The Lips, the Teeth, the Tip of the Tongue_(1)

The Lips, the Teeth, the Tip of the Tongue_(1)

"Just the tip.. okay love?" you almost beg. Not long ago, she showed you that a blowjob does not have to involve deepthoating. You see, this was something she was taught by her best friend Ashling. The skills were passed to your wife to help her confidence.. 'Thank you Ash.' you repeat since hearing the story. Ever since, you craved for the the oral skills of your lover, the adorably shy Kara that you met so long ago.

She was a classmate, teased and harassed but you stood up to the bullies for her. You showed her how to punch and the withdrawn girl began to blossom. She never complained, only electing to hug you instead with her tall, lithe frame and bury her face into your chest. She had reasons to complain. Her father was murdered when Kara was young. He was her roll model and she worshiped him, teaching her his love of science. Her mother was always cold to the young savant, possibly out of jealousy the woman snapped. The young redhead was to blame for her losing her husband, in her eyes. You see, she felt his head was in the clouds rather than paying attention to his surroundings that fateful night. The carjacker was never caught, denying the bitter woman and the devastated young girl closure.

"Okay." Kara offered in her soft, velvet voice nodded and smiled coyly to you. "I will try something with it.." She took a drink of water and practiced her vocal lessons.. more to tease you and get you hard. "Lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue." she repeated a few times while she got to her knees and looked to you. Off came her shirt, leaving her in a set of negligee of sexiest red with black lace for trim. You got her for that for Valentines Day in addition to the local sci-fi convention tickets. That could only mean she had something fun in mind.. The skirt followed, leaving her in only the dress. The minx was hiding it from you in plain sight!

"What are you doing?" you ask with the slightest chuckle while stripping your clothes as quickly as possible, the blood rushing to your other head with all haste. The tongue-twister was new and it confused you, regardless of how sexy it sounded coming from her.. those soft lips that could make any man weak. The question seemed to get her attention and her emerald eyes looked to you.

"Remember when I was in choir? It is a warm-up for any song that could be.. tricky to do." she giggled and rubbed your hips, and gave your rounded tummy a light kiss pushing you back into your seat. Working on her mechanics and cosplay really seemed to work for her! The young woman before me had no motives, no cruelty, only the long love that you two nurtured. "How did I get so lucky?" she teased.

"I love you Kara Jones." you groan to her. This made her smile and wink.

Her fingers slowly wrapped around your solid phallus for a couple firm strokes. Your loving wife smiled at you at first, leaning in to let you think.. 'Just the tip.. I am about to-" she pulled back with the devious smile. Normally she was quiet shy and proper but with you, the young woman enjoyed toying with you. You know better then to push her into something, she will stop and walk away, but begging.. a little whining.

At last, her supple lips cup the head of your turgid member and traced the edges along your swollen helmet. Gently the foreskin is pulled back to give more room.. not much more but enough for her fun. The graceful tongue was as strong and flexible as it's wielder, focusing on the tip, tickling the contours. A kiss brought her under the head, you stroke her hair in a strangely erotic gesture that would match the most romantic of kisses under the rain and mistletoe. The tip slipped under the foreskin a bit.

You could never hold out when your love played these games and a little squeeze with her thumb to block the result.. "Do you want to cum in my mouth, baby?" she teased and gave your soul a shudder from the look in her eye. Her fingers tighten, getting a strong hold on you, making sure the swimmers knew the channel was closed for now, more of Ashling's tricks, you would surmise. Kara pulled back far enough to let you sit on the tip of her tongue, pulsing around your purple piece. She did not wish to hurt you so all things must soon end. Curling her tongue slightly, creating the perfect ramp into the deepest recesses of her mouth but not yet for you. Her eyes stay on you while stroking the flat bottom of her tongue, soft and wet as it is against the tip-top of your straining rocket ship.

"Oh.. God.. please love.. let me cum! Wait.. in.. in your mouth..?" you ask in shock and the pressure is released from her hand. You cry out, letting the hard shot splash her little muscle that tormented and delighted you during your journey together..

Your little minx pulled back to let you see the sperm sitting on her tongue.. waiting. Her lips close then she swallowed, reopening to show you that your cream was on it's way to her stomach all while looking longingly into your eyes. "I love you too, handsome." teased your girl, your wife.

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