Sounding like a painter

Sounding like a painter

Sounding like an painter

I have been running my own company for a few years now, I have two female staff lets call them Sharon and Casey to protect their IDs, they are both attractive and I flirt with them but nothing more, Sharon is the older of the two, she’s blonde in her early thirties ,about 5ft a thin with a firm pert ass and small tits, Casey is younger about the same height and is more curvy with a really substantial pair of tits, they really are far too large for her frame , she recently gave birth and is breastfeeding/expressing milk and I guess that really helps.

I have been single for over year and have been working late a lot, I get more privacy at work than at home in a shared house, and if I’m honest my internet connection is far better for watching porn, So evening after evening after the girls have gone home I have been jerking off to various different types of porn movies, nothing weird or illegal, but typical lesbian, gang-bangs, gonzo and occasionally straying into BDSM stuff.

I suppose the thing about wanking to porn movies is that you keep searching and finding different things and occasionally you will stumble on something that is a complete turn off or something that jumps out as really different and exciting, that’s pretty much how we ended up here, while checking out some femdom BDSM videos I came across a really unusual video of a naked blonde mistress sat astride a guy sub who was bound and helpless and laid on his back on a bench face up(not that unusual in these videos) , the Sub was sporting a healthy erection and the mistress was using her Labia to massage the underside of his cock, she never let him penetrate her just kept using her slick lips to run up and down the underside of his cock that was pointing up to his belly button, it was very erotic. But what happen next almost made me fall out of my chair, she grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted a dollop onto the tip of his penis ,my first thought was “this guys in for some back door action” but then the mistress ran a what I assumed was a chromed steel rod around the tip of his cock coating it with a think coating of the jelly, now you should understand the rod wasn’t very thick in diameter only maybe 5mm, so it seemed silly or pointless to use this very thin “dildo” on either her or on him for that matter, I have had things up my butt before and this rod would likely just get lost, but I figured okay its BDSM, lets see what happens. Well the camera started to pull its focus and closed in on his cock, the mistress placed the rounded end of the 5mm rod at the eye of the Subs erect cock and slowly started to insert the chromed rod into the guy’s urethra! My Jaw dropped open, not only did the guy not scream his ball gag off but he seemed to be quite enjoying it, once a health few inches were inserted the blonde pulled it out and to my surprise slipped it back into his man cunt and started to fuck his urethra with it the smooth chrome rod, once she built up a rhythm she went back to using her labia and clit to massage the underside of his cock while pushing the steel rod in and out in time with her own movements, I blew my load all over my keyboard immediately and soon after the guy in the porn video followed, he went off with such force the Chrome rod shot out of his cock on the floor followed by several ropes of cum onto his belly.

I decided at that moment that was something I would like to get involved in and started researching what it was, turns out it is called “sounding” a strange name, but it was given that name by the medical profession, it’s a shortening of the nautical term “sounding the depths” the process of checking for depth in the ocean, I soon found loads more videos to stream and that it was possible at some expense to purchase medical grade “sounds” or sounding rods online.

I really enjoyed watching guys shoving sounds into there cock holes and it was guys, while searching it seemed mainly to be a pass time of men and in many instances gay men, I don’t know but maybe gay men were more experimental or simply more comfortable with the idea of objects going in to the body than straight men or just more open to the idea of filming themselves and posting it online for others to watch, very rarely I would find a video with a Woman sounding here urethra , but when I did I would watch it time and time again, blowing my load over and over again.

As with anything in porn I was always looking for the next more kinky thing, watching a woman sound her piss hole lead me to find a video where a woman penetrates her own cervix with a makeup brush handle, I’m sure you know the one, for me this was pure gold, the holy grail, I have always been into insertion videos, shoving food up various girls cunt's had been a great turn on for me in the past, penetrating a woman with foreign objects was the ultimate turn on, but as always you need a willing partner to indulge that and I was single. But watching a woman inserting the makeup brush into her cervix ring was amazing and also gave me an idea, if the brush handle was smooth enough to slip into her very sensitive cervix then I may be okay for me to use on my cock. I was almost out of the door to the Art store before I had finished the thought.

At the Blick Art Materials store I picked up 3 brushes for $10, they had 8 inch handles rounded ends and I got three different sizes, a thin one at 4mm, one at 6mm the last one at 8mm, I paid for them and got back to the office as quickly as humanly possible to start stuffing these down my cock.

