A Guy and His...? 64 Trio Training

A Guy and His...? 64 Trio Training

Jake Freemon - Main character                                              Rita - older female and one of Juno's sisters 
Gen - Jakes first Jinn - sex Jinn                                               Tina - Rita's daughter
Jinn - What the genies are called                                            Trully -  second Jinn doc Rasmir's little sister
Tommy Sinclair - Friend of Jake's and fellow worker           Nyrae - Juno's powerful Jinn   
Mary - Boss's daughter                                                             Nuha - Leader of Deadly Trio     
Juno - Jakes big Boss and Mary's Father                                Abla - sister of Nuha member of Deadly trio 
Jinn Council - Council of major Jinns                                       Fatin - sister of Nuha third member of trio
Yasmen - Gen's mother                                                            Tyrin - neighbor of Nyrae's parents
Hakiem, Doctor - the Jinn doctor (aka Hime)                         Aahil - one of the twin Jinn princes
Rasmir - Gen's father                                                                Aalee - other twin Jinn prince
Rosalinda - Jake's second Jinn – Once called Dreama          Amira - Jinn Princess sister of twins
Rashala - Gen's niece and Jake's 3rd Jinn - elite Jinn            Al-Mazhab - King of the Jinns
Tankena - evil brother of Rasmir                                               Qistina - Ex Queen of the Jinns, the Leader
Sheeka - former evil female Jinn Jake's 4th Jinn                     Marie - Juno's ex - wife
Akeesha - Sheeka's twin sister                                                   Kasha - Marie's powerful Jinn
Inger - Mary's Jinn, Akeesha's lover                                           Zahra - evil elite Jinn working with Marie
Qaseem - Jake and Sheeka's baby                                            Tilda - Jake and Nyrae's baby 

Nuha was barely conscious, her sex burning to orgasm. Her vagina pure liquid flame as was the rest of her body. Damn it how had Zahra gained an advantage on her like this? Searching through her mind a sudden thought occurred to her. A half twisted smile lit up her features as she started to plan. There was more than one way to beat love magic! The now dead leader had proved that!
Zahra sensed a change in Nuha as she drew close to the trio leader. Reaching up she started to twist Nuha's nipples as hard as she could. Laughing she stared straight into Nuha's eyes. "Ha! Get used to being used you worthless bitch!"
Nuha was about to pass out again the intense feelings reaching throughout her body. "We shall see soon just who is useless you pathetic bitch!" Nuha spit out.
Reaching out Zahra shoved several fingers deep into Nuha's vagina. "I think you are mistaken." Stimulating Nuha faster and faster Zahra laughed harder as Nuha reached the edge but went no further. "You will never again orgasm; my mistress has made sure of that!"
Nuha smiled as the feelings grew in intensity. "Perhaps not," here Nuha whispered a dark spell. "You will never stop!"
Zahra gasp as she felt the other personality deep within, grab hold and surface for a few moments. Looking at Nuha Zahra's head nodded as Nuha started to make a design in the air.
"NO," exploded out of Zahra's mouth as her body shook violently. "I will never allow you to win you damn whore! How dare you try to take over! I will destroy you!"
Nuha nodded slightly, she thought she'd felt another there. Smiling she started to whisper again when Zahra drew up to her. "Feel Master Jake filling you as hard and fast as he can! Feel him as he fills you with his hot seed!"
Nuha screamed at the top of her voice then promptly passed out. Zahra smirked as she looked at the unconscious leader of the trio. She'd kill the bitch Jinn if she did that again no matter what her mistress said!

