Group Grope

Group Grope

Group Grope

My wife and I were so happy when I got my promotion to Plant Manager but it also meant that we had to move. We went out early to look for a house. My wife applied for a teaching position at the same school that our two daughters would be attending. Then we went back home to sell that house, pack everything up, and move to our new home. My wife received the job offer that she was hoping for. Life was beautiful.

My daughter Jeneffer is fourteen years old, developing rather nicely, and she is a ball of fire. That girl has more energy than my wife and I have put together.

My daughter Melody is thirteen years old, also developing nicely, and she is more of a bookworm or maybe a couch potato.

My wife is beautiful and both of our daughters take after her. All three have long brown hair past their bra straps. My wife just turned forty years old. A mile stone in her life. I am also forty years old. We met in college, fell in love, and married after graduation. Since then we both managed to get our Master Degrees and raise two children. Of course Mary’s degrees are both in education, specifically in grades six through twelve in science. My Bachelor Degree is in engineering and my Master Degree is in business.

I have worked for my company for fifteen years and worked very hard for my promotion to Plant Manager. My wife was concerned about starting over in a new school but she knew that good teachers were always in demand. So as a family we decided to relocate halfway across the country to Tin Buck Two, Nebraska. It was not a very big town by any standards and half of the people in town would basically work for me. There were only two schools. One was for kindergarten through sixth grade and the other one was obviously seventh through twelfth grades. Jeneffer was going into the eighth grade while Melody was going into the seventh. Mary had been given the ninth and tenth grade science classes.

We arrived in the middle of summer and settled in quickly. We felt right at home immediately. I put in extra hours at the plant to get up to speed myself. My senior staff was very good at what they do and actually welcomed any new ideas that I had to offer. Together we would make a great team.

Mary and the girls took in what sights there were, went shopping for school clothes, and bonded nicely. All three were looking forward to school starting already.

That first day of school was hectic for me and I got home late. I didn’t even have time to call them so I picked up some flowers and candy on the way home.

I rushed in talking a mile a minute, put down the flowers and candy, and hugged my wife. She froze in my arms. That was not like her at all. I merely looked at Melody and she cringed into her chair. As I approached Jeneffer she clasped her fingers behind her head, opened her stance to shoulder width, and let me hug her as long as I wanted too, however she didn’t return my embrace.

I stepped back and said, “What’s going on here?”

Jeneffer said, “Group Grope!”

At that Melody stood up, clasped her fingers behind her neck, and opened her stance to shoulder width.

I looked at both of my girls then at my wife and asked again, “What’s going on here?”

My wife said, “Well being our first day at this school we were all escorted into the Principle’s Office. The Superintendent of Schools and most of the School Board were there. That was the first time we heard about the Group Grope. It was apparently something left over from the last century when women had little or no rights at all. It was explained that during every class somewhere in the middle of the class a Group Grope would be called for over the Public Address System. Upon hearing that we three were to sand up straight, spread our feet to shoulder width, and clasp our fingers behind our heads for a period of five minutes. We would then be Group Groped by all of the other students and teachers. We were also told to strip naked in the office in front of all those people. It was not as if we had any choice in the matter. Once naked we were given a short and very loose T-shirt to put on. It was bright pink and just barely covered our pussies. However when we raised our arms up it exposed our bare pussies to everyone’s eyes. Then the Superintendent said Group Grope and everyone in the room started to feel us up. I had fingers in my pussy and in my ass, I had hands up my shirt playing with my nipples, and I knew that my daughters were experiencing the same thing but I couldn’t see them. We had been placed in a triangle facing out.”

She took a couple of deep breaths and continued, “We were then taken to our classrooms. As promised in the middle of every class I heard Group Grope and stood paralyzed as each of my new students felt me up, girls as well as boys. A few of the girls gave me some sympathy and said that every girl had to go through it when it was her turn again. No one fucked me they just felt me up. I had never been so humiliated in my life. It was far worse than going to my gynecologist and spreading for him and three or four of his interns.”

She stopped to breathe some more then continued, “I managed to get through the whole day. At lunch I got Group Groped by the entire school staff. After my last class I was taken back to the Principle’s Office where I saw Jeneffer and Melody for the first time. They had apparently survived their first day too. Yes, first day! We were told that being the new girls in the school that we would be Group Groped for the entire week.”

Finally my wife stopped talking. I could hear her labored breathing.

Jeneffer started to tell me her story, “I was mortified Daddy. No one had ever seen me completely naked before except Mommy. I had to undress in front of all of those men then let every boy in all of my classes feel me up. At lunch all of the older boys got to feel my pussy and tits too. Several said that they would like to fuck me sometime if I wanted too.”

