My introduction_(0)

My introduction_(0)

Hi, I'm now 54 and I would like to tell you my lifestory. When I was seven, was I placed in a orphanage by court. Not that I did have done something wrong, it where my parents who did lost their custody over me and two brothers. That time did I not know that, that's why I did desire to go back home. So I did run away quite regurly. It was several years later that I did know the truth. Anyway, because my habit to run away sometimes, have I've been in several orphanages. There where good and bad ones by them. Already quite young (8 or 9 years old) did I learn from other boys how to masturbate. Something what I practised frequently. It did happen regurly too that we did it by each other. When I was 12, did I go to my last home, there I would stay several years and it was the only home where I didn't have run away. I was the youngest when I did arrive there. Very quickly did I experience that the customs in that home where the same like in my previous ones. Allready on my second day there, did came Marcel on a evening to my room. He was two years older then me. It was obvious what he wanted and because I did like it too, did we lay very quickly on my bed, with each others cock in our hands. Then Marcel did something what was unknown to me before. He did take my cock in his mouth. I wasn't immediatly attracted to do the same by him and he didn't asked it either. The next weeks dit I get every week, one or two visits from Marcel. That visits where almost always a copy from his first visit. Except Marcel did I get approached too by Cas, who was 16 and also by Willie. Willie was 20 and he was a bit strange in my eyes. He wanted that I did fondlle his bottom, I did find it so strange that I didn't wanted to play with him the next time. After a few months asked Angelo, almost 21, me to go with him to his room. I was almost sure that it was for a masturbation, I was only a bit surprised that he did ask me, because normally the more elderly ones did keep a bit a distance from the younger ones. I di go with him, he loked his room after we did have entered it and he hugged me and asked me to undress myself. Even I did find it a bit strange , did I undress me and did go to lay on his bed. Angelo did lay a bit later next to me, naked to of course. He started to fondle me, my face, arm, back, shoulder, legs, bottom and then he did kiss me. My first kiss, soon followed by more. Angelo did ask me to take his cock in my mouth. I don't know what it was, that did persuaded me to do it. With Marcel I didn't wanted it and now on Angelo's first request did I take his big cock in my mouth. I started to suck him while I id lick his cock with my tongue. Mrcel did have done it this way, so I thought it was the right way. After a while did he ask me to stop, I did and now he did take my cock in his mouth. I came quite quickly in his mouth, cumless because I didn't cum yet that time. Then did he lay a pillow under my bottom, did take a tub, whit a greasy substance in it. He did do some of that substance on his cock and then he did do more on the top of two fingers of his right hand and then did I feel him entering my anus with this fingers, making circles.
Maybe you don't believe it, but it was true, before that moment have I never know that a man did penetrate another person (man or woman). But I did understand very quickly what he wanted to do. One the one hand was I a bit afraid, his cock was quite big , but on the other hand ,was what he was doing giving me a good feeling. He whispered me to relax and certainly not to squeeze my anus and then he did hold his cock against my hole. I did feel him going in very slowly, when he did pass my sphincter did it hurt a bit, but soon was it an overwhelming feeling. He was filling me more and more, still going very slowly deeper and deeper, but it did feel great, very exciting. Then he was completely in me, he touched my lips with his one and asked me or I was ok. I kissed him back and whispered yes. Slowly did he started to fuck me, meanwhile whispering nice words in my ear and giving kisses. After some time did he go to breath faster, his tempo was on a higher level too and then, after a few strong punches did he stop his fucking. With a big smile did he look me in the eyes and kissed me. That was very good he said, very satisfying. He did go of off me and did go to was his cock. I did feel wet between my legs and then I realised that he did have cum in me. After washing his cock came he back on the bed and asked me or it did have hurt me and of I have enjoyed it. I told him honestly that it didn't have hurt much and that it have feel very good. After some time did I feel with my thigh that his cock was erected again. He entered me again, but was now not so careful anymore. He did take me passionated, changing his speed frequently, from slow to quite hard sometimes. He was now longer in me and he came moaning i me. He said it was time to go to my room, he did go to wash his cock again and I dressed myself and 15 muntes later did I lay on my bed, still having the pictures from the past hours for my eyes. The next day asked Anelo me again to come with him. Now I did know for what, but I was delighted and did go with him voluntary. He did take me again two times and he asked me or I wanted to be his lover and I answered yes. Angelo did have got sex with me almost every day, at least once but mostly two times. A two or three months later did I hear a knock on my door, after I've returned from Angelo's room, it was Marcel. we haven't do anything together since I started with Angelo and I did feel a bit guilty about that. I let him in. He asked me where I was lately, I couldn't tell him, so I did lay my hand on the bulge in his pants. One minute later did we lay on my bed and Marcel did have my cock in his mouth. I did take his cock in my mouth too and started to suck him. He came quite quickly trembling in my mouth. I presume that Angelo love it too he said. Looking to my surprised face did he say, that he've noticed that week that I sneaky did l've leaved Angelo's room. Marcel did understand that I was more interested in Agelo then in him and he did take it very sportif. For six months was I the loverboy of Angelo, till the day came that he would go to leave. It did hurt to see him go, not that I did love him, but I did like him a lot, I was missing his affection very soon.
Two weeks after Angelo's departure was I by Walter, between his 19 and 20. i don't know who've made the first advances, but we did go to lay on his bed, Soon we where naked. He didn't ask to suck him, I guess he was to horny. It only did take a few minutes and he was pushing h the glans of his cock against my hole. He entered me quite slowly, but when he noticed that I was pushing towarts him, did he ask me with frowned foorhead, or I've done it before. I told him that I've bean for 6 months the 'girl' of Angelo. With a big grin did he said, ok, then I don't need to be so carefull anymore. And he started to fuck me like it would have be his last time. I was never fucked this way before and it did hurt too, Walter was really nailing me, but luckely came quite soon. When his cock did glide out my hole, did I say him that I didn't like this. He did apologize himself, said that he was so horny as hell and that the story about Angelo him even have made more horny. I believe a half hour later did he enter me again, but now tender and he did take his time. He stopped frequently, whitout holding his cock out of me, and then with changing speed to continue. He must have been a quite long time in me before he did cum. It must have be a least 30 minutes. And he did take me later that evening a third time, almost on the same way like the second time. Angelo was away, no not forgotten, certainly not, but I did believe that I did have found a nice successor.

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