[You are weak! I grow stronger every day!] came the other voice deep within.
[You lie!] Zahra replied. [You are dying I can feel you growing weaker!]
[I think that you are wrong! Shall I prove it? Try this!] The other voice screamed as Zahra started to shake.
Marie had just walked in when she saw Zahra in what seemed a struggle. Then she saw the Jinn shred her clothes as she fell to the floor with her hand between her legs. Even as she watched Zahra began to drive as much of her hand into her vagina as she could.
Interesting Marie thought as she disrobed sitting in a nearby chair watching the Jinn struggle. Watching Zahra thrust into herself was causing Marie's vagina to leak as well. Moving as close as she could, she watched with rapt attention. Suddenly Zahra looked up seeing Marie watching her, her own fingers deep within her own vagina.
Zahra was screaming inside she had again lost control. Suddenly she was crawling on her knees toward her mistresses’ exposed sex. Lunging herself at Marie she fastened her lips against Marie's vagina drawing a scream of delight from the woman. "Ah! What a good little slave you are!" Marie said as she started to come down from her orgasm.
Zahra started to open her mouth finding that nothing came out. Cursing herself for creating the other personality then allowing it to gain as much control as it had.                  
Jake was finally relaxing after the run in with the trio and Zahra. Looking at the now sleeping Nyrae and Tilda he could only smile. He was a father of not one but now two Jinn babies! Shaking his head he knew there was more to come. Thinking of Akeesha, Rosalinda, Rashala, Amira, and lastly Mary it seemed as if it was impossible.
Not only did he love all of them equally but it seemed they all loved him just as much. Again shaking his head he began to wonder just what he'd done to be rewarded like this. He was just a simple man; just trying to do what he thought was right, nothing big right?
A wide eyed Gen was suddenly standing next to Jake. "Please Master Jake; please don't think that you are nothing. You are everything to all of us. You have as of yet to realize just how special you are."
Jake's eyes went wide when he realized that Gen had 'heard' all of his thoughts. "I don't feel special Gen. Just because I love all of you I am now this special man." Shaking his head Jake again tried to get his thoughts around everything that happened. Looking over at the council that had reappeared he peered at them even more. Something was up though what he wasn't sure.
A moment later Tankena walked out of the bedroom area causing almost all of the council to hiss at him. This had Jake once again stepping between them and Tankena. Tankena feel to his knees before Jake, causing many startled gasps from the council.
"As I have said before Master Jake, I will accept any and all punishment that you declare I deserve. I place my life in your hands." Tankena said drawing even more startled gasps from almost all the council.
Jake was nodding his head as he looked at the male Jinn at his feet. Turning Jake bowed to the council drawing for the third time more gasps. "Great Jinn council, I now beseech all of you to allow Tankena, brother of council member Rasmir to live."
Jake happened to look at Rasmir who was smiling though he was trying to suppress it as much as possible. He knew that Jake would prevail as he always did. Like his daughter Gen had said, he still didn't realize just how special he was. Then there was the fact that ALL of the council owed Master Jake in several ways. Nodding his head Jake could do almost anything without retribution from the council.
Rasmir turned his attention back to Master Jake as Jake launched into all the reasons why Tankena should be forgiven. Plus all the reasons he'd HAD to do almost all of the evil things he had.
Rasmir had to admit, Master Jake made more than a convincing argument. If all Master Jake said was true then he felt his brother was about to be a free Jinn. Sighing Rasmir looked at the other council members as he could see that almost all of them were siding with Master Jake.
"I do not like to ask for favors from the council. I feel privileged that I am allowed to speak to you as I do." Jake held up his hands as several members started to speak. "I know that many consider me the most important to both realms. Again I say I do not feel that way. I am only doing what I feel is right."
Jake looked hard at each member trying to gauge how they might be thinking. I have to get this right Jake thought. As Tankena said his very life is in my hands.
"I also have to add oh great council." Jake continued. "I am in need of Tankena's knowledge to defeat Zahra and Marie.  I feel ready for almost anything that they and the deadly trio might throw at me but I want to be sure." Again bowing Jake stated, "I thank you for listening to my plea." With that Jake walked back to an opened mouthed and stunned Tankena.
"Master Jake," Tankena whispered. "Do you really believe all that you just said?"
"I most certainly do. I wouldn't have asked for them to spare you if I didn't." Jake said as the both of them watched all of the council put their heads together to discuss all that had been said.
It was a mere half hour later that the leader of the council and Rasmir stepped to Jake and Tankena. "You say that you broke the slave bands that Qistina had placed on you. As far as we know there is no power that can break them, especially with the royal power behind them. It is the decision of the council to allow you to live for now. You will be tested to make sure you are as sincere as you appear to be. The fact that Master Jake spoke for you is almost enough without the proof."
Tankena was staring at the leader of the council his mouth agape, and then he turned to Jake throwing his arms around him in a bear hug. Tears were falling from Tankena's eyes as he bowed to Jake. "I will do all I can to help you Master Jake. You have only to ask."

Jake sucked in a deep lung full of air the moment Tankena let him go. Damn he thought I have to remember they are far stronger than me. Shaking his head he turned back toward his Jinns. 
Sheeka and Qaseem moved toward Jake. "I was so proud of you father." Qaseem said. "I will always remember the wisdom you showed the council. I am so proud to be your son."
Jake nodded to Qaseem, "I have been worried about the both of you. Are you recovering well Sheeka?"
"Yes Master Jake I am. I thank you for the concern that you are showing us." Then she leaned closer whispering in Jake's ear. "The Doctor says that I can have sex again in a few days. I find that I have a growing need within me Master Jake. I hope that I don't disappoint you when I can be with you again."
Jake looked into Sheeka's eyes seeing the love deep there. "No my dear Sheeka none of you will ever disappoint me." A huge smile crossed Sheeka's features as she passionately kissed Jake sending a shock through both of them.
"We are all so glad to hear that Master Jake." They heard behind them. "It would be crippling to all of us if we did." Gen said a huge smile on her face as she, and then the rest of Jake's Jinns gave him a passionate kiss. 
Panting Jake was about to fall off his feet. Was it his imagination or were all of his Jinns acting as if they wanted to throw him down and screw his brains out?
[Um Master Jake!] Came Gen's thoughts. [That sounds like a most delicious idea!]
Jake turned toward Gen and the others seeing that, yes, they had a lustful hungry look on their faces! Shaking his head he thought I really need to keep my thoughts more hidden!