The girls were packing up to leave for the afternoon and I thanked them for the work and wished them a good weekend, Sharon noticed the brushes in my hand asked what I was painting with such small brushes, I think I blushed a bit and blurted out “hobby stuff” ,they left for the day.

I went back to my office and fired up my computer and loaded up some cock stuffing porn and dropped my trousers and got to work, it didn’t take long before I was rock hard, I grabbed the thinnest brush and tried to push the tip into my piss hole, it went in a little way but without lube it hurt, well when in doubt use spit !, I pulled the brush out and lubed it up with my mouth and made a mental note I should get some lube for next time, the now slick brush handle slipped nice into my piss pipe, it was strange , it stung a little bit but also felt really naughty, there was my cock with just the metal ferrule and bristles of a brush sticking out of my pee hole, I slowly wanked my cock around the brush and it felt absolutely amazing, I give the brush a tug and pulled it out about half way and then slipped it back in a few times, fucking my own cock with its own wooden penis, the sensation was amazing, it was like nothing I have ever felt, the inside of my cock was so sensitive the feeling was electric, it took almost no time before I felt the need to come, I left the brush alone and concentrated on wanking my cock, and just like in the first movie that I discovered sounding, The orgasm was intense, my legs shook, hips bucked my whole body tensed, I shot my load and blew the brush out of my cock followed by several ropes of thick creamy jizz.
I spent the next few hours experimenting with the other two brushes, and by the end of it I was very sore inside my urethra, I did some research and that was to be expected, after all it’s not really designed to be fucked with anything let alone 8mm art brushes.
I decided to give my cock a rest for a few days to heal, in the mean time I purchased some water based lube, people online said this would reduce the soreness and mean you could be more active, some people took the sounding very seriously, using not so smooth items like cutlery and screwdrivers to cock stuff, some even used electro stimulation sounds which just looked dangerous to me.

Anyway it was Monday, the girls were once again leaving for the day, I bid them farewell and once I was sure they had left the car park I fired up some porn, I was really looking forward to seeing what difference the lube would make, I decided to grab a towel from the bathroom and put it on my chair , I didn’t fancy trying to explain why my chair was covered in lube and cum stains to the cleaner in the morning, I figured since I was alone and I was taking care to cover the chair I may as well protect my suit so I stripped naked, it felt a bit weird being totally naked in my office but the door was locked and the blinds were closed, after I got over the weird feeling of being naked at work I got down to business, found my favourite sounding video, it was a dude in his office(ironic) who would sound using a 6 inch rod and he would take the whole rod into his cock, he would let the weight of the rod slid it inside his cock until the whole rod was inside him, then he would wank until he came and the rod would shoot back out with his Jizz. While watching this amazing human being sound himself I got to work lubing up my 8mm brush, I slathered the brush with a nice tick coating and some on my pee hole for good measure, I wanked my cock until it was rigid and proceeded to push the tip of the handle into my piss hole, I t still stung a little like before but it popped in and slid down my urethra nice and easy, the slick lube made it much easier than before and I proceeded to fuck my pee pipe slowly, I held my shaft with left hand and used my right the fuck my cock, I could feel the rounded tip of the brush on my left hand through my flesh and skin as it rubbed my cock from the inside, if I tensed my butt the muscles flex my cock and push the brush out, sadly the brush wasn’t heavy like the steel rod on screen so I would have to manually push it back in,
I was really in the moment and reclined as far back in my office chair as it would go, wanking a huge raging hard on with the unmistakable metal ferrule and bristles of an artists brush protruding out of my cock hole when Sharon walked in.
“Forgot my lunch b……” she said as her eyes and brain registered the picture in the room she had just walked into.
She was frozen, mouth open, staring at my cock and its artistic intruder, I was frozen too, it seemed like ages but was probably more like a split second, I tried to cover up my cock but, the problem with having a 8 inch rigid brush shoved down your pee hole it that it’s a bit difficult to manipulate or hide, besides she had seen it now.

Sharon is a slim redhead, in her 30s, she’s not pretty faced but has a nice body small tits and a nice arse that she’s caught me looking at many times, she often wears tight yoga type pants to work purely to bend over in when I’m around I’m sure, she’s flirty and not easily shocked and has a reputation for being a bit of a slut, we shared a kiss and grope once on a night out, but we both in relationships at the time so we didn’t go any further.

