Shadows of Fright: Peeping Monster_(0)

Shadows of Fright: Peeping Monster_(0)

Peeping Monster
Summer had noticed a man watching her from the across the way of her apartment building. A few nights she caught him staring at her.
After that he shut his light off but kept the shades open. He was a tall, handsome but dark looking man. And she would always wear something sexy or make sure she was change in that window. Which was fairly easy seeing as not many people lived in the building. A small building at the village of town. Her apartment was facing the trees and had a beautiful view of the forest surrounding.
Tonight she decided to put on a show for her little peeping tom.
She saw some movement in a tree in the courtyard. And something shine. Binoculars she thought.
She knew it was him. And that he wanted a better view then from three stories up. Right on level
So she decided to dress up.
"Mr. peeping Tom, your in for a big surprise." she said smiling to herself.

Hunger. Stay out of sight.
Thoughts of a monster long since forgotten.
Its skin a pale stone white. Its teeth large and sharp. Its eyes buldging and bloodshot with not pupils. But humanoid.
Hair wiry and not much left.
This creature that hibernates most of the time. Had been feeding on animals from this building. Mostly by sneaking into an open window and grabbing the animal.
The past few nights people had been closing their windows in fear of there little critter being take. But this night an old woman weont for a walk with her four dogs.
It feed well. And it knew no one would believe the old wentch.
But it still had hunger. It still wanted more blood and flesh in its gullet.
It watched patiently from a few bushes in back of thr building.
It scanned for windows to be open. Its eyes peering from one to the next. Nearly none of the windows even open nor lit.
Suddenly its eyes opened to the second story.
A women lifting her window and taking a few steps back.

Its eyes glued to the window for any weakness. Its eyes stared blanklessly. In the window there was a woman.
Bloody lips.
Blood around her large freshly chest. Fingers bloody.
Ample backside.
His hunger began to burn.
It leaned forward to inspect.

Her skin was a lively white.
However, dressed differently then most humans it saw.
Her skin looked silky, legs long, breasts large, her cleavage pumped by a tight black latex corset, trimmed crimson. She had a plump heart shaped bottom, with long, round smooth legs.
Her hair light blonde, long and silky. Her eyes a sky blue. Nails long and red, matched to her full crimson lipstick. Her hips round, her waist small.
Black spandex booty shorts with a red lace thong arching her bare hips.
Finally, black fishnet stockings.

Summer looked down at her cleavage. Her lips full and plump as she slid her hands down her ribs and hips as she started swaying her hips to and fro.

Memories. Life memories. A burning in its privates. Flashes of what its for.
Its head twitched as the hunger came back when she turned around and bent over.
Her tiny waist arched, her voluptuous back meat popping out. Legs straight. Meaty.
Her hand slapped her back meat hard.
A split memory. Half of grabbing a womens ass as a horny human. The other half him biting into a screaming mans back meat he had tied by the wrists.

She popped back up, her hands pulling back her flipping hair and spun around. Her fingers trickling down her lips slowly with a look of desire.

Desire.  Eat. Hurt. Use. Eat. Sodimize. Grab. Eat.
Its mind flushed with old and wired memories.
Its privates on fire. Burning its flesh it felt.
Her large chest meat glistened with beads of sweat, jiggling and full like that of a pregnant animal.
Suddenly its minds flashed of drinking the milk of a captured pregnant deer. And an old him licking a womans breast.
The foriegn creature looked at it suddenly.
Its head twitched to the side.
Her eyes looking right at it.
Filled with something it also felt, but not in a time sinced forgotten.
Its mind filling with memories of it body to body and skin to skin contact with females.
Her finger point at him suddenly. Its mind in a daze not knowing what to think.
She flipped her hand over slowly cocking her head as she fingered to come in.

Summer backed away from the window. Her eight inch heels a crimson red.
She turned around and turned the living room light off.
Using her cell phone for light she strutted into her room.
"This peeping tom better come in here tonight. If this isn't enough of a sign he's a bitch." She said sitting on the edge of her bed.
"If he doesn't I hope someone has the balls to come in here and fuck me. God! I'm already so fucking wet. Fuck."
She her hand slowly began to rub her privates.
Her mind set on the open front door. But turning herself on more with the thought of this peeping tom climbing through her window. She knew it was unlikely but she wanted someone to go through all that trouble to get to hef.

It started climbing a pipe on the side of the building. Its hands licked clean of blood.
Its sight in the dark superb.
It scaled the pipe quickly climbing through the open window. Drapes flying widely. Crawled into the house, silently stalking the new enviroment.
Its hand pressed on a rug as it moved forward seeing an open door to the left.
Noises, soft and gentle moans.

Summers eyes popped open hearing a creak from outside her room.
Her eyes opened. Her chest fluttered with excitment and a hint of panic.
Lust imprinting itself into her mind.