Zahra was panting on the floor at Marie's feet. Damn that other personality! Though she had enjoyed the several hours of intense orgasms she'd given Marie she still felt degraded not being able to do it on her terms.
Looking inward it had taken everything she had to drive the other back inside. At this rate the other was going to be able to gain control more often! She had to rid herself of it before it was too late!
Sitting deep in thought she didn't hear Marie get up to take a bath. Shaking her head the only thing she could think of was to literally kill herself to get rid of it. The thing was it was far more dangerous than anything she'd ever done. Still if she was to have a chance IT had to go!
Finally catching her breath, Zahra sat up formulating her plan. Suddenly she felt something deep within. What the hell was that other bitch in her doing? Shocked she heard the other self; it had started to chant a very old incantation. NO! What in the hell did she think she was doing!
Even as Zahra started her counter chant she felt she might not get it all out fast enough. I have to beat that bitch! I am no whore lusting after a male! I will kill almost all males as soon as I can! I have to they are nothing but useless waste of space.
Marie came back a while later seeing Zahra sitting in the middle of the room still naked. Shaking her head she thought that the Jinn is starting to lose her mind. Then again she hadn't been sucked to orgasm like that in a very long time! That alone, made her want Zahra again and soon! ‘Strange,’ Marie thought, ‘why in the hell was Zahra sweating as hard as she was?’
Shrugging her shoulders she walked to the other side of the room where all three of the deadly trio were against the wall unable to move. Reaching up Marie slapped the hell out of Nuha bringing the leader around.
"So bitch! Are you ready to help us with the plan or would you rather suffer more? Believe me it is well within my scope to. At first when you disobeyed I was going to have you experience years of it rather than a few hours. So, with me or suffer a hell of a lot more?" Marie hissed at Nuha.
Panting out Nuha was having a hard time forming the words she wanted to say. "As much as I hate the Ever Last Master I find that I despise you far more. I am not above killing him, though I will protect my sisters first." Nuha managed to get out.
Marie's face twisted into a mask of hate as she leaned to Nuha's ear. "I want you to experience a year of wanting, although without an orgasm in the next second!" 
Nuha's eyes rolled into her head as she let out an almost ear piercing scream. When her eyes cleared there was almost a look of madness in them.
"Y... yo...you are more vile than any creature I have ever met." Nuha said her entire body shaking as she tried to regain some of her sanity.
"Hmmm, better alright one orgasm." Marie said as Nuha's eyes went wide. Screaming out her pleasure Nuha's body convulsed for a full half hour then she was unconscious. 
Marie turned to Zahra, "I want you to start on her again. Make sure that the bitch can't go against us again!" 
"Yes my Mistress." Zahra growled at the woman. Then she was entering Nuha's thoughts. While she was there she planted a great many things, and then learned a few well guarded secrets. Shaking her head she had thought the trio was tough. These new secrets though gave her just the edge that she needed.


Jake, Juno, Mary, and Tankena had been discussing everything that they knew about the trio. "We seem to have a great bit of information missing from our plan," Jake said. "It seems that Marie is almost in complete control of her forces. We have to have more on her before we can move."
"I'll tell you all I can," Juno said. "Though a lot of how she is now she never really showed the last few years we were together. I'm afraid that anything I know of her was obviously faked. No I think we need someone who was close to her lately."
Jake and the others were nodding when an idea hit Jake. Taking out the talisman he summoned the doctor. 

Appearing only a few moments later he bowed to Jake. "Yes Master Jake? Is all well,' asked the slightly confused Doctor.

"Nothing wrong, though I wish to hear how Truly is. Then we can discuss why I brought you here." Jake told the Jinn.
"For now she is resting, though I am alarmed that the baby seems to be growing faster than I thought. It might be because she was with you a few times Master Jake." The Doctor said with a huge smile. "If that is true then I thank you for the time you spent with her." The Doctor said to a now somewhat shocked Jake.
Shaking his head Jake could see that the Jinn was truly happy. Then he turned to look at his Jinns as once again they were slowly advancing upon him. Every one of them had a hungry look on their faces.
Even as the doctor and Juno left Jake sighed as Gen, and Rosalinda started to undress him. "It is good to see you again Master Jake," came out of Rosalinda's mouth.
"Dreama," Jake asked.
Rosalinda nodded, "it's about time we gave her some pleasure again don't you Master Jake?" Rosalinda said as she took a hold of Jake's hardness. "Um, it appears you are as excited as we are!"
Jake just smiled back; it was going to be a while before they could put anything into action. Looking at all the Jinns he nodded, maybe longer!

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