“S-sorry boss” she stammered as I tried to hide my cock with the towel I was sat on,
“I just came back to get my lunch box and thought you were on you tube watching cats again”
“No I’m sorry, you shouldn’t have to see that” I said trying to keep my shit
Just at that point, the brush that was lodged in my cock decided it was the most opportune moment to remove itself and plopped on the floor of my office between my feet.

Sharon giggled and then laughed; I looked down at the brush and laughed too.
“Well I guess this was the hobby stuff you are using the brushes for” she said
“Yes, please don’t say anything to Casey” I replied suddenly realising this wasn’t that funny and my employee had me over a barrel.
“Don’t worry, I wont, besides I could tell you some kinky stuff about that woman” she replied.
I sat back in my chair and Sharon moved further into the room and put her hand bag and lunch box on my desk.
“So how does it feel having that brush up your dick?” she questioned, it wasn’t exactly the sentence I expected given the circumstance, but given our past grope and the fact she hadn’t ran into the night screaming about her pervert boss I figured she maybe okay with this whole thing.
“Err, it feels amazing” I said faintly “I mean really good”
“I heard it was possible, but I have never seen it before, does it hurt?” she asked
“A little bit, I was very sore the first time, but this time seems to be okay” I replied
“I have to say boss, it looked pretty amazing, your cock looked so hard , the veins were popping , the head was so purple it looked like it was ready to pop” Sharon said while staring intently at the towel on my lap, remembering my erect state from moments earlier.
I was quite surprised at the direction the conversation had taken, pleased but surprised.
Sharon was biting her bottom lip a little and was a bit pre occupied.
“Like I said it’s really good, it is really intense, the erection and the Orgasm are mind blowing, and it’s like being a teenager again.” I explained, Sharon seemed to take a few seconds to come around.
“oh no, I ruined your orgasm, I’m so sorry” she said “How about, you do it again and finish this time… and I will watch, it looked so erotic, that way we will be even, I wont be able to say anything to Casey because I watched you so I’m just a huge pervert like you.” She said winking
It kind of made sense, she couldn’t exactly blab what she saw, if she was involved and then would Casey believe her anyway?
“Err I don’t know, feels weird” I said unsure about it.
Sharon strode over to where I was sat, she lifted up the towel , I was still semi erect , she knelt down in front of me and picked up the brush from between my feet, While knelt she took the brush and used the Bristle end to stroke my ball sack, those bristles were soft sable and it felt great as she painted my testicles with invisible paint, she then ran the bristles up and down my hardening cock shaft and tickling the tip with the sable hairs, it didn’t take long before I was hard again, she handed me the brush and picked up the lube.
“oh this is happening boss” Sharon insisted, she clutched my stiffness in her left hand and pulled back my foreskin as far as it would go, this opened up the eye of my cock slightly and she placed the nozzle of the lube bottle so its tip was just inside my cock and gave the bottle a squeeze, the cool jelly shot out and up my urethra a couple of inches, it was quite a pleasant sensation, a bit like having a pee but in reverse and cold, that was it for me, I was just a passenger from that moment on, my head rolled back and watched my employee take the 8mm wooden handle art brush and slowly insert it into my cock, once it was to the ferrule she stopped and started wanking me slowly, she squirted more lube into her palms and really started to wank my cock, she would alternated between stroking my hard cock and then she would stop and use the brush to fuck my urethra , she teased me , she would stop mid stroke and let me hang a few seconds and then push the brush in and out, stimulating me from the inside, this went on for a few minutes.
“I can feel the end of the brush through your skin just under your ball sack” she highlighted this fact by rubbing the area with her thumb, she retracted the brush a inch or two and followed it with her thumb and then pushed the brush down again while watching the end of the brush stretch the skin slightly as it massaged the inside of my cum tube. I was in heaven, I was close to Cumming but distracted enough not to blow just yet.
“How come you stopped at the metal bit” she said flicking the ferrule sending vibrations down the handle into my cock.
“I didn’t want to loose it in my body, the metal bit seemed the logical place to stop” I said
“let me try something” Sharon said without waiting for a reply, she ran her thumb along my shaft to the point were the end of the brush was inside my body and pushed up, through the thin skin it forced the brush out of my cock a couple on inches.
“I think we should see if the brush can go deeper, I can just push it out from the outside!” she asserted.
“I don’t know, it might hurt” I questioned
“I’m sure it will be fine”
without really waiting for consent she squirted some more lube on to the tip of my cock and using her left thumb and finger held my cock eye open a little wider and using her right hand slowly pushed the brush deeper into my cock, thankfully the extra lube meant the ferrule slid in nicely until only the inch long bristles were sticking out, at this point she stopped pushing down and located the opposite end of the brush that was deeply buried in my urethra edging closer to my prostate, she pushed the brush back up my cock so the metal part popped out of my cock eye once more.