It slowly crawled to the doorway. Cautiously standing up pressing itself against the wall.

She saw the shadow of a head slowly peer in. A hand grasping the doorway.
"I wish somebody was here to fuck me. Fuck my pussy." She said, playing dumb, as she turned around crawling onto the bed. Her hips alternating.
"Mmmm, my pussy's so wet. I think I would fuck anyone tonight." something which was true but she wasn't fully aware of it. "A criminal, or a cop, a psychopathic stalker."
She slowly arched her back pressing her chest to the bed. Her butt in the air. Her hands grabbing her butt and loudly slapping it.
"Mmm, I haven't had my ass fucked in so long. Or choked on a long hard cock in so long."
It wasnt even thinking. Its hand was on its cock. When it finally noticed its mind flooded with memories of what it would do with its cock.

"I'm so fucking tight. So horny." she pleaded with lust in her breath's. She turned onto her back to look at the doorway. She saw his head. The shadow of its head.
At the end of her bed. Crouching.
"Oh!" she said playing ignorant, "Did you come here for me?" she asked sudeuctively, her hands gliding across her cleavage.
"Are you going to hurt me? Penetrate me? Tear me apart?"

Its mind still blank in confusion.
Hurt! Claw! Rape! Eat!

It slowly began to stand up. She could tell he was naked. Gangly body. Tall. She began to realise this wasn't the muscle build hunk from across the hall.
She also knew she got herself into this and she was frankly too horny to care. This could've been a bum from the streets and in the end she needed it.
"Come on shy guy." she said pulling up her finger again "Lets just see what you want to do to me when you get up here." she said with a smile and a giggle.

It slowly began to crawl up the bed. She closed her eyes slowly turning around. Her knees against the bed, legs evenly apart, ankles in the air. Her butt popping out and back arched.
It pit its face at her feet, wanting to bite into them. Its eyes and head following to bite into the biggest part of her flesh. But her legs just got thicker. Followly them up slowly as they closed in.
Its eyes began to rise. Its face inches from her round back meat. It felt the heat from her ass and pussy.
"Are you going to eat me?" she said

Eat. Hurt. Bite. Claw!

It siezed her ass and hips with both hands, widening its jaw.

"Please! Taste my pussy. Its as sweet as candy."

Candy. Taste.

She shoved her ass back in its face gyrating.

It felt her fleshy backmeat against its face. Its want to bite forced back by the overriding burning in its privates. Its eyes in a state of shock with a blank mind. Plump, goose bumped flesh in her face. The smell of her pussy musky and sweet. Like the sap on tree it would eat. But it couldn't bite into the tree.

She moved her thong from the way of her pussy.
She felt its teeth and nose against her pussy and ass. How sharp they were. And pointy its nose was. It turned her on more though.

Its face suddenly getting wet from her slit. It slid on its nose once. It tasted her juices on her tongue.
Eat. Eat. Eat! EAT!
It hardened its grip as it shoved its face into her crotch.
She grasped her pillow gasping. Her hand shot back grasping a fistful of its thinning hair.
"Oh god!" she cried in a shriek.
Her hand pulling on its hair.
She cried out again "ugh!"

Its teeth gnashed. But its tongue was deep inside her.
Its teeth pressed up against her soft flesh.
"Your tongue is a snake!" she cried gyrating her hips. The tingling sensation growing in her.
Her moans starting to grow. Her thighs clasping around its head.
She tasted so sweet. Its tongue didn't want to stop. It started working on its own as its nose dipped into her back meat hole. It pressed its face further and further as she lifted her ass further up. Her moans contorted into a rising gasp.
The woman whined like an animal as it felt a gush of juices on its face. She tasted so good. It drank furiously.

