thighs and then grabbed his torso. I humped my bush into his stomach as he nursed on my nipple. Heat swept through me.

Wild and delicious.

I trembled and groaned, savoring his lips sucking on my nipple. He would make me cum so hard. I couldn't wait for that. My eyes squeezed shut. I whimpered as my son nursed on my nipple, my twat growing hotter and hotter for him.

Then he popped his mouth off and groaned, “Mom! I got to be in you.”

“Yes!” I moaned. “Do it. Slide into me.”

He moved up my body. I gasped as his cock pressed into my pussy. I groaned at the excitement of him nuzzling back where he came from. He pushed forward as he stared down at me. My nipples rubbed into his chest.

My son entered my pussy.

“Corey!” I gasped at the taboo thrill of his cock reaching deeper and deeper into my pussy.

“Mom!” he groaned, his face twisting. “Oh, Mom, yes!”

I shuddered beneath him as he pushed into my pussy. I groaned, my body so open to him. To his cock entering me. I was receptive to this delight. I savored every moment of him penetrating my twat. He caressed me. Stroked me. My face scrunched up for the bliss.

Then his dick pressed at my cervix. The entrance of my womb where he came from. I shuddered, squeezing around him. I held my son tight to me. The madness of this day felt so right. Like I had made him for this day.

Incest was incredible.

“Mom,” he panted in awe.

“I know,” I groaned, staring up into his strong features. “I love you, Corey.”

“Love you, Mom.” He kissed me.

My cunt clenched down on his cock filling me up. And then he moved. He drew back his hips. That sweet friction caused by a man being inside of me swept hot through my body. My cunt drank it in. My nerves rejoiced as he pumped back into me.

My son made such sweet love to me.

I shuddered beneath him, my thighs wrapped around his waist. I held him tight as he pumped away at me. He thrust over and over into me. He drove that amazing cock into my pussy's depths again and again.

My cunt welcomed him as we kissed. His tongue thrust into my mouth. We moaned together, sharing this passion with the other. My fingernails bit into his back. I held him tight with every bit of me: arms, legs, and pussy. I reveled in him thrusting away at my twat.

The pleasure surged through my body. I shuddered, undulating my hips. I stirred his cock around in my pussy. I savored that wonderful bliss of him penetrating into me again and again. I reveled in it. He slammed hard and deep. He gave me such rapture.

I broke the kiss to groan, “Yes, yes! I'm going to cum on your cock, Corey.”

“Good!” He grinned at me. “I want to feel that, Mom. I want to feel your pussy going wild around my dick.”

“Mmm, so wild!” My fingernails clawed at his back. “Fuck me harder. I won't break! I can take my big, strong son's cock!”

He thrust harder. I gasped as his crotch smacked into my bush, his balls thwacking into my taint. They brimmed with his incestuous seed. My pussy hungered for him. My orgasm built and built as he buried into me. I climbed towards that release.

We gasped and groaned together. The bed creaked as he pumped away at me. He plowed into my depths again and again, driving his cock to the hilt in me time and time again. It was fantastic. Amazing. It was everything that I craved. That I needed. Ached for.

I wanted him to unleash all that jizz into me. To pump my pussy full of his spunk. It would be incredible. His cock thrust over and over into my pussy. He filled me again and again with his dick, bringing me to that moment of eruption.

“Yes, yes, yes, Corey!” I groaned, squeezing down on him. “I... I... Corey!”

I came on my son's cock.

“Mom!” he gasped as he pumped into my convulsing pussy.

My cunt rippled and writhed around his thrusting cock. I bucked beneath him, rubbing my tits into his chest as he pumped his dick into me again and again. He buried hard into me. He filled me up over and over with that delicious cock of his. The pleasure swept through me and inundated my mind with forbidden bliss.

Then he grunted. Buried to the hilt in me.

My son's cum flooded my pussy. Spurt after spurt of his hot seed bathed my twat. I gasped as I felt it splash against my cervix. I bucked beneath him, rubbing my large tits into his strong chest. The pleasure swept through me. The heat bathed me as I moaned. I held him tight.

“Yes, Mom!” he groaned, his jizz pumping into me.

My pussy milked him. I wrung him dry just like I'd sucked him earlier I moaned as I did that, riding the high of my taboo orgasm. The pleasure carried me higher and higher. I hit the pinnacle of ecstasy. I hung there as my son emptied his balls in me.

“Corey!” I whimpered.

“God, yes, I love you, Mom! You're the best!”

“So are you!” I moaned and kissed him with hunger. Our tongues danced as he fired the last of his cum into me.

I held him tight. I clutched to him as I reveled in the sharing of our pleasure. In the mixing of our passion. My son's seed and cock filled me. I groaned as I savored kissing him, my body brimming with such joy.

My son broke the kiss and rolled off of me, his cock sliding out of my pussy. I shuddered, buzzing with the deviant pleasure we shared. Mother and son uniting together. He had re-entered me and filled me with his seed. I knew I could never give this up.

I would never give it up.

“Love you, Mom,” Corey panted. “Damn, you're amazing.”

“So are you,” I cooed and then wiggled down his body. I grabbed his pussy-soaked cock. He needed his mother to clean him up.

He gasped as I engulfed his cock soaked in my tangy juices. It felt so right to have him in my mouth. I closed my eyes and surrendered utterly to my forbidden desires. I would suck this cock every night. I would drink his jizz.

My sexy son could do anything to me so long as I could wrap my mouth around his dick.

He twitched and throbbed, swelling hard again. He was young. How many loads of cum could I suck out of him tonight? I wanted to find out. I was such a greedy, wicked mother.

The END of this Tale of the Mind Control Device

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