“See” she exclaimed, once again she stared pushing the metal part of the brush back into my Urethra again widening my pee hole to aid the journey, this time however she didn’t stop with the bristles, they were pushed in too, it was a bit difficult as they bend a bit, but with the help of her little finger she got the job done, only a couple of hairs from the tip of the brush were protruding from my tip when she was finished.
By this time, my cock was bulging with blood, veins straining at the skin, and my balls were ready for release like never before.

“That’s looks fucking amazing” Sharon eyed her handiwork.
“I bet that would feel great fucking my pussy”, without a second thought she stood up, pulled her dress over her head, she didn’t wear a bra, next off came her knickers, she grabbed my hand and pulled me up out of the chair and pushed me onto the floor on my back, my cock was straining for release.
Sharon knelt down and swung her right leg over my stomach, and lined up her cunt directly over my cock head, the bristles of the brush had protruded a little more than when I was sat due to the movement but the ferrule and handle part remained safely lodged in my cock, filling me up.
“I’m not going to last very long once I’m inside you and when I come the brush will likely come out with some force” I cautioned .
“Let’s see shall we”
Sharon grabbed the head of my cock and slid it up and down her slit, I almost blew my load there and then, I could feel her pussy dripping onto my abdomen, she lined my cock head up and slid her cunt down enveloping my cock in one movement, she threw her head back and dug her nails into my chest and started rhythmically moving her hips up and down ever so slightly at first ,building up speed and gyrating and moving around and up and down, she was enjoying the sensation of my brush stuffed cock filling her to the brim, it was mind blowing, the brush inside my cock made my cock super sensitive so I could feel every ridge and dimple and ripple inside Sharon, I bumped her cervix with the glands of my cock, the protruding bristles of the brush prodded her cervical ring causing her to scream in a combination of shock, pleasure and pain.
I was too close to coming to care and so was she, I was trying desperately not to thrust my hips and I knew all too well that the brush would inevitably be forced out of my cock, she slammed down and I felt the a portion of the metal ferrule protrude from the end of my cock because of the down force, her hips rose again and came down once more, this time instead of just soft bristles she got a cm of metal perfectly lined with her cervical ring, this had the unexpected effect of pushing the entire 1 inch of brush bristles directly into her cervical neck along with about a centimetre of metal Ferrule,
She howled her eyes were wide open and stopped humping my dick.
“are you okay?” knowing that she now had a good 4cm of the 8mm brush wedged up her cervix, an area known to less than accepting of penertration.
“I think the brush is in my womb” she said gingerly
“I told you this would happen” I scolded
“Oh god that is painful, im going to get off and we can push it back into you cock and try again”
“Okay” I said again, denied my cum at the last second.
Sharon gingerly started to move her hips forward, I don’t think it registered with Sharon as quickly as it did with me, but I felt the sensation of the metal ferrule leaving my cock and remaining inserted inside Sharon’s gripping uterus, I then felt that brush slid in and out of my cock many times.
“Stop” I said “the brush isn’t coming out of you its coming out of me”,
“I know, I can feel the friction tugging, it feels like nothing I have experienced, it hurts but I quite like it”
“What do you want to do?” I asked
she moved her hips backward , this pushed the brush back into my cock fucking it once more, she moved her hips forward and once again the brush slid from my cock and remained lodged in her cervix, she squealed in delights as the bristles and ferrule moved a few millimetres deeper into her hungry womb, she raised her hips again ,this time a good portion of the brush slid from my Urethra leaving a few inches inside, slowly she lowered her body, I could feel the handle of the brush pushing its way back into my cock, the question was how much was going to go back into me and how much would push itself into Sharon’s womb?
Sharon was making a low groaning noise as she slowly impaled both of us from the inside, the question about how much she would get, was answered, when the ferrule reached the tip of my cock, the brush didn’t go in any further as the ferrule is slightly wider than the handle, so without Sharon’s fingers widening my pee hole for it to penetrate, it bottomed out, and as the bristles and part of the ferrule were already in her cervix it made sense that the rest of the metal sleeve would follow, and it did, it slid in widening her cervical ring to 9mm, there was an audible pop as the bristles and the metal sheath had passed into her womb and the neck of her uterus gave way ,her uterus wasn’t used to invaders and gripped the brush like it wanted it .
