Mistress Tori

Mistress Tori

I've been married to my wife for 7 years now and we have an interesting sex life. It's not a normal marriage in any sort of way. 24 hours a day I am her slave and do everything she asks of me. Sometimes she allows me to have sex with her and other days she has sex with other men while I watch. If she isn't in the mood to be penetrated, she penetrates me with her 8 inch strapon. We don't take breaks, this is our life. I'm hers to use for whatever she wants and I'll always happily oblige. Some things I'm forced to do aren't necessarily turn ons for me but as a slave, I always do as I'm told by my master. Mistress Tori has given me permission to write about my days.

JANUARY 5th 2011

I was awakened by a sharp pain in my side so I turned my head around to find Mistress Tori digging the heel of her knee high leather boots into my flesh.

"It's time to get up my little bitch boy."

I got up on my knees, kneeling on my dog bed on the floor.

"What can I do for you Mistress?"

She sat down in her favorite chair, looking incredible. Her black hair draped over her shoulder, almost down to the corset that wrapped around her body. Black elbow length leather gloves covered her arms and looked great with the leather skirt she wore. Her hands fumbled with a pack of cigarettes before getting one loose, placing it between her firm red lips.

"First, I need a light."

I grabbed a lighter from a nearby table and lit her cigarette, watching closely as she inhaled deeply. My cock grew a little inside the rubber underwear I had on as I watched her blow a thick cloud of smoke in my face.

"Open," she said sternly, flicking ash onto my tongue. "I have a guest coming over today and I'd like to look my best. There seem to still be stains all over my boots from the last time he was here. It's unacceptable. I want these boots to shine, so swallow the ashes and get to cleaning."

Mistress stuck her left foot out, pointing out some of the spots that needed to be licked clean. She enjoyed her cigarette as I ran my tongue all over the smooth leather, licking at the dried cum. My mouth was dry by the time I finished but her boots looked great.

"Excellent work slave. You did a fantastic job, is your mouth dry after all that?"

"Yes mistress."

"Open up," she grabbed my face with her gloved hands, pulling me closer before spitting a big load of saliva into my mouth. I swallowed it and thanked her. "Now go put on that maid outfit I like.

She smacked my ass as I walked off to the other room where the black vinyl maid outfit was at. It was laid out on a bed with some fishnet stockings and boots. The vinyl slid on and I rolled the stockings up my legs. The boots fit perfectly.

"Slave! Come here slave, company is here."

I rushed out to the living room area to find her in a red rubber dress with matching gloves. She had changed for Steve, one of the lucky men that gets to have sex with her. Steve is a tall, muscular, black man with a long, thick cock. He has been here numerous times and he always fucks her well.

"Mistress, would you or your friend like anything?"

"We're fine on drinks but we were thinking about having some fun. Why don't you come over here, my little sissy maid, and help Steve get real hard for me. I need a good hard fuck from a real man. Not some loser with a small penis. Now slave."

Steve removed his pants, showing off his flacid cock, which still looked pretty large to me. Mistress Tori sat back on the couch in her tight dress, watching me wrap my hand around the thick black dick.

"Go ahead, stroke it a bit. Get it real hard for me."

Steve admired Tori in her sexy dress as she pulled on her nipple through the thin material, occasionally looking down at me, in my vinyl maid outfit, stroking.

"Hey, bitch, you aren't going to get him hard enough with just your hand, you are going to have to use that little whore mouth of yours. Go on, wrap your mouth around that black cock. I know you want to, faggot."

I held the base and started sucking on the head, licking the top of his shaft.

"You really are worthless."

She shook her head and leaned up, grabbing the back of my head and pushing it forward. Mistress was forcing me to take every inch of him into my mouth. The problem was he was too big and I started to gag, but she still pushed on my head as saliva dripped rapidly from my chin.

"You have to take the whole fucking cock. I know you want it sissy bitch, choke on it."

My need for air was becoming more of a problem and she held me firmly while his head was jammed in the back of my throat. Before I threw up, she finally let go. I gasped for air.

"What do you say, slave?"

"Thank you Mistress."

"Thank you for what?"

"For allowing me to suck his cock."

"Good boy. He is looking big and ready. Bring it over here and fuck me hard. Slave, you stay there on your knees and watch. I better not see a finger on your cock you worthless piece of shit."

Steve walked over to her and lifted part of the latex dress up that clung to her skin, revealing her shaved pussy. She had clearly enjoyed watching me as she was already very wet. His cock slid in without any problem.

"Mm, it's about time I got a big one in me. This worm isn't worth fucking. I had to go get me a big fuckin black cock. You love watching don't you?"

"Yes mistress."

He held her right leg up, licking the heel of her boot while he rammed her dripping cunt. She screamed out in pleasure as his head repeatedly hit her g spot. I watched his thick member pound at her snatch which had my hardon poking at the vinyl costume. It took everything in me to keep my hands off of it.

"Fuck, that's deep," she yelled out, digging her nails into his ass. "Fuck that cunt. Choke me."

Steve quickened the pace, wildly thrusting into her pussy. It amazed me that he could do this without cumming quickly. His hand wrapped around her neck, squeezing as he fucked her hard. She moved her body with his, driving him even deeper. Her eyes rolled back a bit as she came.

"I'm going to turn around, I want you to fuck my ass. Don't hold back, fill my shithole with your cum."

She turned around and put her ass in the air, holding her cheeks apart for him. He spit onto the hole and slid his massive cock in there.

"Oh fuck. You are so big. Fuck that tight ass."

He slid in and out of her, grunting. The pace wasn't as quick as he struggled to push himself inside of her tight hole. She gripped onto his shaft, pushing back against him, biting her lip to contain the screams as he stretched her out.

"Come on, come on, fill me up. I want it so bad. Fill my ass."

Steve grabbed onto her hips and started thrusting faster, pushing his way in further, making her moan loudly. He gripped hard as he came, shooting several shots of sperm into her anus. Tori squeezed her muscles, making sure to milk every drop.

"Slave, get over here. I need to be cleaned up, I have all of this cum in my ass hole."

I positioned myself under her, waiting as she pushed. A large glob fell onto my face, dripping down by my lips. She pushed harder and more fell out, landing on my tongue.

"Now swallow it. Good boy."

They talked, caught up for a bit while I cleaned the toilet with my tongue. The house was picked up already so there was no need to clean. Once he went home I cooked her dinner and then begged for scraps at her feet. Pretty average day.

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