Her eyes fluttered as her moans rose again. She began to simply bounce her privates on its face biting her pillow. She came again this time her body riveting in a senual flow.
"I didn't know anyone could use their tongue like that!" she gushed.
She pulled up suddenly spinning on the bed.
Its mind now trying to figure out what to do next. Its hunger was in an odd way, lowered. For now. But the burning in its privates still aching. Hurting. Pulsing.
It watched her suddenly roll over, her head between its privates now.
It watched her hand slowly tip around its member.
Her fingers lined up its shaft, her head getting closer. Her lips slowly widening as her fingers slipped under its testicles palming them in her warm soft hands. Its member on her wrist. Her plump lips touched its phallus.
The burning. Worst yet. Inflamed by her warm touch. It was going insane but couldn't figure out its lust from hunger.
Suddenly it felt a cool jolt of relief when her lips touched its member. And a wet relief slowly slid up its shaft as she gingerly swallowed the creatures member.
She slowly twisted her tongue around the member. Gently rubbing its balls as she rubbed her tongue under its shaft. She pushed in again feeling its fat swollen head rush down her throat hot and pulsing. She sucked hard pulling her head back, her lips pressed hard.
It breathed roughly as thoughts of both killing and sex filled its mind. Of ripping people to pieces.
Suddenly a memory of a world unknown to this version of it came back from its subconscious.
Rape. Sodomy. Hurt.
She began to moan as she pumped her head back and forth. Her lips opening as she audibly deepthroated the thing.
Its mind filled with the sounds of her and the sounds of animals and humans choking with its hands around their throats.
She shoved in hard. Her hand began to line its stomach and chest. Hairless. Very firm muscle but so skinny. Her eyes flashing up as her lips were pressed against its privates now. She held there slowly twisting her head so she could feel the cock move in her throat.
She pulled out gasping. Her lips wet and drooling hanging from its cock and her mouth. She slowly sat back laying down. Her hands above her head a foot between its legs. Her other leg at her calf, her knee over her other one.
"Come here." she said
It slowly crawled forward. Its balls still in pain. It felt its legs against her bare legs. Its chest against hers.
As it crawled up she realised something.
It didn't look human. Not really. Its eyes. Huge, bulging. Its skin clammy and cold. Excpet for its tongue. Its breaths with rough and hoarse. Its teeth were sharpened.
It was some kind of monster.
Her mind went a thousand miles and hour. Panic, lust, doubt, fear,
A thought came though.
This thing came in here and could've killed me. But instead. I seduced it. Its cock is so hard and big. Its tongue is amazing.
Suddenly she was face to face with it and could made out its horrorifying face. She took a breath fear. Her hand slowly reaching down grasping its hot cock. She guided it with her other hand on its privates.
"Fuck. That's right you nasty monster." she said sensually, feeling its head hard her tight slits fleshy lips. "Fuck." she whispered pulling on its privates. "Me." she quivered.
Suddenly its mind snapped into a desicion. Its cock hugged by her tight hot wet pussy.
It rammed forward with a feral growl. Grasping her hip flesh.
Summer arched her back moaning. Feeling the hot throbbing cock pump into her. Its movments savage but fluent.
It stared at her cleavage bouncing up and down. Jiggling. Its hand shot forward grabbing at her cleavage. It lifed her bottom half up going to its knees. Grabbing the top of the corset tight. She began to rock up and down on its cock as it pulled on her corset.
As it rammed its began to growl angerly. The corset not coming loose. It lurched over her tearing at the latex with its fingers nails.
She bit her bottom lip as its cock pumped in again. Its claws denting into her latex. She moaned suddenly when its fingernails broke through stratching her down her ribs. It grabbed the latex tears ripping her corset exposing her chest.
"Yes! You fucking animal!" she cried grabbing its head and shoving its mouth on her breast.
She felt her delicate muscles twitched with its sharpened teeth denting and raking across bare chest meat. Its tongue sliding around but rhythmically coming back to her nipple.
Her body quivered.
The creature suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline. It shoved her off flipping her over by her hips.
This time it was her that froze in confusion, plus fear. She didn't know exactly what to expect.
It climbed forward quickly. Its foul mouth breathing by her ear. Its member slide up her wet slit to her ass. She felt its pulsing member push against her tight asshole. She bit the pillow again her eyes closed pulling on the fabric. She felt it shove its pelvis forward, hardening as it bent against her tight hole.
She felt her ass slowly stretch, groaning shoving herself back. Inch by inch it slid into her. Its hands grasping her butt. Widening her cheeks to shove in and shoving them together to pull out.
It rammed her repeatedly feeling her ass gyrating from it pounding her alone.
The creature pumped again and again. Its groans and growls slowly growing. Her groans matched in time to its. The creature shoved her head into the pillow shoving itself into as hard as it could, feeling its phallus release.
She shuttered, her she muscles tensed around its wet hard cock. She felt the initial burst in her ass, deep and filling.
Then it slowly came into her. It slowly pulled out. Her bottom lip in a quiver.
It rose above her body. Her body breathing with heaves.
Its sat in a state of lustful bliss. For a moment. The hunger began to come back. Still confused with its after glow and the hunger thoughts. It looked down to her. 'Meat' among the first words in its mind.
Suddenly a noise from outside. Barking.
Suddenly anger rose.
Must found my cats.
Kill! Wolves! Eat! Meat! Kill!

It leaped from her bed on four arms. It sprinted across the floor through her living room and pouncing out the window. It hit the ground with a roll and began galloping into the shadow. The sounds of tearing happening.
It was going not only have a cat tonight. It would also dine on wolves.

Summer had been laying still for five minutes. Her ass still in the air. Its thick cum slowly flowing from her ass.
However when she heard the wolves whine and cry in the distance she felt it nessesary to close the window.

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