I was surprised to say the least when Sharon’s hips raised once again and I felt the familiar sensation of the brush handle being drawn from my urethra slowly, a nice long stroke, leaving only and inch or so in my penis, then Sharon’s hips changed direction and lowered once again forcing the brush handle back into my cock, fucking it from the inside and her pussy squeezing my cock from the outside, up she went again and back down slowly, every time she raised her hips the brush would slid out of my and tug the ferrule in her womb, when her hips went down the brush would fuck my cock and try to slip deeper into her womb. She seemed to prefer it when the ferrule and bristles were being pushed into her womb, this gave me a little idea, at this point I was close to Cumming, I decided on the next up stroke I was going to tense up for a spilt second and see if I could push a bit more of the brush into her baby hole and make her come.
So Sharon slowly raised her hips, this tugged the brush handle out of my cock by about three inches I only had about an inch left in, as she switched directions and came in for the down stroke I let some of the handle back into my cock and then tensed my buttocks and my groin flexed, my cock gripped the brush handle for all it was worth and forced another inch of brush handle directly into Sharon’s hungry womb, she screamed and howled and came, her body shook , her eyes rolled back , and she fainted , that was it ,I tensed my butt again and thrust once, twice, three times and shot my cum inside her, it leaked around the sides of the brush and spurted inside her cunt in a delayed creamy fountain.
Sharon flopped unconscious on to my chest, once I caught my breath, I pulled her limp body off my dick and I rolled her off me on to her back beside my on the office floor and sat up, the brush was still deep inside Sharon’s leaking cunt.
After a few moments she started to stir, her hands reached to her abdomen “Ohhh mm” she murmured.
I stood up and stepped over to her feet , her legs were spread wide and her knees drawn up splaying her labia wide open, her hole was well and truly fucked and leaking pink cum from within, a sure sign one of us had torn something internal.
“The brush is still inside you; let me help get it out “I said offering her a hand up and on to my desk. She murmured something incoherent and shuffled her butt back on the desk and laid back, she pulled her legs up to her chest, this presented her cunt to me , it was gaping a little, but not enough to see what was inside, I sat down in my chair and scooted so where her butt was and inserted a finger from both my hands into her cunt meat, she was very well lubricated and they slipped in easily , once they were in I pulled her cunt walls apart, opening her up to the world, insider I could see the brush was still imbedded in her cervix and it was leaking a little blood, using my left hand I pushed in another finger and held her rippled cunt walls apart best I could while I used my right hand to grip the handle part of the brush that was so recently fucking my cock pipe , it was quite hard to get a grip due to being coated in mix of both our cum and her blood, my fingers kept slipping off and causing sharp intakes of breath and moans of pleasure from Sharon as I tried to free the brush, eventually I managed to get a good hold of the wooden handle and was able to pull it, the wooden handle portion that was in her cervix slid out quite easily, but the metal ferrule part of the brush was being gripped inside her cervical neck , I tugged and twisted but it didn’t want to give up the intruder, and it seemed Sharon was really enjoying this painful penetration as her hips were starting to move and her cunt lubricated before my gaze.
“You’re getting off on this aren’t you?” I asked, wiggling and twisting the handle of the brush, stimulating her deepest inner womb walls
“It hurts like hell Boss, but I can feel the bristles tickling my insides and it feels amazing” Sharon let out another moan as I started to massage her now throbbing clit as I span the brush again and again insider her.
“I have an idea” I reached over to my computer table and grabbed the thinnest brush.
“can you reach down and hold your pussy open for me a second?” I asked
Sharon’s ling manicured fingers reached down and she slid two fingers into her pussy and pulled her vagina open, she was very well practiced looking at how easy she did it.
I took the thinner brush and slid it down her tunnel and using the rounded end I slid the brush handle along side its much larger brother and slid it into her cervix, once it was in an inch or so I pulled the brushes apart a little at my end and tugged on the wider brush, loosening her cervical neck with the thinner brush did the trick and the wide brush’s ferrule popped right out, followed by a little blood, I could see her cervix gaping a little and slid the thinner brush in and out a few times.

“Its out.”

To be continued

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