After a pause long enough to know that Jeneffer was done talking Melody said, “When I had a woman teacher I was made to stand up from where there was more room for the other kids to get at me. When I had a man teacher I was made to sit on the edge of his desk and lean back while he lifted my T-shirt above my breasts and then spread my legs out as wide as they go. Usually two girls would hold them there so that all of the boys could get right down there and look up inside of me. The boys would then see how many fingers they could fit in me before I cried out. Everyone even the girls kissed my pussy and licked my clit. Even the teachers did too. I kind of liked it when the girls licked my clit!”

When I had let them all talk and knew that they were finished I said, “You’re not going back to that school! Your mother can Home School you! We can move! I can get another job someplace else!”

My wife looked up at me and said, “No! We are not moving! You are not quitting your job! The girls and I have talked it over and we are staying! Our neighbor and her three daughters came over to talk to us after we got home! Every woman in this community has had to endure it and by God so will we!”

I looked at my defeated wife Mary, my traumatized daughter Melody, and my terrorized daughter Jeneffer. They looked exhausted from their ordeal.

The more I thought about everyone in that school feeling up my girls the more excited that I got. Then I felt left out. I asked, “Can I play Group Grope with you too?”

Mary actually smiled at that. She stood up and faced me. Then she raised her arms up and interlaced her fingers behind her head. I reached up under her dress. She wasn’t wearing any panties. So I fingered her pussy and stuck one of my fingers up her ass too, I fingered her clit to an orgasm, and she thanked me. That was what she had been missing all day, a good orgasm. Not one person all day had given her an orgasm. Jeneffer stood up and assumed the position for me too and I gave her an orgasm. Melody was last but she enjoyed it just as much.

Jeneffer said, “Oh Daddy that was great! It was even better than I give myself! Will you do it for me again please?’

Melody said, “Please Daddy! I liked it too! Will you do it every day that we get Group Groped?”

I smiled and slipped a hand up under each of their skirts and fingered their pussies and clits at the same time. They sure enjoyed that Group Grope.

My wife said, “Now that the girls feel better I want the real thing!” She took my hand and led me to our bedroom. The girls followed but Mary shooed them away saying, “This is our alone time! Go play with each other!”

As our door closed I heard Melody ask, “Can we do that? Really! Oh goody!”

Our love making that evening was some of the best that we had ever had. We were both so sexually excited that we peaked early but I stayed hard and we screwed a second time. When we walked back out my wife just put on one of my big loose T-shirts. She took two others out for the girls to wear.

We ordered pizza that night for dinner. Whenever one of the girls got frisky they would say Group Grope and they would all stand up close to me so that I could feel them up.

Before bedtime Jeneffer said, “Daddy! Remember I told you that several boys wanted to fuck me sometime if I wanted too.”

I replied, “Yes! I remember!”

Jeneffer said, “I want too! But I’m scared!”

Melody asked, “So can you help us get used to it please! No one in any of my classes is a virgin!”

Jeneffer said, “And we don’t want to be the only virgins in the school!”

Mary said, “They do have a point you know! I believe that they are the only two virgins in that school and maybe in the other school too. This Group Grope is wide spread. I’m pretty sure that even the kindergartners are involved too.”

I looked at my beautiful wife and asked, “So you’re okay with me taking our daughters virginity?”

She kissed me and said, “There really isn’t anything left to take. They have had a couple of hundred fingers in there already! All you really have to do is slip your cock in them before they let some other boy do it to them!”

Both of my daughters were looking at me, smiling, and shaking their heads yes!

They led me back to my bedroom. My wife positioned Jeneffer on my bed. She lifted her knees up and spread them out to the side for me. I got right between her legs and slipped my cock in where my fingers had been several times that night. My wife acted like this was no big deal but it was to me. I relished in the incestuous thoughts of have sex with both of my beautiful teenage daughters and not just this one time either for I knew that I would be doing this again and again. I flooded my oldest daughter’s pussy with her Daddy’s cum. I knew that she had been on birth control but it had actually slipped my mind. All I could think about as I cum was making a baby in my daughter’s belly. That though alone kept me hard so I made love to Melody too. She felt the same to me and gave me that same thrill. When I finished cumming in Melody my wife took her place. Apparently I was still hard. It was amazing. I really couldn’t believe it. So the girls got to watch me fuck their mother. This time when I finished I was truly finished.

My wife looked at our daughters and asked, “We’re not moving! Are we?”

Jeneffer said, “Not if I can help it! I can’t wait till school starts in the morning! Can I just wear Daddy’s big T-shirt to school?”

Mary said, “I don’t see why not! I’m going too! I wonder if we will get to change in the Principle’s Office again?”

Melody said, “I hope so! That Superintendent had a really long finger and touched something up under my pelvic bone! It felt really good! Like when Daddy tickled my clit!”

My wife replied, “I hope so too! You’re right he found my g-spot too and I really liked it!”

Jeneffer said, “Then it’s all agreed! We are going to stay!”

The End
Group Grope

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