A date with my wife

A date with my wife

My wife and I are on a date and having a great time. After an amazing dinner at a nice restuarant we decide to head to a bar for more drinks. We are already a bit tipsy when we walk in. We order drinks and get a table. It's then that I notice you in the back of the bar chatting with your friends. We make eye contact and I wave you over. My wife sees you and rolls her eyes. You join us at the table which annoys my wife. As you and I laugh and chat, she gets more and more irratated. You are slamming down drinks, having fun. My wife is doing the same, but out of anger. I have slowed down since I will be driving. Before long it is closing time. I offer you a ride home which annoys my wife even more since not only does she hate you, but you live in the opposite direction.

We get in the car, me driving, my wife in the passenger seat, and you in the backseat. You lean forward continuing our conversation. Looking in the rear view I see you staring at my wifes cleavage as we chat. Her slinky black dress is low cut showing her full D cup breasts nicely. For several minutes you perv on my wifes tits until you glance up and make eye contact with me. I smile as if to say "caught you" and you grin drunkenly. My wife is looking out the window totally unaware. You take my smile as permission to perv on my wife and start to creep your hand toward her. You slide the strap of her dress off her shoulder almost completely exposing her braless tit.

"What the fuck" she yells, pulling her strap back up.

A few quiet minutes later you do it again. This time you expose her full breast, nipple and all.

"God damn it, stop" she screams.

"Ahh come on sexy, let's see those big titties" you say.

"FUCK OFF!" She replies.

You immediately reach around the seat from the sides and cup both tits in your strong hands. She screams in rage but cant do anything about it because she is strapped in. You grope and squeeze her tits, doing as you please with her. She slaps at you awkwardly and struggles with your hands, but you manage to get both tits out of her dress.

"Make him stop! what the fuck!" She yells at me.

My cock is already stiff in my pants and I dont know what to say. You are groping my wifes bare tits and playing with her thick nipples while she squirms and screams.

"GOD DAMN IT, PULL OVER!" she hollers repeatedly.

Finally I cant take the screaming anymore and I pull over. We are on a empty stretch of road next to a forest. I pull off into the gravel and turn the car off. My wife jumps out and adjusts her dress to cover her big tits again. I get out and try to smooth things over. She is stumbling drunk and in mood to argue. She screams, calls me names, and hits me over and over as I try to calm her. My patience is quickly wearing thin.

It's at that moment that you pour gas on the fire so to speak. You come up behind her and once again grab those full tits. You hold her tightly as you grope and expose those big sexy tits.

"FUCK YOU!" she screams at us both.

I have had enough of the screaming and so I cover her mouth with my hand. This only encourages you. Both tits are out and you have the bottom of her dress bunched up over her ass. You have one hand on her tit while the other gropes and squeezes her firm ass. She struggles and screams into my hand. I know this is wrong but her big breasts are bouncing around, and she looks so fucking sexy with your hands all over her. I am still a little drunk and now my cock is aching for some action.

As I struggle to keep her mouth covered I notice you have her panties pulled down mid thigh. Your hand roughly rubbing her pussy as your other hand works your belt and zipper. With your long throbbing cock out and in your hand, you tear her panties off. The waistband of her sexy little thong snaps as they come off. I reach my hand out and you pass them to me. I uncover her mouth and cram her panties into her open mouth before she can scream.

I'm holding both of her arms by the wrist now. Her screams muffled by a mouthful of dirty panties. Where once her face was angry now it is full of fear. You are rubbing your big cock on her pussy from behind. Your fat cock head parting her pussy lips. A tear runs down her cheek. She is ashamed at how wet her pussy is. She stiffens and sobs as you slam into her deep, fast, and hard. I'm holding my wife as you rape her from behind. The only sound on the quiet stretch of road is her muffled sobs and your balls slapping her wet pussy.

You are still rock hard and throbbing after several minutes of brutal pounding. The alcohol has made your cock numb enough to go long and hard. My wife is too drunk and exhausted to fight anymore. I am not even holding her arms at this point. Her hands brace against my chest as you fuck her hot little pussy. She whimpers and sobs with each deep thrust.

The sight of her tits bouncing in time with your slapping balls has me painfully erect. Since I no longer have to restrain my wife, I free my cock and start slowly jerking it. Just then you grab her harshly by the head, hauling her ear close to your mouth.

"What do you think of me now, bitch?" You growl in her ear.

"Fuck you!" She snaps back, proudly.

"You are fucking me, bitch!" You laugh as you pick up the pace. You are soon covered in sweat and strip your shirt off. Your hands grab her hips and your face takes on a look of determination. You begin a long stretch of the most intense fucking I have ever seen. Your entire body flushed and sweating as you fuck my wife. It's like you are sprinting to the finish line.

My wife is howling and moaning now. She has never been fucked so hard. Your grunts and her whimpering moans fill my ears and make my cock drop. It's my turn to grab her by the hair.

I look her in the eyes. "You love this dont you, slut?"

she only sobs and tries to shake her head. Her sobbing is interrupted by a loud moan. I feel her body trembling. Her legs shake and threaten to give out. She starts a low whimpering moan that lasts for long seconds before becoming louder.

"That's it slut, cum on that big cock!" I growl in her face.

She does. Her legs give out and you feel her pussy clamping and releasing around your shaft, over and over.

Within moments she is lifted off her feet by your final thrust.

"AHHHH. FUCK, FUCKING BITCH!!" You cry out as your convulsing cock shoots rope after rope of your pent up load deep into my wifes quivering pussy. You push so hard and deep that she is pushed tight against me. My back is to the car now as you sandwich my wife between us. My cock is pressed against her belly and you keep trying to cram more of yourself inside her. Your balls tight as they empty themselves in that soaking wet pussy.

Finally you pull your long cock free with a wet sloppy sound. You walk a few steps to catch your breath and recover before turning to face us again. Your sweaty body steams in the cool air. Your still rigid cock wet and shining in the moon light.

"My turn" I say as I apply gentle pressure to my wifes shoulders. She meekly sinks to her knees and takes me into her mouth. She has sucked my cock a thousand times and the familiarity gives her some comfort. She works my big cock with practiced skill and effort. It only takes a few short minutes before I am ready to blow. You interrupt me just as I am about to cum by shoving your cock against her check. She reluctantly switches to sucking your wet sex covered dick while stroking mine. She goes back and forth until I get impatient and grab her hair, forcing her to finish me. My hot cum floods her mouth as my body shudders through an intense orgasm.

I abruptly pull out, zip up and walk around to the driver side of the car.

"Let's go I say."

You open the back door, prodding and directing my wife to climb in. You follow her and close the door as I drive off. I adjust the rearview mirror to see that you have my wife blowing your cock again. It's a 10 minute drive to your house, and my wifes head is bobbing up and down the whole time. I pull into your drive way and sit for another 15 minutes as you continue forcing my reluctant wife to suck your long cock from top to base, over and over. It is clear that you are savoring this opportunity. You get close several times but stop her just short of getting you off. Finally you grip her hair on a downward stroke and push her down past her comfort level. Long seconds stretch out as she gags on the big cock buried in her throat. She starts to struggle intensely, her face turning red. From my angle I can clearly see her throat bulging and your balls twitching. Your hot cum is shooting straight into her stomach. This second orgasm passes quicker.

Satisfied and drained, you let her go. She gasps as saliva and cum pour from her mouth to cover her still exposed tits. Without another word you exit the car and go inside your house.

I put the car in reverse, back out of your driveway and head home. My wife, still incredibly drunk, passes out on the ride home.

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